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Church of Tares: Purpose Driven, Seeker Sensitive, Church Growth, and New World Order

If you haven’t seen this video, you really should make time in your schedule to watch it.  It’s almost two-hours long, but is well worth it!

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Debunking Greater by Steven Furtick – Burn the Plows

Steven Furtick, spikey-haired, skinny-jeans wearing pastor of Elevation Church has a new book coming out and the title of the book is Greater.  Thankfully, Chris Rosebrough, host of Pirate Christian Radio’s Fighting for the Faith program has taken time to debunk Furtick’s … Continue reading

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Steven Furtick Should Just STOP!

I find it frustrating to listen to Steven Furtick.  First of all, his skinny jeans look unhealthy.  Second of all, he is incapable of properly interpreting Scripture.  Thirdly, he really, really, REALLY needs to stop teaching the Bible.  He’s just … Continue reading

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Warning! Security Alert!

There’s a dangerous man on the loose!  Click here to find out more.

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John MacArthur: Joel Osteen is a Pagan Religionist

You can’t get any more blunt than this.  I love it!  This is from Dr. John MacArthur. For those of you who think we’re being unkind by exposing heresy, you’re really gonna blow an artery when you hear Dr. MacArthur call … Continue reading

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The Contemporvant Church

A gentleman by the name of Jim Hale sent me this link.  It’s hilarious.  Okay, it’s sad too, but it’s hilarious as well because the seeker-sensitive, relevant churches of this current time have made themselves so socially pliable they have … Continue reading

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Perry Noble Has a Special Name for People Who Disagree With Him

… And you’ll have to click here to see what it is….  (Note:  There’s also a video after the jump.  Give it a listen!)

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