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What Happened to Joyce Meyer’s Face?

I’ve been sick this week and the doctor wrote me out of work, so I decided to do nothing but lay in the recliner and suffer.  I got bored with that so I flipped on the television, which is something I rarely ever do.  While channel surfing, I came across Joyce Meyer, so I left it for a couple of minutes to see what she was saying.  I’m afraid I can’t remember anything except maybe … nah, just can’t remember.  The reason why is because I couldn’t stop staring at her mouth.

At first I thought, “Oh, my…the poor dear has Bell’s Palsy.”  No joke – I’m being serious.  I felt sorry for her for a minute.  But, then I crinkled my eyebrows and cocked my head ever so slightly to the right, and the more I watched her the less I was inclined to think the change to her face was the result of a medical malady.  I think she had some work done.

Why can’t women leave their faces alone?  I would much rather see a woman grow old gracefully, especially those who “claim” to preach the gospel, than to see them destroy their faces with cosmetic procedures that do not make them look young… it just makes them look worked on.  Your lips aren’t supposed to swell and droop, and your face is SUPPOSED to move when you talk.  It just doesn’t look normal if it doesn’t.

Joyce Meyer wasn’t a bad looking lady before.  I don’t like her doctrine, but her face looked fine.  Not any more.  Check out some screen shots I swiped from You Tube.

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