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Patricia King: Gift of Laughter or Curse of Blindness?

Patricia King laughs when she should weep.  She laughs hysterically while giving a supposed word of knowledge from God.  (Notice I said “supposed.”) Can you name even one prophet in the Bible that did that?  Nah, me either. This woman … Continue reading

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Patricia King: Special Visitations for Women

Oh, my word.  Where do I start? I wish Patricia King would study the Word of God and actually read it literally.  Truly I do. In this video, Patricia King announces her new revelation – God is going to be … Continue reading

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Joshua Mills and Patricia King: Atmospheres

Anytime Patricia King and Joshua Mills get together and talk, you can be sure it will be completely unscriptural.  Such is the case with the video below. In this video, Mills and King discuss how you should go around a … Continue reading

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Patricia King: Take that Mountain!

Patricia, did you take my mountain?!?! I think the Scripture-twisting award for 2011 should go to Patricia King. King says God’s giving out mountains, so you need to go take one!  No, I’m not being facetious.  She really says that … Continue reading

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Have you Birthed Lately?

That prophetic bunch is always birthing something. Remember Melissa Fisher?  C’mon!  You know her.  She’s the lady on Patricia King’s team that has a mortuary outreach!  I’m not kidding.  Click here. Well, according to Fisher, if you fall into the doldrums … Continue reading

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The Entrepreneur Anointing

Did you know there’s an entrepreneur anointing?  No? Ya know, some of the things I feature here at this blog make it really, really hard to post without dissolving into puddles of sarcasm.  When you watch this video you’ll see why. … Continue reading

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An Angel Named Swift

In the following video, Patricia King discusses Isaiah 40:31.  As she’s explaining what this verse means, she shares a tale about an angel named “Swift” who visited her years ago.  This angel didn’t appear as normal angels would, this angel supposedly presented … Continue reading

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