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Joshua Mills: Teeth Whitening Miracle

Joshua Mills is …well… to put it mildly… given over to spinning yarns!  Look folks, there comes a point where things become so ridiculous that you pretty much know that if people can actually take leave of their senses and believe things as preposterous as what Joshua Mills claims, then they get what they deserve. 

Remember the time he said he and some friends were approached by an angel in Auckland, New Zealand, and were given golden leaves from the Tree of Life in Heaven, and they were told to eat them?  As a result of eating the leaves, they were refreshed, rejuvenated, and couldn’t sleep.  They climbed up to the top of a volcano instead of sleeping, and then went into the meeting the next night.  He likened it to when Elijah was given the cake that gave him strength for 40 days.  He says they were able to bring some of those leaves back home and give them to people who needed to be strengthened and refreshed.  I’m not even going to bother quoting the verses in Genesis where it says Cherubim are guarding the way to the tree of life and man was kept away from it lest he eat of it and LIVE FOREVER!  

But, I digress.  This isn’t about that yarn, this is a new yarn, and it’s minty clean and dazzling!  In the video below, Joshua Mills claims that at an event in New Zealand, a lady had a teeth-whitening miracle!  After smelling a fragrance of toothpaste, a lady’s teeth were miraculously whitened!  I’m not kidding.  It’s true because Joshua Mills said so and you have to believe him because this is the man whos water turned to wine, who ate from the tree of life, and who has angelic encounters on a regular basis!

In the video, Mills not only talks about a teeth whitening miracle, he claims people will start to be carried in the spiritual realm to different countries, a well as different realms of glory.  (Astral projection.)

There’s so much hocus pocus going on, and each so-called miracle gets more elaborate than the one before it.  Isn’t it sad that Christ and Him crucified isn’t enough for these folks?  They need a supernatural experience to keep their relationship with God fresh and meaningful.  It doesn’t take faith to have supernatural experiences, it takes deception.  Real faith is when your life blows up around your ears and you still have the strength to bow your knees and say, “God, you are good.”

I’ll take that over whiter teeth and trips to Portugal any day.