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What Happened to Joyce Meyer’s Face?

I’ve been sick this week and the doctor wrote me out of work, so I decided to do nothing but lay in the recliner and suffer.  I got bored with that so I flipped on the television, which is something I rarely ever do.  While channel surfing, I came across Joyce Meyer, so I left it for a couple of minutes to see what she was saying.  I’m afraid I can’t remember anything except maybe … nah, just can’t remember.  The reason why is because I couldn’t stop staring at her mouth.

At first I thought, “Oh, my…the poor dear has Bell’s Palsy.”  No joke – I’m being serious.  I felt sorry for her for a minute.  But, then I crinkled my eyebrows and cocked my head ever so slightly to the right, and the more I watched her the less I was inclined to think the change to her face was the result of a medical malady.  I think she had some work done.

Why can’t women leave their faces alone?  I would much rather see a woman grow old gracefully, especially those who “claim” to preach the gospel, than to see them destroy their faces with cosmetic procedures that do not make them look young… it just makes them look worked on.  Your lips aren’t supposed to swell and droop, and your face is SUPPOSED to move when you talk.  It just doesn’t look normal if it doesn’t.

Joyce Meyer wasn’t a bad looking lady before.  I don’t like her doctrine, but her face looked fine.  Not any more.  Check out some screen shots I swiped from You Tube.

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Rick Warren Tweets Joyce Meyer

Because of something Christine Pack, of Sola Sisters blog, said on Facebook, I started browsing through Rick Warren’s Twitter feed. I found a tweet that is extremely curious. Here it is:

“We’ll never grow to spiritual maturity until we learn to do what’s right even when it feels wrong” JMeyers about 11 hours ago via web Retweeted by 100+ people

He’s quoting Joyce Meyer, for anyone who doesn’t know.

Warren also posted this on Facebook, which you can read by clicking here.

The context in which Warren quotes Meyer is in a “word of wisdom” fashion. Given that fact, I’m wondering if Rick Warren agrees with Meyer’s doctrine. Is he an advocate for the prosperity gospel that Meyer teaches? Does he believe God wants you to be healthy, wealthy, and wise… and nothing else? Is Warren asking us to believe that Joyce Meyer has the wisdom of God and we should be listening to her?

Reading through some of the comments left by his followers on Facebook, you get the picture loud and clear… with the exception of a couple of posts, Joyce Meyer is A-okay to Warren and to most of his followers. Here are some of the comments:

Yeah! My Mama Joyce rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was just thinking about this and here it was! I watched Joyce tonight and it sure hit home with me.

Dave Van House: all this praise is not for Joyce Ganapao (although we are sure she’s a wonderful person) but for JOYCE MEYER, the wonderful author of pastor Rick’s quote.😉

i watch her alll the time.

gotta love that Joyce!

You’re supposed to be a Calvinist, Why are you quoting a neo-pentacostal heretic like Joyce Meyer

could you not have quoted some one other than her? lost some credibility on that one!!

I think this makes it pretty clear how some of Warren’s followers feel about Meyer. Although, I like the last two quotes the best… except for the part about Rick Warren being a Calvanist…NOT!

When I quote from someone, I do it because I agree with that person, and because the quote I’m posting is a statement that I myself would make. So, by quoting them, it’s like the person is actually speaking for me by proxy. Wouldn’t you think it strange if you log onto my blog one day and saw me quote someone like Todd Bentley or Bob Jones, even if what they said happened to be true? Absolutely not! Quoting them is the same as agreeing with them.

The point is, in the context of theology, you should be careful who you quote. Giving someone the compliment of quoting them is the same as an endorsement. If I know someone is teaching false doctrine, I’m never going to quote them – especially in the capacity that Rick Warren is quoting Joyce Meyer.

By quoting Meyer, Rick Warren is giving her teaching a huge “thumbs up.”

What do you think? Bad judgment or par for the course? (I know the answer to that.)

Forever and Ever, Amen!

Dr. Stephen Davey

Dr. Stephen Davey

I sleep with the radio on.  It’s a habit I developed as a small child and have been unable to completely break free of in my adult years.  I keep the radio tuned to Bible Broadcasting Network, and as I was waking up this morning, I heard a minister teaching against the Prosperity Gospel, among other heresies.  I wanted to sleep in this morning, but when I heard this minister, I was wide awake.  Taking his passage from Revelation 5, the main point of his sermon is worship in Heaven, but it leads into the error of the Word of Faith doctrine, as well as the new age theology of those such as Oprah Winfrey and Marianne Williamson, among others.  Thankfully, because I have the day off from work (MLK’s birthday), I was able to lay there and listen.

He made a couple of very good points.  He likens the “positive confession” of the Word of Faith movement to the principles taught by such new age pundits as Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, and Rhonda Burns.  He touches upon the theology of Copeland and Meyer that says we are little gods, and their “name it and claim it” doctrine, and links it to the universal “law of attraction.”  That got my attention and brushed the cobwebs out of my eyes. 

What I really liked about this preacher was that he not only focused on their erroneous doctrine, but he named names.  Many preachers are willing to teach against aberrant theology, but refuse to peg the ones doing the false teaching.  Davey is not afraid to warn his flock (and his radio audience) of the poison being circulated in the church.  In this sermon, Marianne Willamson, Oprah Winfrey, Eckhart Tolle, Rhonda Burns, Joyce Meyers, and Kenneth and Gloria Copeland are shown no mercy.

Now, I don’t know much about Dr. Stephen Davey, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of him; but I like what I heard.  It’s refreshing to hear error exposed.  His broadcast comes on at such a time that I’m never present to hear it.  I’m usually at work.  But because of the holiday, I was able to listen in today.  I like this sermon, and was able to find a link to it on the internet.  If you have time, please take a moment to listen.  I promise it’s worth it.

The title of the sermon is “Forever and Ever, Amen!”  To listen to it, please click here.

Issues Senator Grassley’s Investigation Has Uncovered So Far

The Dallas Morning News has printed a response by Senator Charles Grassley.  Below is a snippet of that article where Senator Grassley was asked what issues the investigation has brought out so far.  The things found are more like a corrupt organization than a Christ-centered church.  The investigation has uncovered an alarming amount of shady practices and deceit.

Here is Senator Grassley’s update:

Q: What are some of the issues the investigation has uncovered so far?

A: Related Entities: Preliminary research conducted by staff indicates that there are almost 100 entities related to the six churches as well as the ministers. It is unclear whether these entities are for-profit or nonprofit, whether they conduct activities directly with the churches, and if so, whether they are conducted on terms favorable to the church. For example, the tax laws do not allow for-profit entities to enrich themselves by overcharging non-profits that are controlled by the same people. It is also unclear as to whether any of these entities might also be claiming church status.

 Inurement & Private Benefit: Aside from transactions with related entities, there are concerns about whether the churches are complying with the requirements of section 4958 of the Internal Revenue Code when determining compensation of the ministers as well entering into transactions with the related entities. Concerns are heightened by the fact that the churches share financial and legal advisors and by the fact that, in at least one case, a lawyer that raised section 4958 concerns may have been fired for raising these concerns.

 Parsonage/Housing Allowances: There is concern that churches may be awarding minister status to employees for the sole purpose of making them eligible for tax-free housing benefits. Some ministers may also be claiming parsonage allowances for multiple personal residences across the country, as well as overseas.

 Whistleblower Intimidation: Some of the churches have required employees to sign confidentiality agreements prohibiting employees from speaking about a church’s activities. Some former employees have received phone calls reminding them of their confidentiality agreements and threatening lawsuits if the agreements are breached.

 Overseas Activities: Some of the churches conduct activities overseas, including the collection of significant cash contributions which may not be tracked or recorded for tax purposes.  Source.

Churches Targeted in Senate Probe are Intimidating Former Employees

The below article explains the latest update on the senate probe being lead by Senator Charles Grassley, from Iowa.  According to the article, Joyce Meyer and Benny Hinn have begun instituting reforms, but Kenneth Copeland is still at a stand-off with the senator.

The article brought out a revelation that I found quite interesting.  According to the article in the Chicago Tribune, intimidating phone calls have been made to former employees of these ministries, reminding them of their confidentiality clause, and threatening lawsuits if they breach these agreements.  This kind of intimidation sends up nuclear-sized red flags.

First of all, why does a ministry have a confidentiality agreement to begin with?  Ministries should be transparent and accountable to their congregations.  When a ministry swears their employees to silence, that means they have something to hide.

Second, if they are doing nothing wrong, then why are they threatening their former employees?  These kind of scare tactics show the fruit of the ministries who are guilty of this is rotten.

The article doesn’t say which ministries are doing this, but go ahead and take a guess.  You’ll have a 1 in 6 chance of being right.

This is from the article.  As always, to read the rest of the article, please click on the source link.

Grassley’s update noted instances of “whistleblower intimidation” where former employees “have received phone calls reminding them of their confidentiality agreements and threatening lawsuits if the agreements are breached.”

Jill Gerber, a spokeswoman for the committee, would not disclose which ministries were involved in such calls, and declined to elaborate on the changes planned at Hinn’s and Meyer’s ministries.  Source.