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Bethel’s Signs and Wonders Include Angel Feathers, Gold Dust, and Diamonds

I got a link to this article in e-mail.  It focuses the spotlight on Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, California.  Much has been said lately about Bill Johnson, but if you will look at the beliefs of Johnson … Continue reading

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Oral Roberts Passes Away at the Age of 91

I’ll keep it short. Oral Roberts, who coined the phrase “seed faith,” as well as the doctrine, has passed away of complications of pneumonia after suffering a fall at his home.  Do I have any statement to make regarding this … Continue reading

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Perry Noble Has a Special Name for People Who Disagree With Him

… And you’ll have to click here to see what it is….  (Note:  There’s also a video after the jump.  Give it a listen!)

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The Hirelings

I found this article at Slice of Laodicea (HT:  Ingrid Schlueter), and was so blessed after I read it.  I absolutely love Scriptural truth!  I won’t spend the entirety of this post giving an overview of what is said in … Continue reading

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Eleven-Year-Old Dies Needlessly When Parents Refuse Medical Care and Pray Instead

This is where false doctrine turns deadly.  Unlike the two who died at Lakeland, this child would not have died if her parents had sought medical attention for their daughter.  They didn’t, she died, and now they are standing trial … Continue reading

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Todd Bentley: Preaching the Gospel “Won’t Win Souls”

Chances are, no one here hasn’t been acquainted with Todd Bentley, his Lakeland Revival shenanigans, or others among the hypercharismatics that he is associated with.  But, Bentley’s new book, “Kingdom Rising: Making the Kingdom Real in Your Life,” does more … Continue reading

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Man’s Throne Exalted Above God?

In Word of Faith (WOF), the universal law of attraction is key.  The quick and ugly summary of this is that you can have anything you want by positive confession with your mouth.  The heresy goes even deeper when you … Continue reading

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