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Juanita Bynum: A Prime Example of 1 Timothy 2:12

Watch as Juanita Bynum winds up the crowd, and herself, to the point that she hits the floor.  Yes, I said “Juanita Bynum winds up the crowd,” and I said that because it’s Juanita Bynum and her false doctrine doing … Continue reading

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Cindy Jacobs: Authority Over the Weather

In this video, Cindy Jacobs says, “We can take authority over the weather if we know what to do.” Well, there ya go.  Even the weather itself proves Cindy Jacobs is a false prophet whose word can not be believed.  … Continue reading

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Manasseh Jordan: Self Promotion and Exaltation

In these two videos, Manasseh Jordan talks about himself:  his power, his knowledge, him, him, him.  He speaks of all the ways the power works through him.  If you want a lesson about self-promotion, look at Manasseh Jordan.  He doesn’t … Continue reading

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Stephen Choate: Receive a Prophecy – For a Price!

I received this tidbit in e-mail from a reader (thanks, M. Hellema).  I want to introduce you to Stephen Choate (for those of you who don’t know him).  If you’ll click over to his website, which is entitled, “Speak God … Continue reading

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Manasseh Jordan: Self-Promotion is the Key to Success

Manasseh Jordan has some serious delusions of grandeur going on.  His self-promotion is antithetical to the humble spirit exhibited by the apostle Paul who sought to know nothing but Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Manasseh Jordan serves Manasseh Jordan, as is … Continue reading

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Joshua Mills and His School of Mysticism

Joshua Mills, who never ceases to completely shun Scripture in favor of mystical signs and wonders, had a school of aforementioned signs and wonders in Honolulu, Hawaii, from June 21 to 26.  This was part of what he called the Intensified Glory … Continue reading

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E. Bernard Jordan: Prophets Prophesying Falsely

Have you ever noticed that when false prophets prophesy, they say that the things they are prophesying about will happen in a way “you have never seen before?”  Yet, there is no visible witness that their word has come to … Continue reading

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