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Patricia King: Gift of Laughter or Curse of Blindness?

Patricia King laughs when she should weep.  She laughs hysterically while giving a supposed word of knowledge from God.  (Notice I said “supposed.”) Can you name even one prophet in the Bible that did that?  Nah, me either. This woman … Continue reading

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Bishop T.D. Jakes and Deepak Chopra on Living from the Core

If Oprah Winfrey has no problem with T.D. Jakes’ religion, that should send a HUGE warning flag up.  I’m wondering if James MacDonald is starting to feel the burn from endorsing Jakes yet?  The more Jakes grows, the more his … Continue reading

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Stacy Denboer and Matt Spinks: Partners in the Pathetic

Sober reminders of God’s mercy and righteous judgment by Bud Press December 14, 2011 We sometimes think that going to the extremes to blaspheme God is limited to atheists and hardcore cults. After all, it is their nature; this is what … Continue reading

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Pastor Larry DeBruyn’s Review of Love Wins

I’ve spent the last thirty or so minutes reading Pastor Larry DeBruyn’s review of Rob Bell’s Universalism promoting book, “Love Wins.”  I’ve linked to it below.  As usual, I’m posting a small snippet, but you can read the rest of … Continue reading

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Staking the Land

I received this in e-mail from a reader and wanted to post it so you could evaluate it.  I’m thinking you will come to the same conclusions I did after you read it. This was taken from a flyer distributed … Continue reading

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Barbie Breathit: Dream Divination

It took me a while to transcribe what you’re about to read because I had to take it in small doses.  The video below is a couple of years old, but Barbie Breathit, who readily admits she’s a Christian Mystic, … Continue reading

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Braco: The Miracle Gazer?

I saw this on television and knew I had to post it.  If you haven’t met him, let me introduce you to Braco (pronounced Brazzo).  Braco is a Croatian who allegedly has a miracle healing gaze.  A mere stare from this … Continue reading

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