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How did you Find me?

I always find it interesting to know how people stumble upon my blog.  I know most people find me through search engines by searching for a topic I’ve covered here.  It’s those search terms that I find interesting. In my … Continue reading

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New Apostolic Reformation

Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries did a one hour program on the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) with guest Mike Oppenheimer of Let Us Reason Ministries on Saturday, May 15, on her Understanding the Times radio program (which is one of my … Continue reading

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Is It Wrong to Tell People They are Going to Hell?

I had a request to start a thread so this can be discussed.  So, with no further ado, let the discussion begin.  Just keep in mind that I’m a working girl, so it may take a while to approve your … Continue reading

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Benny Hinn Makes Statement About Divorce

In this video, Mr. Hinn speaks of the shock the divorce filing brought him and his family, as well as Suzanne’s family.  He maintains there was no immorality, and that Suzanne has no Biblical grounds to divorce him.  He vows … Continue reading

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Those Who Turn Away from the Truth to Follow Strange Fire

I have a question… As the title of this post suggests, I am wondering about those people who not only walked in truth, but exposed error.  What is to be said of them if they turn away from sound Biblical … Continue reading

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What Makes a False Prophet False?

This thread is a discussion thread. If a person who calls themselves a prophet gives a prophecy and it proves to be false, are they a false prophet?

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