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Mark Driscoll: Plagiarism – Thou Shalt Not Steal!

Recently, Janet Mefferd, host of the syndicated radio show, The Janet Mefferd Show, interviewed Mark Driscoll on her broadcast.  On the November 21st show, she expressed deep concern that parts of Driscoll’s new book, A Call to Resurgence (14 pages to be exact), were lifted from a book written by Dr. Peter Jones, author and professor at Westminster Seminary California.  The problem?  They weren’t cited.  That makes it plagiarism.

Shortly afterwards, due to her fantastic research skills, Mefferd found three other books written by Driscoll where material was plagiarized from other author’s works.  That’s four, if you’re keeping count.

As you might imagine, Mefferd became the target of numerous attacks. Rather than Tyndale House taking these issues seriously, they began to defend Driscoll (their cash cow) and instead, attacked Mefferd.  “But, this is a Christian publishing house!” you may be thinking.  Wrong.  This is a publishing house with a bottom line… money.  Driscoll brings it in, and they aren’t going to mess with a good thing.  We would expect Tyndale to take something like plagiarism seriously, but what’s plagiarism in a commerce-driven society?

Due to what appears to be obvious pressure, the hard evidence of Driscoll’s plagiarism was removed from the show’s website.  But, never fear… I happen to have all of the evidence, and I’ll post them here for all to see.  We can’t let all of Janet Mefferd’s hard work go to waste just because the station she works for caved and compromised, can we?

Below are the attachments that show Mefferd’s hard work and diligence in tracking down Driscoll’s plagiarism.  He’s busted folks.  Cold!

Click on the links to all of the PROOF below.  If I find any more, I’ll post them.

Driscoll Plagiarism Proof 1.

Driscoll Plagiarism Proof 2.

Spin Control: Sorry for the Hassle

In responding to the news article exposing his new mansion, Steven Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC, apologized to his congregation for all the hassle they have gone through because of his taste for fine things.

It sounds like the congregation is completely behind their pastor and feel he deserves to live like one of the celebrity elite, because after hearing his speech they gave him a standing ovation.

I’m just wondering… what is the need for such a big house?  Would it be impossible to live comfortably in a house one-half that size?  Yes?  No?  Don’t care?  I dunno.

Click here for more information.


Poor Little Rich Pastor

Steven Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church, seems to like attention, however, he’s getting attention from a news organization that he may not be that fond of.

WCNC, out of Charlotte, NC, is investigating Furtick, and what they want to know is how a pastor, who began his church eight years ago with only 14 members, rose to such prominence in such a short time and managed to build a 16,000 sq. ft., $1.7 million home.  Wow!  A pastor’s salary is GREAT these days.

Aren’t you glad Mr. Furtick is following the model of Jesus and…. wait… Jesus didn’t have any place to lay His head and, as far as we know, owned no personal property.  Never mind.

In the article, Furtick is described as “…one part preacher, one part celebrity.”  So, let’s see what that “celebrity” status has bought him:

“Now, Steven Furtick is spending a lot of that money on a 16,000 square foot house in Weddington. It has 7 ½ bathrooms, according to building permits, which put the contract value of the house alone just shy of $1.4 million. The land cost another $325,000, for a total cost of more than $1.7 million.” (Online Source)

Whoa.  Seven and one-half bathrooms.  I have one and a half and can’t use more than one at a time!

Furtick claims the profits from his books built his house, but how can he get that much of a profit when his church was the ones who bought most of the books to begin with?


Of course, it’s a money racket anyway.  When asked about salaries, megachurch pastors are showing 0% transparency.  Why?  What’s to fear?  And then there’s this…

That means Furtick agrees to pay them to preach at Elevation, and they pay him to preach at their conferences or megachurches. “They attend each other’s conferences and are compensation for that regularly,” said Smith. When Furtick held his Code Orange Revival last year, three of the headliners, pastors Stovall Weems of Jacksonville, Fla., Perry Noble of Anderson, S.C., and Kevin Gerald of Seattle, were all board members at Elevation. Those are three of the five votes that set Furtick’s salary.

Executive pastor James “Chunks” Corbett told NBC Charlotte that pastors get paid for appearances at Elevation Church, but said the pay is “small in scope,” and he won’t disclose the amounts.  (Online Source)

It’s small, but won’t disclose the amount?  I’m not buying it.

Oh, and one more thing…

Elevation Church was founded by, got loans through, and gives missionary money through Southern Baptists. But unlike many Baptist churches, there are no elected deacons or elders here overseeing the church.

There is one man living in the Charlotte area who runs Elevation: Chunks Corbett.  If you want to understand Elevation you have to understand his role. As executive pastor, Corbett is at the center of Furtick’s organization. In 2005  he incorporated Elevation Church. In 2007, he incorporated Corban Properties Southeast – a for-profit company. In 2008, he signed on as trustee for the Jumper Drive Trust that owns the Furtick’s home. And in 2009, he incorporated Sun Stand Still Ministries – another non-profit. All four list the same principal address: 11416 East Independence, Suite N, the location of the Matthews church.  (Online Source)

Doesn’t sound much like a church, does it?  It sounds more like a racket.

To learn more, please click here and here.

Rick Warren: Prayer in Time of Tragedy

While we go about our day and tend to all of the things the make up our daily lives, let us stop for a moment and remember Rick and Kay Warren in prayer.  His son, Matthew, has reportedly ended his own life, and in times of unthinkable tragedy this great, the kindest and most honorable thing we can do for the Warrens is to uplift them and their family in prayer.

Click here for more on this situation.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and the Christian Post?

Stand Up for the Truth posted an article from the Christian Post on Facebook and I had to address it here.

If you hop over to any entertainment website like TMZ or others, you will see articles about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and their unborn baby.  The title of the article would say something like, “Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Expecting a Girl!”  As if that were really some sort of “breaking news” we should care about.  But, when an article like that is found at the Christian Post, I start to scratch my head.  Why are they celebrating this?  Why are they reporting this in this manner?  This is the question Stand Up for Truth is asking:

You’d expect the “Enquirer” to celebrate a still-married Hollywood woman getting pregnant by her Hollywood boyfriend after their 10-month adulterous relationship…but the Christian Post?  (Online Source)

I read the article in the hopes that it would have an “Albert Mohler” feel to it where they Biblically address the problems and shame of a society who would celebrate a married woman’s adulterous affair.  But they didn’t.  They reported it as if it were actually something newsworthy that we should know about.

Read the article for yourself by clicking here.  Still shaking my head on this one.

New TLC Reality Show: Provocative Preachers’ Wives

Proverbs 31:10-12:

10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.  11 The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.  12 She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

The church visible has become a cesspool.

TLC is introducing a new reality show called “The Sisterhood.”  With a Real Housewives of Atlanta feel, the producers of the show will follow around five Atlanta-area preachers’ wives as they engage in behavior that is worldly and wanton – all for the sake of reality television.

Now, you could look at this and suspect TLC’s producers are attempting to be sacrilegious and controversial by developing a concept that centers on “church.”  There’s an element of truth to that, but what do you expect from the world?  They have no loyalty to the church of our Lord Jesus Christ, nor would they having a problem desecrating it.  The bigger picture here is the fact that we have the type of church today where preachers and their wives are WILLING to be a spectacle and bring reproach on the Lord. Were the church following the clear guidelines of Scripture and our preachers dedicating themselves to pursuing a life of holiness and separation from the world, smutty shows like this wouldn’t even be possible, much less be an issue.

The description of the show is as follows:

The Sisterhood is set to begin airing on January 1st on the popular Learning Channel, which often features reality shows of various types. The broadcast follows five women that are married to preachers in one of the largest cities in the Bible Belt, who often dress provocatively, giggle about sexual matters with their friends and husbands, and live on the edge in a variety of ways.

“She’s fit and fabulous and her wardrobe leaves little to the imagination,” reads the bio for Tara Lewis, a certified fitness instructor who recently moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles after her husband took a job at a church in the area.

“Tell the devil he’s a liar!” Lewis announces in the preview, while wearing skin-tight shorts and a t-shirt that she pulled up to expose her midriff.

“Did you get breast implants, too?” asks Christina Murray over dinner with the women, whose husband Anthony leads Oasis Family Life Church.  (Online Source)

Not exactly Proverbs 31 women, are they?

Amazing what passes for entertainment today, isn’t it?

Jesus Who? Actor Says Pitt and Clooney are Bigger than Jesus

In an article posted on, actor Steve Guttenberg makes the following statement:

“Listen, I’m a nobody. I’m sure if George Clooney was there she’d have had a  heart attack but the great thing about being famous is it’s a new religion.  Jesus is not the big name anymore. The big names are Brad and Angelina. That’s  just the way it is. If we walked Jesus, Brad Pitt and George Clooney down Fifth  Avenue, I think Clooney and Pitt would get a lot more attention.”  (Online Source)

You want to know what’s so sad (or sickening) about that statement?  In many people’s lives, he’s probably right.  Shows the age we live in when mortal men (who have the loose morals of the world) are more respected than the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  However, regardless of the praise these men are offered on earth, their knees will bow to the same Savior as mine, and their lips will confess that He is Lord.  Guttenberg’s as well.

I know this is Steve Guttenberg’s opinion and not the opinion of Brad Pitt and George Clooney, but, you know this is nothing new.  Jesus has been rejected and slurred for centuries.  Why should now be any different?