Mark Driscoll: Plagiarism – Thou Shalt Not Steal!

Recently, Janet Mefferd, host of the syndicated radio show, The Janet Mefferd Show, interviewed Mark Driscoll on her broadcast.  On the November 21st show, she expressed deep concern that parts of Driscoll’s new book, A Call to Resurgence (14 pages to be exact), were lifted from a book written by Dr. Peter Jones, author and professor at Westminster Seminary California.  The problem?  They weren’t cited.  That makes it plagiarism.

Shortly afterwards, due to her fantastic research skills, Mefferd found three other books written by Driscoll where material was plagiarized from other author’s works.  That’s four, if you’re keeping count.

As you might imagine, Mefferd became the target of numerous attacks. Rather than Tyndale House taking these issues seriously, they began to defend Driscoll (their cash cow) and instead, attacked Mefferd.  “But, this is a Christian publishing house!” you may be thinking.  Wrong.  This is a publishing house with a bottom line… money.  Driscoll brings it in, and they aren’t going to mess with a good thing.  We would expect Tyndale to take something like plagiarism seriously, but what’s plagiarism in a commerce-driven society?

Due to what appears to be obvious pressure, the hard evidence of Driscoll’s plagiarism was removed from the show’s website.  But, never fear… I happen to have all of the evidence, and I’ll post them here for all to see.  We can’t let all of Janet Mefferd’s hard work go to waste just because the station she works for caved and compromised, can we?

Below are the attachments that show Mefferd’s hard work and diligence in tracking down Driscoll’s plagiarism.  He’s busted folks.  Cold!

Click on the links to all of the PROOF below.  If I find any more, I’ll post them.

Driscoll Plagiarism Proof 1.

Driscoll Plagiarism Proof 2.

6 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll: Plagiarism – Thou Shalt Not Steal!

  1. lyn

    So much of what labels itself as ‘Christian’ in America is anything but. It’s a sad day when the driving force that motivates is money, and NOT seeking to bring God glory. It’s time to separate from just about everything in America that is labeled ‘Christian’ and follow Christ. Don’t buy all these books that flood the shelves of bookstores, we only need one book…the Bible. Let the Holy Spirit be your teacher, not hucksters like Driscoll. All these conferences, and the constant promotion of books…it must stop. May we not feed the wolves, and the publishers.

  2. Javanut

    Thanks for saving this. If I did bet, I would lay money on the odds that Mefford was served with a lawsuit and has to back down until legal proceedings are over.

  3. Jeff

    I’m not sure but I don’t think the good girl, party girl, or tough girl are original to the first author either. I’ve heard those terms used in other sources before.

  4. peter

    Thank you for this article.
    sadly so many people claim to be “born again” yet they knowingly ignore reading the Bible and the warnings for deceptive and deceiving teachers. Talk about modern day Sardias and Laodeca. These giant mega “churches” are nothing but giant group life counseling centers lead by devouring soul sucking wolves. Used for tax write off purposes and leaching money from poor. Lord G_d have mercy on us. Don’t even want to images what happens when tribulation comes to America.

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