Sorry for the Absence

Sorry for the absence everyone!  Life seems to reach out and drag you by the tail sometimes.  I’ve been busy at work, have moved into a new home, and have spent some much needed time with the Lord.  While I’ve been gone, however, the visible church’s descent into apostasy hasn’t slowed down a bit.

Let’s get busy and run the race.  How ’bout it?!

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  1. M'Kayla says:

    HI! Yep. There’s many of us bloggers absent from blogging for one reason or another. Welcome back. I’m not quite there yet. Enjoy your new home. :)

  2. Annunk says:

    Great report: From a recent Lighthouse Trails post:

    Thank you so much for the information that you have been providing my husband and I for the past several years. It is thanks to Lighthouse Trails that we were able to warn members of our church leadership about contemplative spirituality which was making its way into our church.

    Several months back, an associate pastor gave a message on “having closeness with God” which was fine, but then at the end of his message, he said something about “the silence,” requesting from the pulpit that the “lights be dimmed,” and then had the entire congregation practice a moment of slowed breathing, “focusing” and “contemplation” . . . Needless to say, in spite of wanting to bolt for the doors, my husband and I sat there praying aloud (!) for God’s protection over our congregation.

    Immediately following his message and “prayer time,” we got with that same associate pastor and then privately shared with him a condensed version of what we’d learned about contemplative spirituality: its roots in the occult, in Buddhism and its ties to Catholic mystics (since he had mentioned a number of Catholic “scholars” in his message). After patiently listening to us, he told us we were wrong. He animatedly told us that there was SO much to be learned from the Catholic faith, that contemplative prayer was actually a good thing and that it wasn’t out of the occult at all!

    We were deeply saddened to hear him say that and even discussed leaving the church. After praying about it however, we felt that God would have us stay there. So out of obedience, instead of leaving, we alerted our church elders and senior pastor about it and shared with them the MANY booklets that we have ordered from Lighthouse Trails regarding contemplative spirituality and the emerging church. (Keep in mind, this was a four-month process, so much prayer and dogged determination was required. The end result is that it paid off.)

    The happy ending to this story is that this past Sunday, an Elder came up to my husband and I and point blank told us that regarding “all that New Age material (we’d) shared,” we were not to worry – that this “contemplative spirituality/false teaching” was in “NO WAY going to enter here.” He thanked us profusely for alerting church leadership and giving the Elders all that LTRP info.

    I realize in planting seed, we don’t always get to see the fruits of our labor so I thought LTRP might enjoy this report. Thank you, Lighthouse Trails, for all the materials you share. Keep it up.

    In His Grip with Our Eyes Wide Open

    Ann (Unknown)

    So this is one believer who is in this race to win!

  3. Javanut says:

    Welcome back! And congratulations on your new home!

  4. truthseekerwoman says:

    I am just reading a book by Ted Dekker called The Slumber of Christianity. One of the comments he makes is how we as Christians are running the race not keeping our eyes on the glorious finish line of eternity with our Lord, but rather on the refreshing cups of water along the way. Concerning ourselves with the pleasures of this life and not groaning for the glorious day we join Christ in Heaven. Lets all wake up and yearn as Paul did for that day.

  5. Welcome back, my feisty sister-in-Christ. Nice to have you around again. I linked your site to my blog and look forward to some great discussion. The downward spiral shows no signs of letting up down here in Australia either, hence my blog. Not many voices speaking out here. The “she’ll be right mate” attitude that I do love in Aussie culture is not working out so well in the church here. xx Sherryn

  6. Rev. Kate says:

    God’s best to you and your new endeavours, Chrystal.

    It looks as though many of us here have been put to difficult tests recently.

    Maybe our God is toughening-up His children, I don’t know, to fearlessly go on and complete the race He has set before us, gracefully, and be as dignfied as we are capable? Always recalling, His Holy Spirit will guide and direct us through our hardest journey; this is our Lord’s promise to us.

    Hmm, that’s my take.

    PS–I miss you guys and you are always in my prayers and thoughts. K :)

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