Oprah and Friends

Could you imagine the apostle Paul joining hands with the pagans in Rome to reach out to conquer such societal ills as fractured families and fatherless children?  It’s a noble cause, to be sure, but that wasn’t Paul’s mission.  His mission was to preach Christ and Him crucified.

Far too often, many make the mistake of believing that by cleaning up society, they can improve life.  Sadly, this never works because even if there were no divorce or fatherless children, man would still be lost in their sins.  You can clean up a pig, but it will still be a pig.  You can dress up a sinner in their Sunday best, but they will still be a sinner.  How sad our modern ministers don’t know this.

In an article on the Christian Post, Modalist and Prosperity minister T. D. Jakes stated:

“It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in life, everyone is looking for answers, and MegaFest is the place to find them,” Jakes has said about the festival. “Whether you come on your own or with family and friends, one thing is for sure: people attending MegaFest will find joy, fun, great music, encouraging community and powerful messages of inspiration, hope and purpose.”  (Online Source.)

With such speakers as New Age Priestess Oprah Winfrey, who famously said when referring to Jesus, “There couldn’t possibly be just one way!” T. D. Jakes, and Joel Osteen, one thing people attending will not find is the gospel.

4 thoughts on “Oprah and Friends

  1. Javanut

    How can they even think of calling it a Christian event with Oprah speaking? At least Joel Osteen and TD Jakes pretend to be Christian – Oprah doesn’t even try.

    Notice also – you will find “joy, fun, great music, encouraging community and powerful messages of inspiration, hope and purpose.” but not one mention of finding Jesus. How truly sad.

  2. The Narrowing Path

    No, I really can’t imagine the apostle Paul doing that. Nor can I imagine him following a big, ‘God-given’ dream to be a tent designer, whilst using his preaching ministry as a platform to promote his tent designs. For that matter, did Jesus set up a feeding ministry AND THEN preach the gospel? Um, no. And his response when the crowds who were fed return is rather telling.

  3. Francesmarie

    Well, what does scripture tell us about the last days…remember HIS WORD is so TRUE, and all is unfolding right in front of our eyes….we should pray for those who are hypnotized with the lies they will hear…that the Holy Spirit will remove the scales from their eyes and the gross dross from their ears and hearts, those listening to these people, and for those who are actually encouraging people to look to themselves… “as in the Days of Noah…..”

  4. TPR

    Ha! I liked Path’s comment re Paul’s “big tent dreams,” lol! So true!

    And how ironic. Wasn’t it TDJ who, just a few months ago, complained re the “celebrity spirit” in churches? Yet he’s having the big pagan celebrity goddess herself, the Big O, at his “mega fest”? There’s something wrong with this picture!

    And anything called a “mega fest” hardly sounds like a reverent Christian gathering anyway. Just fun fun fun for the whole family (Disney Theme Park!), games for kids & psycho-narcissistic preaching to tickle the ears of the adults!

    4/23/13:  TD Jakes Explains His Controversial Comments about the “Hollywood Spirit” in the Church – Christian Blog:

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