Prayer for Ken Silva and Family

Some of you have noticed that Ken Silva has not been updating Apprising Ministries as of late and have written to ask about him.  Ken, who has been having health issues as of late, has been going through a harrowing battle in the last several months.  He has updated his site and has requested prayer and financial support, if you feel so lead of the Lord.

Please continue to pray for Ken and his family during this difficult time.

For more information, please click here.

2 thoughts on “Prayer for Ken Silva and Family

  1. Annunk

    I should have written this sooner but have been stretched a little thin lately..

    Chrystal, thank you for writing this. I hope everyone who reads your post will stick something – anything ( ! ) in the mail to Connecticut River Baptist Church (with “Apprising Ministries” in the memo box).

    (Read the article. It’s short and the address is right at the bottom.)

    It’ll 1. Bless Ken Silva and his wife and 2. Be yet another tax write-off😉 Hopefully enough believers will keep Ken in prayer, and also hopefully, God will miraculously heal him. What he’s going thru is pure torture, again, thank you, Chrystal for writing this.

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