11 thoughts on “Church of Tares: Purpose Driven, Seeker Sensitive, Church Growth, and New World Order

  1. henryfrueh

    When wolves become shepherds you no longer have a flock; you have a slaughterhouse.

  2. richrockster

    Absolutely brilliant documentary. I finally got round to this last week, it’s been on my ‘to play’ list for some time… The only downside is that you never want to use the word ‘purpose’ again.

  3. thenarrowingpath

    Tam, both this and his other films are available in high quality download for free from the film maker’s website I have listed above. Alternatively you can order it from the website and pay for it. He is happy for everyone to download it for free, burn copies and share it around!! Obviously donations are also welcome! For anyone interested in learning more, Tamara Hartzell who often writes for the Lighthouse trails Research blog has an incredible book she has written on the subject of the Purpose Driven movement. It is available as a free PDF from Tamara’s website http://www.inthenameofpurpose.org. Sorry for the advertising Chrystal…just trying to get the message out there!!

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