Strange Fire

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  1. Jim Sarco says:

    Please delete this blog. It’s nothing more than trash. And a great example of hilarity. Thanks. So, shut it down. Make it go bye-bye.

    Good night and good luck

  2. gracealone1 says:

    Glad to see MacArthur tackle this. It will not win friends, it will make enemies, but it is necessary. To tell anyone that they committed the unpardonable sin will produce a lot of hatred. Not only does it mean that the person who does such a thing is not saved, but it means that they can never be saved and hell awaits. Pray for JMac and his fellow warriors.

  3. Jim Sarco says:

    why haven’t you shut this piece of trash down yet? One time I was walking down the street and i stepped on a piece of poo! But then I realized it was slaughter of the sheep!
    Really, find a new hobby, read the newspaper, whatever. Just delete the blog, ok?

    Good night and good luck!

  4. richrock says:

    JMac did a massive series of sermons based off the scriptures in his book, ‘Charismatic Chaos’, which I am sure if any charismatic listened to would pronounce it heresy, anti-holy spirit, etc…. I would have at one point. However, MacArthur was always sensitive, knew the charismatic theology and always spoke in love, constantly repeating that we should speak lovingly, carefully to those with ‘differing’ theologies. It also taught me a lot too.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Strange Fire is about, and really hoping they stream it or make in available like the Shepherds Conference (which I only found out about last year and its awesome listening). So, yes, pray for JMac and crew for what is obviously going to be a controversial topic, and they reach out to the charismatic brothers and sisters with love, but also rebuke and correction.

  5. That’s just a bunch of assertions with no argument or backing.
    Not interested.

  6. Jim Sarco says:

    I’ve told other blogs to shut down too. paperthinhymn, mennoknight, and muddystreams. Please shut them all down!

    Good night and good luck!

    • Crystal,
      this guy has left the same message on several blogs, apparently he is being forced at gunpoint to view these blogs he insists must shut down. Honestly, I think we are dealing with someone who may be ‘unstable’ at best.

    • celticbuttafly says:

      So you would silence (and aggressively) anyone who you don’t agree with? And you really think by calling something a piece of trash or poo, you’re going to win or get someone to obey you? You behave like a toddler throwing a fit. Why don’t you just go read the blogs you do agree with?

  7. Doug says:

    John MacArthur is definitely trying to please God rather than man. This conference will hopefully open some eyes and ears among our charismatic brethren.
    A few years ago I went into a Christian bookstore operated by a charismatic ministry looking for MacArthur books. They refused to stock his works.
    Chrystal, I think the alleged troll ‘writing’ above might be a comment spambot-I’ve had a few on my site and I need to clean them out every once in a while. They comment in generalities rather than specifics so as to keep under the radar.

  8. ali says:

    I appreciate the teaching of John McA. Do I agree with everything he says, no, but that is whats makes life interesting. It opens up opportunities to share our differences, to learn, to grow and to pray for those who stumble in the darkness.

    What a mighty God we serve.

  9. SLIMJIM says:

    May God use this conference to stand against the silliness of much of what’s going on in today’s Continuationists circle

  10. sammy says:

    I once belonged to a “charismatic church”,and I believe what they do is nothing more than “play acting”I noticed that the people that spoke in tongues,always repeat themselves,but the so called “interpreter” would get a different meaning every time.I learned a long time ago that this is all put on,and has nothing to do with the God,Jesus,and the Holy Spirit.I believe it is strange fire coming from charismatic churches. By the way it seemed like the ones who supposedly had these gifts,were the same ones spreading discord,and confusion.Ans no,I am not blaspheming the holy Spirit.

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