Juanita Bynum Jailed in Dallas

Self-proclaimed prophetess Juanita Bynum was recently jailed in Dallas for failure to appear at a civil proceeding against her, this according to The Dallas News.  

Bynum, who in recent years has courted controversy over her failed marriage and domestic violence scandal, was jailed earlier Thursday evening, but was released earlier today after answering questions in the case brought against her.  Also of note is a “2007 judgment ordering her to pay $140,000 to ALW Entertainment.”  (Online Source)

In my years of research into the movers and shakers of the Word of Faith movement, one thing always stood out more than any other; their love of money.  If there is ever any controversy with any of their names tagged to it, money almost always is part of the equation.

In the real world, it isn’t just us little folk who must honor our contracts and pay our bills – and Word of Faith celebs are not exempt.

Welcome to the real world!

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8 thoughts on “Juanita Bynum Jailed in Dallas

  1. annunk

    I read re comments on the newspaper site and was absolutely amazed at how many people continued to highly support her INSPITE of her actions shouting, “don’t cast the first stone!”
    My gosh! Have they got the meaning behind that scripture messed up or what?!!?!?

  2. richrockster

    It’s all putting people on pedestals. We should look at 1 Cor 3. I remember the guy who called out that woman in a tent meeting, and all her ‘followers’ went ballistic at him, smacking him on the head with their bibles, etc. It’s almost like a cult following, and that grieves me. We even see it here in the UK, people following the likes of Prince, Bentley, et al, yet if you mention the slightest error of their teaching, people turn evil. I know, I’ve experienced it.

  3. Jamie

    I used to follow her until the Lord sat me down and show me her false teachings. People have
    itchy ears. Pray that their eyes be open to the truth.

  4. Eli

    @Richrockster We’ve experienced that here too. One word against their beloved WoF favorite, and they’ll spue all kinds of nastiness on this board. And generally will whip out that “jugde not” excuse, ripped completely out of context. anyway….isn’t this the same gal that bragged on youtube that she only signed her contracts with her $1,000 pen, a Bic wasn’t good enough?? Nuff said.

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