Wretched: Most Blasphemous Harlem Shake Ever

After posting C3 Church’s Harlem Shake video here, it sparked a bit of a conversation in the comments section.  For some reason, people believe that kids will be kids and they should be left alone so they can act like kids and not like adults.  Even if that means flooding the church with pop culture.

Instead of giving way to the whims of our youth, we are responsible for leading them in the way that they should go…the way of truth.  It isn’t unkind to teach them church discipline and sound doctrine.  It isn’t stifling their spirit to suggest, or even demand, that they show respect to, for, and in the church.  The church is where believers come together as a body to worship the Lord and learn His Word.  In this modern age, it has turned into a culturally-driven mosh pit.

In the video below, Todd Friel has more to say about this video.

4 thoughts on “Wretched: Most Blasphemous Harlem Shake Ever

  1. Rev. Kate

    Yay! God bless Todd Friel.

    Hooray! God bless Chrystal Whitt and Slaughter of the Sheep. You are so right.

    And sadly, I still cannot shake-off that junk at that church. I’m never going to go there… well… maybe to give those kiddies a whoopin’; and that pastor, he needs a good talking to…let me at him!

    God’s great and mighty and holy name be praised forever. Amen.

  2. Brenda

    It’s no wonder the LORD gave so many warnings about false teachings, and instructed the Apostles to also warn the flock. Especially as the last days draw near. We expect attack from outside the Church, but I’m always surprised to see the attack from within the Church Body. Altho the Bible says “For certain persons have crept in unnoticed.” Jude 4 — I’m always surprised… LORD God, thank You for Thy Word. Please keep Your people in fervent study of Thy Word.

    Thanks, Chrystal, for keeping your finger on the pulse of present-day culture, and for fulfilling your ministry to be a watchman who warns the sheep. You help connect the dots! God Bless you & may He tuck you firmly in His Loving care. ~Brenda


    The church I go to has mostly young people and is a reminder for me often that true preaching faithful to the Text of Scripture and a sound philosophy of ministry that’s biblically inform do not need this worldly non-sense. It’s as you said: blasphemous.

  4. Bill

    We are not given pervue to know anyone’s true spiritual condition. The question I have is, how can anyone who is filled with the Holy Spirit participate in this trash? Can a genuine believer really be so calloused as to not know better?
    I really can’t come up with anything more blasphemous than to turn Christ’s crucifixion into a dance party.

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