Can you Let Go of Money and Still Smile?

Ever hear of Mark Gorman?  Well, you’re about to.

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I feature two kinds of teachers here… the really good, or the REALLY bad.  Mr. Gorman’s really bad.

The title of the featured video below is “How Much Can You Let Go of and Still Smile?”  Now, one thing you need to know about Word of Faith (WOF)/Prosperity ministers is that they always have a pitch.  Some are clever, some are laughable.  So, how would I grade Mark Gorman’s pitch?  Well, it’s not clever, and I’m not laughing.  Here is a little of Gorman’s logic (taken from the beginning of the video):

“One of the things I’ve learned as I’ve studied the principles in God’s Word is this, that God wants us to prosper.  But, the way He determines the level of our prosperity is based on how much we can let go of and still smile.  So, if you can’t release that money and still smile, then you can’t be trusted with any more than you have right now.”

Wow!  That’s quite the intro, isn’t it?  Hold up, he’s not finished.  He goes on to say:

“How do I prove I don’t love it?  Can you let go of it and still smile?”

Guess where he wants you to “let go of it?”  You guessed it….right in his hands.

I’ve heard many pitches, and his is no different, just wrapped in a different type of logic, and every bit of it is based in greed and fraud.  See the video below and beware of him.

19 thoughts on “Can you Let Go of Money and Still Smile?

    1. phishing4men

      Agree, but more than just a jerk, a heretic of the first order. Most denominational churches have failed miserably by uniting with any and everyone and not just true believers. Cheap grace is costly. These religious parasites will either repent or spend an eternity in hell. As long as they continue to appeal to the flesh they will continue to rake in the mammon until Jesus comes. I grieve for all those who have abundant cash reserves and are spiritually bankrupt. Continue to cast the nets that some might be saved.

  1. bearfam

    His last words at the end of the video: “If you can prove to God that you don’t love money…God doesn’t care how much you have.” Hmmmm……”if you can ‘prove’ to God”???? As if God is to be influenced by humanity’s manipulating, darkened, foolish hearts and minds! “For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow, it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12 Go ahead and SMILE all you want but God sees past the toothy grin right to the desperately wicked heart.

  2. Doug

    Hi Chrystal-nice to see you posting again. I’m sure that you are aware of MacArthur’s upcoming
    “Strange Fire” conference-I’ve been listening to his series on ‘Discernment’ and I think the Pentecostals may once again be very unhappy with John MacArthur. At least, they would be if they even admitted that he exists.
    May God continue to Bless you, Chrystal, and all who visit here.

  3. Teresa

    Yep! I have not only heard of him…I have seen him in action, Mark is Word of Faithand and Mark travels with Rick and Diane Goodman…Vestal and Howard Goodman’s son and dautghter in law. All Mark did was talk about money and tell cajun jokes. He bragged about how much money and how successful he was and how people would listen to a rich man preaching the gospel before they would listen to a poor man ( and I can prove it) he says, and that a rich man has more influence and so forth, I guess it depends on what gospel you are preaching……..BTW I went to a charsmatic church in Huntington West Virginia and that is where I heard him speak. YUK.!

    When Rick Goodman gave his testmony, all he talked about was Kenneth and Gloria Copeland…..another YUK!

  4. Sergio Alvarez

    HA! HA! HA!!!!!! This is hilarious!
    “as long as we let the devil deceive us into thinking that money doesn’t matter, well spend more of our day thinking about money than thinking about Jesus.”
    So I guess we can tell by this video what he’s thinking more about huh? Sure ain’t Jesus.
    Snake oil salesman.

  5. Street Preacher

    Why do these types of “preachers” have to keep asking their followers for money?
    Dont they have faith enough to trust God for provision for their needs?
    Surely if God has called them, as they claim, God will provide for them or does God expect them to make it by their own strength.

    1. phishing4men

      amen Street Preacher, God’s work done in God’s way will not lack God’s provision. By your moniker I know you know it does’nt take money to preach the gospel, all you need to do is find a busy street corner. God bless you and may He protect you as you continue to work the streets of this fallen world.

  6. Rev. Kate

    This comment hasn’t got a fiddler’s fig to do with Mark Gorman and his silly money plea. However, Mr. or Ms. @phishing4men, your comment on Mike Murdock is very funny; I think the man is married; I’d go ask his wife what she thinks.

    My problem is, as a woman, his hair and beard color — I know, I know, I am now stooping to a goofy level, which sometimes I cannot resist. I don’t know why I do that!

    So every time I turn on the TV when he’s appearing on some danged, crrrrazy money-grubbing, creepy so-called Christian show, I stop– and my husband and I just stare at him and shake our heads in disbelief, not only at his message of gimme, gimme, gimme, but the horror of his haircolor!

    Okay, that’s my take on Mr. Murdock, bless his soul. Thanks “phish” K:)

    PS–do I need forgiveness for my diatribe?

    1. Teresa

      Not only is it the same guy, but he does this right in the church services.. When he came to my old church in west Virginia he pretty much told jokes and talked about money, no more and no less….sad.

  7. Shawn

    Ha – thought so – thanks for confirming that, Chrystal. Maybe Mark G. should have just stuck to the “Cajun jokes” then.

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