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  1. Verga Brooks

    I don’t think that she will go to hell for it. Thank you for bringing attention to that situation though; as I am growing older, I will be encourage to just let ti happen gracefully. i pray that she be right with God and it not that she will be right because the only thing that matters is having a pure, blood washed heart with nothing between our souls and our Savior. Jesus is coming back, lets continue to be ready because that is really all that matters.

  2. Warrior Bride

    VANITY, CONCEIT, SELF IDOLOTRY, all of it is SIN !! Also FALSE DOCTRINES, AND PREACHING THAT WE ARE ‘little gods’ WILL GET HER To GO TO hell. She is also a LOVER OF MONEY! that is IDOLOTRY and they will not enter heaven, ok she is one of those PROSPERITY GOSPEL PREACHERS and she ADDS and TAKES AWAY from the word, Deut 4:2, which is also a SIN and she says that Jesus went to hell and that the demons attacked him and beat him up ? where is that in the bible ???


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