How did you Find me?

I always find it interesting to know how people stumble upon my blog.  I know most people find me through search engines by searching for a topic I’ve covered here.  It’s those search terms that I find interesting.

In my administrative control panel, it shows me a list of search terms that people have used to find this blog.  Some of the terms used range from typical to wacky.  Below are some that stood out the most:

  1. Where did Cindy Trimm get her face lift?
  2. Why does Joel Osteen blink?
  3. Smelling rotten eggs.
  4. Christians married to Baal and don’t know it.
  5. Joyce Meyer lip surgery.
  6. Glamour is false say Christians.
  7. IHOP weird.
  8. Does Benny Hinn have health insurance?

So, what about you?  How did you find me?  Leave your answer in the comment section.

38 thoughts on “How did you Find me?

  1. Berakah

    Wow, it’s been SO long, I can’t really remember…..(age, perhaps?) I think I was doing a Google search for some preacher or evangelist who was in hot water for something and your blog was one of the ones I found and have been hooked ever since! I have always loved the ongoing conversations by people who have been duped in the past-I plead guilty to that one too! As the days get darker spiritually and people have absolutely NO discernment in regards to the things of God versus the things of man, we no doubt will see many more postings by you about the false goings on in the Body. Blessings and keep up the good work!

  2. stannj51

    Searching Google for a false prophet or teacher, forget which one, but you had an article about them.
    And, I guess people wonder why Benny HInn has health insurance, because he shouldn’t need it, due to being able to perform a miracle on himself if he gets sick. I won’t begin to guess why smelling rotten eggs should lead them here.


  3. sandy

    i was looking up the kansas city prophets, because they are influencing the church today.. and I stumbled upon your site. the church is decieved and not reading their bibles and believing these heresies and false prophecies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for scales to fall from their eyes and to RUN! Thank you for your speaking truth.

  4. sandy

    ok, and now i see you are connected to “Grace to you”? one of my favorite books is “Hard to believe” by John MacArthur. There is no madison ave Jesus. He is Lord and Savior!

  5. David

    i DONT REMEMBER EITHER.Oh if you go to Todds Bentlys web site you will find in his featured video where he explains that the British mp who lead the fight to keep him out of england was struck down suddenly and died .amazing we have a whole new low.

    1. Steve

      Bentley is such a liar (no surprise) and manipulator/exploiter (again, no surprise). To claim Malcolm Wicks was struck down suddenly and died, and try to link it to “opposing” Bentley, is utter deception, and further proof he is false. It took me less than two minutes to find an online obituary that listed that Wicks disclosed his cancer diagnosis in October 2011…almost a year before Bentley being banned in August 2

    2. Steve

      …Being banned in August 2012. The time from his public disclosure of being diagnosed, to his death, was almost a full year (who knows how long he had had the cancer, prior to going public)…hardly a “sudden” death. In that video, Bentley makes claims that months ago, he had been talking about being told by “god” that he needed to mark his calendar for Sept 29 2012…funny thing is, I can’t find any proof of that statement.

  6. Carolyn Kidwell

    Assemblies of God….what is their stand regarding the false prophetic in their midst? Do they have one…they appear to be divided…

    1. stannj51

      Carolyn, A/G has put out a position paper on it in 2000.
      However well-written much of it is, they do not take the lead in outing the false prophets/teachers who are directly influencing their own people. For example, the A/G president put out a video back in ’08 on how to spot a bad revival, but in it he said he would not name any names. However, anyone could tell he meant the 800 lb gorilla in the room, that fraud, Todd Bentley. But, he was hosted by Ignited Church in Florida, an A/G church. What does that tell you about Springfield’s skills and dedication to Christ as shepherds? It was a disgrace for him to tell chartered pastors how to get their noses bloodied fighting for the truth in their congregations while staying out of the battle themselves. Lead from behind was their motto. What a service they could have performed by boldly exposing Bentley to their churches not to mention the NAR (as per their paper). The last time they tried that was in ’49 when they exposed the Latter Rain heresy. They lost churches. Good for them. Not now though, Too much to lose by telling the truth.

      I was a member of an A/G for 25 years until 7 years ago when I was forced out. It began when I outed RIck Joyner as a dangerous false prophet. After that I outed a lot more of them by name, since the Lord had finally opened my eyes. The pastor finally told me to stop naming names. That led to a crisis of conscience – to whom would I listen, God or man. A no-brainer. Tough emotionally, but very freeing spiritually, let me tell you. Now, I host a home bible fellowship without the influence of the mystical, self-serving doctrines of the Charismatics.


  7. Rev. Kate

    Ohhh, this post is tooooooo funny, Chrystal.

    I had a friend from a church I had left (praise God!), and pointed me to this blog, 3 years ago this January coming up.

    Another praise God!!!!

    PS–And the IHOP thang was the craziest info I’d ever seen; goofy, ding-batty me, thinking a church service was held at a restaurant? I know, duhhhh! K:)

  8. Teresa

    . I was researching NAR/WOF Found this website Let us reason ministries, deception in the church, orrel steinkamp, justin peters, bob dewaay and many more. I was searching for truth…I found that and much more. I found wonderful God fearing men, truth seeking men and women of God who have become my dear brother’s and sister’s in Christ.
    kate, IHOP is still crazy, Brannon Howse did a segment on Ihop today that was really good.
    I went to Jeremy Lopez website today called Identity network. I could not believe what I saw. you can get a spiritual reading (I mean psychic reading)…. for 40.00. He is with the new Apostolic reformation. they give me a headache….. Love you Chrystal…..

  9. Teresa

    I remember how I found you. It was when Benny Hinn and Paula White were………in Rome together. i found you a little before that but that is when I started commenting.
    BTW Benny and Suzanne are back together. As Benny put it they are reconciled…..makes one wonder what their real motives are behind this reconciliation. T

  10. Carolyn

    Bless you Stan for sharing this info regarding the A of G and the turmoil envolving the false prophets today. So very sad…

  11. Teresa


    It’s me…. the same Teresa….pink chicken lady. LOL I am the only teresa commenting just in case your missed something. LOL love you!

    1. Rev. Kate

      I know, I know– me nooooo forget, I forget nothing… I know it’s you, yay!

      Keep me posted as to your physical condition (I hate sounding so professional).

      Just let me know what’s happenin’, okay? K

      PS–Pink chicken lady, huh? Nope, not now, it’s that ugly blue, cranky, bitey-looking icon, icky thang, phooey!!😦

  12. Carolyn

    Oh no. It’s another Carolyn!

    Chrystal, I think I found your site through the Christian Research Network if I remember correctly.

  13. A Found Sheep

    I googled “Bill Johnson criticism” and somehow found your blog. This led me to many other excellent resources and exposed the den of wolves I was only vaguely aware of. Praise the Lord (!!) and may he bless your work in defending the faith and in helping us do the same.

  14. Diana

    Linked to you from Sola Sisters. The name of your site drew me in. At the time, I was feeling like a “slaughtered sheep” as a result of my last church. Thanks for your work. I’ve learned so much here. My family left a seeker-driven, emergent/contemplative church last June. Have since found a solid, bible-based church. We are very thankful.

  15. Jen of Hens

    I googled “Patricia King evil”. No offense to any of you good folks but I was up late last night channel surfing because I was sick and couldn’t sleep. I happened upon a Patricia King interview (the one where she talks with the guy obsessed with Nephilims). As an athiest, I rarely watch any kind of “spiritual” tv – mostly because I truly believe most those folks are (the ones on tv), well, nuts. And they give the modest, non-wingnutty Christians a bad name. Patricia King’s show was beyond wingnutty. It gave me the heebies.

  16. Rev. Kate

    Feel better, Ms Jen and God ‘s greatest and most gracious blessings to you at this Christmas time and always…

    I think “Madam Patty Cakes King”, as it appears, is far too way out; but she’s making her way back in and that concerns me as she has a following of folk who comfort themselves and delude themselves with Mysticism, which is a no go.

    Good thing you’re feeling those heebie-jeebies. K.

  17. Maryanne

    Well, I found you via Joyce meyer’s mouth, it is even in your list of options!! I was looking for a pic to send to my brother in law and you had the best (worst) one. I will visit again, and wish I could read more now, but alas, I have many things I am meant to be doing and you are a very interesting distraction. A breath of fresh air actually.

  18. Jan Wilson

    I found you through Ken Silva’s site when I was trying to get a handle on all the false doctrine etc. being promoted. May have been as long as four or five years ago and I still check in from time to time. Thankyou for all the material you put up.:-)

  19. margopego

    Hi! I actually found your blog because I was reading through for an app for spiritual warfare, & one of the reviewers was upset that the app’s prayer was written by Cindy Trimm, of whom I’d never heard before. Your blog was about the 6th or 7th on the first page of the Google search I did. Your blog’s title intrigued me, & now I’m having a look around.

    Thanks for doing such important work & for being an instrument of God so that less of His people are deceived. Bless you for it.:-)

  20. missasolmenis

    I was being pursued by the Hound of Heaven and thought I’d google it to see if I could find a free download. Tremendous resource (I mean finding the website)! Best way to spot a counterfeit is by knowing the real thing…

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