Duck! Dominionists are Coming in for a Landing!

Did you know Geneva, Switzerland is pregnant?  Well, it will be on December 8, 2012, because that’s the next time charismatic, global dominionists will gather to take dominion over cities, boats, trains, video games, sewers, drain pipes, windows, gazebos, box cars, plate glass windows, ladders, pot holes, grocery stores, flower shops, movie theaters, city buses, and sundry other things that do or may possess a devil or two.

Check out this video featuring Lou Engle and Stacey Campbell.  TheCall Geneva is right around the corner and you will definitely want to miss it!  Why?  I’ll give you three good reasons.

  1. Dominionism isn’t Scriptural.
  2. Dominionism isn’t Scriptural.
  3. Dominionism isn’t Scriptural.

12 thoughts on “Duck! Dominionists are Coming in for a Landing!

  1. Brad Bonham

    Depends on how you define dominion. Are we to take over the 7 pillars of society and gather for a nation wide fast to bring change? No, this is not New Testament scripture…this is a twisting of Old Testament scripture and an Old Covenant mindset — that if we can all gather together and work hard enough, God will show up. If you’re a believer, Christ is already in you, and that’s great news! Are we to exercise authority (or dominion) over sickness and disease? Yes, believers have dominion over that and are in fact commanded by New Testament scriptures to walk in this authority. Anything less is disobedience and trusting the traditions of men over the Word of God. Beware the leaven of the Pharisees Jesus warns! We have a New Covenant that is rarely fully taught and understood today, but once believers begin to understand it (and read the scriptures without the biases of man’s traditions), the true church can truly be a burning fire in the midst of the darkness. And that is great news.

    1. Michael

      They probably see mature worshippers as set in their ways, or mockers the way some have responded here.

  2. beehappier

    They are talking about occult dominion over everything. They are trying to justify being into the occult to everybody else that is into the occult. While not being honest about being into the occult.

    They are talking about christian occult dominion and world domination, not about fellowship with God.

  3. Kirby L. Wallace

    “…global dominionists will gather to take dominion over cities, boats, trains, video games, sewers, drain pipes, windows, gazebos,…”

    Don’t forget, Bank Accounts!

    I think they are taking on Geneva because it adds a little reformation “genuine” flavour.

  4. audie

    I think the guy on the right, with the long hair, is Sean Feucht. He’s one of the head guys of Fire and Fragrance. FF does training schools with Youth With A Mission, having Fire and Fragrance DTSs in Pennsylvania and Hawaii, and it looks like they are doing one in Japan coming up soon.

    He’s contributed to as least 2 books, “Fire and Fragrance” and “Culture of Revival”. I’ve read both of them, and they are theological train wrecks. Though he and the other co-authors are careful to avoid calling themselves dominionists, it seeps through in the language they use.

    Here is the link to the Fire and Fragrance website. Keep an eye on Feucht and people like him, they are the up-and-comers, the new popularizers of NAR wackiness.

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