Patricia King: Gift of Laughter or Curse of Blindness?

Patricia King laughs when she should weep.  She laughs hysterically while giving a supposed word of knowledge from God.  (Notice I said “supposed.”)

Can you name even one prophet in the Bible that did that?  Nah, me either.

This woman gets more and more perverse as time goes by.

Click here to watch the farce.

(HT:  Debra Jones-Grant)

40 thoughts on “Patricia King: Gift of Laughter or Curse of Blindness?

    1. Laura

      Exactly –
      The Word says when God laughed, it was at the wicked.
      “The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them.”
      “But the Lord laughs at the wicked for he knows their day is coming.”
      “But you, O LORD, laugh at them; you scoff at all those nations.”
      (Ps: 2-4, 37:13, 59:8)

  1. margieinoz

    This is a funny story but I couldn’t laugh with such a heavy heart. This poor woman is so deluded and so many are following her, what an indescribable day it will be when she stands before the Lord and hears those terrible words, “depart from me, I never knew you…” I’m not even sure we are to pray for her – who tries to save a wolf that is ravaging the sheep, would not a modern shephard shoot it to save the sheep? (I see their carcasses hanging on the farmer’s fences) Paul wept over the sheep but I don’t see him praying for the wolves -just my thoughts.

    1. Teresa

      John 17:9 Jesus himself said this….

      I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine.

      Margieoz, I concur….she is not of God.

      God is the only one who can open her eyes or keep her deluded. I watched 2 seconds and could not stand anytmore. I had my stomach full of this crap before I came out from under this mess. To God be the glory.

      Hey, Kate and Carolyn what is up ladies…..

  2. bearfam

    Honestly, what mind altering drug is she on??? She acts like she’s high…very sad! Also, at 2 min. 17 sec. in the video she said, “It’s not even that profound a word or anything”…then continues in hysterics. Well my question is, what prophet would have EVER said that about a true word from the Lord?

  3. Wendy

    THAT was a word from the Lord?!?! I agree with Glenn….Satan is using her to delude many. “Let all things be done decently and in order” I Cor 14:40

  4. FlyButtafly

    I only got two minutes in, and it makes me want to cry. It’s sickening, it’s mournful (some of that laughter was even painful, from the look on her face) and it’s totally demonic.😦 That’s about all I can think to say. It’s amazing when you look in the eyes of someone so fully under deception… there’s no light there.

  5. Samantha

    I found not one ounce of humor in that and it was actually scary! I agree with other posts that it was demonic laughter–Lord have mercy on those deceived and may she repent and be saved…smh.

  6. Rev. Kate

    Hey Ms T–hah, must be the same vibes just vibing along the Internet that we’re both getting, ’cause I had to look at this site and see what’s cookin’… all’s well, we got through Miss Superstorm Sandy, that nasty, feisty meteorological mother-of- all-monster storms! It was tough, thanks for asking.

    Miss you ladies and gents. Ummm, Miss Carolyn, what’s happening up there in the Yukon, well, almost the Yukon….

    Ok, get back to me when you can. As usual, Slaughter, moderated by the Queen of Blogdom, Crystal Whitt, still comes through with the goofy Charismania goods that are absolutely impossible to ignore… yay!

    God’s best and keep smilin’,

    PS–I’m leaving out my husband’s name from now on because he doesn’t have much to say… I’m the BIG mouth, so, just look for Rev. Kate; but he loves you all too.:) xx

  7. Carolyn

    Hi there Kate. I was thinking about you during the terrible storm. So glad you survived it. Still got your house intact?

    Not the Yukon…the rainy south of British Columbia, minutes from the border of WA. We have not drowned yet, but treading water…

  8. Carolyn

    Yo! Teresa…we’re all still here and it’s already 2012. I’m keepin up. How’s things with you, girl?

    1. Rev. Kate

      Carolyn, thinking about you too,ole buddy! Our house is still here, no electricity for 1 week–thank God for generators; the south shore which is about 2 1/2 miles away was destroyed–Rich is on recovery and clean-up and from what I’ve seen and what he’s working on, yes siree, it is one real mess: the news video footage is 100% accurate!

      Looks like the northwest coast is having its own crazy weather– none are exempt, pretty scary.

      Glad you’re okay–I know it’s British Columbia–rainy, wet and it seems to be slowly floating away–keep your rain gear and emergency bag ready, that’s what we had to do–and get out of town when you gotta run….

      God bless and talk to you soon, keep safe,

  9. Teresa

    Carolyn and Kate,

    Blasts from the past. My sister’s in Christ. All is well with me only becasue of Christ… I have been rather busy with our puppy Royce, 2 kids and a husband..LOL

    I do have a prayer request. I ususally do not do this but I need prayer for myself. due to the injury I suffered 2 years ago as a cook in the local school district here in Wisconsin, I am still suffering from that. I suffer from SI joint dysfunction, with exteremly unstable hips. Hypermobile hips and now my hips are beginning to lock up. I an able to walk a little but not long distance at all and have to set in a wheel chair. I am doing well considering but it has taken it tole on me. My weight has dropped to a dangers low and my appetite is not good at all. Steriods ususally make people hungry and gain weight. for some reason it has done the opposite for me. I was only 110 or 112 to began with and now i am 100 lbs. barely.
    All conservative treatment is done because nothing has helped. i am having ” prolotherapy ” which is alternative, i will have my third treatment on December 17. Mutiple injections 65 needle marks last time and my daughter stop counting. the first time there were more than 65, lost count. The third treatment will determine if the treatment will work…if it does not work, the doctor will stop treatment and surgery will be my only option. I am still trusting the LORD on this matter.

    I am not telling you this to feel sorry for me because God’s grace is sufficient for me and in my weakness he is made strong. I am grateful for what the LORD has given me already. I do need to get better, i would settle for a little so i can raise my children, be a helper to my husband and chase after this crazy puppy I have. Love you guy’s and I have laundry to do…love T

    1. stannj51

      Theresa, so sorry to read of your injury. Have you and your husband prayed together about your injury, (since he is head) and have you called for the elders of your church as per James 5:14-16?
      My sympathies and prayer.

    2. Rev. Kate

      Hmm…sorry for you? What? Girl, you need to know you will always be loved, cherished and thought of as an exemplary woman of the Most High, sister! Glad the kids and hubby’s good. What’s the LOL for? The hubby, kids, dog…? You are funny!

      You’ve got a lot of junk happening there, T. SI Joint Dysfunction… I’ll have to look that sucker up; unstable hips; hypermobile hips and they lock. Prolotherapy, which is alternative, meaning what?

      Then what– hip replacement? Well, get this, after a surgery almost 2 yrs ago, I don’t know what position was concocted, but my right hip (paaaiiin!) and some ligament in the inner thigh area has never been the same– they must’ve hung me from the ceiling or something and twisted my leg into the next surgery room… yikes; but, up here in humid, cold NY, and you’re in Siberia, almost, for Pete’s sake, the incredible hip pain and getting stuck (crack), you know, that twist and turn movement to get the darned thang back in? It’s ridiculous.

      Now that I’m seeing your symptoms, I think I am definitely going to go to the orthopaedist…noooo shots, oy vay.

      So T, you keep doing what you have to and my prayers are with you–if you need surgery, go and get the darned thing fixed; do you need surgery?

      Love you and have fun doing laundry and keep me posted,

    3. Carolyn

      Teresa – 65 needles? makes me weak. I’m sorry for the troubles you are going through. Not easy stuff. Thanks for sharing…you will be in my prayers starting immediately. Good to hear that the grace of God is manifesting in your life. Royce is a German name. Does that mean you have a German Shepherd?

      Kate…no power for one week. That’s harsh. You have a generator? Did you buy that before or after the storm? We don’t have one so if we lose power, I lose hope. How will I straighten my hair???? God keep you guys safe and well!

  10. Teresa

    The ligament(which are the strongest band of ligament in your body) that hold the si joint to the sacrum at the base of your spine are severly torn which has left my pelvis loose. When I move my pelvis move when I walk it hurt, when I sit it hurts, when I stand it hurts. It was diagnosed as a lumbar stain and sprain. they said it was a strain and kept sending me back to work with restriction. The only thing I was not able to do wassweep or mop the floors or lift more than 20 lbs. For 1 year i repeadly got hammered shoving dishes pushing carts and so forth which made me worse. I sprain the ligament in my low back. If you sprain your ankle you get off it, same concept here but they did not diagnose it correctly so therefore, I got worse.

    All conservative treatment had to be done first, insurance says. Prolotherpy has been around for years. Insurance will not pay so I am paying out of pocket because I do not want surgery. this is for soft tissue, liagments and tendons treatment. They inject sugar water, salt water, cod liver oil and so forth. It cause inflamantion which tricks your body into healing mode. It has worked for lot of people and most are pain free. BTW My pelvis is the issue not my hips. If I do decide to have surgery if this does not work..they would have to do what you call and “I fuse” to stablize my pelvis and si joint. I have an issue with the L5 called spondlothesis grade 2 slippage. they way they fix that is to fuse the L5 and S 1 together. I do not believe that is where my pain comes from so they are not touching that for sure. I will not have surgery until I have to. When I lay down the pain goes away. The minute I move the pain is there.

    Husband, LOL the reason i wrote that last night he had a temp of 100.oo and I thought he was dying. I have a great husband. sometime he just needs my attention more than the kids.


    . I am going to ask my pastor why he does not do that. They do pray but it is in church before the whole church. we have prayer after he preaches on wednesday nights. we get in small groups usually women with women , men with men and prayfor missions, salvation, government leaders and healing needs . I do go to a Baptist church so it is different then what I come out of.
    As far a my husband we pray about this but not together. thank you because I will talk to him tonight when he gets home.

    1. stannj51

      Theresa, If I may suggest, and with your husband’s input on this, call your pastor and tell him you’re invoking the command in James 5:14-16 that the sick are to summon the elders of the church to anoint with oil and pray the prayer of faith over you and minister forgiveness if necessary. They can meet with you at church or at your home. They need to respond to a biblical request, especially for the suffering, as you are. Read up on those verses, you and your husband, and see what God shows you. Blessings on you and mercy from God for your ills!

    2. Rev. Kate

      You are still the funniest, wild and wonderful gal, other than Carolyn of course, on this blog. Love talking to you…. God has the whole shebang under His command and control.

      Poor hubby, hope he feels better… xxx K

  11. Teresa

    Kate, stan and others…

    did not want to change the subject of the thread…I really need your prayers concerning this matter. God’s grace is sufficient for me and all is well with my soul..praise the LORD.

  12. Teresa


    , Rolls Royce is his name. He a hyper busy cockapoo not a German shephard, just turned a year old.
    First they inject numbing solution up and down my low back, across the hip and back side and down the right leg because of bursitis. I tried to count the numbing but it hurt to bad, lost count. Then they start injection the solution with at least a six inch needle all over the place. You can google prolotherapy si joint dysfunction and watch them do it. I feel sick watching and I get sick everytime they do it to me..ouchie.
    yes, 65 needle marks, my daughter stop counting, there were more. The first time there were way more than that. Dec 17 the doctor will go to a stronger irritant to promote more healing in that area. , if this does not work this time i am done with these treatment. I should feel 50% better after three treatments. They will do 6 to 7 teatments all together. If it does not work after 3 treatments the doctor will stopthe treatment or I will. I am praying it works for me because it has helped others. I am a tuff cookie but I have a phobia of needles now and this is sooooo painful.

    This has been a thorn in my flesh for 2 years. I just never said anything about it. I asked prayer from Bud Press and that was about it.

    Stan, I will do what you have suggested….Thanks,

    1. Rev. Kate

      Notice: yes, to those who are not familiar with the Teresa, Kate, Carolyn/ Slaughter dynamic going on here…. we are women who love God and each other and want to get the news out to all–the Good News that is, that Jesus is Lord and that He died to set us all free from the law of sin and death …. and we cannot help being us, which is a very good thing.

      Teresa, we trust our God will remove that literal thorn from your flesh and a calm, blessed healing and His peace will be given to you. Amen.

      PS–I have no idea what anyone of you look like either…! K xxx ooo

  13. Rev. Kate

    Carolyn– yep, we have a 5000 watt generator; we bought it last year when Hurricane Irene blew into NY.

    Funny thing you mention hair… I straightened my hair before the electricity went off that Sunday, so, phew, praise God, it was really too close for comfort … not good to have crrrrazy hair if you have to evacuate! I mean, ummm, what if the local news stations and crews put ya on TV, yikes! tragic!

    GO GET A GENERATOR TODAY! Tell hubby why…because your hair will be horrible!

    God bless and always praying for you guys too. xxx K:)

    1. stannj51

      Thanks for the nice words, Kate. I didn’t think I was being ignored, you and Theresa are friends and are schmoozing. That’s what friends do.

  14. Carolyn

    Well, Teresa…the cures are too often worse than the affliction. I had a three needle expiration in my thyroid to test for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis 20 years ago. My doctor had told me it was no big deal. I had a few words with him afterward and I think he still has my thumb prints on his neck. Three needles were three needles too many. They will have to tie me down and smother my screaming if they ever want to puncture me again. I’m a big baby.

    Hey Kate. That’s funny. You had time to straighten your hair before the electricity went off. That gives me hope. And…as thankful as you were, I’m sure the local news stations were more thankful…
    Sadly, for me, a generator is the last thing on the priority list as a necessity. Besides, when we get the big earthquake on the west coast…I’m not sure we’ll still be here to run a generator. I know…negativity is my special gift.

    love you guys!

    1. Rev. Kate

      Amen. The BIG ONE huh? Then cut the darned hair off, pixie style, and all your hair probs will be solved…see, there’s hope… there is hope, I tell ya.

  15. Carolyn

    Oh. Teresa. BTW, LOL. In case you were wondering what I meant by expiration…that was how I felt.The biopsy of my thyroid was actually an aspiration of tissue.

    As for prolotherapy, I have no comment. I only know that God hears every prayer. I found these verses for you today…and I will ask the Lord to speak to you his peace and his strength…and to increase your faith.
    James 1:5. If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.
    Psalm 84:11
    For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.

    1. Teresa

      Thanks for the scriptues.
      we will add you to our schmoozing list. LOL except that is a word that I do not know the meaning to…will look it up. he he!

  16. Carolyn

    Well, Stan, whenever you wanna schmooze with us, we can make it a foursome….just say something silly and you’re in….

    1. Rev. Kate

      TERESA… look the word up, miss! You crack me up.

      Yes, Stan welcome to the club.

      I cannot stop laughing; I have no words for the fun and joy I have always had on this site and I hope Miss Chrystal does not mind that we can become very silly; I know I have said that a dozen times… right…. Chrystal? You don’t mind…. right? :)

      Carolyn, you’re too much. For about a year, we all sort of fell off the earth, of sorts, and then hooray, here we all are again…and still the same– at least we’re predictable and stable. God is sooo good.

      Where’s New Zealand’s finest, Kiwi Dave? Miss ya. K

  17. Rev. Kate

    Teresa– go do what you have to do and you know our God will direct your paths, you know that!

    You guys are tooooo cute, actually full of God!

    Love you all and I will never forget the kindness, empathy and love you ALL have shown.

    Carolyn, you are a woman of love and blessed with wisdom ( you are…so, shhhhh and give God the glory) K

    1. Teresa

      Thank you kate.

      I hope I have not been misunderstood.

      I do not have lack of faith in my LORD Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross not at all.
      I also believe in miracles but that is not where my trust, or my faith.

      My faith, my trust comes from Jesus Christ. I just have a thorn in my flesh right now, that is all.

      No more mention of this and please do not misunderstand….I just need prayer.

      now back to the topic of this blog run. later.

  18. Rev. Kate

    Aspiration, aspiration, NOT expiration… two different words and two different very important and medical definitions….which means,,, no one is expiring, right, chicks? K

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