Steven Furtick Should Just STOP!

I find it frustrating to listen to Steven Furtick.  First of all, his skinny jeans look unhealthy.  Second of all, he is incapable of properly interpreting Scripture.  Thirdly, he really, really, REALLY needs to stop teaching the Bible.  He’s just not good at it!

In this video snippet entitled “What to Tell your Biggest Critic,” Furtick affirms his listeners by saying, “You’re doing better than you think you are.”  Okay, fine… a bit Joel Osteenish, if that’s even a word, but fair enough.  If he had STOPPED  at that, closed his Bible and sat down, it wouldn’t have been quite as bad; but since he NEVER does that, we’ve got a big problem.  Here it is – Furtick goes on to say, “I came to tell somebody that Jesus has been talking about you behind your back and what He says is, ‘You’re doing better than you think you are.'”

Okay, first of all, not to be nit-picky or anything, but, Jesus doesn’t talk behind your back.  What He heard from the Father He declared openly.  Second of all, did Jesus really say that?  I can’t find it in the Bible, can you?  Pull out your concordance and search for it, but I’m bettin’ you won’t find it either.  That’s because it’s not there.  Saying that Jesus made this statement is the same as the “thus saith the Lord” type of revelations given by  the false prophets in the Charismatic movement.  It is extra-biblical revelation and is to be rejected.  It should cause fear in the heart of all mankind to say the Lord said something He did not say.  But, it gets worse… much worse.

Furtick proves how dismally he understands Scripture by making this statement:

“But Jesus wanted the crowd to know, look, ‘John’s (the baptist) the one who got this whole thing started.’ In verse ten He says, ‘This is the one about whom it is written, ‘I’ll send my messenger ahead of you who will prepare Your way before You.’  Jesus says, ‘If it wasn’t for John, I wouldn’t even be here performing these miracles.'”

*blink*  *blink*

Did Jesus say that?  Did He really say, “If it wasn’t for John, I wouldn’t be here performing these miracles?”  Did He REALLY?!?!

No.  What Jesus made clear to the world is that it was God the Father who sent Him, therefore, since Jesus submitted His power to the will of the Heavenly Father, it is safe to say that if it weren’t for GOD Jesus wouldn’t have been performing miracles.

Furtick then goes on to assert that John didn’t believe he was really doing very much, but if it weren’t for him, Jesus couldn’t have come and performed His miracles.  He then twists the context back around to tell the congregation that if they’re feeling like a failure, cheer up…”You’re doing better than you think you are!”  How on earth he got that from the scriptures he sites is beyond me.  Simply bewildering.

Just think, in six short years Furtick has built an empire church with seven campuses and over 10,000 congregants, and THIS is what they’re being fed.

For shame.

16 thoughts on “Steven Furtick Should Just STOP!

  1. annunk

    I stand absolutely amazed at the number of Christian leaders out there who are saying, “well it’s not exactly in the Bible verbatim… but if you read the scripture, you’ll see that that’s what God was saying.”

    I’ve even had a pastor tell me that same identical thing about contemplative prayer. “It’s not in there verbatim,but if you’ll read the Scriptures, that’s what God was actually saying.”

    Hog wash.

    1. Rev's Kate and Rich M.

      Just what is that contemplative prayer jive anyway, Annunk?

      What am I supposed to be contemplating? I thought a selah on God’s word was enough.

      Let me grab my yoga mat and comtemplate the hogwash.

  2. Rev's Kate and Rich M.

    Oh well, back to school… meaning, my favorite blog has a new format.

    I must keep my eyes open and keep learning and keep informed or else I’ll be run over by new stuff. Yikes!:) K

  3. Stauron3n1

    Paul wrote in 1 Cor. 15:33; “Do not be deceived: Bad company corrupts good morals.”

    The question it would seem then is; who is corrupting whom?

    Grover Cleveland once wrote; “A man is known by the company he keeps and also by the company from which he is kept out.”

    The fact that Furtick has been welcomed into the pulpits at both Harvest Bible Chapel and Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church suggests strongly that Pastor MacDonald no longer cares to exercise discernment in these matters, but instead may now be seeking the “biggest tent” or perhaps the “widest road” for his ministry. A big tent will accommondate the largest possible number of docrinal “camels” and the wide road… well we all know where that one leads, don’t we?

  4. Doug

    Hello Chrystal-the site looks great with the new design…but the best part is still the articles and the conversation. May god continue to Bless you and all who come here to share!

  5. richrock

    Many here on the UK fortunately would never have heard of Furtick, so for that I should be thankful.
    One thing I did want to comment in response to annunk on was the whole ‘its not explicitly in scripture but…’ – we had the pleasure of having one of the major figures in AOG come speak to us. And he spoke about positive confession, our words create, have power, etc. But it was interesting that when he started saying this, he had the audacity to say “I can’t point you to a specific verse that says this…”. If you want the audio, I’ve got it.
    We wonder why things are going downhill. Firstly, it was spoken in scripture, and secondly, people are seeking for themselves, even under the guise of loving others. Plenty of ears are being tickled, sadly not many are being burned by truth.

  6. Riles

    He might as well have added, “And gosh darn it, people like you”. Thank you Stuart Furtick, or is it Steven Smalley?

  7. catluvgal

    Saw 5 minutes of Furtick on Youtube. My immediate observations: 1. This guy loves to hear himself talk, 2. He hates the church, 3. He’s a false teacher. Didn’t take long.

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