Bishop T.D. Jakes and Deepak Chopra on Living from the Core

If Oprah Winfrey has no problem with T.D. Jakes’ religion, that should send a HUGE warning flag up.  I’m wondering if James MacDonald is starting to feel the burn from endorsing Jakes yet?  The more Jakes grows, the more his apostate state stands out with striking clarity.

Check it out…

Emmy Award-winning series “Bishop T.D. Jakes and Deepak Chopra: Living From the Core” will simulcast on-air and online on OWN, and July 1 at 11am ET/PT

What channel is OWN TV on? Find it here:

Lifeclass all-star teachers Bishop T.D. Jakes and Deepak Chopra bring their spiritual insight to the stage in two exclusive talks designed to help you reach your greatest potential. First up, one of the country’s most dynamic spiritual leaders, Bishop T.D. Jakes, takes us on an electrifying journey of self-realization to show us how to maximize our lives by changing the way we think. Then, one of the greatest thought leaders of our time, Deepak Chopra, explains why he believes there is a spiritual solution to every problem in the world. He’ll walk us through the steps of becoming fully aware of our own power and energy, in order to find solutions to obstacles that hold us back.  (Online Source.)

Hmmm… let’s see… self realization… that’s a fancy way of saying unrepentant sinner.  You can self realize all day long, and even if you think you’ve gotten to the core of your inner goodness, it’s still only filthy rags.  That’s it!  That’s as good as it gets, and that’s as good as it’s EVER going to get.  Without the righteousness of Jesus Christ, no one can stand in the day of judgment.

Welcome to the dark days of apostate Christianity.  Ugly, isn’t it?

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17 thoughts on “Bishop T.D. Jakes and Deepak Chopra on Living from the Core

  1. Javanut

    First up, one of the country’s most dynamic spiritual leaders, Bishop T.D. Jakes, takes us on an electrifying journey of self-realization to show us how to maximize our lives by changing the way we think.

    Notice there is nothing in that introduction that mentions being a minister of the gospel?

    1. TPR

      Exactly! That’s because he’s a “LIFECLASS” coach — the other red-flag-word in the ad. Sell-outs, all these carnal “Christians” & “life gurus.”

      As for that SELF-Realization (aka Self-Glorification) garbage, back in the 1980s-1990s, my younger sister (fully grown 30s-40s at the time) got hooked up with a “Self-Realization School” up in Illinois. The guy running that deception wooed by sister to be his main woman & they lived together many years. She worked; he sat around writing garbage booklets mixing pyramidology, Eastern & Egyptian mysticism, & Scripture, etc. He had my sis & the other women convinced they should all share the same bed! (she agreed!) He had his “school” convinced he could remove evil from people & after having done so (supposedly) he would be sick for days afterward (repeat process a zillion times over the years). He had my sis convinced if he ever died he would rise again in 3 days. Well, guess what, he eventually did die in his 40’s & my sis would not let him be buried after the funeral service at some funeral home & she would not leave his body for 3 days thereafter fully expecting him to come out of the casket!! (small town so I guess they allowed her to wait it out on their premises). Talk about deception! Turns out he died from alcohol poisoning. Me thinks his periods of “removing evil from people” with days afterward of being sick were sneaky alcohol binges (sis was not allowed to disturb him when he was “recovering” after “expelling evil”)! Anyway, it took her a LONG time to get over that “no resurrection” of her “Self-Realization School” guru/boyfriend disaster!

      To this day she mixes in her mind New Age w/Jesus because of that & she won’t let herself be discipled in THE WORD. Now she calls herself a Catholic simply because we had been raised in the RCC! Yet she doesn’t have a clue re all the RCC errors either. Such a mess out there in the world. People just won’t listen to REASON (from Scripture). Sigh. :-/

    2. Jesus Wins

      Yup! I did, Javanut. The true, undiluted gospel is foolishness to those who think they are smarter than God. Sheesh!

  2. Bud Press

    As false teachers of the past continue to influence the gullible and unwary, modern-day false teachers around the world are jockeying for popularity and power. The competition for money and followers is fierce.

    All false teachers pave the road for the Antichrist–one shovel-load at a time. In the end, those who are most influential will bow at the feet of the Antichrist, and carry his words of death to the far corners of the Earth.

    But those who remain steadfast in Jesus Christ will be with Him forever and ever, and watch Him put an end to all the false teachers–both past and present.

    Come quickly, Lord Jesus…

    1. gracealone1

      So if this thing with the Bishop himself did not occur, Deepack and all his garbage would still be acceptable in your sight? Say what?

  3. DD Lady

    to lead the sheep from the slaughter. . .it seems like this website does a lot of slaughtering as well. The best and most effective method of exposing false prophets is through prayer and binding the enemy that is behind them. All this forum is doing is continuing to confuse the lost, who usually turn towards the loudest voice, but prayer for clarity will drown out those voice so they can clearly hear from the Lord.

  4. Lynne

    @ TPR, thank you for the warning & sharing your sis story. That’s so sad…I’m truly sorry to hear that. It’s never to late for prayer while the person is still alive I believe. May God bless!

  5. Bud Press

    Hi DD Lady:

    I agree that this blog does a lot of slaughtering–slaughtering false teachings, that is. And because of that, those who were once slaughtered by false teachers have been rescued and made whole by the real Jesus Christ and the truth of His word.

    You stated that “The best and most effective method of exposing false prophets is through prayer and binding the enemy that is behind them.”

    Correction: Jesus and His apostles confronted and rebuked false prophets and false teachers publicly and face-to-face, then shared the truth to those who would listen. Christians are commanded to do the same (Ephesians 5:11; Jude 3).

    Further, Christians have not been given the ability or authority to bind Satan and his demons. This also pertains to heavenly angels. Jude 1:9 informs us: “But Michael the archangel, when he disputed with the devil and argued about the body of Moses, did not dare pronounce against him a railing judgment, but said, ‘The Lord rebuke you!'”

    If Christians could bind Satan he would have been gagged, blindfolded, and tied to a tree a long time ago. Only God has the ability to bind Satan. Here is an article that will help you understand what “binding and loosing” is:

    Finally, this forum (and others like it) helps unconfuse those who have been confused by false teachers. And, it’s working, because many who post comments here were once confused and lost, but now are free in Christ.

    Now, DD Lady, which “voice” will you turn to? Your own voice of confusion, or the voice of truth from God’s written word?

    In Christian love,
    Bud Press

  6. stephen foreman

    There Is No Mystical Side To The Salvation Of The Lord God Jesus The Christ At All,And To Say That There Is A Mystical To The Salvation Of The Lord God Jesus The Christ Is Blaspheming Against The Lord God Jesus The Christ !!!!!!!

  7. Creesha Jones

    I have never in my life seen so much New Age teaching!! Everywhere I turn, those that would call themselves Christians are turning to teachings and doctrines that is simply unbelievable! God’s word is so clear, so simple, and so true. My heart continues to be grieved at such things!

    Creesha Jones

  8. Bud Press

    Rick Frueh:

    Your stating that “I’m surprised that Deepack would compromise like this” cracked me up. But you made a good point in your sarcasm.

    Like all hardcore New Agers, Deepak Chopra is like a dried-up feather floating in the breeze. He floats around here-and-there and lands with “I’m okay and you’re okay” on his lips. He will accept virtually anyone and their belief system, as long as they behave and refrain from “attacking” his false beliefs.

    Chopra’s outright denial of Jesus Christ and blasphemy of God is recorded in his articles and books. Yet, it appears that T.D. Jakes isn’t phased by it one bit. Therefore, when Chopra and Jakes came together–under Oprah Winfrey’s New Age umbrella–it opened another door for the New Age to “harmonize” with Christianity.

    But, one question that Christians need to ponder is this: Is T.D. Jakes a Christian?

    Bud Press

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