Creflo Dollar Arrested for Choking Daughter

Let me introduce you to Fayette County, Georgia inmate number 23910 – better known as Creflo Dollar.  Here is the mugshot from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

Creflo Dollar was arrested Friday, June 8, 2012, after allegedly choking his 15-year-old daughter, throwing her to the ground, punching her, and then hitting her with his shoe.  The altercation allegedly took place after Dollar and his daughter got into an argument when he refused to let her go to a party.  Shortly thereafter, Dollar’s minor daughter called police, which resulted in his arrest.  Dollar claims he merely gave her a spanking after she became disrespectful.  Dollar posted $5,000 bond and is now out of jail.

If these charges prove to be true, Mr. Dollar seems to have a bit of a temper.

You think parenting classes are in his future?

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26 thoughts on “Creflo Dollar Arrested for Choking Daughter

  1. Craig

    We’ll see what comes of this. We may not find out the real truth. But, no matter how it went down, it’s not appropriate to spank your 15 year old — daughter or son.

    I wonder what Taffi thinks?

    I’m curious though, given that in Word of Faith theology (more properly, Positive Confession) words either bring blessings or curses, how does that work with spankings?

    1. Chrystal Whitt Post author

      I’m wondering how Dollar would define a spanking. If these allegations are true, choking, punching, and hitting with your shoe doesn’t exactly constitue a spanking. It’s more like being beat up.

  2. Craig

    It’s clear that Creflo and his daughter aren’t both speaking the truth. However, if there are any bruises, I’d say the evidence of such would tip the scales of truth into the daughter’s favor. And, that would, of course, indicate more than a ‘mere’ “spanking.”

  3. JP

    This is what happens when you spoil your children rotten. If he beat her then he should be shame. A spanking would be with a hand or maybe a belt on the buttocks. But only they know tyne real story. So much drama comes out of the Bible belt of Georgia. Earl Paulk with his secret affairs,Junita Bynum and her brawl with ex- Husband, Bishop Eddie Long with his boy toys, now Creflo with this. What is really going on in the south?

  4. Robert Burke

    In 2005, I attended a meeting in Fort Worth, Texas where I heard Creflo Dollar say from his podium that he wanted to be the first televangelist billionaire. And I wrote this three years later regarding his kind of rape-the-sheep’s-mind-and-money leadership…

    The Brothers of Rebellion
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Book #3 of In That Day Teachings

    The Brothers of Rebellion…
    Don’t know what they choose,
    Don’t know what they lose,
    Don’t know what they’ve tossed.

    The Brothers of Rebellion…
    Don’t know what mistakes have cost,
    How many multitudes have been lost,
    By insisting on always being the boss.

    The Brothers of Rebellion…
    Cannot comprehend their own loss,
    That keeping their selfish pride does,
    They know not what spirits they are of.

    The Brothers of Rebellion…
    Don’t know they have turned off love,
    How they’ve thwarted angels above,
    By bragging they own manifest destiny.

    The Brothers of Rebellion…
    Think close to God they be,
    Broadcasting selves worldly,
    Must let their personas fade.

    The Brothers of Rebellion…
    Can turn and stop their ungodly charade,
    The strange teachings their minds made,
    And bury it all in a wicked, foul grave.

    The Brothers of Rebellion…
    Their world they still can save,
    If they would be once brave,
    And say they have been bent.

    The Brothers of Rebellion…
    Must weep and cry and fully repent,
    For wrongs words and doctrines sent,
    But pride is impossible, so they can’t.

    The Brothers of Rebellion…
    Love mammon first without recant,
    Should be taxed, but say they shan’t,
    And dodge all but tomorrow’s sorrow.

  5. Matthew Skellett

    ummmm this is of course no surprise to any ex-christian , because we ALL KNOW that the circles that Mr Dollar moves in are all about APPEARANCE, IMAGE -i.e there is NO SUBSTANCE OR EVIDENCE OF ANYTHING THAT EVEN LOOKS LIKE GOOD CHARACHTER

  6. padresfeliz

    We shouldn’t throw stones… But for those giving their monies ‘as unto the Lord’, they might consider really re-thinking that one….

  7. Bud Press

    Hi JP:

    Having researched domestic abuse and child abuse, both are a national epidemic, which effects both Christian and non-Christian, wealthy and poor. Believe it or not, domestic and child abuse is found within churches–from laymen to pastors.

    There is no excuse for abuse, whether physical or mental. Men who abuse women and children are sub-human cowards who bully, intimidate, and cause physical and emotional pain to the innocent.

    Lock them up and throw away the key!

    Bud Press

  8. Robert Burke

    Guile Says
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Book #3 of In That Day Teachings

    Guile says,
    You can live like a king,
    You can have everything.

    Guile says,
    If you want a setup nice,
    Buy and learn from my advice.

    Guile says,
    Then others will pay you in turn,
    Advice you bought from me to learn.

    Guile says,
    A bigger fool is always quite near,
    Who’ll pay for whispers in his ear.

    Guile says,
    Great advantage will always be yours,
    If you heed what my wisdom infers.

    Guile says,
    You will always be top dog of the ravening pack,
    If true disciplined love of God and man you lack.

    Guile says,
    And if you lack basic logic that all can’t at once be king,
    You will buy my wicked, take-every-evil-advantage scheme.

    Guile says,
    So, discover my popular ways to sell your soul,
    And then slickly beguile others to believe you’re whole.

    Guile says,
    Thus, you can get the gullible poor to make you gazillions rich,
    By having them believe God will multiply cash sent you by tricks.

    BUYMYBOOK says,
    “Help My Flesh Needs Discipline” BEAT DAUGHTER!
    “The Successful Family” BEAT DAUGHTER!
    “Lord, Teach me how to Love” BEAT DAUGHTER!
    “Not Guilty” BEAT DAUGHTER!
    By Creflo Dollar – Amazon books

  9. Jesus Wins

    Hmm. What can I say? If he could ‘jokingly’ tell his congregation the He’d love to machine gun non tithers, What do ya expect? Anyway… As we say here in Nigeria, God’s eyes sees everything.

  10. JP

    Bud press you are correct I witnessed a pastor
    Best a child with a newspaper that was rolled up like a baseball ball. This pastor beat this little girl all over her head. I saw this with my own eyes. I partook because I was asked to roll the newspaper. I was young and brainwashed and wanted to obey my leader. I dare not question the pastors decisions. This was over 20 years ago. Today I would whupp the pastor. LOL!!

  11. Eli

    I’m going to reserve judgement till we know all we can. No, I’m not taking up for Dollar, I mean, even withOUT this, he’s a skank. but I also raised two sons (one is still a teen ager) and one of them was…ahem…like raising a wild jackass. If i didn’t get a phone call from the school, it was a good day. And this kid was raised in a Christian home, under Christian values. He lied so much, I could never believe a word he said, coming home with red eyes (we all know what that means) and smelling like booze, sneaking out at night, running away and on and on. Both my kids were rarely spanked, but when the oldest used some language that would make a sailor blush while speaking to the person who gave birth to him (namely me), yes, I admit, I slapped him. Most (not all) kids today are totally out of control. The sewage on TV and the anti-parent/anti-God garbage that is coming out of Hollywood keep them sexed up and foul mouthed. And they’re growing up to be people with no moral foundation with grandiose ideas about self-entitlement and thinking the world OWES them something. apparently the ONLY thing that isn’t cool anymore is to smoke cigarretts. but hey! booze is fine. Granted yes, sounds like Dollar went to far with his “spanking”. But it sounds like daughter wanted to go to a party, dad said no, daughter got disrespectful, and things went down hill from there. So before I pull out the hangman’s noose on this one, I’ll wait for more info, and meanwhile I’ll try not to confuse this with the sheep-fleecing circus he calls a ministry. sorry, I got on a soap box, but i know first hand what it is to try and manage a VERY difficult kid.

    1. Chrystal Whitt Post author


      I don’t blame you for slapping him. I’ve had my mouth smacked more than once (some of us don’t learn with just one slap). I’m all the better for it.

      I was a hard-headed girl.

    2. Eli

      LOL @ Chrystal, Yes I got a smack on the cheek from my mother once too. but i learned. I remember telling my oldest once, “If I ever spoke to one of my parents with that kind of language and disrespect, I’d have gotten the taste slapped out of my mouth”. Just my opinion, but i thought it was a sad day, when our schools were no longer allowed to dicipline the kids, because most of them sure aren’t getting the proper “home training”, many of them living in single parent homes. A sign of the times i think.

    3. Donald


      Yours is the most open minded comment here. Most people commenting here seem to me to either not have a ‘growing’ child, or are commenting with a rooted bias against Dollar. While I won’t hold brief for him considering his weird acts, I would say that even those who preach the truth are having to battle with rebellion in their growing kids. It is easy for anyone who doesn’t have a child, or ho is having underage kids to comment freely. Let them wait until their children begin to show the signs of independence. I will also advocate that some of you here reserve your comments until you have fifteen year old kids. The guy here who said it happened because Creflo Dollar spoiled his daughter rotten doesn’t know the fact. Wait a few years…

  12. Robert Burke

    Creflo’s Daughter recorded on 911 Tape…

    “I just got into an altercation with my father. He punched me and [garbled] me and choked me and This is not the first time it has happened. I feel threatened by being in this house. I don’t know what can be done. But I’m scared…”

    “And he went off. He put his arm around my neck, choked me, and bent me over the [kitchen] table. And I pushed him off of me. He threw me on the ground. And punched me in my face. And this is going on for about a good two, three minutes.

    “And my mom came in the room [kitchen] and he stopped. And then my mom axed [sic] him what happened and he said I hit him first. Which is a lie.

    911 DISPATCH – “Okay, how old are you?”

    “I’m fifteen.”

    911 DISPATCH – “And what‘s your father’s name?”

    “Creflo Dollar.”

    911 DISPATCH – “… Try not to argue with him until they [authorities] get there.”


    Note from In That Day Teachings: Televangelists like this creep are famous for imploding with egregious acts of sin. Why do they do this?

    Answer: Their actions are driven by doctrines they live. Televangelists teach prosperity’s give-to-get and rapture’s fear promulgation.. and that tithing’s enslavement (i.e. mega-rich pastor) proves their doxie is godly.

    Televangelists will not be corrected by In That Day Teachings, no matter whom they hurt… including daughters.

  13. Eli

    Thank you Donald, I appreciate that. I knew some parents once a long time ago who had a child who constantly held them “hostage”. Any time they threatend dicipline, she would tell them “I’ll call the cops on you!” Once, when my oldest ran away to the local “safe place”, it took the police to find out where he was. The lady who was in charge there was not only very rude to the policeman at our house taking the report, but spoke to my husband and me as if we were evil child abusers. There’s no telling what my kid told them. She refused to tell us anything about him, only that he was “ok”. The next morning when we got to the juvinile officers office, she brings my kid over. I’ll never ever forget the look she gave my husband and me. She looked at us as if we were satan himself. She judged us based solely on what my irresponsible kid told her. She had no idea the love, guidance, encouragement, and Christian values we had showered this kid with. I rememberd all that when I read through the comments and realized it was the same thing. Creflo Dollar is a skanky false teacher. But I find it very very hard to believe that his daughter did not have a hand in it. And even though he is a skank, he should not be automatically judged across the board on this issue simply because he’s a religious fraud. the two events are seperate and should be judged seperate. That’s why I say I’ll reserve my judgement until I know more facts.

  14. Logan

    All of you need to *expletive deleted by admin*. Have any of you ever been to the church no? Me yes. Have any of you met Creflo? No. Me yes. So geuss what all you hating unchristian *expletive deleted by admin* this story was a lie. If you had even gone to the church the Sunday afterwards you would know that he explained every single thing that happened in full detail though there wasn’t much detail to say. And guess what- he got a standing ovation from every single person in the *expletive deleted by admin* church. So while all you sit at home eating twinkies and cookies having nothing to do but hang on to the internet- he has passed this situation and I quote him- “alls well in the dollar household”

    1. Chrystal Whitt Post author

      Special Note: I left Logan’s post as an example of how NOT to post on this site. It hardly seems sensible to defend a “Christian” pastor with this type of language. Doesn’t really make for a good defense.

      Logan has been banned.

  15. Shonda

    Very judgmental, aren’t we? With “Christians” like you, who needs Satan??? Shouldn’t we be praying for people instead of judging and criticizing? You have no idea what EXACTLY happened. Were you there? I’m sure you weren’t. Praying for you. Sincerely!

  16. Ray

    I’m with you Mr.Dollar, I still believe you are a man of integratiy. I still believe you have fresh manna from on high. I ALSO believe in wipping that but if your teenager gets out of line. Its better you then the system. God Bless you!

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