Patricia King: Special Visitations for Women

Oh, my word.  Where do I start?

I wish Patricia King would study the Word of God and actually read it literally.  Truly I do.

In this video, Patricia King announces her new revelation – God is going to be paying special visits to women, and when He does, there will be the impregnation of vision and the fulfillment of vision in women’s lives.

Impregnation.  Every time I hear that word in relation to charismatic visions and revelation, I get that much more tired of it.

What King says in the following video is that she had a vision of women sitting and worshipping at the feet of God, and as they worshipped, they became impregnated with vision – then, within months, she claims, there will be a fulfillment of that which is shown.  She then urges her listeners to be prepared, because they are going to have a visitation from God.

It’s at this moment that I pause the video and think… Emmanuel – God with us.  We had a visitation from God 2,000 years ago, yet they (Patricia King and others) are still rejecting Him in exchange for signs and wonders, which only a spiritually adulterous generation seeks after.

It always comes back to that, doesn’t it?

One thought on “Patricia King: Special Visitations for Women

  1. Kiwi Dave

    Chrsytal! What happenned? I thought you disabled the posting of comments. Now it’s going to take ages to catch up on everything! Particia King is just trying to cash in on the Feminist and Lesbian dollar – that’s it. Mind you we all know that Feminists and Lesbians are man-hating antichrists! She’s a phoney spouting nothing but lies. BTW, on a side note TB is still planning to visit Aussie in June.

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