Todd Bentley’s Australian Non-Adventure

Todd Bentley isn’t having an adventure in Australia because he can’t get there!

Bentley’s Australian Tour has had to be postponed because he was denied entry into the country last week.

Here’s a snapshot and a statement from Bentley’s Fresh Fire USA website:

A trusted source wrote to the Australian Department of Immigration (ADI) to ascertain the reason why Bentley was refused entrance.  The ADI responded that matters of this nature are private, and they will not be making a public statement.

What I’m wondering is if Bentley is being denied access because he’s a Charismatic preacher.  Benny Hinn faced this problem in 2009 when he was denied access into Britain for a time.  More and more governments around the globe are starting to ban charismatic preachers because of their habit of bilking people out of their money.  These governments can see what gullible charismatic followers can not… that these men are hucksters and scam artists, and foreign governments want to protect their citizens from them.

It’s sad when the world has more discernment than many in the modern church.

3 thoughts on “Todd Bentley’s Australian Non-Adventure

  1. Kiwi Dave

    Check this out – he doesn’t give up easily:
    Urgent Update from Todd Bentley By Todd Bentley

    “Urgent Update from Todd Bentley

    Friends and Ministry Partners,

    This is a quick update and thank you letter for those who continue to faithfully pray for and support our vision and ministry. As most of you know, at this time our recent tour to Australia has been Postponed due to a visa application process. We have a great and continued opportunity in Australia. We are thankful for all the cooperating churches and leaders in Australia who are praying for our ministry. We hope to return to Australia as planned this June. We do anticipate a mighty outpouring!

    God is amazing in his direction as one door closes another opens. We are looking forward to our upcoming time in California, Feb 5-12. This will be another great opportunity for the revival in California. We will be in both Antioch and Stockton, CA. As planned we will be in Haiti with our missions team 2012 Feb 20-27. This will be a great Soul Winning open air crusade, pastors training and ministry outreach time. Thousands will be touched and saved during this crusade. There will be street ministry and children’s outreach. i will be sending a report and pictures after this time.

    Our last minute delay in our planned tour to Australia was a huge disappointment of course. It was also a huge financial set back for our ministry. Our immediate expenses just in Airfare and travel was over 10,000. We also lost out on the opportunity to fundraise for our Haiti mission and and Ministry. God immediately came through with a huge financial miracle and we are grateful to the Lord for his faithfulness. However we still are in need of some continued support for our Haiti Mission and ministry. The need is still $ 20,000.”

    1. Rev's Kate and Rich M.

      Hi Kiwi–praise God I can still get the scoop from my beloved NZ buddy!

      Well, if as you said, Mr TB will never get into Auatralia due to some serious legal junk, that’s good–then he and his misguided, misfit bunch of phony baloney, blabber mouthed bible fakes won’t be able to tarnish a beautiful country and its wonderful people. Hooray!

      Happily, the dough he needs for his ministry (finger down my throat) doesn’t seem to be happening. Anyone reading this, donate you hard earned money to a reputable mission service and keep your eyes open… the wolves are everywhere… snarl. K

  2. Tom Prune

    Mankind throughout the centuries have always found easier to exhibit flashy behavours than to be obedient behind closed doors. Todd Bentley is no different. He has been a fake from the beginning.

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