Chris Rosebrough and Erin Benziger Threatened with Arrest

Today, Chris Rosebrough, of Letter of Marque and Pirate Christian Radio’s Fighting for the Faith, and Erin Benziger, of Do Not Be Surprised blog, were turned away from the Elephant Room 2 (even though they were registered to attend) and threatened with arrest if they did not leave.  I guess threatening to toss you into jail is an acceptable way to deal with your critics?

As Ken Silva says, stay tuned.  This isn’t over.

Update:  Hear Chris Rosebrough being interviewed on Issues, etc. shortly after being forced to leave the Elephant Room 2 conference.

Below are posts from Rosebrough and Benziger, as well as two other blogs I know and trust: Apprising Ministries, and Sola-Sisters.  They have more on these breaking developments:

Letter of Marque:

Today, I traveled to Rowling Meadows, Illinois to attend James MacDonald‘s Elephant Room 2 conversations.  Upon entering the event venue I was met by a security guard and Jim Rowan, an elder at Harvest Bible Chapel and was promptly told that my entrance to the Elephant Room had been revoked and that I had to immediately leave the premises or I would be arrested for trespassing.

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Do Not Be Surprised:

About 45 minutes ago, a friend and I walked through the doors of Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, IL. Why? To attend The Elephant Room 2, of course! Upon approaching the registration desk, the volunteers noticed that they could not find my name tag. I was ushered to the side, where I was confronted by Harvest Bible Chapel elder Jim Rowan and told that my registration had been revoked and refunded and that I was to leave the premises immediately.

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Sola Sisters:

In an ongoing effort to gather information, talk show host Chris Rosebrough and writer Erin Benziger (as mentioned above) both purchased tickets to Elephant Room II and traveled to the event, which began today. Upon entering the event, however, both were approached by security and told that their registration at the Elephant Room II conference has been revoked. Both Rosebrough and Benziger were told to leave the premises of Harvest Bible Chapel under threat of arrest. Yes, you might want to read that again, and no, it’s no joke.

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Apprising Ministries:

So, you can imagine my surprise when Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio called to tell me that he and Erin Benziger, a special correspondent of Apprising Ministries were not going to be allowed into ER2.

As they went into the Harvest Bible Chapel Rolling Meadows Campus, which serves as the main campus of this church where James MacDonald serves as Prophet-Führer, they were pulled aside by security and told their registration had been revoked.

Then they were told they must leave the property “immediately.” I was actually on the phone with Chris as he told Jim Rowan, an elder at HBC, that he was a member of the media and that HBC was making a mistake by not allowing him in.

Rosebrough told Rowan that he was going to have to let the wider church know how he and Benziger, as a Christian brother and sister, had been treated by their fellow Christians. I myself heard Rowan say, “Thank you for the threat.”

Obviously, that isn’t a threat so Rosebrough told Rowan it was merely a promise because of this non-Christian conduct. I was still on the phone and I personally heard Rowan tell Rosebrough they:

had called the police and if you don’t leave, I will have you arrested.

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