Todd Bentley Punches Cancer Patient

If what Todd Bentley says in this video is true, I agree with my friend, Bud Press, when he says:

“If Todd Bentley is telling the truth, the demons that are influencing him will get the last laugh when someone is seriously injured or dies.”  (Bud Press)

(Disclaimer:  I do not in any way endorse “Right Wing Watch.”  I merely post this video here for educational purposes.)

31 thoughts on “Todd Bentley Punches Cancer Patient

  1. David

    This is just my observation-forget for a moment his terrible theology—how can anyone look at someone who has chosen to so grotesquely disfigure his body?
    What in the world are people thinking?

  2. Frances marie

    Wow! God didnot tell him about the sternum////and God healed him….totally?

    God could have done that without the physical punch ya know….what is going on with these guys…?

    Stay in the Word and pray………He is coming for His church soon and very soon that is what I believe…signs about us and these are some of them.

  3. Harry

    Why don’t you let the guy who were healed testify, or the one of the 30 plus who were raised from the dead during the Florida “outpouring”?

  4. Kiwi Dave

    Now that’s an really interesting insight into just how deceived Todd Bentley is! At 0:28 in that video Todd Bentley makes the following statement:

    “…The lord spoke to me…I know it was the lord – it’s Gotta be the lord…you can only do this if you’re with the lord..”

    Todd Bentley is so deceived that even common sense eludes him! Some voice inside his head says “go punch that man” and without any question he gives in to that voice and rationalizes to himself “…The lord spoke to me…I know it was the lord – it’s Gotta be the lord…”

    Rick Joyner then interrupts, looking at the camera and adds:

    “don’t try this at home…unless it’s the lord…”

    Of course, the “lord” of Todd Bentley tells him to punch the man in the sternum, yet real Lord, Jesus, said this:

    “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Matthew 10:16 KJV

    The statement at the end of that short video takes the cake though after TB explains how the man was healed from being punched:

    “..he got healed, it didn’t hurt him…”

    That is sheer lunacy! As Bud Press said, it will only be a matter of time before someone is seriosuly injured or killed by this lunatic Todd Bentley. You can’t even call him a false prophet because everything he says is just plain madness. It will be intersting to see what happens to him when, not if, he finally gets sued for and charged with criminal assault, which is exactly what he is confessing to in this video!

  5. Grant

    ” And that’s the way it is, Friday, December 30, 2011, from Prophetic Perspectives, your news behind the news, for Todd Bentley, I’m Rick Joyner, goodnight and may your portals be many”

  6. Ray

    ” I punched him in the sternum and he fell to the ground”

    Well, who would have thought such a thing would happen, hey. If there’s one thing that Bentley excels at , and that is story telling. The man is a bully , both spiritually and physically, and I for one cannot believe that others have gone along with , and promoted this charade for so long . There is no doubt that this human wrecking ball is a constant indictement on the likes of Johnson , Wagner and Joyner, and really , they all deserve each others miserable company.

  7. wateenzooitje

    Well, if Todd Bentley is that great man of god, maybe he should try to do such a stint with Brock Lesnar. Mr. Lesnar was a professional UFC mixed martial arts fighter but he was forced to end his career because of a colon disease. Maybe Mr. Bentley can punch Lesnar in his stomach unless the god he is following tells him that it may not be wise to do that. I wonder who will get the ‘healing/beating’?

  8. Sean

    Interesting comments from the Youtube site:

    A real word of the Lord?
    “God is telling me to punch both these men in their faces” from INTERNETFARER
    I’m skeptical about this, but at this point INTERNETFARER has much more credibility than either Bentley or Joyner.

    Note how the Lord works in mysterious ways:
    “Tragically, the same punch that healed the man also caused him to lose his name, address, and all other details that would verify this story.” from sonoki82

  9. Sean

    I can’t believe that Bentley and Joyner are crazy. This is a schtick for them and they’ve both been very successful at making money at it. However, I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of such false teachers at the time of judgement.

    The real crazy ones are the idiots that stubbornly continue to support and defend these clowns.

  10. Sean

    Nothing really new here. Desperation to drum up interest by digging into the old bag of tricks. Looking for some shock value.

    Some previous Bentley testimonials:

    – And I’m thinking, God, why is not the power of God moving? He said, “Because you haven’t kicked that woman in the face.”
    – And the Holy Spirit spoke to me–the gift of faith came on me–He said, “Kick her in the face with your biker-boot.”
    – And just as my boot made contact with her nose, she fell under the power of God.
    – He (God) said, “That’s because I want you to grab that lady’s crippled legs and bang them up-and-down on the platform like a baseball bat.”
    – And I saw him and the gift of faith came on me and I said “What do I do, God” and God told me to just run him down. So I jumped up in the air and I went BAM and I hit him to the ground, jumped on to him and got into a full mount. Ground and pound. I jumped on him and I was in a full mount and something came over me and instead of punching him I grabbed him by the neck and started choking him and I said “Come out of him, devil! Come out of him, devil!”
    – And I was at another meeting one time and I called out this Chinese gentleman and all of a sudden I went running down the aisle and I hit this guy so hard it drove him back several feet. He hit the ground and his tooth popped right out of his mouth.
    – The pastor was lying on the floor and I was standing up on the platform and I said “God, I want revival” and He said these words to me: “Leg drop the pastor!” I said “What?” He said “Leg drop the pastor!”

    These would be funny if it were not for the people who are victimized by these charlatans. Even more tragic is that this is heavy ammunition for atheists to comically dump all over the christian faith. However, the behavior of these guys is NOT in accordance with Christianity. Because they willfully disobey God’s Holy Word so blatantly, these guys can’t be Christians.

    The really sad thing is that people continue to buy into this craziness and they get burned again and again.

    1. Carolyn L

      When you put it altogether, it sounds even more insane. I used to read Smith Wigglesworth. Thought he was the best. He did some things like this as well…punching people and saying it was God. What vanity, what nonsense. I think it is the illusion of something happening that draws charismatics in. And then like a gambling addiction, one is hooked on the euphoria, the adrenaline rush they get from one more story of action packed fantasy. How strange when I look back…but then all kinds of supposedly smart people feed on the vanity and insanity of Harry Potter…how sick is that?

  11. Ruitje

    Jesus never punched a sick man in his stomach. Todd Bentley is not a christian and is not following the Jesus Christ of the Bible.

    Bentley is only boasting about himself. He is one of the wolves Paul speaks of in Acts 20:29,30.
    “For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.”
    Bentley is drawing disciples away after himself…

  12. Ray

    Far be from me to be cynical, but I can’t help wonder how Bentley claims to be able to hear from the Lord so clearly when it comes t things like , ” leg drop the pastor” or ” kick the old lady with your biker boot” or “punch him in the chest” , and yet , there seems to be a hearing deficiency when it comes to things like , I hate divorce.

  13. MargieInOz

    There was some good come out because of this maniac being promoted nightly by smart Alecs on GodTV – it finally woke me up as to the delusion I was under and that with a sick shock! And 30 plus resurrections, even his own staff called him a pathological liar, they’re all as guilty as each other and gladly took the money he raised telling people god told him 1000 people would give $1000. When challenged he said he made it up as they needed the funds. This fraud should be in jail! It seems only the Holy Spirit can wake us up and bring us out for which I am forever thankful.

    1. Carolyn L

      I agree. It’s all about truth Margie. Our God is a God of truth…and these guys are liars and deceivers. No exceptions….

  14. Ruitje

    Bentley once said: “Thank God I have the gift of faith. So if God doesn’t move, I move God”.

    That shows that Bentley is an arrogant proud man. What he believes is Word of Faith heresy.

  15. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Don’t try this at home? What does that mean? Rick Joyner whimsically goes along with the madness. It’s outright assault and battery, worthy of charges!

    You know what disturbs me? Todd Bently’s violent past is being uesd in God’s name with more violence, which is then passed along as a miraculous move of God. They are deluded.

    I think Bud Press’ answer defines the inevitable outcome that someone will get seriously hurt or die. K

    1. MargieInOz

      I has someone, whom I had greatly respected in the faith, defend TB say “Jesus did that” – what? when and where? answer: when Jesus put clay in the blind man’s eyes. So you can see how deluded his followers are and the ridiculous arguments used to believe the lies, because they want to!

  16. Kiwi Dave

    Never, ever forget that this is the same Todd Bentley that did time for the sexual assault of a child. That speaks for itself and scriptures say this about Todd Bentley:

    “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9 KJV

    Have aread of this article here which also uses the same warning form that UK Minister regarding the “Tatooed Preacher”:

    There’s also this quote form another blog about Todd Bentley’s second marriage, and the opening lines of this blog say eveything:

    Todd Bentley, the criminally convicted homosexual pedophile turned drunken heretic and adulterer who kicked old ladies in the face and stomach on YouTube at the failed Lakeland, Florida counterfeit revival has entered into a biblically adulterous re- marriage while under a “process of restoration” led by biblically proven false prophet Rick Joyner.

    You can read that for yourselves here:

    Even though this is from an athiest blog, the title of the page again speaks for itself:

    Pedophile Preacher claims ‘New Zealand is on God’s Radar’

    The last word belongs to the poster “Randy” on this blog here, and this is really news to me, and speaks the truth regarding Todd Bentley:

    randy February 11, 2010 @ 10:06 am

    wow. God Bless those peaceful people who had the courage to rebuke Todd publicly and call him to repent.

    Todd will never listen. He would rather die than repent.

    Do youall know that Todd was in a
    predator pedophile gang?
    Charged in Canada and convicted of raping a boy.
    Not just a pedophile, or a once and oops.
    A predator.
    Do youall know there is a statistic of 95% chance for a former pedophile to repeat the crime years later?
    Todd Bentley must (legally) be stopped.
    For many reasons, but especially
    Before he rapes another innocent young boy.

    Again, God Bless those courageous men who spoke up.

    That post can be read here:

  17. Street Preacher

    Did Our Lord Jesus Christ strike anybody to heal them? Did the Apostles Peter or Paul belt, kick or punch anybody in their ministry? Did Stephen or Philip hit anybody to cast out devils or heal the sick?
    The answer is no. If it is not in the Word, it is not the truth. Todd, Rick and the rest of you “super apostles” quit the extra biblical falsehood and REPENT!

  18. Bud Press

    As mentioned above, it’s all about schticks and gimmicks. Benny Hinn blows on people and slings the “spirit” into a crowd. Fast-talking Paula White tosses her Bible to the floor. Juanita Bynum types-out tongues” on her keyboard. Manasseh Jordan pushes men and women to the floor. Stacey Denboer rips pages from the Bible, rolls them up, lights the paper, and huffs them.

    They thrive on controversy, and search for schticks and gimmicks to accomplish their goals.

    Then, there is Todd Bentley: the Sultan of Slap, the Prophet of Punch, and the Kaiser of Kick, who uses his agressive schticks and gimmicks to gain popularity and get his name in lights. He thrives on controversy.

    All false prophets, false teachers, and false healers have their schticks and gimmicks–all of which are self-invented and overshadowed by demonic activity.

    And God only knows what they will conjure up next.

    Bud Press

  19. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Margie and Sean– yeah I know, you both got that right–scary stuff.

    Kaiser of Kick, Bud? That was great.

    The only answer is to keep in the word, be watchful and pray and use the wisdom God gives freely so we don’t become as fools.

    The Book of Jude is so applicable, so real, it hits the nail right on the head! K

  20. Eli

    Joyner has to go along with Bentley, otherwise Joyner’s endorsement at the Lakeland Circus would make him (Rick) look like the fool he is. I would have like to have been a fly on the wall to some of his and Todd’s private conversations after that debacle.

    1. MargieInOz

      Discussion re Australian Tour –
      Bentley: No worries mate, they love it, listen to them laughing their heads off, and the money, don’t forget the money.
      Joyner: I know, dumb idiots those Australians, they’re so gullible, and you know there’s a bar at that convention centre n Croydon so you’ll be right for a few beers after the scamming, er, I mean meating (pun intended). Those Aussies just flocked over to Lakeland so there’s plenty of that annointing there for you to bank (pun intended) on.
      Bentley: Yeah, I bet I can kick a few arses over there and they’ll pay me real good for it
      Joyner: Yeah, lets go, the fields are ripe for ripping off, sorry, revival.
      And the masses are waiting to be deluded further. – and I;m and Aussie!!

  21. Kiwi Dave

    @ MargieInOz


    Rev’s Kate & Rich M. says:
    January 10, 2012 at 2:49 pm

    Uh oh, look out Australia! K

    The Aussie tour of Todd Bentlry has been cancelled as the Immigartion Service of Australia refuses to grant him a VISA!!! Read it for yourselves right here:

    “The Australian Tour is currently on hold until further Notice. Australian Immigration has denied Todd entry into the country at this time. We are however doing everything we can to get an answer for the denied entry. We have sent all the required documents and are awaiting approval from Australian Immigration to be allowed to come to Australia and Minister. Please continue to stand with us as we are not giving up.”

    1. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

      Hi Kiwi– well, at least for now the Aussie’s can breathe a a brief sigh of relief– however, I get that sneaking feeling it’s just a matter of time before the “Sultan of Slap” (thanks, Bud Press) gets going there.

      God is still and always will be on the throne and nothing slips by Him, nothing!

      How’ve you been these days? Enjoying summer? K

  22. Kiwi Dave

    Hi Kate! It’s been rather miserable, cold and rainy! Something to do with the La Nina weather patterns or something. The Aussies won’t let him in – period! If you have a criminal conviction or have been convicted of a serious offence as Todd Bentley as been and have served more than one year in prison – that’s it and there are no exceptions!

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