It doesn’t appear that Todd Bentley has received a warm welcome in the UK.  Outside of charismatic followers, Bentley’s reception has been quite cold, with one MP warning people to beware of him.

This is from  Pay special attention to his bold, self-exalting claims, and pay attention to how much time he spends talking about the Scripture instead of …. himself.

Sunday December 4,2011
By James Murray and Adam Smith

A TORY MP has warned Britons to be wary of claims made by a Canadian preacher who says he can cure cancer and raise the dead.

Thousands have been flocking to hear tattooed former Hell’s Angel Todd Bentley speak at a church in Cwmbran in South Wales, where he is holding revivalist meetings until Thursday.

Last Thursday night he told his audience he had brought 33 people back from the dead and cured more than 100 deaf mutes of their handicap.

Tory MP David Davies, whose Monmouth constituency covers part of Cwmbran, said: “I go to church and respect Christian beliefs, but I am concerned that some of the claims made by Mr Bentley are far fetched and should be treated cautiously.”

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  1. Robert L.

    Sad thing is, people still won’t listen even if it is a Tory MP. The last 3 presidents of the United States could warn the same people, it would make no difference. People want to believe what they want to believe. Todd Bentley is a circus performer and a 2 bit huckster and will keep the money machine going as long as there are people to be conned. Its sad that in order to do it, he drags the name of Jesus thru the mud. I guess as long as there are Ginsu knives, hair growing tonics, get rich schemes, and magic potions, there will always be someone to cough up a dime.
    33 people raised from the dead ? Proof please. There is none.

  2. Ruitje

    Mister Bentley told a man with stage four colon cancer on stage that he was healed. He pushed the man in his stomach. The man was hurting, but Bentley said it was the power of God…
    But two weaks later the man, a pastor from a church, died. Bentley never told that the audience… He is a liar, just like his father the devil

  3. sidefall

    Ruitje, you’re confusing two different incidents from Lakeland. The pastor who died after Bentley proclaimed he was healed was a Larry Reed (google “pastor larry reed” for lots of articles). But he had bone cancer. I can’t remember the name of the man with colon cancer that Bentley kneed in the stomach, but I’m sure he didn’t die two weeks later. He wasn’t healed, though.

  4. ali

    I read this article with such a heavy heart. During Bentley’ heyday in Lakeland, I fought and fought against him – lost many friends and had to leave my church when the pastor refused to take a stand and speak up – when many within our fellowship went to Lakeland and brought back the “anointing” to share with others, the pastor saw no harm being done.!!. I was even told, “the pipe might be rusty, but the water is pure.” WHAT.??. Where I come from, a rusty pipe can’t give pure water.!!.

    Reading the Bentley lies and seeing the deception of so many in Wales just makes me want to cry.

  5. David Green

    Had I been physically raised from the dead, I doubt very much if I would just disappear off the radar never to be heard of again. There are allegedly 33 people walking this earth who have had Lazarus experiences and all linked to the power of Christ working through one preacher. Is it not strange that somebody who so readily boasts of his many miracles should not have any contact with any of the recipients of his greatest miracles? Surely he would be moving heaven and earth to get at least one of them on his tour if by some miracle he was actually telling the truth for once.

    When I came to Christ I could not wait to tell the doctor who I knew to be praying for my eyes to be opened to the Gospel. Sure, he was my doctor and I was due to see him anyway. But these supposed 33 who were once dead but now alive, living testimonies to God’s grace and power, cannot be bothered to contact Bentley beyond spurious emails announced at Lakeland?

    The demoniac, the woman at the well, countless others – both recorded in Scripture and through the ages since – could not help but spread the good news. I couldn’t help but spread the good news.

    Where are these 33 and why are they silent?

    1. Grant

      Great point particularly in this social media age you would think someone might pipe up and note that they died and were raised from the dead.

      If your ministry has this happening you may want to get a film crew out and interview the former dead people

      If there was an influx of dead people raised back in 2008 you’d think that some of them or their family would have written a book by now.

  6. Doug

    Someday Bentley will be standing before God-I doubt that he will claim 33 people raised from the dead when he stands in judgement.
    Just last night I went through James to Jude-I didn’t count the number of warnings against false teachers/prophets, but there were many.
    Sidenote- I listen to the Bible on my iPod while working at my desk. It is a blessing, and I encourage you to check out audio Bibles-I listen to the NASB.

  7. Teresa

    Sidefall is correct. If my memory serves me correctly, the stage 4 colon cancer guy name was Roger. and Larry Reed is the man that died 2 weeks later.

  8. Street Preacher

    Hey Todd, here is an idea….how about getting the 33 people that YOU have raised from the dead, along with some witnessess of the fact, plus some medical evidence, and do a TV special.
    I am sure you will get plenty of TV networks that would give you the air time for such an amazing claim!!
    Oh by the way the number 33, that is an interesting number, I believe the Masons like that one.
    Also, you could preach the Biblical Gospel of Christ while you are at it to all the people watching!
    You know, the Gospel, in 1 Corinth.15 vs 1 – 4? Oh sorry, its all about signs and wonders with you, not about being Born Again, being saved from Hell and forgiven from sin, through Faith in Christ.
    (in case you didnt know I am being sarcastic).
    Church, wake up! Please, speak out against these liars and frauds!

  9. Kiwi Dave

    The only people raised from the dead by Todd Bentley are the ones speaking to him inside his head! This is nothing but a circus and those flocking to see this phony don’t love or trust God. If they truly did they would see Todd Bentley for the false prophet he is.

  10. Ray

    “Where are these 33 and why are they silent?”

    I’d be guessing the’re either still dead or never existed in the first place. Really, Bentley is nothing more than a two bit showman, and a lousy one at that.

  11. Bud Press

    David Green:

    Excellent points! I can only imagine the joy and amazement when Jesus raised Lazarus from his tomb. There are no words to describe the miracle.

    Here is a senario: a doctor pronounces a person clinically dead. The person’s body is taken to a morgue, where an autopsy may or may not be performed. From there, the person’s body is transported to a funeral home and prepared for the funeral service. Afterwards, the person’s body is placed in a casket and buried.

    Now, try to imagine what family and friends would experience if the person suddenly raised from the grave–in perfect health. After they recovered from the initial shock, words could not express the joy and amazement they would feel.

    News of the person rising from the dead would spread far and wide, even worldwide. Reporters from all over the world would race to the person’s front door. The person would be sought after for interviews by the news media, radio and talk shows, and magazine articles. The person’s doctor, medical staff, and funeral home director would be bombarded with phone calls and interviews. Even the cemetary worker who covered the grave would be interviewed. The story would not only dominate the internet, it would be hailed as the story of the century.

    And the person? He or she would be known worldwide, and be more popular than any movie star or politician in the history of Hollywood or politics. And, if the person was a Christian, God would get the praise and glory.

    With the above scenario in mind, that is what would happen if only ONE person was TRULY raised from the dead. But Todd Bentley wants everyone to believe that 33 people were raised from the dead. Well, that’s hogwash! It didn’t happen. Why? Because Todd Bentley never had the Biblical gift of healing, nor is he a Christian in the first place.

    However, I will tell you what DID happen, and it is verified with irrefutable documentation. During the 2008 Lakeland revival, Todd Bentley claimed that a dead man raised to life from his casket in a funeral home. I checked it out, made a bunch of phone calls, and talked to funeral home directors and officials. What was the outcome? Check it out at

    To God be the glory,
    Bud Press

  12. Nicole

    Hi Bud,
    I remember T. Bentley making those remarks. I also remember many other things. One, was a young lady, I wept for her as she Bravely came up on stage and to even the “shock” of T.B. (which you could see on his face) the young lady was marred. She had a huge mole looking object on her face that could not be surgically removed. Her dad came w/ her and he told Bentley that he had heard of all the miracles that was happening and they drove “miles” to Lakeland from another state to be there. Doctors could not operate on her because of all the nerve endings and depth of this mole. It literally took up her whole side of her face /cheek to just a little below the mouth area.

    I watched as T.B. layed hands on her and then made the remark that “some miracles take time but BY THE MORNING in 2-3 days, she will have this gone.” I wept and asked the lord to intervene and truly bring her to HIM. I often wonder about that young lady, her family , the pain, and the suffering and the hope that they would have for the next 2-3 days , watching to see if that mole was disappearing. There were lots of these people that got wounded and hurt and more probably than we will ever know, or realize. And I pray that those that went did not turn against God/ The Lord Jesus/ or Holy Spirit when things did not happen as they were promised.

    I did hear of a few testimonies after people returned of healings of cysts in areas that they knew were not there, or that the true doctors did verify. I know a couple from my city that had “miracles” But what astounded me was their “dependance” on T.B. and them going back and forth for “more” more of his “anointings” I mean several trips not just one or two and they would stay for days.

    But one the other sad and more horendous sins of blasphamy that I questioned and saw was when he thought he was “John the Baptist” and he was personally baptizing these people. In the name of the Father, Son, and Bam, oh yeah , the Holy Spirit””” Those were his words. most of them might not if not all of them are truly not baptized. Only the Father, truly knows that, because HE knows the persons heart, but all of that was nothing but sensationalism and performance w/o the Lord Jesus in attendance.

    May the Lord have mercy on those that truly are seeking HIM and show them HIS Ways – not man’s or any of these false ministries.

  13. Annunk

    I agree with Grant’s comments. I’d be screaming it from the roof tops if I’d been raised from the dead! I get all excited and tell everyone when I’ve recovered from a bad cold or toothache! WHERE are these risen ones?

    Much like our president’s graduating class (at what school?), I’d like to hear comments from even ONE person who can remember the blessed event and can tell me all about it!

  14. Annunk

    p.s. I sat at a funeral service years ago. At the end of the service, everyone filed by the casket getting a final look, a final goodbye. One elderly gentleman stopped however, and in a loud voice said, “Buck A—nks, rise up! Buck, I said rise in Jesus name!”

    He kept standing there while everyone seated scooted up in their seats carefully watching the deceased as he lay there. Nothing happened at all. The dear gentlemen simply (to the deceased), “Well, I’ve been obedient. And Lord he is with You!”

    In reading about Bentley, I find his theatrics rather cruel to say the least.

  15. Carolyn

    Bud…good article. The naivety of people is astonishing. My own naivety in the past is astonishing. Sometimes I still try to analyze or understand how delusion works. I can only think it is something in us that prefers darkness…Biblically speaking, our sin nature. And with that preference comes delusion, gullibility and prideful carelessness. We shun the truth and embrace the lies with an open heart and an open mind. When we do become truth oriented, it really irks those we talk with that we are no longer “open minded” to their beliefs and absurdities.
    Does Todd believe his own lies? Yes, indubitably!
    Dictionary: delusion is a false belief about oneself or other people that persists despite its being at variance with the facts
    Todd is the most deluded of all.

    Ali…I hear you. It is unspeakable grief. It is the peace of Christ that keeps us sane.

  16. Esther Kirsten

    Thank you for exposing these false prophets, so sad that so many people are deceived. When Bentley was in Canada I spent 11 months there and really wanted to attend the “Secret Place” conference but God knew better and I am thankful that I never got to go.

  17. A. Brother

    Thanks for calling out the people of God from error. For another deep look from Scripture at this issue, please visit my blog and search “Woe to those who lead my sheep astray”. I have a number of messages for those who practice self-aggrandizement at the expense of the weak and easily-led. Continue as you are, focusing on Christ, who is All, and works powerfully within those who follow Him on the narrow road. He is the Narrow Gate, and only those who leave all to follow Him will be saved.

    May all of you who seek Christ be encouraged and strengthened today by this blog, and by mine, and by any others who declare the “full message of this gospel”.

    A. Brother

  18. Aussie Dave

    How sad is it that an MP has more discernment than most Christians😦 Am glad that the warning is being sounded about this wolf, I just pray that people will listen and open their Bibles instead of following these con artists blindly.

  19. Carolyn L

    Ah ha! I see there is another Carolyn….greetings! I did a double take because I had’t posted 3 times in a row yesterday. I think I will be Carolyn L

    Esther… Good to hear you didn’t get to go to conference. There are so many Secret Places and Secrets today. But that’s a sure route to the esoteric world. Christ is not secretive, but his routes are transparent, truthful and unambiguous”. Christ said, “Anyone on the side of TRUTH listens to me”. and “I am the way the TRUTH and the life”. If we want truth, we stay on the straight and narrow pathway…Christ and his Word.

    The world hates that about Christ and the true God. There are no alternative routes, there are no hidden pathways or side doors into the kingdom. Those in rebellion choose alternatives to God’s clear message. Todd Bentley draws his “secrets” from polluted, occultic sources, as do all false prophets.
    Here’s how it is with us:
    Colossians 3:16
    Let Christ’s word live in you like a rich treasure. Teach and correct each other wisely.

    1. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

      Hi Carolyn L–yeah, I had a tad of the confusements (probably not a word, but who cares?) too.

      This secretive junk is getting on my nerves. K:)

  20. Bud Press

    Hi Nicole:

    Thank you for sharing the information on Todd Bentley and the Lakeland revival. I had not heard about the woman with the mole on her face, but I’m not a bit surprised that Bentley dug into his bag of excuses and said, “some miracles take time”.

    The “some miracles take time” excuse always pops-up when those who seek healing have legitimate, visible disabilities, such as amputated arms or legs, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, etc. Yet, to maintain his grip on his followers (and their money), the faith healer motivates the one who seeks to be healed by huffing and puffing and spewing a bunch of wordy mumbo-jumbo. As a result, the sick and dying aren’t aware that they are filled with false hope, until they return home and realize they weren’t healed in the first place.

    While I grieve for the victims of faith healers, I am continually amazed at how cold-hearted and wicked faith healers truly are. Many of the precious souls they come in contact with live with searing pain every day of their lives. But faith healers could care less. All they want is the glitz and glamor, and their names in lights.

    Altogether, faith healers claim to heal multiplied thousands every year, but they refuse to provide evidence to back their claims. To those they claim to heal, lies and false hope feel good for a short period of time–until, that is, reality sets in. Whatever hope they gained from the faith healer dissolves into physical pain, and they are blamed for their “lack of faith”.

    In my opinion, Todd Bentley is an “intelligent idiot”. He is intelligent enough to know that he doesn’t have the Biblical gift of healing, and idiot enough to try and fool everyone into thinking he does. It works on many because pain is real and people are desperate. But it doesn’t work on everyone, thank God, because solid, Bible-based Christians who suffer from pain know that the day will come when their pain and suffering will be over (1 Corinthians chapter 15).

    Finally, there is not one faith healer–anywhere in the world–who has the Biblical gift of healing. Not one! And Todd Bentley is among many who have fallen into this category.

    Recommended reading:

    “For the Love of Jesus Christ”

    Bud Press

  21. Eli

    I have only one thing to say, if I die, please don’t let anyone raise me. I’d rather be with my Lord than be here in this sin sick disgusting putrid world.

  22. Doug

    I heard on Wretched Radio the other day that these Healing and Prosperity heretics are now targeting the African continent. Stealing from the most destitute and promising them riches. How evil!

  23. Carolyn L

    Hello Mrs. Kate. No the L does not stand for Loser. It’s my middle name but if i told you, I’d have to kill you. It’s a secret…… (I thought you’d find that amusing).

    I used to like the word secret when it meant mysteries about tangible things like…secret passageways, the secret of the old tower, the secret of the 99 stairs…when secret wasn’t linked to the occult world like it is today. But that’s a topic for another day. Ciao, friend!

  24. Ruitje

    @Doug, this targeting of the African continent is going on for a few years now. And Todd Bentley is now targeting Haiti. It is sad to see those hungry wolves looking for poor sheep in those poor countries only to get money from people that donate to get the ‘fire’.. It makes me angry sometimes.

  25. Carolyn L

    Me again Kate…I was assuming you would know that phrase from Johnny English who quoted James Bond…it’s a spy saying…”if I told you, I’d have to kill you”….in case the humour was lost on someone who hasn’t seen the movie.

    I also had a thought on the tattoo preacher…there is always a counterfeit for the real thing. That’s the art of deception. Satan has deceived Todd Bentley into thinking he has the real thing…after all, he has visions, angel encounters and dreams to back him up. He is always chasing the carrot on a stick, attempting to position himself for perfecting his gifts, hoping that people will also perfect their faith and get on board. I believe this is the way with all word faith people. It was the way with me…the problem always lay with an imperfect faith…mine.

    Today my faith looks up to God. Past the carrot, past the Todd Bentleys, past the A. B. Simpsons and Kenneth Hagins (who, I understand, were very disappointed that their own faith was unable to make them well in the end) and past all the apostates that are joining together in one great One World delusion. My faith is rooted and grounded in the One alone (Christ) who has the power…to weave perfection into something totally and completely lost, depraved and sinful…….(me). To God be ALL the Glory!

    1. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

      Yes, I recall–as you reminded me. You are a funny woman Ms. Carolyn L– for a short while, I thought you, mayhaps, were blogging and I said… brave woman, that girl there!

      Hope you’re having a lovely holiday and also everyone on here as well.

      God is so faithful, you’re right. I hate that occult thing because it has crept its way into Christianity and is now like a cancer metastasizing.

      Talk to y’all soon. God’s best and have a blessed New Year. K

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