Have you Birthed Lately?

That prophetic bunch is always birthing something.

Remember Melissa Fisher?  C’mon!  You know her.  She’s the lady on Patricia King’s team that has a mortuary outreach!  I’m not kidding.  Click here.

Well, according to Fisher, if you fall into the doldrums and get the mullygrubs in your walk with the Lord – don’t want to read Scripture, don’t want to minister, don’t want to blah, blah, blah – it’s nothing to worry about…. you’re birthing!  Better yet, you’re birthing your next level!

I’ll admit, I don’t always feel like studying.  I love God’s Word and it’s a joy to study.  But, I’m ashamed to admit, sometimes I have to force myself to read and study faithfully.  All this time I thought it was my sinful flesh warring against my spirit.  Not so!  I was birthing my next level!  I have no idea what that means, but it must be true because Melissa Fisher said it.

I NEVER would have known.

So, when I get down in the dumps and don’t feel like praying, don’t feel like studying, don’t feel like… whatever …. I don’t need to worry, I just need to…birth?!?!

Okay, back common sense.  Notice Fisher didn’t give any Scripture reference for what she was teaching?  That’s because this didn’t come from the Bible, it came from the extra-biblical revelation that was dropped into her head.  It can’t be verified by Scripture because Scripture isn’t the source of it!

To be honest, birthing your next level is not just unscriptural, it’s downright ridiculous.

Gotta go… I’m hungry.  I’m gonna go birth up a midnight snack.

13 thoughts on “Have you Birthed Lately?

  1. Annunk

    “Gotta go… I’m hungry. I’m gonna go birth up a midnight snack.”
    Well I can say I’ve had my laugh for the day. Well done.

    I used to BE Word of Faith. I got out because, even as a new believer, I KNEW it just wasn’t lining up with the Word of God. WHY can’t anyone else see this?! Amazing.

  2. Likeflint

    My wife and I were once ‘sucked in’ by this type of stuff. Looking back now its almost embarrasing to think how naive we were. We used to go to a church where the Pastor spent more time teaching the positive, blab it and grab it stuff than the Bible. I once worked in a secular organisation where the identical philospophy was espoused (they would sit us in front of videos of ‘Christian’ sprukers to learn how to increase sales and remain positive). A few years later when the same teachings appeared in the church we were in, it didn’t even occur to me that something was up. We blogged part of our story just today. Please take a look as we use plenty of pertinant scriptures. God Bless all and thanks be to God that He has opened our eyes.

  3. rachel sharkey

    This usual crew of the XP just can’t accept, normal every day terms or situations. They always take an ordinary situation, and (air quotes) “transform” it into something extraordinary. As, I reached the end of the video, and heard birthing for the 20th time, my dog let out an enormous sigh, and I just thought, “well said.”

  4. Nicole

    This is all new age, w/ a christian twist to it.

    The new age is called Rebirthing. It is going back , all the way, to your mother’s womb and “letting go” of those fears, anxieties and things that are holding you back and preventing you from “birthing” new revelation to creative life force adventures.

    Sometimes it takes a therapist weeks of just “rebirthing ” a client/patient. It was big in the late 70’s early 80’s on into the 90’s . The suppose hold up was somewhere in the birth canal and if one was born w/ a long labor, it would cause the now adult to have gone through years of torment not being able to accomplish what their “higher spirit/conscieceness ” was leading them or wanting them to do.

    After one completed the whole process, then a “new birthing” would happen and things would be birthed into the person’s life and life force and change thier supposed walk in life.

    P. King and all of them have taken bits and pieces from new age concepts and transformed them into their own lingo, to add a Christian twist to it and so many are following her that many have been in new age, that have not gone through repenting, renouncing, deliverance and truly asking the Father to open your eyes of all things that are not of HIM. In time, He will , for those that have hearts for HIM.

    Unfortunately these deceptions are spreading like wildfires and more and more are cropping up. I just passed a church that had services from 9:30 this morning till 2:30 this afternoon and then signs all outside, Need Prayer, God answers prayer, come and pray w/ us. I know the church group, and it is NAR/Dominionist/ w/ a stream flowing of P.King and others and the sad part, even a mixture of Green church beliefs of enviromentalist that idolize the “mother nature” and the seeker friendly movement. They have all in there, and so anyone that comes in, can take there pick at which one they “feel comfortable with”.

  5. Daffydil

    hahahahaha….Crystal, you crack me up!! Ok, after being out of that “movement” for several years – I had an experience this past summer……
    My husband & I went to a local Bible Study to hear a traveling pastor friend of ours speak. The meeting was widely advertised, with many guests present. At the luncheon following, this one woman kept looking over at me and finally said “oh! Honey, it’s for you!” . I’m sitting there thinking, “no, it’s really not”. She had been bending over like she had stomach cramps and making loud grunting sounds – by golly – turns out she was in the birthing process and she was doing it for me. I was under-thrilled. She came over, insisting to pray for (on) me. Because I did not want to make a scene or show disrespect (there were many locally prominent believers in the room), I stood, and my husband with me. She took my hand and my husbands who immediately took his back (I was holding on to him for dear life – as he is my spiritual head. I am so thankful for that protection!) She started out like they all do – “Honey, you have a headache.” “No, I don’t” She seemed surprised and didn’t want to believe me. “Are you sure?”………finally she got down to the birthing business and didn’t I feel it? Uhm, no. She was sure I would and prayed for the ministry that was about to be “birthed” into my life, giving me instruction on what to do when I start having the “birthing” pains. Whatever. While I would like to believe this is legit – it is TOTALLY unscriptural. The only thing that comes close are references to wailing women and it’s never for anything good. It is almost always related to sin in the midst of God’s people. I guess it’s better to pick on me, rather than one of the younger ones who could easily be taken in by this deception. I was there once. Once was enough. Oh yeah, she gave me her ministry-business card with her picture on it. All the important prophets have one. She has a Ph.D, a Th.D, a D.D, and a website. I have my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of my faith. Hmmm. (p.s. – midnight snack: plain nacho chips with shredded cheese, heated in the microwave. very light salsa. yum.)

  6. Julie Harper

    LOL! Just when you think you’ve heard it all. What happens when “your water breaks?” A “great outpouring?” These people are so twisted and deceived! How pitiful they are……naked and poor and hungry and don’t even know it. Satan is such a deceiver. They are sucked into a whirlpool of destruction unless God throws them the lifeline of repentance and true faith in Christ alone! I pray that God will spare some of these poor souls.

  7. Katie Nielsen

    Hi…I just stumbled upon your blog and I’m not quite sure how I got here, but I’m definitely gonna be reading this one. I live in a remote village on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We have three churches: RCC, a 4Square (which is heavy into this charismatic chaos) and my church, a bible believing Evangelical church. The 4square church has lured just about all the teens from my church, along with a few of their parents who are seeking experiences and loud hypnotic music. They are very connected to Bill Johnson and Bethel Church as well as Faytene Kryskow (now Grasseschi) who is well-connected to P. King/Lou Engle, et al. It is hard to see these kids and adults being deceived. On that note, I think I’ll go birth up a Zevia Rootbeer and call it a night.

  8. Kiwi Dave

    I wonder if she perfected this “birthing” technique during her Mortuary Ministry? It certainly sheds some light on “let the dead bury the dead”. Matthew 8:22 KJV

  9. Eli

    Amen Kiwi Dave!

    I birthed something once, actually twice, many years ago. That’s what started my “Diaper Ministry”. Diaper Ministry is a 24-hour job too, you gotta be dedicated! One is now 22, and one is 18, and they still ask me for money. Because Diaper Ministry automatically turns into “Mom’s Taxi/Open Pocket Book Ministry. It never ends….

  10. ali

    Oh My.!!. How grieved and angry our Heavenly Father must be.

    “How long, O you sons of men, will you turn my glory to shame? How long will you love worthlessness and seek falsehood?” Psalm 4:2-3

  11. JimmieKrackKorn

    Welcome Katie from somewhere in a remote
    Levels is what gets me. So many WOF preachers sell this notion of levels in Christianity. Like it’s Freemasonry, or witchcraft, or Catholic leadership. It’s ridiculous. Joel Osteen said Mormonism IS Christianity but not God’s best like HE raised up in. Well that denotes LEVELS in Christianity.

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