The Entrepreneur Anointing

Did you know there’s an entrepreneur anointing?  No?

Ya know, some of the things I feature here at this blog make it really, really hard to post without dissolving into puddles of sarcasm.  When you watch this video you’ll see why.

Patricia King says she has a witness in her spirit that God is releasing entrepreneur giftings!  She even emphasizes her claim by saying, “He is!”  I had no IDEA that was a gift!  That must be in the book of Matthew, chapter 29 (look it up).

Patricia’s spirit is telling her that there are going to be new businesses and new inventions for people because God is pouring out His spirit on them.  She says, “There’s a real lot of oil on it.”  The question now should be, what spirit is telling her these things.  Because I guarantee you the Holy Spirit of God isn’t the source of it.  God’s Spirit would never endorse the seven mountain dominionist mandate, which King is gradually eluding to in this video.  This is worldly.  Carnal.

It always comes back to that, doesn’t it?

I’m thinking of this:

James 4:4-10:

You adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.  Or do you think that the Scripture speaks to no purpose: “He jealously desires the Spirit which He has made to dwell in us”?  But He gives a greater grace. Therefore it says, “GOD IS OPPOSED TO THE PROUD, BUT GIVES GRACE TO THE HUMBLE.”  Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.  Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.  Be miserable and mourn and weep; let your laughter be turned into mourning, and your joy to gloom.  Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you.

Video dead ahead.

18 thoughts on “The Entrepreneur Anointing

  1. stan

    It’s sad and amazing she is wasting her life and those who believe her with these dominionist delusions,.

  2. MargieInOz

    Is that a crystal ball on the shelf with candles in the background. I don’t think she was alluding to the 7 Mountains Narsies agenda, she was straight out promoting it.and make sure you spend your hard earned money on the books she wants you to buy, obviously these author/ entrepreneurs already have this anointing to get your money?!!

  3. Lady D

    I will stop looking for a job, since God is pouring out the “entrepreneur anointing” and releasing financial angels to bring money to pay my bills. Oh and I’m just waiting for someone with the “weight destroying anointing” to lay hands on me so I can lose weight and then I can stop using self control and common sense. And I’m also waiting for the person with the anointing to heal cars, that way I won’t have to pay for much needed car repairs; this could go on and on, so I will stop now~

  4. Doug

    MargieInOz- good catch! It sure looks like a crystal ball. When Bin Laden and his Islamic ilk released videos denouncing America/Jews, there was usually a rifle in the background, showing threat through subtext. Perhaps King intentionally has that ball there to denote spirituality.
    Chrystal, two days in a row you’ve been mentioned by Todd Friel on Wretched Radio, the first time noted with Bud Press, the second because of your recent Todd Bentley article. Good for you! May more Christians visit here because of those mentions!

  5. Kiwi Dave

    Patricia King has been reading the bible, well sort of bible, and what she teaches can all be found here, including the reading of goat’s entrails:

    1 Esdras
    2 Esdras
    Additions to Esther
    1 Macabees
    2 Macabees
    Tobias (Tobit)
    Epistle of Jeremiah
    Prayer of Azariah
    Prayer of Manasseh
    Bel and the Dragon

    All the details about the Apocrypha can be read about here:

    Opps, I forgot to add the “gospels” of Mary, Peter and Thomas to that apochryphal list. Also, the name “Apocrypha” again means “Hidden wisdom”. As a research tool you’ll find plenty to read and the actual source material for all those dominionist doctrines here:

  6. stan

    The candles and the dark background in the video remind me of something that I heard some time ago about the church I used to go to up to 6 years ago, which was an A/G.( I had to leave it when, as an elder, I was asked to stop naming the names of people like this as threats to the church because the Lord wised me up to the Charismatic nonsense that I had been tolerating up until then.) They’ve had the “Healing Rooms” para-church ministry entrenched in it since about 2000. One of my friends told me that he was cleaning the building and went into a classroom to straighten it out, when a non-member rushed in to tell him he needed to leave the room. He was told he would disturb the anointing in the room if he cleaned it. All the curtains were pulled, making it fairly dark, candles were burning and some soft “Christian” instrumental music was quietly playing on a CD player. My friend was weirded out by the whole thing. Somehow, cleaning a room disturbs the delicate spirit of healing that was needed later that night when the healing services began. That the church had gone this far surprised me at first, but as the saying goes, “When you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

    1. stan

      Small correction The friends (married couple) were told that just their presence in the room disturbed the anointing, not from the fact that they were going to clean it. Even more spooky. . .

  7. Glenn E. Chatfield

    The only “witness” in her “spirit” is a demonic one. Notice if you buy a couple books, thereby enriching her more, then you will learn more about how to get more money from God.

    She is such a tool of Satan, and a blight on the name of Christ.

  8. ali

    Ya know, ya just couldn’t make this stuff up.!!.

    God wants to bless my…,my…,my… – It appears it really does not matter what God might want He just wants to bless my plans, my goals – ME. I am His child and should live to serve Him, praise Him and bless Him in all that I say and all that I do; not say this is my plan God, now bless it.!.

    And be sure and buy her book ‘Help God, I’m Broke’ because God does not want you livng in lack – yada, yada, yada. What about our dear brothers and sisters in third world countries who have little in worldly possessions but are rich in their faith in the LORD.??.

    Sadly, her type has an audience – those that would rather swallow and follow or sit and soak rather than strive to be transformed into His image.

  9. vicki530

    She always looks so sincere in her videos, as though she really believes the things she says. She doesn’t come across as a simple charlatan. Does she actually believe her own nonsense? Is she herself deceived rather than it just being a case of her knowing better but deliberately deceiving her followers? No matter what, it’s still dangerous.

  10. Denise

    Yeah, 7 mountains domionist talk. This commercial, for that’s what it is, just makes me mad. Maybe that’s not very Christ like but it’s true nonetheless. And to think people actually fall for this stuff. This is sad and maddening…
    I wonder if she really, honestly believes this stuff herself. If so, she really needs our prayers.

  11. Nicole

    I didn’t even want to listen to this video. And didn’t . I guess because I went to a couple of her conferences several years back, was even on her website for a couple of years and caught up in some of this stuff, but the Lord heard my hearts cry for HIM and opened my eyes, and that is all I can hope for , for many thousands that are being duped every day w/ her and Matt Sorger, and Joan Hunter, and Bill Johnson, and the NAR groups and all the rest that are deceived and dragging thousands of some innocent people w/ them. (and yes, they can be innocent) I was. I had no idea 7 yrs. ago that the Christian churches were delving into much apostacy. My eyes had not been opened but my hunger was there only for the Lord. A world wind crash coarse in these several years taught me much and in all that teaching it left an impression on me , one that I will not forget.

    When people leave the world , or start to, they most of the time, get involved, or led to a church (if they are already a Christian) by a friend or some one that says, “come visit my church , it is wonderful and the Lord is present and the singing is holy and the love is there in the fellowship.

    I mean, when a person is looking in the window everything looks good, until they read the price tag or see the material and the poor craftsmanship.

    So, I ventured into the wrong places , not necessarily the wrong reasons. I became a part of them, but yet, in private, cried out to my God, The Lord Jesus Christ, asking HIM to search my heart and teach me HIS TRUTHS.

    Several years later, He answered my prayers and we left all of that behind, renoucning, repenting and even getting delivered from things that were cults, to occultic teachings. All the while , as we were involved, it so resembled the world we left behind. Mine, massage therapy. Oh, I steered clear of some of the stuff, but the teachings were there, the accredited Reiki instruction was there and the spirits were there ——–but entering the “Christian Churches” and they all were not Charismatic — but were mostly all believing in healing, we found later, that much resembled new age, but we were told , after me questioning about it, “well God is just taking back what satan stoled from HIM.) how many times did we hear this ? Everytime I questioned. From the NAR groups to the P. King groups , from Assembly of God to some even Church of Christ’s to even Baptist, (in pockets of fellowship) It is all over. Not just in one or two.

    It is wierder in many places than others and in some it is even hush hush, but if you find the right contact you will be “allowed to attend”. I say that because there was a huge mega church here in town that if the Pastor found out you were attending these, he ostrasized you , AND IT WASN”T because he was trying to sheppard you properly. It was more of the fact, that he wanted control.

    Sad thing is, now he is so intrenched w/ the NAR groups that I am sure it will be just a matter of time when other more new age stuff will enter- because the NAR groups are full of new age thinking and doing.

    Anyway, the point is ————– Back 5 yrs. ago, there was not an “anointing ” for businesses. but an angel. An angel that P.King said would guide you into your new business and that you just needed to put it out there and this angel would guide you into your dream and desire. New buisnesses would crop up and that person would grow .

    Much of this stuff, is RECYCLED. Just like w/ C. Jacobs, Chuck Pierce and others. If you have ever attended a First of the YEAR conference (which many of these jack of all trade /ministries are guest speakers, then you will see things of numberology to false prophetic stuff and yet, people by the thousands , spend money, THEY DON”T HAVE and go to Dallas Stadium to hear the “NEW THINGS” which are actually recycled but put into new lingo.

    So, it is all new age, to dominionism/NAR developing and growing more and more .

    By the way, They are recruiting many “spiritual fathers and mothers” I say this, because I have seen good people that are well known fall into the traps of being wooed and invited to speak at their conventions. They are getting well named/known older senior pastors to leaders that are well known either nationally or locally and they groom them and woo them and ahh them , wanting their material and for them to come and speak at their conventions and what is happening is they end up prophecying over them and laying hands all over them and saying the LORD SAYITH it is TIME for you ……….

    On the other end, it is causing more of a bulletin affect, of “come and see and listen to so and so , from so and so. He has been a Pastor for X amount of years to thousands or hundreds and we are honored to have him w/ us tonight. ————-

    That normally starts the wooing and the romance of them uniting w/ these “spiritual fathers and mothers ” that get basically ordained into their groups.

    So, it is getting really bad, and one needs to really seek the Lord , HIS HEART and HIS TRUTH and stay focused on HIM . He might take you through some battle grounds but HE WANTS YOUR HEART to HIM , not to those that are teaching these things.

    For those that cry out to HIM and want ONLY HIM , no matter what, He will eventually open your eyes. Then reality gets taught, ——–HIS REALITY and TRUTH and then there is much shattering of preconceived thinking or teaching because HIS TRUTH is not of these people.
    But these people, twist and mix just enough in to have meetings in huge places from stadiums to areanas to ball park fields. (making one think , gee, they must be right and I have the wrong thinking) GO to the Lord , Always Seek HIM. He does hear you and there might be some purging but HE is so worth it.

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