Jim Bakker and Cindy Jacobs Claim They Prophesied 9/11

It’s easy to claim you’ve prophesied a tragedy after the event has happened, but where was their supposed prophecy before it happened?  Cindy Jacobs and Jim Bakker make this claim, but isn’t it convenient that they always talk about it afterwards and never before?

One absurd statement that Jacobs makes is that Mike Bickle had a dream about a “big ship” hitting the east coast before 9/11.  If I’m recalling correctly, we were attacked by four airplanes, three of which hit their target, and one that went down just short of it.  How can you translate a “big ship” as being four planes?

Never mind.  Jacobs makes about as much sense as Bob Jones’ sneakers.  Don’t try to figure it out.

37 thoughts on “Jim Bakker and Cindy Jacobs Claim They Prophesied 9/11

  1. Rich Vermillion

    Bakker and Jacobs are demonstrating themselves to be what I call, “Prophets-Come-Lately.”

    Generally, this false-ministry behavior is shown when the evidence that something is going to occur is already out there (e.g. even the news pundits are predicting the same thing). Then these “prophetically desperate” wolves jump on that to “predict” the thing before it becomes widely known. Once the “thing” happens, they claim the “glory” (and take up an offering). If it does not actually occur, however, they just simply never bring it up again. Unless Chrystal has posted about it here on her website, most people then forget the “proph-e-lie” ever occurred (as few of their followers seem to have a memory).

    In the case of Bakker and Jacobs, however, it would seem to be a case of revisionist history. Where is the evidence? Can they show the video, or play the tape? Anybody can “claim” to have predicted something…but without being ON RECORD for having done so, the claim must be rejected as unsubstantiated. (Or in their case, a complete farce.)

    If you don’t mind, Chrystal, let me note that I have written extensively on this topic in an “oldie but a goodie” post of mine entitled Prophets-Come-Lately and Their Inept Counsel here: http://richvermillion.com/2008/10/23/prophets-come-lately-and-their-inept-counsel/ Perhaps that article might help your readers by elaborating upon this topic somewhat more.

    Keep up the great work Sis! You are keeping me updated on lots of things. I don’t always pop in here to comment, but I do review your material as you post it. Thanks for keeping me current on the latest developments. :)

    Always in Jesus,


  2. Bob Scruggs

    Jim is just another ” LOONEY TUNE” his tv program promotes the selling of survival food and gagets never heard him talk on Salvation. He acts like he has a mental issue but yet he has a strong following for some reason maybe by his constant crying people feel sorry for him.
    He should be behind bars like the many tv preachers that steal from the poor of the poor.Someday they will answer for their lies and there corrurpt wealth’

  3. Julie Helms

    Ignoring for a moment the dubious claim after the fact, did you notice “I,I,I, I predicted, I saw, I said, I believe,….” Who does he glorify with his speech? The “i”s have it!

  4. David Green

    Why the need to announce this, let alone boast about it? Kim Clement claimed the same thing.

    Vain, crass and self-serving.

    Can you imagine Agabus saying “I have the seer anointing, as proven by the fact that a severe famine spread throughout the Roman world. See, told you it would happen. I’m a prophet, me” – even worse, if he had only ever mentioned it years after the fact!

    God is remarkably patient.

  5. Truthinator

    Still crazy after all these years… It is sad that he still gets camera time after his track record.

  6. frances marie fink

    Hi all thanks for the update and your input….atleast we rest in the Word of God, in the last days

    false prophets will arise…..and we see so many!

    thanks crystal

  7. Revelation 2:5

    My comment is regarding the source of this video. Right Wing Watch is a para-group with ‘People for the American Way.

    People for the American Way …… wonder if the are “really” for the “american way”?
    I think not (if you research the founder and their history).

  8. John P

    Bakker and his ilk have no shame. For what he’s done he should be just slink away and stay out of sight,….. I’m convinced that Bakker and his types are the ones spoken of in, I think it’s II Timothy: “…. those that preach that godliness is gain, from such turn away.”

  9. Kiwi Dave

    The way that Jim Bakker speaks he reminds me of one of those spiritualists or mediums. I saw this, I saw that, but even the way he describes what he supposedly “saw” apparently in 1999 is the same as when a medium describes their visions. It’s all like the supposed “prophecies” of Nostradamus. Hundreds of years later an event happens that is attributed to his “prophecies”. If what Jim Bakker says is true, where is the evidence that he shared his “visions”, and most importantly why didn’t he warn anyone saving all those lives, or at least attempting to save those lives? He is as credible as I would be if I claimed that I had a dream of a “great baloon filled with fire and dreadfulness”. That “prophecy” is vague and open to any kind and all of interpretaion, as in all truth it has no meaning whatsoever in the real world. Now, unless the Goodyear blimp explodes and crashes to earth, that supposed “dream” has no menaing. The Goodyear blimp is also filled with Helium, and inert gas. So in the end, Jim Bakker is making everything up, and I think that sick thing about all his claims is that he is deliberately exploiting the tradgedy of 9/11 and all the lives lost in order to promote himself, and earn money for himself. Cindu Jacobs is no better. The thing that really stood out in that video were these three words – “I don’t know”. When the Lord God of Heaven and Earth speaks – you WILL know.

  10. Street Preacher

    Why do these false prophets keep on going? How foolish people are to believe the lies and falsehoods they speak. Jesus said by their fruits you shall know them, Matt 7 v 20. Give them the fruits check and see if they are what they claim to be. Much of these so called “prophets” say..”well the Lord told me this” or “then God told me…..Where is the discernment? Is it in God’s Word? Oh, maybe God is giving them extra biblical knowledge………like Joseph Smith, Charles T Russell or Mohammed. Yeah Right. If it is not in God’s Word it is not from God! Deut 18 v 22.

  11. eli

    I prophesied hurricane Katrina 1 year before it happened. No really I did! =/ See how easy it is!!! It is my recolection of bible study is that the prophets NEVER waited till after-the-fact to tell the people what they needed to know. absoluetly anybody can SAY the did after its all over, but a true prophet that does not make. and people follow these charletans in droves like lemings.

  12. Ruitje

    False prophets always say after the event took place that they prophecied about it… It is so easy to discern these false prophets.

  13. Ruitje

    These prophets should be ashamed! If they knew this why didn’t they warn the government? Well they didn’t warn the government because they never had that vision. They are liars.

  14. Bud Press

    I wasn’t going to say anything, but last year I predicted that a turtle would cross a paved road in Florida during the summer of 2011. I didn’t write it down or tell anyone, but I expext everyone to believe me.

    Yeah, right…

    Bud Press

  15. Bud Press

    In the video, Jim Bakker claims he “saw” a “vision” of 9/11 in 1999 (two years before September 11, 2001). At 1:50 into the video, Bakker stated, “I think we coulda stopped 9/11”. Bakker’s claims raise many questions, such as:

    — Did Bakker inform anyone within the U.S. government?

    — Did Bakker notify New York law enforcement agencies and fire departments?

    — Did Bakker try to contact President Bush and the Mayor of New York?

    — Did Bakker call and warn the F.B.I., Secret Service, C.I.A., and officials at the Pentagon?

    — Did Bakker share his “vision” in full-page ads in major newspapers in New York and Washington, D.C.?

    — Did Bakker contact all of the major airlines and warn them about the terrorist plot?

    — Did Bakker appear on any radio or television program and scream and shout a warning about 9/11?

    — If none of the above would listen, why didn’t Bakker stand in the doorways of the World Trade Center a few days before the terrorist attacks, and warn thousands about 9/11?

    — Did Bakker do EVERYTHING in his power to prevent the deaths of thousands on 9/11?

    Again, Jim Bakker stated, “I think we coulda stopped 9/11”. But what did he actually do to stop it?

    Bud Press

  16. Barry

    God speaks thru his son Jesus and not these people or any like them.They are not prophets of God,they are prophets for profit.They are ignorant of the scripture that says God spoke in former times by the prophets but in these last days thru his son Jesus.All that came before was leading up to the coming of Jesus,everything was pointing to him and is summed up in him.Let me say again God speaks thru his son Jesus.These people and others like them have perverted the scripture when it is talking about a prophet and prophecy.Jesus will say to them or anyoner like them depart from me I never knew you.They are leading people astray from God and the truth in scripture,this is demonic nonsense.

  17. Grant

    It’s amazing how these guys get a following

    First off if you had a “vision” of this happening why didn’t you take dominion over it, bind it from happening with all the power and authority you have as a prophet? It doesn’t speak well of your amazing ability.

  18. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Good thing the CIA and the FBI have nothing to do with those two darlings–we’re in deep enough trouble as it is.

    Yes, Bud, you hit the nail on the head–my thoughts exactly.

    Good news though, we can collectively pray and trust our God that He will provide safety and protection in our lives, and always hope for the best–as we prepare, prepare, prepare. K

  19. ian vincent

    While i don’t support Bakker, i think it is perhaps a false-dichotomy to assume, therefore, bcos of such wild claims, that God *will never* show His people future events, in dreams, visions, etc. Jesus said the Holy Spirit will show you thngs to come.

    And, if you had a dream that NY was going to be destroyed, what would you do with that information? Call up the president and tell him? Tell the mayor?

    What i’m saying is that God could give you a dream of a future catastrophic event and there’s nothing much you could do about it. Hardly anyone would believe you if you told them what you dreamed or saw. or heard, let alone anyone in the White House.


  20. Bud Press

    Grant: You made an excellent point. They claim the ability to take dominion and prophesy, but their claims are like dead seeds falling on dead soil. Indeed, a claim without irrefutable proof is a fairy tail.

    The following Scriptures provide irrefutable proof as to how God views those who claim to be prophets, but fail miserably: Ezekiel 13:9; Ezekiel 22:28; Jeremiah 14:14; Jeremiah chapter 23.

    Bud Press

  21. Sean

    Regarding the statement:
    “What i’m saying is that God could give you a dream of a future catastrophic event and there’s nothing much you could do about it.”

    God would not give out such a warning without a purpose for the warning. I can’t believe that God would notify someone in advance of an event like this and leave the person high and dry without any means to do something about it.

    Was God’s purpose to enable the “prophet” to brag about being warned ten years after the event?

  22. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Don’t want to sound like a big baby, or go off topic (but I will)– where are you Carolyn?

    Miss you–doing okay? Family doin’good–honey bun is good? Give a holler up there from Canada and let us know what’s happening.

    Big hugs to you,

  23. ian vincent

    Look at Bible prophecy. Did God forewarn us what would happen in the future so that we could pray and prevent it happening? No. He told us so that we would understand, when it happens, that He is in control.

    And anything the Holy Spirit shows us about the future will be in line with Bible prophecy.


  24. The Still Man

    This may be a little off topic, but the “I CARE” logo that he is wearing on his hat if read backwards, could actually spell ERASE JESUS phonetically (Jesus starts with the letter “I” in Latin). Then again, maybe I’m just tired.

    Incidentally, Chrystal, you seem to have a few Christian connections, so please pass around to all Christian bloggers you know that if they are using the WP-Bible plugin, it is inserting a line of code on every page where it is being used that says “Izbrano poglavje ne obstaja!” which, it turns out, is Slovenian for “The Selected Issue Does Not Exist.” A Google search of this term brings up nothing but Christian webpages, and they all begin with this blurb followed by “WP-Bible plugin,” then the first lines of the webpage.

    The author of the plugin is listed as Matej Nastran, and he doesn’t give any information at all about himself. But given that a search of the above term yields all Christian websites, what are the chances that God is the issue that does not exist? (Also he ends the phrase in the emphatic, so….)

    Mr. Nastran may just be a practical joker. On the other hand, if he is a malicious hacker who dislikes Christians, he has found a beautiful way to find all Christian websites running his plugin to which he could do whatever he likes. Then again, it could be nothing. At the very least, it is a problem, because nowhere on his plugin site does Mr. Nastran tell us that using this plugin would insert a stealth line of code. It could just as easily had been a virus. And it’s still not clear that it isn’t. So, please pass this information around if you would be so kind. Thanks, Chrystal.

    The Still Man

  25. The Still Man

    Sorry, Chrystal, I should have said that the plugin inserts the line “Izbrano poglavje ne obstaja!” on every page where reference to a Bible verse is made. For instance, if you have John 14:6 on a webpage, that webpage will have the offending line inserted.

    If you go to your tags and hit any category where you know the posts have Scripture references, on the abbreviated content summary you can see the phrase before your content is displayed. Otherwise run a search for the phrase followed by your site name and it will pop up. Again, this is only if you are running the WP-Bible plugin.

    The Still Man

  26. Carolyn

    hahahhahahha Kate. I’m fabulous darling…everything is good…bin bizy but glad to heer sumwon mist me.:-)
    As for the topic at hand…Where does mysticism begin and end? That’s what you have to answer for yourself. For me it ended when I realized that the only test for truth is the Word of God. If it doesn’t line up with the Word or the character of God or the purpose and plans of God…it’s just another false prophet saying, “God said this or God said that to me. God showed me this or that.”

    Today I was reading an interview from Herescope of an interview with Terry Gross and C. P. Wagner. Wagner was asked if he believed in the Rapture and the Tribulation and Wagner said that he used to believe it but…
    ” I don’t see how it fits now into what God is showing us.”
    To me that speaks volumes. How can you believe someone who believes his own revelation above the Word of God?
    So AS THE NUMBER of those who believe that:
    Matthew 24:37 As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man
    false prophets like Jim Bakker continue to lead the lambs away from the Word to follow their own mystical pathways. Look at his track record…that otta tell you everything you need to know.

  27. Sean

    There is a purpose in God providing us with biblical prophesy about the future. With this knowledge, it encourages us to make appropriate life and faith decisions, and to warn others. God certainly has no intention for us to prevent the future in which He has has in store. Most people think we a fools for believing in Biblical prophesy and will not believe us, but it should not stop us from warning them of God’s coming judgment as noted in Ezekiel.

    Bakker has demonstrated no useful purpose in God providing him with this so-called foreknowledge about 9/11/2001 except to brag about it after the fact. If he could not have prevented the event, he certainly could have made an effort to warn people as Bud has noted.

    If God warned me of something about to happen that would lead to the deaths of thousands, I would certainly try to do something about it BEFORE it happens. Should at least be able to save some lives.

  28. Pamela

    Not long after he got out of prison he was a sincere preacher against the prosperity gospel because of his experiences with it. However too many back then ministers refused to see him and had no interest in true restoration of him or his children. There is a sincere part of me that wonders if more normal sound preachers had reached out to Jim Bakker when he was in prison if he would have gone wacky like this. He probably does not see that he is doing a new flavor of the prosperity gospel by scaring people half to death to purchase his products. This is really sad.

  29. BJR

    Billy Graham and family reached out to Jim while he was in prison. They gave him their cabin in the North Carolina mountains to live in after his release from prison. There were other good preachers that reached out to Jim during his prison days and after he was released. When is Jim accountable to God alone? Jesus said in John 10:27 “My sheep hear my voice and follow me”. Is God telling Jim to build another Christian village and resort? Is God ok with Jim spending a hour a day scaring people into buying junk? I don’t think so! Jim is proving that a tiger doesn’t change his stripes! All of his prophecies are gloom, doom, and without any hope of restoration. God always desires that his people see the error of their ways, repent, and be restored to Him. It fits Jim’s message that all his prophecies lead to ultimate destruction. Gloom, doom, and destruction sell best for Jim.

    1. Pamela

      Not hardly,BJR. The Bible says that God has NOT given us the spirit of fear. Anyone that tries to scare me I refuse to listen to, especially if the person claims to be a Christian. It is horrible to use fear to sell products, promote political agendas and the like. I’m glad to hear there were more preachers that reached out to him. Sad he only listened to the loons.

  30. Laurie

    so what can we do to get this misguided undiscerning christian, false prophet, charletan, whatever he is off the air. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly, I have a huge check in my spirit as a spirit filled chritian any time I watch his television show. I am not the brightest bulb on the christmas tree, but I am still lit and there is something wrong here. Fear is not from God and Jim Bakker is selling it for profit. Get him and all of his so called christian celebrities off the air or better yet, pray he repents on air and says “I Was Wrong” again. I feel for this man for I think he has a good heart but definitely misguided.

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