Former Member Says IHOP is a Cult

I found this over at Sola Sisters, an excellent blog I enjoy and learn from.  Please take time to hop over there and read the whole post in its entirety.  Here’s a short snippet…there’s more after the jump.

A cult? Strong word you might say…and you are correct. It is not a word I use lightly or carelessly to label anything. But much prayer, time and years of research and personal experience have brought me to the conclusion that I can say confidently that the root system–or foundation–that IHOP is built on follows the basic premises and signs of a cult religious group.  When I first left IHOP, I went through a severe culture shock that is hard to put into words.  When I began studying the signs of cult fallout and the things that cult members go through after leaving a cult, my eyes began to open to what I had been a part
of and recently come out of.

Below I have listed some common signs of cult operation.  Below them, I cite in RED text short examples of my personal experiences at IHOP which illustrates these particular signs in action. After 5 years of being out of IHOP, I still hold to my position that it is a dangerous place for people’s hearts and have seen much destruction of families, relationships and marriages of those who have been involved with
this movement.

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13 thoughts on “Former Member Says IHOP is a Cult

  1. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Well, here we go again. Thank you Sola Sisters.

    IHOP, I tell ya, I thought it was the pancake house back about a year and a half ago–goofy me!

    So, as I continued here at Slaughter, I found that IHOP ain’t no pancake nothin’ but a cultish movement of misguided misfits all gettin’ together and supposin’ God is somewhere in there. Nah!

    Thank the Lord for education.:) K

  2. Mike A

    This was a very good blog – very informative. I especially like the various warning signs followed by true examples. I have seen more than my fair share of people take the road of “wonder thunder” – rather than just the plain simple truths of the Bible. I guess it goes with the territory.

  3. Trinity

    Remember that Jesus was falsely accused.
    Matt 10:25, Mat 12:24, 27, Mark 3:22, Luke 11:15, 18-19.
    These same accusers will kill you because they think they do God’s service; they will not hear for their eyes do not see, nor do their ears hear The Holy Spirit.
    Jesus gave warning in Mat 12:32, Luke 12:10
    Their very accusations are as murder; they commit libel and slander. These accusers of our brothers and sisters are manifesting and displaying their father satan’s behavior, Rev 12:10.

  4. Kara

    My Name is Kara and I too was hoodwinked by IHOP for over 6 years. I lived and breathed that place, I believed in the foundation of it and was lied to over and over again by the leadership. I saw many people come and go through that time but many that stayed year after year like myself and I would say to myself rthis must be okay it must be a good thing since so many talented people are here. But I was wrong. So wrong and because I did not seek and search and diligently do my research a veil was over my eyes for years and no one could tell me otherwise. Some of my friends left this place and found the truth of the scriptures but many others stayed but yet I did not get it maybe because deep inside I did not want to know the truth. I wanted to believe I could not be fooled or deceived I knew too much word, I had too much of a great realtionship with Jesus to be hoodwinked. But I was and I finally see this now. What took me seeing it, I really can’t say one thing, maybe it was when they fired someone in my department at IHOP when she was questioning money funds, maybe it was all the people that got sick through fasting so much and then having to be hospitalized and then having David Sliker state “Oh but we don’t force people to fast”. Or maybe it was when I started to work for the city of Jackson and noticed how many homes were owned by Diane and Mike Bickle that had no loans on them and how Mike Bickle has many different addresses and he isn’t living as much as a fasted lifestyle as he preaches. or maybe it was when I went to one session near the Prayer Room that did soaking sessions and the woman was sharing how she use to be part of IHOP and then found the truth behind herself being lied to and hoodwinked and finding the deeper love of the Father through the time she actually was as IHOP. Or maybe it was when I noticed one day how my so called IHOP friends were really only aquantances and not REAL friends because IHOP really doesn’t have a real community and does not know how to love one another as the bible teaches. I can’t tell you it was one thing or another I can only tell you it was a combination of things and through that combination of things, I have found the road of truth and the path to my glorious Father and have left this cult to seek and live the life Jesus died to give me. I tell anyone in this cult or thinking of it…do your research, the facts are clear and they are all within your reach Father God has allowed it be clear, but you must be willing to seek it in order to find it. Seek and you shall find, don’t be ignorant..and don’t just continue in the lies just because you think it is from the Lord, it is not! Let Him (TRUTH) show you. Just seek!

  5. ian vincent

    Kara wrote:

    “Or maybe it was when I noticed one day how my so called IHOP friends were really only aquantances and not REAL friends because IHOP really doesn’t have a real community and does not know how to love one another as the bible teaches. ”

    Since leaving IHOP have you found real frriends, real community and people who know how to love one another as the Bible teaches?

  6. Melissa

    Hi Kara you are not alone I was part of this charade til things started to just not make sense and I had more and more questions and the answers I was receiving were just not biblical. I too felt — but they are doing such good so much worship but I realized the good did not make up for the foundational lies this ministry was based on as well the lies it was preaching from the pulpit. I stopped going with my feelings and asked God to show me the truth. When I left it was difficult since my pastor as well as parents were very involved. Now that they too left IHOP after 9 long months and have seen the truth and done the research themselves they now have shared their views with our Pastor. Our church is no longer supporting IHOP the 100,000 a year it once did through donations and music and media. Yes 100,000$ they have since come to their senses and are building up the community we live in and are exposing the lies. Thank you God for helping me and using me to lead my family to truth and freedom from this horrible representation of who you really are.

  7. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Kara, your story is disturbing.

    Good news, because of your honesty, many I am sure will come to the realization (although a brutal one) that these so-called religious movements are just a load of bull… frankly, deadly!

    It’s not surprising to read what you have so bravely shared, the deceit is rampant; this blog site is full of similar experiences, so I think you will feel safe here to share– just keep your eyes on Christ alone.

    I find Chrystal Whitt to be fairminded and intelligent with a heart after our Lord.

    We are in dangerous times.

    Keep giving your knowledge as to the “wolves” who call themselves people of God– what god they’re serving is a complete mystery to me–guard your heart with all diligence, and if you need a break from churchianity to heal, take it.

    God bless you and your family,

  8. Kara

    @Ian, yes since leaving I have started to really put things into place and have been connected with a house church that is in the truth of the Word. I am slowly realizing my destiny with the Father and all we have because of Jesus, BUT I will not lie it has been difficult I live in the midst of what is called here the IHOP bubble. I see them all the time in the street or when I go to the store and I can’t even come to wave yet or say hello, to be honest I don’t even think any of them notice. They have this look about them as if they are in a fog it is weird I know I was like that as well as one time. Maybe oneday I will have the compassion to evangelize them but it is so hard when most don’t want the truth you need to have to want it and seek it. I will say this being part of Jackson County and working now for the City I have access to so much information and if people only really knew how wealthy Dianne and Mike Bickle are and how much they continue to lie to their flock …….the sheep would be mighty surprised.
    @everyone else….thank you…I know this is a new journey for me but I am up for the freedom walk. blessings in HIM.

  9. ian vincent

    @ Kara

    So glad to hear you’ve come into fellowship with some like-minded saints who love Jesus in spirit and in truth.

    I know what you mean about “the bubble”. The glazed eyes reveal that people have slipped into unreality. They’ve gone out on a limb too far and lost touch with the reality of the Kingdom of God – Spiritual pride (justifying their fleshly pride with ‘spiritual’ reasons) – Elitism…..

    The reason i asked the question about finding real Christian love is that although IHOP is a cult, even the supposedly solid evangelical churches are just as superficial.

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