Paula White’s New Show

Paula White has a brand new show, and it’s called, “Just Paula.”  It premieres on Wednesday, May 4, 2011, at 9:00 p.m. on TBN.  To be honest, if this video is any indicator, it looks like a mixture of reality show and ministry.  Still too soon to tell.  This is just another avenue for Paula White to spread more Word of Faith false doctrine.  Please pray for everyone in her path, that they would not be deceived by her and that they would open their eyes and reject her brand of prosperity false gospel.

28 thoughts on “Paula White’s New Show

  1. Lady D

    What’s wrong with being “just” a wife and mother????????? And what’s wrong with her lips???

  2. Ruitje

    The title ‘Just Paula’ says it all: it is all about Paula White. Not about Jesus…

    Will she ever repent and make a program with the title ‘Just Jesus’? I fear she is to deceived to see the truth, but may be God will show her mercy and open her eyes.

  3. Kurt Michaelson

    This is an example of the church trying to become like the world, when it should be the world desiring to become like the church. Paula White is no example of the church either, but this reality type show is ridiculous. What is it that she is aiming to prove – that’s she’s just like everyone else?

    Maybe this is a way for her to try and tap into the reality tv market, to help fund herself a little more, probably because she’s not earning enough at WWIC or on TBN.

    @Lady D – she’s probably had some collagen injections and probably has been getting them on a regular basis too. Her lips were never like that 5 years ago.

  4. Mike A

    A wise pastor once told be, “Be wary of any ministry that bears the preacher’s name”. Good advice I think.

  5. 2plus2

    This woman is perhaps the scariest of all the ‘money preachers’. Her hand and body movements and her flimsy message of prosperity are straight out of ‘Marjoe’. Catch a glimpse sometime of her in her tight dresses and 4″ spiked heels telling her sheeple about Jesus….it’s laughable that anyone could sit and listen to the trash she teaches. Really, what surprises me is the number of folks that keep falling for this same old tired prosperity/wealth message. The only reason these liars can sleep at night is because they have no conscience.

  6. Talia

    I’ve heard Paula say that “Jesus was not the ‘only’ begotten son of God.” WHAT! That settled it for me. She is clearly a beautiful, sweet, motivational, inspiring FALSE TEACHER.

  7. Carolyn

    Many years ago, I went to a women’s retreat with a friend where Paula was the speaker. She was a fashion statement then and she is a fashion statement now. If you try to emulate Paula, you will end up like her;
    -spouting her WOF doctrine,
    -humbly describing some supernatural meeting with Jesus or detailing an encounter with an angel,
    -entertaining with an enviable demonstration of dramatics
    -more diva than you have money for.

    Interesting to see the before and the after. Now she is a little more professional, a little more smooth and polished with a glittering presence. Just remember: everything that glitters is not gold. Her teachings are saturated with Word of “Your” Faith sentiment…”your” decisions design your destiny, “you” can have have what “you” say, “your” reality will be what “you” take authority over…etc. There is no reconciling these doctrines with submission to the will of God or to the Word of God.

    Once again, there is the true and there is the counterfeit. If you have counterfeit teachings you will have counterfeit reality. The trials will be real, but the solutions will be completely worldly, fleshly and destructive to your faith. Instead of trials serving the purpose of driving you toward the Lord, you will be driven toward visions of personal grandeur, into systems mammon of and onto the stages of the world.

    1 Peter 1:7
These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.

    Let me snatch you from the fire, my friend…while there is still time…and if you don’t know where that’s found, you need to stop listening to Paula and start reading your Bible.

  8. Grant

    It’s all about her-I watched about 45 seconds and had to stop the video as the video oozed ickiness

  9. mkayla

    I’ve always called her “polished Paula” because she is completely flawless. For a time she took some teaching/training from TD Jakes and called him “daddy” in those days. She learned to raise her own money to support her show(s). Here she is, years later looking younger now than she did then. Work and dedication to a true Christian life does not make us look younger or sexier, but money can buy lots of beauty treatments including surgery. So, give your best gift now cuz the bod’s a-saggin’!

    This woman, and many like her have nothing to offer a true woman of God. Pick up your bible and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you the word and truth of God. This is true beauty that will not fade.

  10. Carolyn

    @mkayla – well said! It’s not that dowdiness or frumpiness is the mark we should be aiming for, but by the time we reach celebrity style we are way past the Biblical model of “modest”and well into self absorption…but of course, that is WOF doctrine in a nutshell, isn’t it?

    @Grant…is ickiness even a Word? ….just spent 45 sec. looking it up in the dictionary. It is and once again…I am impressed by your sophisticated and graphic use of the English language.

  11. Grant

    I thought of the word icky after hearing the adams family theme song
    “they’re all together icky”

  12. watchman1948

    It may be of interest to note that Brian McLaren recieved an invitation from Paula White and Donald Trump to meet with them on May 12, 2011 at Trump Towers, NYC.

  13. Jenn

    Did anyone hear how she asked that one lady if being a wife and mother is all she thinks God has for her. She makes it sound as though that is not a very important or fulfilling calling. I think it a most holy calling!!

  14. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Carolyn, sista girl– The Addams Family, precisely–on Broadway, now–wish you and your hubby were here–we could tear-up NYC. I cracked up at that post–you are too funny!

    There’s some very funny people on this site and if I need a laugh and a lift (and I don’t mean plastic surgery), I just click on Slaughter and know this site always delivers.

    Praise God for you guys! K:)

  15. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Hey! I forgot to wish all you mothers out there a Happy Mom’s Day–so let me know, give me some details as to how you spent your day, would love to know.

    Talk to you soon, K

    PS–Kiwi, looks as though Auckland had a ferocious tornado–how you doin’, and Beracah, are you enjoying the other part of the world?:)

  16. Daffydil

    Ok, now when that theme song goes around in your head – don’t forget the finger snaps!
    A church I frequent (sorta-kinda) had a women’s conference last week titled “Healing, Dreams, and Prophecy”. The “stars” of the show were Barbie Breathitt, Joan Hunter & Paulette Reed. I say stars because they were not there with a servant attitude. The day before they flew in, they emailed a list of demands (rock stars, anyone?) to the Pastor, who wasn’t expecting such a thing. They choose the songs for “worship” and pretty much demanded they were in charge of the show. If something went wrong, it was as if the world would end right there. They brought all their books, dream cards, jewelry, and other assorted Jesus junk to sell. Knowing who and what Barbie is (thanks to this site), I stayed away – I don’t need mystical trash coming into my spirit. My husband wanted me to go to see what the devil is up too….no good. He’s up to no good. Now sweet little Paula has her own show. She had to get her lips done!! Don’t you understand – her own show! This Diva caught the spotlight – for at least five minutes. But, there is coming a day when we all shall stand (I think I’ll faint) before the Father. These folks need prayer that they would come to repentance before that day – the Bible doesn’t call it “great and terrible” for nothing!

  17. Denise Smith

    In Genesis, we learn that God formed Eve, to be a “suitable help-meet” for Adam…then, the two of them were told to “be fruitful”…
    Paula : “Do you think God created you, just so you would be a wife and mother?

  18. Magnolia

    I see that Sister Paula didn’t let a little trip to the Vatican with Brother Hinn slow her down. No sir……the sister’s got it going on…..and if you don’t believe it, just look at the gazillion pictures of her in the photo gallery on her website. Has she confused ministry with a Vogue Magazine photo shoot? Talk about narcissistic………

    This pathetic woman wants to be a movie star/celebrity/model/starlet/centerfold, not a minister of the Gospel. Miss “Barbie” White needs to just get it out of her system and move to Hollywood. However, she does have a problem. She’s just a little too old for Hugh Hefner. I guess ‘ole Paula missed that part in the New Testament about modesty……..probably too busy making donations to the Vatican.

    What is going on with women in so-called Christian ministry? Plastic surgery, botox, tummy tucks, peroxide, tight jeans, six-inch heels, cleavage, etc. etc. Most of them look as though they belong in a casino, not in a church. Just look how Joyce Meyer now dresses on stage in her “tight-fitting” jeans, complete with “tight-fitting” tops. It’s ridiculous and it’s certainly not modest according to Biblical interpretation. Narcissists on parade……..

  19. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Magnolia–that was quite a post– some good points; don’t bite too hard though as we have enough wolves out there to do that.

    Joyce is looking pretty good, to my observation, for a 67-68 year old, or so, woman.

    We women-folk need to take care of ourselves and remain healthy into older age; watch our cholesterol and keep our bones strong and our minds alert and clear; be attractive to our husbands as they should be for us.

    If we are single, be beautiful and healthy as unto the Lord and work diligently to bring the lost to salvation–be an encouragement to the Body of Christ.

    I haven’t seen her dress inappropriately–she appears fashionable–I appreciate that; there’s no cleavage revealing clothes, as I can tell.

    However, I do not approve of immodest clothing–believer or not.

    Some Christian denominations may find anything short of a burka as distasteful.

    **PS– Re: May 21st –hey guys, if you are in a different time zone today, or happen to be in tomorrow as per the International Dateline–are you guys already gone–am I still here–somebody let me know!

  20. eyezwideopen

    “Just a hot mess”better describes it to me! This is just another gimmick and side hustle to maintain the lavish life style she has grown accustomed to. The economy is preventing the sheeple from just torment over their hard earned money anymore some have actually woke up to the game! Dont hate lol….Lsdy P is just getting her paper right, besides its hard out here for a pulpit pimpette!

  21. ian vincent


    “Joyce is looking pretty good, to my observation, for a 67-68 year old, or so, woman. ”
    That’s what a facelift will do for ya!

    I think people like Joyce actually PARODY the Christian life.

    Is there any famous preacher left in America who is NOT a fake?

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