South Carolina Church Uses Toilet Talk to Draw Crowds

Seeker-driven, relevant churches employ a multitude of gimmicks in order to draw people in and spawn a big crowd. We’ve seen horses in church. We’ve seen seeker-driven pastors ride onto the pulpit on motorcycles, we’ve seen the granny rap, the mosh pit, and the list goes on and on. Well, now a church in Greenville, South Carolina has employed “poop” talk to draw in the masses.

My question is this… Does this pastor really think talking about poop is going to draw big crowds? Seriously?

This is what happens when pastors forsake the gospel and turn to gimmicks. There’s no low too low for them to sink to.

Read and weep.

GREENVILLE, S.C. — A Greenville pastor says signs in front of his church that talk about “poop” are designed to stir up dialogue and to make people laugh, but not everyone sees the humor.Recently, one sign at Trinity Community Church in Greenville said, “Everybody poops.”

The sign this week says, “Playing with poop.”

Pastor Richard Bowers says it’s all just a humorous marketing approach for his church.

“The church needs to be there to help people laugh.”

Bowers said his poop campaign is based on the fact that “everyone poops and everyone sins.”

Bowers, who has been pastor for seven years, says, “We kind of dig out the things people can relate to.”

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42 thoughts on “South Carolina Church Uses Toilet Talk to Draw Crowds

  1. David T

    When I saw the name of the city…..I was thinking “What is Perry Noble doing now?” but then I remembered that he is from Anderson.

    Anyway, this is just disgusting and Mr. Bowers has NO RIGHT to be a teacher of the Word and to be a Pastor by doing this disgusting acts. I am really starting to see 2 Timothy 3 anymore in this nation amongst our so-called “Church’s”.

  2. Harry

    They won’t be laughing when they go to hell because of your teaching my friend…..they will curse you…… careful you might hear them cursing you as you enter the place they went to because you preferred the broad way instead of the narrow…..

  3. ray

    The problem with the gimmick gospel’is that one needs to keep on finding more and more outrageous means to market the gospel, its a pity these folks fail to comprehend that the gospel was never meant to be marketed.
    Honestly, if the Lord does not grant someone the faith to understand the gospel, then no amount of excrement is going to aid the cause.

  4. Javanut

    Seriously? This pastor seriously thinks a sign about “poop” will open conversation opportunities with people about Jesus? Seriously?

    This reaffirms my belief that some people need a solid boxing of their ears.

  5. Eli

    it appears we have hit an all time low. This pastor needs a certificate or something for this. maybe we can make him one and send it to him. something like “Worlds Least Relevant Pastor” .

  6. Eli

    oh one more thing, did you notice how he didn’t even try to hid the agenda by calling it a “marketing approach”. There’s so much that could be talked about with just that one statement.

  7. Mike A

    “it’s all just a humorous marketing approach for his church.”

    No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me(BH) draws him (ESV) – John 6:44

    The Lord Almighty is quite capable (and good) at marketing Himself. That “pastor’s” job is to feed the sheep and equip the body of believers for service. How dare he start controversy for his own prides sake.

    I have a question: my sister and brother-in-law attend a cowboy church here in Texas (but it is a pretty good one). My brother-in-law has never been to church before and says he almost can’t wait to get to church week after week. The pastor there preaches verse by verse. That church is growing monthly in attendance because so many people have never been taught the word of God.

    Amazing difference, isn’t it?

  8. Gene

    “..and sitting for a 30 minute sermon can be a challenge.” Maybe that has something to do with what’s coming from the pulpit, especially it’s designed for seekers and not sheep.

  9. annunk

    Half of me is remembering that if you ask God for wisdom, not only will He give it, but He’ll give it liberally. So it would appear that this pastor failed to do that very thing. Then I’m also trying very hard to think on whatsoever is true, lovely, kind etc… so I’m trying to give this pastor the benefit of the doubt… But the bottom line is this: I think Javanut nailed it: You really think a sign about “poop” is going to help open up a door to discuss Jesus?


  10. mywordlikefire

    This is about as sad a thing as I have read…preach the gospel, have Biblical fellowship, and let Him send the people.

  11. Berakah

    A friend of mine keeps tabs on a local A/G church-relevant all the way. Not too long ago they had a series on sex-one Sunday was dubbed Porn Sunday-I bet that drew the crowds. We were in the A/G for 14 years and never saw filth like that. How can one live a holy, called-out life, separated unto Him and justify sitting in a church that teaches that garbage? God help us!

  12. Magnolia

    Another addition to the three-ring circus called the modern-day church. I’m just waiting for the day that a guy comes walking down the aisle in an apron and a hat selling cotton candy and hot dogs. Maybe they could sell those little lights that everyone waves during a concert. In the past, it was only the babies and children who needed a nursery. Now, the grown-ups are behaving worse than the children. These so-called Christians don’t need another gimmick, they need a pacifier. What lunacy! The line has finally been crossed into sacrilege. They forget that the good Lord is an excellent Accountant.

    My opinion on his new marketing strategy? Well, he may be right……because it is POOP.😦 Pass the air freshener.

  13. PineTreePreacher

    After all that has become “church outreach”, I can’t believe I took issue with small balsa wood airplane gliders with the church name printed on the wings. That’s what I took issue with years ago when the marketing gurus first found the untapped religious market. Clearly, they have tricked it, tapped it, and trivialized it. I’ve been out of step forever.

    I personally have dropped the use of the word Gospel or gospel in relationship to what rightfully belongs to the category of secular religion.

    The Trinity style demands new verbiage. How about cheap secular religion.

  14. Glenn E. Chatfield

    A major problem with the Church nowadays, which leads to this sort of foolishness, is that too many people see the church as a place to bring non-believers. This is unbiblical. The assembled saints gathered is for Christians, and if unbelievers show up that is okay, but we don’t form our assembly around reaching out to them. Preaching the gospel – evangelizing – is the job of the individual!

    I wrote an article about this at:

  15. Carol

    Is it any wonder why most churches lack any impact on the world around them? That man is not a “pastor” but a goat, worse yet, a wolf…and he’s not even dressed in sheep’s clothing any longer. With such a hideous sign to attract people “poop”, are you kidding me? It’s there in his words and actions and the lack of reverence for The Lord or His Word, thinking that this attracts a crowd…what kind of crowd??

    Can we be far from the end of the age?

  16. Carolyn

    How about if we get back to the Bible? That is rude and offensive even for secular marketers.

    @Javanut…I have my boxing gloves on. You take one side. I’ll take the other….

  17. Rans Ander

    Here’s a little more humor. Some preachers and most diapers need changing regularly, both for the same reason. This so called preacher is disgusting. He needs to find another job, because he is definitely not a shepherd.

  18. Randy

    This marketing campaign is offensive, misguided and shameful. That being said, we cannot definitively label the man a poor pastor or heretical preacher. However, trying to draw people to church with a dialog that connects via the imagery of human excrement does not lead me to any positive speculations. How did it come to this? Did the Apostle Paul work like this? Did he “market” Jesus? Do pastors like this read and study the Book of Acts?

    I am a pastor and work a full-time non-ministry job in the plumbing wholesale field as well. Can you imagine all the crazy ideas and illustrations I could come up with? Jesus “flushing” your sins away, etc. But it would be irreverent. It would not bring glory to the name of the Lord Jesus. It might get some laughs in the congregation, but how would Christ view it? These sorts of leaders have much in common with the Pharisees of Jesus’s day: they are more concerned with impressing people than with impressing God. Just open up to Matthew 23 to see how Jesus felt about that.

  19. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Ach du liebe!

    Okay, what can I say as I have given this alot of thought–I’m lying.

    I hope they have ample bathroom tissue ’cause they’re going to need it to clean up the… umm… fulminating, diarrheal diatribe dats gonna blow!

    Let us rejoice, for our Lord is risen as He said! :) K

  20. Mike A

    Glenn E. Chatfield

    As a pastor, I could not agree more with you on this very issue. The “Church” by definitions is the body of believers in the resurrected Christ. The body meets in a building. We welcome all visitors, but cater to the believer. Strange how this crucial matter has been so twisted in the name of greater numbers.

  21. Eli

    LOL @ Magnolia. Right on!

    oh and in my last comment, I meant to say “World’s Least Reverant..” not “Relevant”

  22. Doug

    If you want humor, just last night I read:
    “When a man has a particularly empty head, he generally sets up for a great judge, especially in religion.”
    John Ploughman (Charles Spurgeon) in this ‘talk’ is commenting on those who show their great spirituality by tearing apart the sermons of a preacher if they differ in one iota from their knowledge of Scripture and doctrine. It doesn’t matter how many times I read it-that opening sentence makes me laugh. I encourage you to harness all the powers of the internet to find and buy “John Ploughman’s Talks”.

  23. ali

    I hope none will have the audacity to ask “Why?” when judgment comes to America.

    With Rob Bell, The Schullers, the Rights of Mother Earth and now Pasator Poop, the question seems moot.

    “But because of your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of God’s wrath, when his righteous judgment will be revealed. God “will give to each person according to what he has done.” To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality, he will give eternal life. But for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger. There will be trouble and distress for every human being who does evil: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile…” Romans 2

  24. Truthinator

    As absurd as this is, there are MANY MANY groups doing the same sort of things… chasing the worldly by trying to be like them. When has this ever worked? Never. The “church” is a poor imitator of the world at its best (or worst). People will eventually get bored even when secular stuff replaces the worship of God. What will these relevance-driven “churches” do next… become bars?

    We should seek to be relevant to God not to the world. God saves, not us. We do not need to market God as if He was a ’78 Chevy Nova on a used car lot in Van Nuys, CA. Be true to God and He will build His church.

  25. ian vincent


    “Greenville said, “Everybody poops.”

    The sign this week says, “Playing with poop.”

    Pastor Richard Bowers says it’s all just a humorous marketing approach for his church.

    “The church needs to be there to help people laugh.”
    But who would find “Everybody poops” funny?

    Only idiots, right?

    It’s not dirty talk, or even toilet language, it’s just stupid.

    So they want to attract idiots, that’s good. They will feel right at home there.

  26. Eli

    Truthinator – the church in a bar has already been done. Jay Bakker has been doing that for a while. Whats next? church in a brothel??

  27. Tim

    You know this garbage is so discouraging for me. I was saved over 20 years ago and I’ve seen all the churches in my area go completely crazy over the years. I had been driving almost 100 miles one way to attend a church that I could barely tolerate and now I don’t even go anymore. I’m not someone looking for flaws, I just want to worship God and be challenged to keep growing as a christian. The articles I see on this site are heartbreaking , but that’s the way things are now.

  28. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Hi Tim– so sorry you are experiencing all this junk; don’t give up on Jesus, He will never leave you nor forsake you, that’s His promise.

    You’ll get over the hurt and as you are recovering from man’s craziness within the church and its dynamics, our God will show Himself to be all that you need!

    Now, isn’t that a relief?

    God’s best,

  29. Carolyn

    The jailer asked the right question when his crisis hit. “What must I do to be saved?”

    What are people asking today as our crises hit?
    What’s this week’s sermon from Pastor Poop? (Ana…LOL)
    What”shock factor” can I use this week to draw crowds?
    What acronyn can I use to make my point?

    I hear this question all the time lately from unbelievers…”what in the world is happening to the world?”
    Sometimes I get as far as …”the Bible says”….
    before they interupt with…”Bible? What Bible?…Pass me that newspaper; what does my horoscope say today?”

    Isaiah 47:13
    All the counsel you have received has only worn you out! Let your astrologers come forward, those stargazers who make predictions month by month, let them save you from what is coming upon you.

    If you want the right answers…start asking the right questions.

  30. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Good post, Carolyn.

    Hmm, 173 tornadoes–towns in Alabama were wiped out killing hundreds as super-tornadoes ripped through southern USA; Japan’s earthquake and tsunami killed tens of thousands–that’s what’s happening in the world today; people are terrified for their lives as crime escalates while police face impending lay-offs.

    Hunger and sickness is rampant in third world countries; Islamic nations are overturning their governments in bloody rioting.

    No one feels safe and no one feels secure.

    We are at the final crossroads– as now is the time of salvation; he who has an ear let him hear what the Lord is saying.

    Oh, as per Harold Camping, we’re all gonna die anyway this May 21, yippee!

    So, there ya go in a nutshell. Encouraging? Not really, but our hope is in Christ; we who know Him know His return is imminent.

    Let us prepare the way of the Lord and share the gospel of peace and hope; be a light that shines to the lost and to one another. God is with us all as we go– that’s His promise. K

  31. Carolyn

    Amen Kate!

    Speaking of Harold Camping…I think that he missed this simple and explicit instruction of the Lord. About his coming, Christ told us watch and be ready; you will know when it is near, even at the door…. BUT he repeated three times …no one knows the day or hour…day or hour….day or hour….
    Matthew 24:50
    The master of that servant will come on DAY when he does not expect him and at an HOUR he is not aware of.
    Matthew 24:36
    [ The Day and Hour Unknown ] “But about that DAY or HOUR no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.
    Matthew 25:13
    “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the DAY or the HOUR.

    We know when it is near, at the door, but we do not know the day or the hour. But Harold does…how is that, I wonder…extra biblical revelation? Well, somebody’s wrong here and my bet is on Harold Camping being wrong since this isn’t the first time he has set a specific date for the coming of the Lord.

  32. Carolyn

    To continue with my comment about Harold Camping…my question is how many immature Christian’s faith will be shipwrecked this time around because of Harold Camping’s overriding the Scriptures to insert his own delusion? How will those who have quit their jobs to roam about the country in a caravan feel when they Christ hasn’t come by May 21 around 6pm to be precise, or when they awake the next day and realize that they have set their hopes on a wrong presumption?

    This is the reason for this site and others like it. To make people think beyond the false prophets who they are looking to. Instead of reading the Word for themselves, they listen to the false interpretations, assumptions, twisted lies and the propaganda of these deceived individuals. It saddens my heart.

    And to those that give their opinions freely on the way they think we should be commenting according to their specific preferences, I have one more comment. Read your Bible and stop living by the light of your own emotional preferences. The Word is not all positive. It condemns false prophets in the most graphic of terms. So should we. Perhaps a few sheep will awake from their stupor!

  33. Berakah

    Thank you, Carolyn-the ENTIRE WORD and nothing but the ENTIRE WORD! Because of the influence of these greasy grace preachers and prophets, we have a whole group of people who are being led astray because they don’t take the time to confirm the “words” with the Word.

  34. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Well– there ya go! I’ll see you all at the rapture or whatever the heck it is on May 21st.

    Hey Kiwi–I am thinking of you and Beracah in NZ. Make sure you have a great time.

    Beracah, you and your family have arrived safely, was it today, or is it tomorrow, or possibly yesterday (the International Dateline).

    Umm, you will be back before May 21st, yes?


  35. Denise Smith

    Guess what kind of crowd this advertising will draw…serious minded truth seekers? Hardly. And should the “pastor” at some point, have a change of heart, and begin to speak Biblical Truth, the very ones that were drawn in by this nonsense, will leave.

  36. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Is everyone getting ready for the Harold Camping Showdown coming on May 21st?

    Eleven– wait a second– ten days and counting, guys?

    Listen, I think we should, all of us here at “Slaughter”, meet somewhere we agree on of course and just hold hands in a circle and get ready for the journey and the ride.

    Carolyn, you can beat the drums in the middle; Chrystal you can just keep giving us the news info as the event progresses; someone please find Ms. Teresa and tell her we miss her; Bud Press will probably just shake his head in utter disbelief as he thoroughly proves beyond a shadow of a doubt this event is not God’s final say and Beracah and Kiwi will just have to make it somehow from NZ… soon.

    Make sure we all, as our dear Mom’s always said, “Wear clean underwear. You never know, you don’t want to embarrass your father and me if you get into an accident and you have to go to the hospital!” Words of much wisdom.


    PS– Oh, I’m maxing-out all my credit cards; buying a house near “The Donald” in FL; eyeing that Lamborghini–happily buying every darned pair of Jimmy Choo and Prada shoes and Louis Vuitton purses while booking a world tour on the 13th and flying out from Rio in Brazil. How ’bout you guys?

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