Benny Hinn Being Sued by Publisher

Last summer, when the National Enquirer ran photos of Benny Hinn and Paula White in Rome holding hands, many came to Hinn’s defense, despite the fact that Hinn never publicly admitted the photos were wrong.  They admitted they were in Rome together, even though Hinn contradicted himself more than once when explaining how they got there.

Hinn and White quickly issued statements that basically said the photos, as well as their relationship, were taken out of context.  Well, apparently, Hinn’s book publisher, Strang Communications, believes there may be validity to the National Enquirer’s story and are now suing Hinn for violating the morality clause in the contract he signed with the publisher.

This is from an article in the Orlando Sentinel:

“Hinn acknowledged to his publisher “his inappropriate relationship” with White in August, according to the suit, and agreed that the publisher should get back its money, but he has yet to pay up.

Hinn’s lawyer, Miles Archer Woodlief of Mill Valley, Calif., did not return a phone call Thursday.”

If what Strang Communications alleges in the lawsuit turns out to be true, Hinn should be held responsible for lying to the public when he said his relationship with White was only friendly.

Stay tuned for more developments in this case.

51 thoughts on “Benny Hinn Being Sued by Publisher

  1. David

    It’s always sex or money that brings down these jokers–Hinn has been a fraud for decades–Strang enthusiastically promoted this fake despite his continual false teaching and the fact that he has been living like a king off the donations of his “followers.”

  2. Ali

    At no time has Benny Hinn been made to face up to the enormous damage that his false teaching has caused to individuals and to the body of Christ and so the problem continues.

    `There are some who trouble you and want to perfect the gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach any gospel to you other than the one we have preached to you, let him be accursed..” Galatians 1:7

    True repentence means to turn from evil and do good. Let us hope that this man who has lied and cheated his way through evangelism for years will indeed repent and turn from his wicked ways.

  3. J.E Diaz

    Hey; just like the old saying “birds of a feather flock together”
    I mean what sober christian, man or woman in a right state of mind would get intimately involved with either one of these characters? Can anybody imagine what kind of talk these two engage in pertaining the things of God? Whoa!!!
    The roof in the house of delirious thinking is very well supported by these two pillars!

  4. J.E Diaz

    And for the record:
    Just like all of you friends of Chrystal; I don’t rejoice in the fall of any man of God, but when these type of ppl get exposed, I do pray that all who follow their teachings don’t turn their backs on Christ; but rise-up and do give-up giving credit to the lot of these folks!

  5. michael Henry

    Stay tuned? I don’t follow personalities and I could care less what Hinn or White does or says. Exposing any and every thing they say or do at this point does zero, It’s not just that they are false teachers, it’s the millions who gather to themselves with itching ears what they want to hear that bear responsibility also. I appreciate your works and post in any case.

  6. Kurt Michaelson

    Benny Hinn, like the other false teachers of his kind are adept as covering up their lies to the people that have faithfully supported them with their money, but he can’t lie to his publisher with such ease.

    I agree with J.E Diaz’ last comment regarding the people that may turn their back on Christ because of lies that they have heard and wonder what else has also been a lie. If they’re smart, EVERYTHING.

  7. Dj B

    Why don’t we just pray for them for we all have fallin short. We can pray for them but it doesn’t mean we continue to flock towards them either. And those who fall away because of this? I guess their walk with the Lord wasn’t so strong after all. Do we place our faith in man or God? Like mike henry said above, they follow their “itching ears”. Days r comnn and r already here where true prophets and apostles r rising up from the ashes. A new breed is comn forth. A do pray that what’s going on with them is not true. Selah!

  8. J.E Diaz

    I understand your point my beloved brother; our faith should be placed on Christ alone! But also we have babes that were led by others to places where unfortunately the “placed and trusted” source’s of instruction and interpretation happen to be those we know are false teachers. We can’t dismiss and take lightly what Paul wrote to Timothy concerning how carefully a leader has to guard his mind and what follows to come out of his mouth when teaching; “Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers” -1Tim 4:16-
    Influence carries a great deal of responsibility; these folks have a great deal of misguided followers that actually “worship” them, and naive ppl looking for answers just follow suit. We have in these masters of deceit a diplomatic version of Jim Jones!
    Kurt M: Not for nothing but that’s a good one; “he can’t lie to his publisher on such case”

  9. Teresa

    @ DJ you said………. Days r comnn and r already here where true prophets and apostles r rising up from the ashes. A new breed is comn forth. A do pray that what’s going on with them is not true. Selah!

    Please explain this “new breed” you are referring to…………..and these true prophets and apostles…… whom are rising from the ashes. What are you talking about?

  10. Bill Fawcett


    New Breed- you know like Todd Bentley. Oh, that’s right, he modeled his ministry and morality after Benny Hinn.

    Actually “new breed” refers to the super-race (chosen seed) of divinie “manifest sons.” As Bob Jones states:

    “They themselves (the church) will be the generation that’s raised up to put death itself underneath their feet.”

    Quoting Bill Hamon:

    “God has released his Holy Spirit to bring His revelations and activation to the end-time Church. This will bring forth the last generation of mortal people, unlimited power, new products and more places dedicated to fulfilling God’s present-truth purposes.”

  11. Kiwi Dave

    Don’t worry. Benny will just appear all tearful on TV and then beg for “donations” or “giftings” from all his “partners” to pay back the publisher. That’s who’ll end up paying. Benny Hinn will not pay one cent out his own bank account. Remeber his “shortfall” a $2 million dollars or so? Who ended up paying for that? Not Benny Hinn, that’s for sure. Also, his followers are completely blind to his false teachings and deception, as it is written:

    “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” Matthew 15:14 KJV

  12. Woody Bailey

    Another reason why I stopped subscribing to “Charisma” magazine years ago. Absolutely no discernment!

  13. Teresa

    @ Bill Fawcett

    Thank you for your information. I know all about these “NEW BREEDS” and super prophets and apostles that he is referring to. I came out of the WOF/NAR movements. I was in a church who had a woman preacher, their covering was Bill Hamon. She was crazy………………………

    I was seeing if DJ would elaborate further on what he was talking about, I was fishing for information from his comment. Thanks God bless

  14. Teresa

    @ Bill Fawcett

    Thanks for the information you provided. I was concerned that my response to you did not sound good, my tone. Thank you

  15. Dj B

    Hey guys. The new breeds I’m referring to r ones who don’t require the “spotlight” to do their thing. I’m not talkin bout bentley and some of those people. There is a newer or pure breed God is raising up for a special purpose. These don’t care about their name or fame and or not interedted in “business as usual”. They have holy set themselves bout for a specific purpose. They r like nataniel in which there is no guile. They don’t have any ulterior motives. They r clear is what I mean. No games.

  16. Teresa

    @ DJ
    May I ask whom are you referring to, just wondering. Do you have name’s of some of these people “New Breeds”
    I am not trying to put you one spot, I was just wondering,

  17. Tim Thompson

    I agree that God is raising up uncommen people because I have not ever been to bible college and I am just a nobody but God is giving me favor in many directions and places but I am still just a commen day guy that wants to share the gospel with those that hate God or those that are in to Satanism.I just want people to understand the heart of God,this is why I wrote the book A PSYCHIC DISCOVERS JESUS,because to many people dont realize Jesus isnt about prosperity or fame hes all about love,mercy and grace.

  18. Rene

    I don’t think that they will get the money back at all – no matter what the contract says. Reason? Because somewhere along the line one of them is going to have to admit things that very well would be considered to be embarrassing for both sides – the fact that they KNEW that the stories about Hinn and White were indeed TRUE and didn’t stand up and admit it vs. the sidestepping that they did on the story – or – that Hinn would have to publicly admit that he did indeed do as was told in the story and thus hurt his financial base (those that support his lavish lifestyle).

    They get the money back – how are they going to explain the money returned and their not addressing an article worthy topic to those that read their publications? How is Hinn going to explain his comments to his supporters?

    No matter how you look at it, I see it as going the way of private negotiations from here on out and that this is the last you will hear of it from the media.

  19. Ruitje

    @Dj B, but this new breed you talk about is still ‘special’ and sounds like the new breed people like Ryan Wyatt and Rick Joyner have been talking about. What is that special purpose?

  20. J.E Diaz

    Allow me to get this out my chest Chrystal, and I promise this will be the last one!
    There’s no new breed of proclaimers of truth just like there isn’t one of heretical teachings. We always had the combination of both since the early church. What we do have is a sad manifestation of a falling away caused by the tolerance of those who just hang-out w/the church (just going along to get along) hoping the grace of God will save them while not having any sense of liability, ignoring that to allow is to participate and silence gives consent! But I would like to add; the fueled passion of the primitive church in spite of tenacious persecution was due to the example of the apostles and their diligence in discipling. They believed (so the we) that the only way to live for Jesus is abiding in His Love and His Word, just longing the perfect will of God! They did that and now is our turn! We can’t blame nobody if we are not right with God, “since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses.” The Scriptures are sufficient to set us straight; all we need is in them “for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” You know what the vast majority of believers is doing? Deliberately following the easy-talk of smooth-talkers; cause it’s harder to follow the high legacy standards left by those who walked in the Spirit, not wanting to loose track of Christ’s footsteps.

  21. Bill Fawcett


    Aside from the fact I am unaware of any biblical basis for a “new breed” in these end times (or any time for that matter), how do they compare to the great cloud of witnesses – those that have gone before us? Like David Brainerd, for instance. How would your concept of “new breed” compare to his exempliary life? Or how about Jim Elliot?

    If you don’t know of these men, I will try to find some resources for you. One you have considerd these men, please tell me how your vision of a “new breed” differs as I think it will go a long way in helping you to make yourself clear to the group.

  22. Rene

    @J.E Diaz

    IF I am understanding you correctly, you are really saying in effect that people are going BACK to the ways that was the foundation of Christianity – serving over seeking the name on THEIR ministry approach. IF I am correct – I think that to be wonderful.

    I would disagree somewhat with what you have written in that it isn’t that it is ‘easier to follow the easy talk of smooth talkers’ – but it seems, from my perspective alone and could only be something that isn’t common where others live – that people really follow because they too seek to have others to look up to them, almost like it gives them an identity in a world where it is getting harder to stand out from the crowd. Honestly?? Doing what many are doing, the repetative phrases that they seem to think that if they don’t do the world will quit spinning or something bad will happen is more work than just following Jesus. Sort of – – well, just off the top of my head and not well defined thought yet – – but sort of like because of the low self esteem they feel that they have to EARN salvation by doing all these strange things vs. just following Jesus.

    Again, asking if I am hitting on any of what you are attempting to make a point about?

  23. Teresa

    @ Bill Fawcett…

    Well, the verdict is out on that one….LOL If throwing a “butcher knife” down the pew while preaching makes her the crazier… then yes she is crazier….. C Peter Wagner and that bunch teach about an “umbrella of authority” and how “we” or the “local churches” come under their covering. I researched this but is has been a while since I read about this.

    Someone said somethings about her and her family, mainly her daughter. I am sure she was hurt but instead of her going to this person directly and privately she aired it out in front of the whole church.
    She demonstrate her point by having her grandson stand under the umbrella while she talked about how we come under her covering. She said that while we are under her covering, she prays and protect us and our families from the enemy. She said that when we gossip and talk about her family, we step out from under her covering. She then had her grandson step out from under the umbrella takes the butcher knife and starts stabbing the umbrella into shreds. She throws the knife down the pew and walks out with her family.
    That was the last time I went to that church. Like I said she is CRAZY

    CRAZY STUFF She said lot more but that is enough said. BTW I clicked on your name and when to your website….. good stuff….

  24. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Hey Kiwi– I’m watching your NZ home, Christchurch is being hit, or has been hit by a significant earthquake. Are you and your family okay? God be with you all and please let us know how you are doing. We’ll be praying for your safety. Be encouraged the Lord is with you. K

  25. Bill Fawcett


    I hope we didn’t run you off; I would absolutely love to continue the discussion about the “new breed” and see if we both can come to a better understanding of each other’s viewpoint. The new breed teaching is not anything new, it can be traced back to the latter rain movement in the 50’s, was carried on by Paul Cain, and now is being promoted by Bob Jones, Todd Bentley and Mike Bickle in various forms.

    Essentially the problem I have with it is that the promises and benefits of being a Christian are static. I don’t believe that this (or some future) generation can experience more than my forefathers, as Jesus was sacrificed 2000 years ago. Same sacrifice, same crucified life, same rewards.

    It also “breeds” a spirit of elitism that is not conducive to the “way of the cross.”

    I’ll tell you what- you study Brainerd and Elliot and I will pull together some info for a new blog article on the etemology of “new breed” and perhaps we can chat more here or on my blog. Deal?

    Chrystal can cross-post the article or link it if she wishes, but I think this will be an interesting study and I’m willing to put some long hours into it. But it is a two-way street and we need to continue respectful open discussion.

    Bless you.

    Elliot link
    (the book is excellent, too)

    He is no fool

    Brainerd link

    “men of whom the world was not worthy” Heb 11:38

  26. J.E Diaz

    Gee Rene, you’re making me break a promise here since I stated that was going to be my last one! Lol
    But, let me try to simplify my comment, which after I hit that “post comment” little square and after noticing all the orthographic errors, realized some comments can read different then intended.
    Definitely many folks have been led astray by others, and others enticed by their own desires have choosen where to go and who to follow. But I know that all revelation about all things, ppl, places, and times have been generously and divinely revealed to us in our Bibles. Our best teacher and guidence is concentrated right there. So if those who “say” that believe, (like we believe) simply believed in what is plainly there to be read and applied, regardless of whatever anyone says or does, then I believe that the life and power of the Word can guide everyone who seeks salvation, not (as you mentioned) recognition, and lead them away from ravenous wolves and false teachings. Jesus said: “Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice” also “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” Hey beloved, I hope to have clarified my comment and not jumped into some other sphere of convictions. Take care and may God continue to bless you immensely!
    Just to let you know, I am new at blogging and just like to share my thoughts with others so I guess I got attracted by Chrystal’s impressive passion for this, Lol.

  27. Rev's. Kate & Rich M.

    Teresa–I understand illustration as a part of successful teaching, but I have a BIG problem with the knife and shredding the umbrella–then throwing the knife… keep running. K

  28. Teresa

    Bill F
    That’s it “Umbrella of Protection” thanks. I said umbrella of authority.

    I felt like Forest Gump, I just felt like running and I did. Just kidding about the Forest Gump thing.

    Bill Fawcett….. thanks for your comments, I enjoy reading them.

  29. Rev's. Kate & Rich M.

    Phew! Thank God, Kiwi Dave, I was very concerned–it looks serious there, I can’t even imagine how terrifying it must be to be in NZ. I will look at your photos hopefully in a day or two, I have surgery tomorrow, #2 in six weeks. I am stressed and not a happy camper.

    Teresa, you be Forest Gump, he had the right idea… running is good, keeps you in shape and in good health; I feel like running and running.

    God bless all and talk to you soon,

  30. Ray

    And it keeps spiraling downward…

    I thought it was bad enough to hear the teaching from WOFites that we are little gods and that Jesus was “born again” or “died spiritually” … (a form of Neo Arianism, as Arius denied that Jesus WAS God DURING the Incarnation, whereas WOF people teach that Jesus CEASED to be God DURING the time He died on the cross as they say that Jesus took on “Satan’s nature” and/or “died spiritually” – both of which could only occur if Jesus ceased to be God, which is impossible. Due to the Hypostatic Union, you cannot seperate Jesus into two parts as He is 100% God and 100% Man. IOW, you cannot say that Jesus’ human part died spiritually or took on Satan’s nature. Jesus died becuase He allowed Himself to die. Jesus Himself said that “No man taketh my life. I lay it down of Myself.” Sin was only imputed to Jesus, Nothing more)

    … but Benny Hinn & Paula White getting caught like this? Never thought that I would ever see this.

    And Strang of Charisma Mag? Never thought I would see them take Hinn on like this…

    Wonders never cease:)

  31. Dj B

    hey guys. no. u didnt run me off. lol i love discussions like these. Maybe I shouldnt have said “new Breeds” since it is a term used by others already to i.d. certain people. There are some people who are coming up who do things in secret and God rewards them in secret. I dont have any “names” because they are not in the spot light. BUt they are rising up all over the place. What Im concerned about is if stuff starts happening as far as judgement or whatever that some ministries who talk more about “self help” than anything else will have problems in continuing. There may b a time coming on where “Self Help” aint going work anymore. People will really need a true relationship with Jesus to make it. Know what I mean? Thanks for the comments.

  32. Cheryl St.Clair

    A scripture or two come to mind: Nu 32:23 be sure your sins will find you out, and my personal favorite: II Chronicles 7:14 If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and TURN from their WICKED WAYS…………………………………………………………………………

  33. JimmyKrackKorn

    Benny Hinn hasn’t changed in 25 years. He lied from the very beginning of his ministry.
    Strang Publications KNEW what they were in for when the published Benny. They knew that EVERY single Benny Hinn book that has ever been written has had to be re-edited due to lies, and falsehoods. One book was so full of lies that it was just taken out of print.
    Long story short, as long as Strang could make money off Benny AND THEY DID…they took the risk. I really don’t ubderstand why they are sueing him now. He will still sell millions to his devoted followers. He still sells out arenas around the world. There are still hordes of those with itchy ears seeking doctrines of demons.
    Its not like Starng Publications has any reputable history to speak of. They publish Cindy Trimm’s flase doctrines, The Dominionist Bill Johnsons false doctrines, Joyce Meyers positive-speak witchcraft, Hiedi Baker, Mike Bickle of the KC Prophets, John Enslow’s 7 Mountain Prophecy used by the NAR Dominionist, Our Beloved Juanita Bynum, Che Ahn who stood beside Todd Bently in Lakeland and declared him the End Time Prophet of God….and on and on and on…..
    Who cares! The whole church has gone so totally apostste, its not even funny or entertaining anymore, and I’ve come to the conclusion that most these folks have sold out for money and are not saved and most never were saved they were tares sowed by Satan. You just can’t lie and present heresies as truth for 10-20 years and not have the Holy Ghost deal with you, they all made a decision to chose money. Roman 1 says so.

  34. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Thanks, Kiwi–Mother Nature wreaked havoc, wow!

    Take care of yourself and keep safe and we all pray your country recovers quickly.

    God bless you,

  35. Bill Fawcett


    The problem here is your description of these nameless people sounds a lot like Paul Cain’s stadium vision, where he talks about this new breed. Paul described them as “almost faceless men.”

    I think that Charles Graves defines my objectiolns best in his book “Anointing or Apostasy.” See chapters 6 and especially 7.

    Yes, I think we all would agree with your observations about the state of the less-bible-oriented-church today. We don’t need a new breed, we need disciples.

  36. Tim Thompson

    I cant believe that this discussion went from one thing to now mocking people and standing in judgement.Maybe you feel you were given the power and the authority to stand in judgement but my only question is now where isthe fear of God and walking in humilty because I will be the first to admit my minestry we make mistakes so I am already getting prepared for the wolves in sheeps clothing to mock me because as long as I am bringing souls in to the kingdom opinens dont really matter.

  37. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Tim– funny thing, people and conversations. Many times we just do not stay on track or the subject.

    I do it all the time. We’re just so full of stuff to say, so much exciting and not so exciting things to say–just conversing–people do the darndest things. No big deal!

    Bless you and enjoy your day and keep spreading the seeds of the Gospel,

    PS– Don’t worry about the wolves as we know their strategy.

  38. Bill Fawcett


    And yet you have Ephesians 5:11 “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” Prominently posted on your website. Hmmm.

    I’m not gleeful over Hinn’s fall. Ok, the coat waving was rather odd, and maybe it will stop now. But I’m not sitting in judgment over Hinn; I don’t know if he is saved or not. He’s not acting like it right now.

    If Hinn has the audacity to preach the gospel while carrying on with anothe woman- not his wife- then it really doesn’t matter how many people are being saved. He shouldn’t be preaching- period.

    Now this is not judgemental- but duing the first week of August 2010 Hinn acknowledged his “inappropriate relationship” with Paula White, also a minister.
    Most of us would call that adultery.

    The simple question is “just who do these people think they are” ?

    You cannot disciple Christians when you are living like the world. It never works out well, and you will be found out.

  39. Dj B

    Hmmmm. I don’t understand why u keep placing me in the same catagory as these other guys out there by what I’m saying. I don’t even watch them nor have I ever heard of paul cain. But that’s ok cause I see what’s going on. I think the big picture is jesus is coming soon and we ALL need to get our soiled hands clean. For HE is coming for a bride without spot or blemish. So…there u go. Lol. We need to pray for those who we think don’t have it that their eyes will b open hopefully one day and that we continue to do what we are each called to do and stay focused on that day after day. HE is coming. Can’t wait.

  40. Kiwi Dave

    @Tim, we can have compassion on someone who is in error, but genuinely believes what they are preaching. There are many Jehovah’s Witnesses who honestly live better lives than many so-called “born again” christians. While the Jehovah’s Witnesses are in serious error, at least you can respect them because they genuinely believe what they are teaching it true, and they wish no malice towards anyone.

    However, Benny Hinn and others like Menasseh Jordan on the othe hand do not believe a single word that comes out of their mouths! Oh, they preach it very convincingly, but their hearts are filled with greed – not the Holy Spirit. Todd Bentley has proven to be filled with a “stange fire”, and not the Spirit of Christ”:

    “And Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, took either of them his censer, and put fire therein, and put incense thereon, and offered strange fire before the LORD, which he commanded them not. And there went out fire from the LORD, and devoured them, and they died before the LORD.”
    Leviticus 10:1 & 2 KJV

    “And Nadab and Abihu died before the LORD, when they offered strange fire before the LORD, in the wilderness of Sinai, and they had no children: and Eleazar and Ithamar ministered in the priest’s office in the sight of Aaron their father.” Numbers 3:4 KJV

    If Todd Bentley truly knew his scriptures he would have been well aware of the penalty for brininging a “strange fire” before The LORD. Tim, I suggest you have a good read of this very well writtenand sound article by Evans Nicholson on this subject. It’s in Adobe PDF format:

  41. Bill Fawcett


    I cannot see into Hinn’s heart, so it would be very hard for me to make a statement like he does not “believe a single word that comes out of (his) their mouth.”

    I did suspect that God, who can see teh heart, has a better take on that than me.

    However, I would say that for him to be behaving as he has, and to continue to preach the gospel (if that’s what you call his preaching) that there more be a rather high level of cognative dissonance. How can you live with that?

    I can judge his behaviour, and hold it up against the plumbline of the word, but I dare not judge his heart. Regardless, it would do the body a great service if his ministry were to crash and burn, but as with Bentley, I doubt it will. Sometimes you gotta just wish they would get a job at a car wash or something.

    Since Hinn (and White) presumably live off of donor support (and book sales), what is he doing in Rome with Paula as a Vatican patron of the Arts?
    (insert your own comment on what he could be doing with that money here)

    It sure looks like extreme arrogance to me, which is probably worse than the adultery. And a common disease amongst his peers.

  42. ephraiyim

    JimmyKrackKorn “He still sells out arenas around the world.”
    I am completely against Benny Hinn however it is one thing to speak about what is true and another to add on to make a point. Benny Hinn has never charged anyone in the regular public to come to his shows.
    I have a bit of a problem about your mention of Heidi Baker. I guess when I hear people criticizing someone who’s lifestyle is self sacrificing whether I agree with all she says I will stretch a bit here and say that None of us would go through what that woman has gone through to care for children that NO ONE wants.
    Her daughter was raped twice, the first time at around 13. Know what she said, the daughter ‘I will lay my life down for these children and even the men that raped me so they can see the love of Jesus Christ. Why would I consider leaving. This is what we have been called to.’ I suspect she got that from her Mom and Dad. If you watched her testimony your heart would be wrenched.
    Heidi has been nearly killed by gunfire on a number of occasions and yet, by miracles escaped. She showed one place where there was a pole and a wall. There is no way her vehicle could fit through that space and yet, it did while men were running toward her shooting machine guns.
    I am sorry, but I was homelesss for 2 years when I was younger. I don’t like people who would never give their lives to that sort of ministry criticizing ANYONE who is. God can fix her doctrine. She has the heart of Jesus for the lost and broken.

  43. Erin

    To Ephraiyim,

    Yes, Heidi and Rolland Baker do good things but they are also being deceived by a false spirit/Kundalini etc… I have seen it with my own eyes. My friend went to a conference where Heidi spoke and she talked about just focusing (meditating) on Jesus. What happened to speaking of repentance or the gospel? I saw her husband just laugh the whole time and when he did talk he sounded drugged. Heidi also said that God was going to shake things up and my friend began to shake violently and was thrown to the floor twice. I’m sorry, but Satan may not care that some orphans are being helped as long as he is being worshiped.

    “For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ (anointed),’ and will deceive many.” Matthew 24:5

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