Ana Mendez Ferrell: Leaping Tall Mountains in a Single Bound

Have you ever heard of Ana Mendez-Ferrell?  Not many people have, so to give you a quick and ugly crash-course introduction to this lady, watch the video below.  Then continue reading the rest of this post.

As you can see, Ana Mendez Ferrell is a hypercharismatic who professes to have magnificent powers, encounters, and manifestations.  One of her boldest claims is that she resurrected her child from the dead, and she also says she did battle in her home with Satan after he appeared to her in person.  But, I think one of her more outrageous claims is that God instructed her to climb Mt. Everest and do battle with the Queen of Heaven.  As if Mount Everest is where the Queen of Heaven dwells?  I’m just sayin’…

Regarding that last claim, Mike Oppenheimer of Let Us Reason Ministries, and Bud Press of Christian Research Service conducted a thorough investigation into those claims, and I’ve linked you to their reports below. 

So, you may be thinking, why is Mendez Ferrell so important?  Bud Press says:

To the Reader: Ana Mendez Ferrell is a minor, but key player within the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Under the spiritual covering of Rony Chaves of Costa Rica and C. Peter Wagner of the United States, Ana claims to be an apostle and prophet who has risen to the rank of “general” in God’s spiritual warfare army. As such, she works to train an army to battle against and destroy the works of demonic forces worldwide. This is done, she says, to “usher in the glory of God” ( ).

When charismatics make their spectacular claims, it is not wise to take them at face value… they must be investigated!  Mike Oppenheimer and Bud Press have done that.  Please take the time to read both articles.  They’re extremely informative, and considering the time and effort put into their investigation, all the bases were covered. 

You can read Mike’s article by clicking here.

You can read Bud’s article by clicking here.

45 thoughts on “Ana Mendez Ferrell: Leaping Tall Mountains in a Single Bound

  1. rene

    If not mistaken, there were only 12 apostles.

    Has anyone else noticed just how many people love to claim the title of “apostle” for themselves, along with other titles as well? All of them living a lifestyle that we don’t see the apostles living in scripture, boasting with claims – also unlike the apostles, doing things that you see nothing even close to in scripture.

    With something so clear and easy to see – and question – why is it that any of these people have a following and not run out of towns on rails??

  2. Ron Larson

    And Sid is his usual..bubbly, exaggeration prone, excited, un-discerning, awestruck, delusionals self

  3. Chaya

    I saw this episode a couple of years ago. Ferrell’s website claims she was miraculously “saved” while confined to a mental institution. She should still be there, because there is no doubt that she is insane! And Sid Roth has to be the least discerning man on the planet.

  4. Frank

    I have seen this show on TBN. These people are heretics of the first order.

    Her daughter fell, broke her neck, and she came back to life? Did she ever consider that maybe she was just knocked out? Geesh.

    She went and prayed over Auschwitz and lifted a “curse”. Uh, there was no curse.

    Ever notice how this Sid Roth fellow just agrees with everyone that comes on his show and never questions them? lol.

    Mark 13:6, Matthew 24:5, etc.

  5. Frank

    Ok, I hate to re-post, but I just watched the rest of the video. She says, “light came out of the blood of Jesus that is inside of me.” That has got to be the most blasphemous statement I have ever heard. Then she goes on to say that she takes communion “every day”, thus making it a common thing. Basically what this woman believes is what the Catholics believe, and that is when you take communion you are actually drinking Christ’s blood and eating His flesh. Modern day legalism/works based.

    I hope this woman truly puts her faith in Christ one day and accepts Him for forgiveness of her sins.

  6. Tim

    Ok so.. oh wait… I get it

    Wasn’t many of these who have made claims to have the basic experience that got them into this place of “nutso” started in a mental institiute? I seem to remember a few of the biggies (Bob Jones and/or Paul Cain and maybe others?) were in these situations when “god spoke” to them.

    I maybe wrong but it seems that this was some of the testamony I have read about their beginnings…..

  7. WatEenZootje

    Well, Ana Mendez made some very bold claims but the question will always be, where is the proof!?! Can she show a doctor’s declaration in which it is stated that her daughter had really died and, by a miracle, had resurrected again.

    She said that she was preaching in fluent German. Is there a video about this sermon? I speak German so, I can discern whether she is speaking the truth or not.

    She went to Auschwitz to lift up the curse of Nazism. Afterwards she went to Jerusalem to ask forgiveness to the Jewish people. But….she is a Mexican, born after the 2nd. world war. I believe in forgiveness and reconciliation. But isn’t it more logical that a GERMAN SS officer, who personally contributed to kill Jews during the 2nd.WW, would ask Jews for forgiveness after his conversion?

    She claimed that when the curse was broken, revivals started everywhere in Europe. It must be NAR-interpretations of revivals (shake, rattle and roll) because in The Netherlands, there is NO genuine revival. Actually, in the whole of Europe, there are more people turning away from God. There are more Godless bills and laws, so how can she claim that there is a revival?

    She claimed that the devil, that is lucifer, was so angry what had happened in Auschwitz that he visited her in Mexico to kill her for that. Who can back up this claim? How can she say that it was satan himself and not an high ranked demon. Why would satan be furious at her? There is no revival in Europe and the state in Europe is even deteriorating. So, how can satan be mad at her.

    She claimed that the Blood of Jesus would turn into a Light that came out of her body and totally destroyed the power of darkness. Man, I wish that was true? There is still darkness around us. Jesus died at the cross and He resurrected but the power of darkness will completely and definitely be destroyed when He returns. So, till His return, there is still darkness everywhere and it will just increase, otherwise, the prophecies in Revelations are lies. So, or the revelations of John are lies, or the ‘apostle’ Ana Mendez is lying.

    I have seen Ana Mendez myself. Some years ago, she had a conference in a conference center near my hometown. It was kinda vague. She is an painting artist and she claimed that the Holy Spirit is ordering her to paint certain scenes. She said that people would be convinced of sin and would repent instantly when they saw one of her paintings. To be honest, they were not bad and vague, so concerning that, the Christian idea was clear to see. But she said, it was not magic. Well, I bought a printed copy of one of her paintings and I hoped that my friends or my unconverted family members would have a similar instant, supernatural, repentance. But unfortunately and to my disappointment, it didn’t.

    And there was an other occassion in The Netherlands where she was preaching. Some elders of my church went to this meeting. But after a while they left in disgust because mrs. Ferrell was emphasizing to much on angels and other NAR related stuff instead of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    So, what can we think about Ana Mendez. Imho it is just an other NAR person who is emphasizing to much on the person itself instead of Jesus Christ, with bold claims that no one can investigate. She is just as a mystic as people like Rick Joyner, Todd Bentley, Patricia King and the rest of the other charismata extravaganza.

    It is just so sad that Yeshua HaMashiach is misused for personal attention, fame and cockyness. If they would read the Bible properly, then they would know that following Yeshua is not an easy task at all. But through the hardships He will stay Gracious and Faithful!

  8. Ruitje

    Mendez is a false prophet and false apostle. If she was a true christian she would not present herself in Sid Roth’s program.

    She had been many times in my country and spoke prophetic words that never came to pass. She is false and a promotor of false spiritual warfare teachings.

  9. Ruitje

    I heard from someone who went to a meeting that Mendez and her husband asked people to offer money so they could receive forgiveness. They also use meetings to sell their art.

  10. JAMAL

    God has chosen ANA. She is a part of his perfect plan.

    “You shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams. For the Lord your God is testing you, to know whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul”. (Deuteronomy 13:3).

    God is using her and her heretical statements to test the hearts of the many who follow her instead of the teachings of the WORD.

  11. Life In The Church

    Don’t you love how they follow up the claim that she raised her daughter from the dead? Shouldn’t Sid be asking things like:

    “Was she dead for a long period of time?”

    “Did you raise her from the dead before the authorities came to investigate or take her body away, or after this?”

    “Was she officially pronounced dead?”

    And of course,

    “Wow! That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard. Tell me all about it!”

    But nope, move on to the next bullet point. Because that’s how you handle outrageous claims that have unremarkable real events attached to them.

  12. Ian D. Elsasser

    Is there any corroboration to her claim that she received immediately the several languages to speak perfectly when she did not know then previously? Any proof that (1) she could speak them perfectly and (2) that she did not know them previously? I did a quick search and could not find written documentation one way or the other nor video of her speaking the languages.

  13. Bud Press

    Regarding Ana Mendez Ferrell’s unverified claims, a portion of her Bio states:

    “As a general in spiritual warfare, Ana has coordinated many of the most important prayer initiatives in the darkest places of the earth, confronting major territorial spirits. The most difficult assault that she and her team undertook was the climbing of Mount Everest in 1997…”


    Ana and her team did not climb Mount Everest, which is 29,035 feet above sea level. They never made it above Base Camp, which is about 17,600 feet.

    Now, since Ana’s claim to have climbed Mount Everest has been proven false, then all of her claims must be called into question. Since Ana is the one who has made the claims (i.e., resurrections from the dead, etc.), it is up to her to provide proof and validation. So far, she and others refuse to communicate.

    Bud Press

  14. Grant

    If you pay enough money u too go on Sid Roth’s radio and TV show and talk about your subjective experience of goldust pancakes, angel visions, soaking, out of body travel to heaven and fish wearing sunglasses-sometimes they may mention a Jesus. The show promotes that Sid is an investigative reporter seeking out the stange world of the supernatural. There are those right now that are chomping at the bit to come up with their own experience to get on his show. No doubt in 2011 we will see more wackiness that is promoted as being God.

    People wake up and don’t be stupid.

  15. Kiwi Dave

    I really appreciated the articles from Bud Press and Mike Oppenheimer. The claims about Everest are basically all lies. I saw “appointed apostle and prophet” on her website and closed the window. I couldn’t be bothered as everything on that site is not from God. Her teachings and claims are a mixture of Catholism, New Age, NAR and basic superstition! What about all that “spirit mapping” rubbish!! What honestly I can’t get my head around or understand is this – Our Lord and Saviour Jesus stated quite clearly:

    “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Luke 10:19 KJV

    Not so much the “serpents and scorpions” part of the verse, but the latter “Over all the power of the enemy”. So, if God Himself has given power to the church over the enemy, Satan, back when He was with the Apostles here on Earth, why does he now need “apostle” Ana Mendez Ferrell to climb Everest, map the “spirit world”, and so forth? Jesus defeated the devil on the Cross of Calvary and shed His precious and Holy blood that we might all receive the gift of life though faith in Him, and repentance. The devil is a defeated enemy, and defeated by Jesus.

    I believe the true roots of “mapping the spirit world” lie in the teachings of Kaballah. Obviously a close study of Kaballah will show many, many similarities between those demonic beliefs and the current NAR/WOF movement. What’s also silly is that the “Queen of Heaven” is title given by the Catholic Church to the Mary, the mother of Jesus. As far as the Catholics are concerned and taught, she not only remained a virgin the rest of her life, but also ascended in heaven and sits on a throne beside the Father. Yet here is Ana Mendez Ferrell ordered by “god” to climb Everest and do battle with her!!

  16. Randy

    I’m just totally overwhelmed and not sure where to start. I always wonder when I see somebody like this if a) they are being led by some deceptive spirit and really believe the garbage they are proclaiming or b) they knowingly lie and use the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to fool people and make money off of the undiscerning? One way or the other they are at fault. This all reminds me of gnosticism in some way. There is a higher knowledge and spiritual power that will be revealed to those willing to take the special steps and follow the guidelines (Communion every day?). Are their higher levels of the Holy Spirit? She’s a General in the spiritual war? She can take on Satan head to head and defeat him when even Michael rebuked him only in the name of Jesus? I guess I’m just a “private” in the Lord’s army? How do we effectively combat such heresy? I believe we need to teach people the truth and point out the falsehoods of people like this.

  17. anna

    @ kiwi dave: how is mapping and kabbalah related? Just asking because I have several friends who do this.

  18. Bud Press

    One of the questions that needs to be answered is, “Can Satan and his demonic angels be destroyed?” Ana Mendez Ferrell claims they can, and states in part that,

    “Voice of The Light Ministries is a Prophetic-Apostolic Ministry with a mandate from God to equip the army of the Lord. Our mission is to train believers throughout the world to identify the powers of darkness and destroy them.”


    Now, Satan is a created being and a former anointed cherubim angel (Lucifer), who was convinced he could “raise his throne above the stars of God” and make himself “like the Most High.” But his hopes of ruling over Almighty God and the universe He created was only a pipe dream. God clearly demonstrated Who was in charge and booted Satan and one-third of the angels out of heaven (Ezekiel chapter 28; Genesis chapter 3; Isaiah chapter 14; Revelation chapter 12).

    Currently, Satan is the “prince of the power of the air” who roams the earth like a roaring lion, seeking to kill and destroy (Ephesians 2:2; 1 Peter 5:8).

    But Revelation chapter 20 teaches that at some time in the future, an angel will take hold of Satan, chain him up, toss him into the abyss and seal it up, where he will remain for one thousand years. Afterwards, Satan will be freed for a short period of time to roam the Earth, deceive the nations, and gather his army for war.

    Satan’s future is doomed: “And the devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are also; and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever” (Revelation 20:10).

    Satan will be dealt with at some time in the future, but God will not destroy him and poof him out of existence. Satan will be “tormented day and night forever and ever” in the eternal lake of fire.

    Ana Mendez Ferrell and others within the New Apostolic Reformation have spent years roaming the world conducting “spiritual warfare” and battling territorial demons. They have succeeded to convince many that they can DESTROY Satan and his demonic strongholds. Had they trusted in God and studied His written word in the first place, they would not have wasted a terrible amount of time and money doing something that only God has the authority and power to do.

    Therefore, can Satan and his demons be destroyed? No. But the day will come when they are silenced forever.

    Bud Press

  19. Beracah

    Yes Randy, this does present those questions. I believe the main idea is that these people think they are better (a General?) then the lowly peasants\privates whom they perceive are not on the same spiritual ‘level’ as them. Such as climbing Mt Everest. That puts her above the rest of us. I Choose to fight on my knees, (literally and figuratively) whenever and wherever. I hate heights anyway!:)

    While I was on the board at our former church, our former pastor’s wife looked at me & said ‘You don’t have a college education, what gives you the right to be the boss of white collar workers?’…I looked her in the eye and said ‘thanks for thinking I’m beneath you’. They were promptly fired right after that for lying to us, the congregation, and breaking several laws.

  20. Carolyn

    I was so relieved to know that the Queen of Heaven has finally been dealt with!:-)

    As we struggle to come to terms with the silliness of the depraved mind, and the Biblically illiterate, I am reminded that “their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened”…Romans 1:21

    Honestly, sometimes I am torn between disgust for their stupidity and feeling sorry for them because of they have been so duped by the enemy of their souls. In the end, it comes down to their hatred for God and his Word…because if they loved the truth, they would not be led astray.
    Deut. 13:3
    Deuteronomy 13:3
    you must not listen to the words of that prophet or dreamer. The LORD your God is testing you to find out whether you love him with all your heart and with all your soul.

  21. Kiwi Dave

    This is where the roots of this teaching come from, and it definitely doesn’t come from the One true and Holy God! Keep in mind this idiot below was a practitioner of Kaballah following Alister Crowley and Eliphas Levi before starting his own brand of apostacy. However you may find this distateful, it’s relevant and you need to know *where* such teaching are really derived from:

    Shemhamforash in LaVeyan Satanism

    “The word “Shemhamforash” is commonly employed in the rituals of the Church of Satan. It is meant to invoke the names of the 72 demons, not angels, just as their rituals commonly use the names of Biblical monsters and demons and a variety a pagan deities associated with Satanic spheres of influence such as sexuality and materiality.”

    That information is from this page:

    Also read these and study them. Take a good long look at what is being taught and presented in the NAR and WoF movements and compare:

    One thing is for certain. If Jesus had “Generals” in his army, the apostles would be those “Generals”. Kepp in mind this scripture, then consider all claims regarding being “Generals” in the Lord’s Army:

    “…And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:…”
    2 Thessalonians 2:8 KJV

    “And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.” Revelation 19:15 KJV

    As you can see, no mention of any “Generals” let alone Ana Mendez Ferrell!!

  22. Rev's. Kate & Rich M.

    Kudos to Mike O and Bud P, great investigative work– God bless the both of you–the time and effort you both put into your hard work.

    Yes, you’re correct, those dirty devils can’t be destroyed by prayer, their eternal dwelling is waiting at Christ’s appointed time, only.

    Did Ms. Mendez really try to scale Mt. Everest? I couldn’t even imagine the work emotionally and financially she and her team put into their endeavor and preparation. I give her credit for her physicality, though; I would’ve tried for K2… I’m being goofy. The whole spiritual warfare thing is off.

    We have problems, still, digging ourselves out of the blizzard we just had here in NYC and LI and the Northeast, whew!

    Chaya–in God’s love, the statement you made as to Ms. Mendez’s necessity to be back in a mental institution was, I feel, inappropriate; your perception as to what mental illness and stability/instability is, is unfair to those truly, truly struggling to cope with their mental status.

    Are you a mental health professional?

    God’s best to all and have a super New Year,

    PS– What’s happening, Carolyn (Queen of Heaven, creepy, huh?). Beracah– and Teresa are you back yet?

  23. Ruitje

    @Kiwi Dave, I am not surprised that much of the NAR-teaching come from Kaballah. When you read stuff from Chuck Pierce you see it is full of Kaballah, and Joan McFatter has the same strange teachings.

  24. Berakah

    Just curious-to all of those who post on this site-I am really enjoying the feedback to Chrystal’s posts and see a common thread amongst most of those who comment. What do we throw out of the pentecostal movement and what do we leave in? I know a lot of what we see happening is extra-biblical, but there are some things that occur in Scripture. As a former A/G’er I would love to hear all of your feedback. Blessings to all!

  25. Beracah

    @ Berakah – I’m finding I just don’t trust in much anymore. Unless it’s right outa scripture, I can’t bring myself to put any stock in it. I had a conversation with a close friend last night, and what it’s coming down to for me, is that I really need to deprogram myself from everything I’ve ever been taught and start over from scratch. Not where I wanna be, but that’s where I am. Back to basics.

  26. Grant

    I couldn’t watch anymore to sid’s commercial break to promote his own fantasy island, but did he have that “explosion of miracles” that he was talking about? BTW that lady sounds like a female bela lagosi.

  27. Bud Press

    Hi Berakah:

    The best place to start is to “throw out” or eliminate false tongues, false prophets, false prophecies, false apostles, false pastors, false evangelists, false Christians, false dreams and visions, false signs and wonders, false healing, false teachings, false prosperity, false gospel, false spirit, false “god” and false “Jesus”.

    Once that is done, the Pentecostal/hyper-Charismatic movement will dissolve.

    Bud Press

  28. Teresa

    Kate, Carolyn, everyone; we just got back as of 4:00 today. I had a wonderful time with my family, husband and children. I miss my mom and dad already, it was hard to leave them.
    Hope all you guy’s had a wonderful Christmas and HAPPT NEW YEAR, almost.
    I am out of the loop so I need to read and catch up. Love Teresa

  29. Kiwi Dave

    Happy New Year everyone! @ Berakah I believe that:

    1) ALL extra biblical teachings and doctrines must be tossed aside and avoided.

    2) Teachings that bring the believer into bondage by applying the old testament Law such as tithing.

    3) The use of and influences worldly music must be discontinued as that music is inspired by satanic spirits/influences. By that I mean “Christain Rock” with heavily distorted/screaming guitars which is influenced by contemporary Hard Rock bands. That includes Rap and so on. Most Back Gospel music is now identical to the Disco music of the ’70s and ’80s!! It’s al about the fleshly/sensual rhythms and not pure worship from the heart.

    4) The modern Penetcostal movement needs to go back to the Book of Acts and look at what the apostles did and were teaching.

    5) Anyone claiming the title of “apostle” is to be treated as a heretic as any such claims are false. That means obeying what the Apostle Paul instructed us to do:

    “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.” Romans 16:17 KJV

    “A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject; Knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself.” Titus 3: 10 & 11 KJV

  30. Ali

    “Do not deceive yourselves. If any one of you thinks he is wise by the standards of this age, he should become a “fool” so that he may become wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight.” 1 Corinthians 3:18-19

    In the days in which we live we must ‘be as wise serpents, and harmless as doves’ – we must weigh all things with the scales of His Word accepting no man’ words as gospel but becoming Bereans we must continue to remember: The heart [including our own]is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked…

  31. Berakah

    Thanks for all of your comments. We too, have discarded what is extra-biblical and gone back to what the Word alone says. We may have carried this to another level (as evidenced by our family and friends distancing themselves from us) and choose to go the route of following God’s calendar, His feasts, His ordinances, but not going down the legalistic route that some “Torah (read Talmud) observant” people go. We have lost everything, literally to find the “pearl of great price.” Blessings everyone!!!!

  32. Kiwi Dave

    Now, regarding Ana Mendez-Ferrell and her supporters, this is what The Word of The LORD says, and this also serves as a warning to Joshua Mills, Benny Hinn, Patricia King, Paula White and espescially “prophet” Menasseh Jordan:

    “Thus saith the LORD concerning the prophets that make my people err, that bite with their teeth, and cry, Peace; and he that putteth not into their mouths, they even prepare war against him. Therefore night shall be unto you, that ye shall not have a vision; and it shall be dark unto you, that ye shall not divine; and the sun shall go down over the prophets, and the day shall be dark over them. Then shall the seers be ashamed, and the diviners confounded: yea, they shall all cover their lips; for there is no answer of God.” Michah 3:5 – 7 KJV

    Here’s what The LORD has to say to all teachers, pastors and followers of the NAR and WoF movements:

    “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” Hosea 4:6 KJV

  33. maría (a Berean )

    Hello all…My Name is Maria and I live in Costa Rica (nice and warm all year round!). Apostle Ronny Chaves is Costa Rican and lives here. I have been a christian for almost 26 yrs ( or more, i forgot!!) and I remember when I used to hear Mr Chaves 20 yrs back , then as a regular pastor. He used to be alright! His teachings were based on the Word of God…I dont know when all of this paranormal, apostolic things started but he now considers himself a celebrity and his teachigns are scary…
    He went with Mrs Ferrel to the Tibet and they were collecting a lot of money in campaigns claiming that God had told them to go to the summit of the Everest mount and there they had to pray for all the nations of the earth. ( back then I remember thinking : what’s wrong with kneeling and praying in my room! or in chruch prayer meetings ! ) but my friends used to tell me: – “well , the Lord told them to do that so do not judge them.”-I started thingking about the millions of dollars needed to start such a project, and also the years of preparation it could take. People who do ALPINISM take years of practice ( physical, mental, etc). Teams to escalate the Everest include doctors, expert mountain climbers, and thousands of $ in gear or equipment. People have lost their lives attemptimg to climb a high mountain. I don’t rememeber Mr Chaves saying they would set years apart for this huge preparation.. (coming from warm weather countries Mr Chavez and Mrs ferrel would probably need more preparation for the below freezing temperatures of the Tibet..)The money was probaly collected because they went to India. I do not know how much they collected. Now, another thought: if someone does escalate the mount Everest , and reach the top,wouldn’t it be world news?….it would have been known! they would have gotten a guiness record or some sort of mention…I guess there is no mention of a group of christians praying on top of that Mount….Blessings to all.

  34. Sarah

    This is a totally disgusting website full of hateful comments. Where is the love of Christ displayed in all that has been written. No wonder the unbeliever see ‘Christians’ as a bunch of hate-filled people that they want nothing to do with.

  35. Teresa

    @ Sarah
    I come in peace….and in the love of Christ..

    Gal. 1: 6-12 KJV
    6) I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:

    7) Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.

    8 ) But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

    9) As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

    10) For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.

    11) But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man.

    12) For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ.

    Are you a believer or unbeliever? Jesus Christ did not tolerate this kind of stuff and all this extra biblical revelation when he was a live nor does he today. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

    Jesus Christ himself warns us about people like this in Matt. 7….Matt. 24 concerning false prophets and so forth……..and are lots more scriptures to address this issue.

    Does that mean Jesus did not have the love either? Jesus Christ will destroy these kinds of false teachers in the end. So where is the love?

    What do you consider the love of Christ? Speaking truth of God word in love and reproving those in error………… or being tolerant of false teachers and their teaching and sitting back and doing nothing.

    What is your take on this Sarah?

  36. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Ooops! I don’t find this blog site hateful, Sarah.

    I would hope you can look beyond some brashness and some who may be inappropriate; then there are those who are as honest and truthful as they can be and then there’s God’s word which is the divine and perfect revelation as we all need to strive towards that.

    Put that whole equation with a big, big dose of love, and sprinkle some insight and understanding as to how all are not the same, or think or feel the same; then add a huge tub of tolerance and you’ll get a super concotion of… everyone on the planet…all different –thank the Lord.

    God bless and His best always,

  37. maría (a Berean )

    Sarah….there is no hate in the comments… only passionate concern for the twisting of the teachings of Scripture. Being a christian does not mean gullibly believing every “revelation” that comes to the head of another believer, Or being quiet about wrong things people say, just not to offend anyone. As a contrast, the Bible authors instruct us to “content ardently” against any false teaching ( please see: Jude 1:3 : “Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.”)
    In the Bible you would see how radical the writers were in regards to expressing their opinions about false doctrine or sin. John the Baptist used harsh words to refer to some teachers of his time. He called them vipers. and Paul the apostle in several instances became really “passionate” about false doctrine..should we call them hateful, unchristian…I do not think so….they are actually the example for us to follow. Being a christian does not mean always smiling and saying nice things about everybody, never hurting the feelings of people, even when they are wrong…It means adopting the right attitude…doing what is right. A far as I am concerned…I want to be biblical, and that means denouncing the false teachings….God help us all to be passionate about this! being radical like Jesus was. Maria.

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