Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ?

You adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.

James 4:4

I was over at Benediction Blogs On reading some great posts when I came across this link.  It is a website/talent agency for men, women, and children who are supposedly actors, actresses, and models for Christ.  That’s Christ Jesus in case any one is wondering.

When I clicked over to “Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ,” I found a link that featured some of the talent agency’s “most successful” clients.  One of the ones listed is Mena Suvari.  For those who don’t know, Suvari has appeared in such “sex romps” as American Pie and American Beauty.  These films aren’t fit for anyone to watch, much less act in; and while I was a bit bemused that I was seeing Mena Suvari as one of their success stories, I was completely sickened when I saw this description of her on their website:

Suvari’s ticket to fame was the teen sex quest American Pie (1999), which cast her as a wholesome high-schooler who falls for a jock (‘Chris Klein’). A few months later, she turned even more heads as the vampish cheerleader who captures Kevin Spacey’s unwholesome imagination in American Beauty (1999). The sultry-but-fragile character earned Suvari a British Academy Award nomination, as well as a flurry of job offers and gushing fansites. In the midst of the hubbub surrounding the film, she slipped off with her boyfriend, cinematographer Robert Brinkmann, to tie the knot in a secret ceremony. The media was quick to point out the pair’s 16-year age difference, but Suvari shrugged it off (her parents are separated by more than 20 years). The in-demand actress completed her patriotic hat trick by starring in American Virgin (2000) (originally titled “Live Virgin”) as the daughter of a porn king. The title change wasn’t enough of a boost to keep the mediocre movie afloat in theaters—after a brief New York run, it headed straight to video.

What sickens me is this… where is Christ in all of this?  How can a company say it is “for Christ” when one of their top success stories is an actress of sinful morals, and they even brag about that sinful behavior in her profile description as if it’s something to be proud of?

Would you say this is a success or that they are sold out to the world?

They need to take Christ out of their name.

19 thoughts on “Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ?

  1. Randy

    Take a minute and peruse their mission statement to gain some insight about who they are exactly:

    Here is a quote to “inspire” you –

    “We stand united with people of all faiths…”

    Ecumenism at it’s finest folks. True Christianity can not stand united with any other system of faith. That is one of the greatest errors of post-modern Christianity.

  2. David

    Hollywood and being truly Christian–two mutually exclusive terms. I thought in recent years Christianity has avoided using Hollywood celebs as endorsers of their faith? Anyone remember when Gary Busey was making the rounds years ago professing his new found Christian faith? I saw him on TBN around that time.Bizarre.There have been many others before and after him.Christianity used to run to embrace the new Hollywood “converts” that made a profession of faith but soon they looked foolish after the celeb resumed a lifestyle that was anything but Christian.
    If you are a Hollywood actor or actress that actually gets work doing the type of movies they release these days then you are either not working much or you are not really a Christian.I am not talking about the Kurt Cameron types here who actually stop working on things originating in today’s mainstream movie industry.

  3. Life In The Church

    In the post-9/11 world we were told people were seeking out their “faith.” What did that mean? Christian music oversold country music for one. Where there is money the evil gathers. Pretty soon you have mixed influences. Songs are being dumbed down to the point of “Jesus is my girlfriend” because they replace holy names for God with “baby” and “you.” Then you get secular companies buying up Christian entertainment companies and integrating them as subsidiaries of their own empire. Next you get the secular departments managing the Christian artists, to the point that you have videos of Christian musicians who are scantily dressed sitting on the edge of their bed making kissy faces and singing songs that were probably intentionally meant for God. Reminds me of when I was in the Catholic church and used to say “what makes these people any different from everyone else?”

    In short, Jesus is a marketing gimmick these days. He’s the buzz word that reaches certain people. People who lack any will to discern. Just ask Rick Warren. If people/pastors and churches did have the will to examine material put out by a “Christian” book company, he wouldn’t be nearly as popular.

  4. Berakah

    It is so nice to be totally oblivious to these names of celebrities who show up on tv and movie screens, whose music play on radio stations, and whose books grace Christian book stores. We gave up all of that 4 years ago-that is real freedom!

  5. Mickey Merrie

    Kate, do you know what “yep” means in Russian?
    When you do, you will stop using it in your posts! LOL

  6. Life In The Church

    Thank you Chaya. I worked in radio when I was young, at the rise of Bill Hybels, and I took the position “play the unoffensive material and maybe they’ll come to church.” After that I was fortunate enough to work in a small Christian record company for a period, and our President (who is a real Christian and pastor) got to go to the book convention in Miami every year and once in a while I heard the stories. Too immature of me to understand them yet. Shortly after I worked at a church with someone who was a worship arts guy at an emergent church for one of the big names. I heard the stories and had no idea what he was talking about at the time. Then I wound up going out one night after church with a couple people attached to a major emergent “mouth piece” and it was the most uncomfortable night of my life. But now, after all that, I’m finally getting it, and speaking up about it. It is literally everywhere.

    And Berakah, I’m pretty much in the same boat as you. I tuned out of the radio scene in the mid 90’s, had a brief stint of pop music while studying music around 2003, but after that I’m almost culturally illiterate!

  7. Truthinator

    Thanks for this article, Chrystal. James 4:4 is the perferct counter to the notion that we can live exactly like the world and still have a “get out of hell free” card. One of the earlier posters hit the nail on the head… the dumbed-down, free&easy, cheap grace “gospel” of the 80s and 90s have culminated with a totally false gospel being peddled by many (or maybe even most) so-called evanglical churches today.

    Take a stand in your church, people, for believing the whole Bible and see what happens to you. You will see that in too many cases that churches today are deathly afraid of being labled “judgemental” and dogmatic. Barna recently released info from his research that says many churches are so afraid of being seen as judgemental by the community that they have rendered themselves truth-neutral.

    Folks, we either go with God (which includes following all of His words and ways) or we rebel against Him. The way to life is exclusive, narrow, and hard to travel. America is on the broad road in most cases today. Too many “pastors” are local celebrities with websites, expense accounts, limos, and TV shows.

    When has any person who refused to compromise been seen as a local or national celebrity? Not often… Be careful, friends. Trust only the trustworthy.

  8. Joao

    That site reminded me of a forum I used to visit,, I sadly found most of them were emergents trying to make it to hollywood instead of making sound doctrinal films.

    Basically, if you are a failure in this industry and want to become famous, just use the “Christian brand” and you are guaranteed friendship with the world system and lots of $$$.

  9. Kiwi Dave

    Here are the details of the owner of this company, including how she is a “comitted Christain” and how “God” helps and guides the company! These are not liablous or defamatory comments – read for your self:

    “Carey Lewis Arban is the CSO, Chief Serving Officer, of AMTC. She followed her mother, Millie Lewis, into the hopes and dreams business as a girl. Now 55, she looks upon the work accomplished with amazement- and the mission ahead with excitement. Carey is most grateful to God for guiding AMTC even before she knew He was there. As a late-in-life committed Christian, she runs with the eagerness of a child to help find, prepare, and launch not just stars of film and fashion, but stars who are ambassadors of hope and role models for generations to come. ”

    That can be verified here:

  10. Life In The Church

    Joao, I have a website for Christian musicians and see the same kind of thing. Hard to find musicians that are truly Christian, in the Biblical definition. Many are musicians who love music and it shows when they list who their influences are on the site. If anyone is looking to minister to emergent musicians, contact me.

  11. Berakah

    @ Life in the Church-I agree with your assessment of Christian musicians. I am so grieved, as a musician also to see the worldly influence these artists have over the Christian ones. I don’t think that they get the seriousness of who they listen to and what is feeding their spirits.

  12. Rev's. Kate & Rich M.

    Mickie– “yep” is, from my investigation: uh huh, yes, in Russian and English, indicating a response of, well, yeah!

    Have a blessed New Year, everyone. :) K

  13. Kiwi Dave

    This is one of my favourate Christian songs:

    It can be downloaded for free along with others from here:

    I don’t know what Don Francisco believes, but I like his music. It’s not traditonal “Southern Gospel” like the Statler Brothers or The Browns or bluegrass either. It’s also not “Christian” rock!! A lot of modern so-called christan songs and worship songs have very little in the way of scriptural content in the lyrics. They have that “touchy feely” New Age style mentioning the “Man in the Sky” etc, but nothing like this:

  14. Kingdom

    Is it wrong to have Christian entertainment? Now I agree certain things should not be donein the sanctuary but if its a avenue of clean entertainment I don’t see an issue.

  15. Rachel

    I was doing research on AMTC and came across your review for this site in the process. I’m a young singer very interested in spreading God’s word through singing and music, and I 100% agree with your comments about “Christian” artists today. Such as Miley Cyrus who claims to be Christian and is supposed to be a good role model for kids, but in reality is anything BUT that.I’m 16 and I know her behavior is disgusting and not Christian like at all. Reading about the #1 success story for AMTC surprised me, but at the same time, they are not a Talent Agency. They run workshops and events that help you get represented by a Talent Agency; a stepping-stone, if you will. They should not be held liable for poor decisions made by talent they once were handed. She may not have acted that grotesque when they first met her. And yes, it’s bad advertising but, it was ultimately her decision.

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