Marcus Lamb of Daystar’s Extra-Marital Affair

I’ve received e-mail inquiring whether or not I’ve heard about the announcement from Marcus Lamb, founder of Daystar Network, where he admits to having an extramarital affair.  I’ve read the detailed accounts and the statement released by Daystar.  From what I’ve been able to gather, Joni Lamb stated that once she found out about the affair, the Holy Spirit told her that her husband was worth fighting for.  Marcus Lamb stated that he and his wife have been able to heal their marriage and had hoped to keep the affair quiet.  That all changed when extortionists attempted to blackmail the couple for $7.5 million.  So now they find themselves in an interesting situation where they were forced to go public.  What is my take on this? 

The statement on Daystar’s website says:

After Joni told her husband the Lord convinced her he was worth fighting for, together they submitted to an intense process of repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration through pastoral counseling and personal accountability under the leadership of an expanded church-based spiritual authority team.

What I’m reading here is something you would expect to happen when someone who claims to be a Christian leader commits adultery.  He confesses, repents, and seeks reconciliation.  Repentance is good, yes?  But, I’ve yet to see Marcus or Joni Lamb repent of flooding the church, and the world, with charismatic heresy.  Daystar is the second largest religious broadcaster in the world, coming in second to Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).  While repentance for adultery is necessary, I would also like to see Marcus and Joni repent of promoting, teaching, and enabling heresy.  After all, they air such teachers as Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, etc.  Daystar is a bastion of Word of Faith heretics!

What effect will Lamb’s admission have on Daystar?  Who knows!  Still too early to tell.  With these being the endtimes, they will more than likely survive to deceive another day.  Business will go on as usual and people will continue to be exposed to the false doctrine they broadcast over their airwaves.

While adultery on any account is tragic and sinful, so is heresy.  Are we supposed to be relieved that Lamb has repented of adultery and his marriage has been healed when we know that his television station broadcasts spiritual cyanide?  I’m sorry… I don’t see it that way.

Please pray for Marcus and Joni Lamb – pray that they would come to repentance in not only their marriage, but also that they would repent of poisoning the church with false doctrine.

42 thoughts on “Marcus Lamb of Daystar’s Extra-Marital Affair

  1. Frank

    I can tell you that people that are deceived and being deceived by heresy are more susceptible to this sin. I have seen adultery time and time again in 2 of the megachurches I used to attend. Much of the problem is the, “God will forgive me” mentality.

    Sad to see.

  2. DayStar Fan

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. None among us are not without sin. That is why Christ had to die to save us all. I have never heard any of the heresy you described. They have been devoted to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through their broadcasts. I have not heard anything they have taught that is not in the Holy Bible. I suggest that we pray for complete forgiveness and healing and the continuation of the great job of evangelism they have been charged to continue. Amen.

  3. David T

    Agreed Chrystal. Marcus and Joni need to repent of this Charismatic heresy that they are promoting. They, as well as the The Beelzebub Network, need to be shunned and yet prayed for that they will repent of what they are teaching to the people out there. They are promoting Preachers who are not going after the rich for their money but are going after the poor with their lies and their heresies.

    I posted this on my Facebook page and used the quote Marcus made about how he would not use God’s money to pay extortioners. It’s not God’s money Marcus when you are stealing from the poor to use for your lavish lifestyle to live with your wife. REPENT and BELIEVE on the Lord Jesus Christ Marcus & Joni Lamb. Turn away from this Charismatic heresy and see the TRUTH that Christ offers in His Word.

    (I am sure you got this idea from seeing my Facebook page anyway. You silly Colts fan you. LOL) =)

  4. Kiwi Dave

    @ Day Star Fan, sorry, but thay have not been spreading the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. They have promoted Dominionsm, and “get rich by gving to *my * church ‘cos God will bless you and wants you to be rich too!”

  5. Lavonne

    I stopped watching what passes as Christian television years ago. Most claiming to be sent by God are hirelings. They preach morality, conservatism and positivity/motivation for the sole purpose of generating cash and power for themselves. They have no thought of God. The pastor of the (now defunct) church I attended a few years ago called himself dr. Favor and preached favor constantly as a way to make money. Lust for money, sex and fame is all people are feeding on. I am sticking close to God, but fleeing the immorality and hypocrisy of these hirelings.

  6. Grant

    The thing that gets me is that if this went on for 7 years as a newspaper said and these guys were bringing in all the various dog and pony acts to raise money it just makes me want to yell at the tv when you see these large ministries parade around and promote themselves as the spokespersons of God

    No doubt at all that there have been and are more ministers like this with the same thing going on as we blog/speak-it’s an smazing debacle

  7. Renata

    Daystar fan;
    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. None among us are not without sin.”
    1John 3:6
    No one who lives in him keeps on sinning. No one who continues to sin has either seen him or known him.
    As a seasoned or mature man of God that he calls himself you do NOT do these kinds of sins. If your are working out your salvation thru the process of sanctification
    you should have moved way beyond this type of sin.

  8. Jennie Anastas

    My husband and I enjoy watching table talk and other shows on Christian TV, but when they start going on about give a thousand or else etc etc we change the channel straight away. We tithe at our local church and pay a monthly fee to have cable TV. If these people think we should get the guilts if we dont give, isnt that condemnation in its fullest form? I dont know how they think they will get away with that and maybe that’s partly why they find themselves struggling and having these infidelity problems etc, dont they know you reap what you sew?

  9. Bene Diction

    A civil suit has been filed by former employee, two more employees are going to file suits.

    The court document is online. I think the Lamb’s shot themselves in the foot going public the Daystar lawyer overplayed this.

    This was no extortion or blackmail, the plaintiff lawyer met with Daystar legal on November 18th and gave notice to file.

    Allegations of hush money, several year affair, deceit, coverup. The mistress was this persons boss.

  10. toni

    I think that what Marcus Lamb did was wrong, but if he did admit to it and repented it, He should be able to move on, we all sinners and we fall short all the time, but as christian we should be able to get up and move on, that’s why Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive our sin, No one is perfect, except Jesus Christ. This is the devil trying to stop the broadcasting of the word of God, I think we ought to forget about it and let his ministry go on, to keep the Gospel alive in many homes, we need to realize that we do make mistakes and we don’t need to dwell in our mistakes, but to keep on moving, until our Lord Jesus Christ come. Marcus and Joni Lamb, we will keep you in our prayer. God Bless.

  11. Carolyn

    Berekah…I would have to agree…God is exposing these mystical breathing charletans. Perhaps some who have been taken in by their wiles, will sit up and take notice, come to their senses and repent.
    Toni – this is not Christianity being piped into homes, it is doctrines of demons and seductions of deceiving spirits whose sole aim is to distort Truth and promote error. Hearing from God that her husband was worth fighting for is just such a error of mysticism. Sadly, too many have heard from the mystical Jesus and instead of believing the Word, they have turned aside to follow pathways of absurdity.
    When will we stop listening to “a word from god” and start listening to “the Word of God”? How many fiery crashes does it take before we figure out that we are being lied to?

  12. Bene Diction

    Another wrinkle Crystal.

    Daystar has filed a countersuit alleging conspiracy to commit extortion.

    Since I’m in Canada and am a bit clueless as how to search US data bases, if you find the Daystar countersuit papers, would you give me a heads up?


  13. Bud Press

    DayStar Fan:

    You have your nerve. How dare you you slither around and spew your worn out, carbon-copied, mamby-pamby excuses, when it is YOU who should obey the Scriptural commands to test all things, try the spirits, and guard the flock (1 Thessalonians 5:21; 1 John 4:1; Acts 20:27-31).

    If you had once ounce of discernment you would stop fellowshipping with a cesspool full of heretics, false prophets, and blasphemers that DayStar promotes, and ask God to open your blind eyes and deaf ears to the deceptive bubble you are encased in.

    And here is the link to the cesspool ( ), where you will find page after page filled with compromisers and savage wolves who teach they are “gods,” that Jesus sinned and had to be born again, that Jesus Christ isn’t the only way to salvation, that false prophets simply make mistakes, that the Trinity is false, that “revelation knowledge” takes authority over what God has already said in His word, and much, much more.

    Don’t kid yourself. God has zero tolerance for false prophets and false teachers. There is no fellowship between God, false prophets, and false teachers (Jeremiah 23:31-32; Ezekiel 13:9; Matthew 7:21-23; 2 Peter 2:1). And God will deal with them severely at His appointed time (Matthew 7:21-23; Revelation 20:11-15).

    If you truly knew and loved the real Jesus of the Bible, you would not be slobbering over those who preach the false “Jesus” (2 Corinthians chapter 11).

    Therefore, you can continue to swim around in DayStar’s cesspool and serve the false “Jesus,” or, take my advice and stop your whining and complaining, and search for the real Jesus Christ–with all your heart and soul. I and others on this blog will be glad to assist you.

    In Christian love,
    Bud Press

  14. Bud Press


    In 1 Corinthians 2:12-14 and Ephesians 1:16-17, the Holy Spirit teaches the believer. In Isaiah 40:13-14, the Holy Spirit reveals the things of God to the believer.

    Would you prefer listening to Marcus and Joni Lamb or the Holy Spirit? If you said the “Holy Spirit,” then stop listening to Marcus and Joni Lamb, and study your Bible…just you and God’s written word…and ask Him to reveal to you the truth. Do it and see what a difference it will make.

    Bud Press

  15. Teresa

    @ Chrystal
    On Bene D blog I read the court document. Why is the women being blotted out and kept so secret, I wonder.

  16. Frank

    Anyone who is a pastor/teacher/preacher is supposed to be removed when they are caught in a sin such as this. It is in the NT. This does not necessarily mean they are a non-believer, but a man who cannot even be faithful to his wife is not fit to pastor anymore. The Bible is more than clear on this, if we are willing to follow it’s direction.

    Anyone who states otherwise is unknowingly doing the devil’s work.

  17. Bene D

    Redacting is standard in a court document which has public interest.

    You’ll notice that other names of people not directly party to the suit are also redacted.
    It’s common procedure for certain people groups (ie: juveniles)
    I don’t know US law – but I would think each state has rules about personal identifiers in documents.

    If you want the name of Marcus Lambs mistress- it’s online. She was a Daystar senior exec and people are quite willing to say who she is.
    I think that’s inappropriate at this time, she is not currently a public figure. Any relationship where a boss is intimate with an employee is about power imbalance (male/female or female/male) and it doesn’t matter how delusional the trysting parties are about their feelings or choices. It’s not an equal relationship.

    It will be interesting to see if she is investigated by law enforcement over knowledge of the alleged fraud or is called up if this or the other pending civil suits get to trial..

    Bless your heart Chrysal, thanks so much for the emailed information.

  18. JimmieKrackKorn

    I believe false doctrine breeds sin…and especially sexual sin. Roman 1 defines it pretty good. I gave a list of WOF-ers that have all fallen into sexual sin whether affairs or homosexuality and the list is extensive. I get tired of the apologists for these people. Especially those too weak and so lacking in discernemnet that they say nothing. Most of these weak people are still frightened by the millionaire TV star preachers when they incessantly quote scriptures such as “touch not God’s anointed.” They “don’t want to go there.” Ephesians 5:11 say to “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, reather expose them.” Most have no problem with the first part of that scripture. Often it is easy not to partner or tithe, or give credence to such heretics as Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland. But the second part of the scripture is truly ignore by the church “leaders” today. Expose the fruitless deeds of darkness. That sounds like a command to me. Yet clergy today are too weak and too focused on themselves and keeping their “ministry” together to have the tenacity and backbone to do what the Word says to do. Sad. We could really do without most of the those claiming to be be clergy and “leaders” today. Matt 24 Jesus warned us 4 times of such weak-willed leaders.
    As for Marcus and Joni…Joni stayed… because Marcus is worth several hundred million dollars. If he was penniless as was Randy White when Paula and him split, she would have left him. All they have is the LIE that they perpetrate everyday on Daystar, by that I mean…I have seen them with marraige counselors on Daystar and talk about the success of their marriage ..knowing that it was a sham. That is a lie. Joni has known all along. Or she has zero spiritual discernment. There is too much good money to go around and an extravagant lifestyle to lead to give it up because your husband with his freshly dyed eyebrows is flinging with another sexual immoral Daystar executive. (as if this is the only affair going on at Daystar!)
    These people claim to be leaders and act like heatherns. They stand up and preach and teach you and me on how to live a Godly life all the while they are involved in extra-marital sexual relations. Imagine, being as wide-known, as adored, as stars of the TV religious scene, as rich and as powerful as they are and also have sex with who ever they want…with no apparent consequences. Yes I know there will be some consequences but none that will rob them of any of the desciptive terms that I just descibed them as having. Church today. Jesus was right. Apostasia= Falling away. It is where we get apostate from. First there will be a falling away…then the lawless one shall appear.

  19. Rev's. Kate & Rich M.

    Good day, DayStarFan… You’re new here, huh? Well, permit me to welcome you to a wonderful site that may challenge your every thought.

    Looks like it has already been done!

    Your comment wasn’t aggressive, or in anyway hostile, as from what I can tell. I want you to feel comfortable here– to come back and share your thoughts, just as you did.

    Please do, because an education on the subjects presented is worth the time you felt to share and open your heart. You will be enlightened.

    I agree 100 % with the folks on this site as to “sniffing out the wolves”–don’t be fooled, they’re out there and more than ready to rip you apart and tear your heart right from your chest… the wolves that is!

    God’s best,

  20. Ike

    Just another in the long line of thieving, greedy, hypocritical tv preachers. Don’t give me the first stone stuff, the guy has preached on how YOU should live for years while at the same time carrying on an affair. Yes, he’s human and yes Marcus is a hypocrite

  21. Frank

    Ike: Unfortunately, we will probably see him continue to bilk people out of their money. Hubristic and a stench in the Lord’s nostrils.

  22. Rev's. Kate & Rich M.

    I am watching The Dr. Phil Show right now and… don’t even try to beat me with a stick, they, Joni and Marcus Lamb sure sound pretty sorry for their misconduct and I appreciate it– and the good Dr. Phil is asking some really, hard tough questions soooo…

    We’ll see what happens and please don’t ask me what the Doc is asking because I’m going to finish the show and put up some Christmas stuff–watch it yourselves.

    Talk to you soon, and I’m sure you’ll keep me updated, yes? K:)

  23. Dave Mason

    Living off donations from hard-working people. We can safely assume that they only came forward with this affair because of a looming lawsuit against them. Also, Law enforcement stated today (Dec 09) that they found no evidence to the Lamb’s account of extortion. These two are overly self-righteous and phony. I have to wonder what else is hidden in their closet.
    Just in case you didn’t get it: Yes, I’m throwing stones… get over it!

  24. Rev's. Kate & Rich M.

    You you guys crack me up–gosh! Oh please do not be so picky, Frank– Dr. Phil, he makes sense.

    Dave Mason, you probably are right on the point as to money, or the lack of it will make many, us, wake up!

    Thanks for keeping me updated–I said that, right? K:)

  25. rev; kenny ray

    why is it everytime a ministry is caught with a hand in the cookie jar,or his or her hand
    on somebody’s bible belt, its repent,cry for the cameras,ask forgiveness?
    they dont go anywhere!they stay right there at the pulpit,asking for more money?
    when you fail or fall,you rebuild from the bottom up!you dont build a new beginning staying on TOP!

  26. anna

    You know people..the tradegy of these ppl. at daystar and trinity is that they play on peoples fears and heartaches. Such as claiming..healing..children delivered from drug’s.marriages healed.job’s created and etc. IF you give to their televised programs. God’s word tell’s us to deny ourselves and take up the cross daily. We are not to love the world and the thing’s in the world. Jesus said the last days there will be a great falling away from the truth according to Jesus Christ and the word of God. It’s a looking unto Jesus moment by moment.

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