John MacArthur: Joel Osteen is a Pagan Religionist

You can’t get any more blunt than this.  I love it!  This is from Dr. John MacArthur.

For those of you who think we’re being unkind by exposing heresy, you’re really gonna blow an artery when you hear Dr. MacArthur call Joel Osteen’s doctrine Satanic.


64 thoughts on “John MacArthur: Joel Osteen is a Pagan Religionist

  1. Rene

    I never have gone to see him speak, but have seen his father and been to Lakewood Church in years past. I have though watched him on TV.

    The most difficult thing is to get those that are into the mindset of Olsteen. Reaching out to them so as to make them think outside of the box that they are in is – almost seems impossible. Thank God that while things may be impossible for ME – with God, all things are indeed possible. I am not saying that he doesn’t allow me a frontrow seat at time to watch as He makes that point clear, I just know for sure that it is not ME that is doing it.

    The point of ‘iron sharpens iron’ comes into play. God allows and never forces his way of views on others – even when they are wrong. I look at scripture and see the many examples of the truth of what I have just shared ‘proof’ of that – ‘proof’ within my own life when I have by choice gone off and have done things that were not within His will or design. When your life is not of the same material God uses, it just isn’t going to sharpen at all.

    What I find the most sad is that people think that they can ‘arrive’. REAL PROSPERITY, REAL HEALTH, REAL PEACE, REAL JOY is not possible till I am with Him – which goes against what Joel ‘teaches’.

    While I do need to be cautious with my mouth, because I will be judge for my words – it is because I should be reflection what lives within me, not because of some power that I supposedly have. Such is the point that those that follow such seem to miss – the power isn’t our mouth or what comes out of it – it is God and His words that have all the power. It gives a whole new insight into portions of scripture where they speak of people singing and repeating scriptures – understanding that some may be passing through a time such as Job did, David’s mishaps, even some going through an experience such as Hosea did – too many to add here, not only men, but women as well, all known if you read scripture. Where one puts their eye is the direction that one goes – on God, I go towards God, while if on my own trek I am on the road of my design.

    I can’t speak for others, but I know one thing for sure – I have read of God’s designs and His vision is much better than mine will ever be.


  2. Teresa

    I love John MacArthur, he is one of my favorite preachers. All I can say is AMEN for the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I trust what this man has to say.

  3. Bud Press

    Hi Rene:

    The mind that follows Joel Osteen and others within the Word of Faith movement is the same mind that has been groomed and conditioned to follow cult leaders.

    “A righteous man hates falsehood, but a wicked man acts disgustingly and shamefully” (Proverbs 13:5).

    Bud Press

  4. Rose

    This was great! I really appreciate John MacArthur’s courage to speak out. Now I hope he and other solid pastors will be just as explicit in exposing other heretics like Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, and company who are leading people into contemplative mysticism and religion based on works. It is a sad state of affairs when almost every Christian college in the country is teaching their students spiritual formation and people like Richard Foster, Brennan Manning, and Dallas Willard are required reading….all who call themselves ‘christian’ but teach another gospel.

  5. annunk

    Joel Osteen needs our prayers. A lot of people are swallowing the feel good instead of becoming aware of the need for repentence. But that’s not popular…

  6. ian vincent

    MacArthur also drifts into hypercriticism in his response to Osteen’s prayer,

    “Father, I thank you I have your favor”.

    He says that this is Pharisaical, showing an air of superiority.

    But in praying that, Osteen is not comparing himself with anyone else.

    For a genuine Christian to thank God for His favor and love is perfectly normal and not Pharisaical.

    As to MacArthur calling Osteen “satanic”, on the grounds that he is a Christian who loves money. By that standard, then who today is NOT “satanic”?

  7. Ruitje

    John MacArthur is right: Osteen is preaching Word of Faith, Law of Attraction.

    What Osteen is preaching is the same people in Babel (Genesis 11) wanted. MacArthur quotes Osteen: ‘All of us are born for earthly greatness”… That’s what the people in Babel were searching for. They wanted a name for themselves, they wanted to be great, they wanted to be like God.

    The same lie we see in Genesis 3. Satan still uses the same lie, but it has another outfit. Old wine (the Lie) in ‘new skins’.

    Interesting book from MacArthur: ‘Charismatic Chaos’.

  8. Mike A

    There will be people who say he doesn’t sound very “loving” towards Olsteen ,but they overlook the fact at how much true love it takes to tell the truth to the flock he has been given charge over. I applaud Dr. MacArthur – he is quickly becoming a pastor whose notes I seek out for further understanding of scripture.

  9. Eli

    You said: As to MacArthur calling Osteen “satanic”, on the grounds that he is a Christian who loves money. By that standard, then who today is NOT “satanic”?

    EXACTLY! and that’s the point. Without the true Christ, the true Gospel, we are all going the way of the devil. Without Christ, we are all “satanic”. Osteen preaches a warm-fuzzy touchy feely christ-less social gospel that is concerned mainly with material wealth and health, WoF, name-it-and-clain-it. John MacArthur was spot on, once again. It takes some Christian-intestinal fortitude to stand up and call a spade a spade.

  10. Paul Gesh

    Pro 25:11 – ” A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver”…God bless John MacArthur for taking a stand against charlatans like Joel Osteen.

  11. Frank

    Osteen sees nothing wrong with being rich and being a Pastor. You will not find any of the NT soul-winners being rich, Christ included.

    Watch Osteen’s appearances on Larry King on youtube. They are vexing to say the least.

  12. Ron Larson

    Just wanted to make an observation about Joel Osteen. Watch Mr. Osteen mannerisms when he performs. He has this tendency as he is speaking to constantly blinks his eyes, and I honestly don’t believe he does so to adjust to the spotlight placed on him as he gives his weekly little pep talk to his audience. I have read how law enforcement officials have reason to doubt someone’s story, one thing that often tips them off, is how rapidly and constant they blink. Osteen does this compulsively. And quite honestly, MacArthur, Osteen philosophy of man works, because he has exalted himself to the top of the Ponzi Scheme chain of command. Many listen, I beleive because they like his sing songy outhern charm, he’s handsome, and smiles and flatters everyone including himself through his entire stand-up routine. Sadly, those who follow, and give him funds for his broadcast, and his lifestyle, demonstrate they are basically biblically illiterate. Why even bother bringing your Bible with you, it is used by Osteen merely as a prop. Charismatics love to “talk” about the anointing. When I listened, my spirit became disturbed, and he hasn’t a modicum of any form of unction by the Holy Spirit.

  13. Teresa

    It took me since yesterday to find this clip of Joel Osteen teaching law of attraction or at least I believe that to be what he is teaching. If it is not someone please correct me. It is from Justin Peter’s “A call for discernment”
    Around 57 seconds into the video listen to what Joel says about how Jesus calmed the storm.

  14. Stan

    @ Ron. Good observation. Joyce Meyer does the same thing. I have clocked her at over 100 blinks a minute. By itself, eye-blink rate means little; but considered with the kind of message these people preach, they must know they’re suppressing true biblical knowledge.


  15. David

    Wow! He certainly pulls no punches and tells it like it is. His closing statement is really powerful – that preahers like Joel Osteen, (Benny Hinn, Paula White, Manasseh Jordan etc) hate the True God and are afraid that people might find out who He really is.

  16. highrpm

    jesus must have meant, “by their truth you shall know them”. this guy exudes love, joy, peace, gentleness, meakness, kindness…..” ? if these are the kind of folks in heaven, i am going over to the otherside.

  17. Lafe

    People of God: It was a good thing that MacArthur issued his statement regarding Joel Osteen and
    his satanic message. Osteen does not preach the Word of God. He avoids it and preaches a different gospel because the people he preaches to want to hear that gibberish because they want the same goodies that Osteen has.
    Their lust of the flesh and their lush of the eyes blinds them to the true Word of God. Satan is crafty
    and he has his minions preaching this Word of Faith nonsense because he knows that the hearts of men and women want to avoid God and his Word and do their own thing.
    What MacArthur said can be applied to: Dollar, Copeland, Hickey, White, Duplantis, Price, Murdock, Crouchs’, Avanzini, Thompson and a host of others.
    We are in trying times but God will not be mocked. He will honor his true word. Unless the above
    people repent of preaching a different gospel, they are in danger of hell’s fire…because they are preaching a different Jesus.

  18. Teresa

    @ Chrystal,
    I wanted to share this you tube video from 2007 of a man preaching truth out side of Joel Osteen Lakewood church. He is speaking truth, yet the people who are walking out of the church and walking into the church are not listening. Their eyes, ear and hearts are shut to the truth of God’s word.

    I never cease to thank the LORD for opening my eyes, ears and heart to the true gospel.

  19. Carolyn

    Here comes the peacemaker again…at least I am mentioned in the Bible…blessed are the peacemakers.
    Apparently, there were differences of opinion in Paul’s day as well…same sort of thing, except today, it is Chrystal’s household:
    1 Corinthians 1:11-13
    11 My brothers and sisters, some from Chloe’s household have informed me that there are quarrels among you. 12 What I mean is this: One of you says, “I follow Paul”; another, “I follow Apollos”; another, “I follow Cephas”; still another, “I follow Christ.”
    13 Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Were you baptized in the name of Paul?

  20. Carolyn

    Oh, I forgot to mention…I am definitely, unequivocally!! siding with John MacArthur…HE”S my favourite!:-)


    John MacArthur…one preaches the Word and there are times he just lay things down as it is…Praise God for his ministry, may the LORD raise up more men of God who preaches the TRUTH of God’s Word from The Master’s Seminary (where MacArthur is the president of).

  22. David T

    I listened to this two part sermon after I saw this video on a friend’s page on Facebook. John MacArthur is spot on when it comes to describing what Joel Osteen really believes. I do not remember if it was in this sermon or in John’s book “The Gospel According To Jesus” where he says that there are many similarities between what Joel Osteen believes and what you are seeing in books like “The Secret”.

    (Okay Chrystal, don’t have a heart attack that I commented on your site. I know it’s been awhile. LOL).

  23. lolit

    I think we should not quickly to judge. In the entire body of Christ, some are gifted to explain f biblical docrtine and some gifted to encourage of edify specially the hopeless . As a Chistian who knows the biblical foundation of his salvation there is nothing wrong to hear a brother who is equipt by God to encourage when you are weak. I believe Joel is a Christian who knows His Father’s generosity to give what we need as long as we use it not for selfish ambition but for God’s glory. It is the goodness of God that brought to godly repentance. Like Peter who saw himself as a sinner when he witness Jesus goodness when he instructted Peter to go to the deep to catch fish. Joel never preaches only to to prosper for selfish gain but to use godly provison to lead people to Christ. On a 20 minute teaching on the pulpit , perhaps we do not hear him much of biblical doctrine but more on encouragement but perhaps the members of their congregation attends bible studies for biblical doctrine and he just focused during 20 minutes preaching stressing God’s goodness. The bottomline is we should not attack each other because only God sees the hear and motives. Let Him be the judge. For the meantime we can not win the unbelievers to Christ if we attack one another. Jesus said , they know that you are my disciples if we love one another.

  24. Jonathan

    @ Frank (November 4, 2010 at 1:09 pm):

    You said, “Osteen sees nothing wrong with being rich and being a Pastor. You will not find any of the NT soul-winners being rich, Christ included.”

    This isn’t the big issue to me. I think God is more worried about how you use your money rather than how much you have (and I write as one who doesn’t have a lot). Every western christian is rich compared to those in the two-thirds world. The real problems are (1) Osteen has used his pastorship to get rich and (2) Osteen preaches that God wants Christians to be rich. (1) is a corruption of the ministry of pastor and (2) is a corruption of the message of the Bible.

    There’s a well-written book exposing the errors in Osteen’s message – you can buy it, or download a PDF for free – see

    I share MacArthur’s views and wish other high-profile leaders would join in publicly condemning the prosperity gospel and those who promote it.

  25. Cowbelle

    My husband has a book by John Macarthur called Ashamed of the Gospel,” when the church becomes like the world.” He also deals with this false prosperity teaching and puts out much warnings in this book. He is one of the very few preachers that does not teach tithe for the new testement church. He doesn’t collect tithes in his church. From what I understand he teaches giving from the heart. He doesn’t believe that malachi is for the new testement believer.

    There are the prosperity preachers and then there are these prophecy, signs and wonders teachers and both are wrong, and false. They try to justify their ministry by their “gifts” A gift is well a gift not a means to promote a ministry. I was watching Justin Peters reference in one of the posts here and it showed a woman shaking some kind of gold dust out of her hair. This was proposterous to say the least. What did it prove? Did that make her more spiritual if she had this? Which of course we know it was fake. Yet people flock to them thinking because they had this so called manifestation that they have something more than they do. This just burns my biscuits.
    Even Jesus Christ warns of this Mat 12:39 But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas: I think the sign of the Prophet Jonah was the preaching of repentance. Well, I think Jonah was looking a little bleached and ugly after being spit out by the great fish or whale, but it was his preaching to repent that turned them around.
    Php 2:3 Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.
    This scripture really gets to me, I need to grow in this area. How we hunger for his truth and rightiousness. God bless you all from Cowbelle

  26. Darrel

    The entire second chapter of II Peter is speaking of the Osteens of our day (add Warren and all the other self-proclaimed prophets). There was a time that I would pray for their salvation, but no more. Their fate has been sealed a long time ago (v 17). There are doubtless many members of cults who have been saved, but never a leader of a cult. No, not in modern times nor is there a Biblical record of the leader of a cult being transformed by the saving grace of the Lord Jesus. Some may say that Paul fits that desciption, but he was not a leader only an over zealous follower. If he were a leader he would not have requested letters from the chief priests to do his dirty work in Damscus. Later he states that he received the mercy of the Lord because he acted out of ignorance and unbelief (I Tim. 1:13). There is no hope of remorse and repentance given by Peter. Just as Esau and Judas even sought repentance, but could not find it, so these men will not either.

    Prayers for the members of these cults is definitely in order. I wish I were wrong about the leaders, but can find no support or example in Scripture.

  27. Cowbelle

    One more thing, Notice here that John Macarthur is directly quoting from Joel Osteens own words. Thank God he is exposing this falsehood. I get disgusted everytime I go to the store and see Osteens books. Has he not read this scripture and more that talks about sufferings Rom 8:18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. What about all but one disciple was brutally martyered for Christ. Peter was hung upside down. What about our present world with many suffering and being martyered for Christ?
    I wonder that our economy will continue to fail until these false teachers stop teaching this stuff. When they find themselves in need or want, or persecuted what will they do then? We need to encourage people not to send any money to them.
    You know if people do get blessed with abundance, shouldn’t it be taught to help others who are in need? Like when the disciples gave out according to those who had need? These greedy preachers build their own kingdoms, mansions, private jets, even bodyguards, when are they going to be held accountable for their actions?
    God bless you all from cowbelle.

  28. IWTT

    Run from churches where there is no Bible, no cross, no mention of the blood of Christ. (1Pt 1:18-19; Eph 3:13; Rev 1:5)

  29. Beracah

    @ Cowbelle – I just ordered the Ashamed of he Gospel book, based on your comment above. Thanks for the tip. Sounds like a good read.

  30. Committed Christian

    I admire John MacArthur immensely because he seems to be the only well known Christian leader courageous enough to call out false teachers by name and preach the truth even when it is costly.

  31. Frank

    @ Jonathon:

    You stated, “This isn’t the big issue to me. I think God is more worried about how you use your money rather than how much you have .”

    According to the Word, God is ‘most’ worried about souls. I am very familiar with Osteen (and others) and their preaching of the prosperity gospel and it is all the same. I am guessing you and I are on the same page.

    There are people in almost all churches that are wealthier than others. Some use their wealth to advance the true Gospel, most today do not. Either way, God will judge people like Osteen who are more concerned with rationalizing their wealth.

    “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

  32. Truthinator

    Thanks to MacArthur for telling the truth. Where are all of the other Bible-believing pastors and preachers… (the sound of crickets) ?

    I fear America is under God’s judgment. Why else would blind people flock to Osteen, Warren, McLaren, and others to have their ears tickled? The thing that really bothers me is that even so-called Bible preachers are afraid to stand or worse yet begin to join the wolves (Piper and Warren) by their defending of false teachers.

    People get ready, there a train a comin’…

  33. highrpm

    the gospel these guys preach is antiseptic: it stays away from the the dirt and grime of the gospel [of the kingdom]: god’s heart is compassion, 1 jn 3:16,17, and giving to those in need, 1 tim 6:17-19; like the good samaritan, the main line churches cross to the side of the road, rarely teaching on centrality of this in the kingdom of god.

    osteen implies that the gospel lived out in our daily lives is a mixture of psychobabble, positive energy, and the falsehood that god wants his children healthy and wealthy in this world; col 3:15 tells us the opposite. (does osteen have a degree in psychology?) (btw, the charismatics are as guilty as osteen, in marketing healing. both are out-of-context: the bible makes no mention of applied sciences–hospital emergency rooms, mri’s, cat scans, automobiles, airplanes, interstate highways, microelectronics, computers, cell phones, …; to mix these evolving sciences with the timeless teaching god’s nature ends in error.) and from the looks of macarthur’s church, with the gold-leafed harp behind him, the soft lighting, his coiffed hair and crisp suit and soap box lecturn, he looks to be savoring his standing as a doctor of theology and pastor of a large church. (what is his salary?) both osteen and macarthur are in the business of providing a clean and safe place of sunday and midweek worship, far away from the danger, filth and smell of the rundown motels offering weekly rates, the tent camps of the homeless and the ghettos. (reminds me of jesus parable of the king who invited his friends to a feast and when all refused because of previous bookings, he ordered his servants to go out and beat the bushes and look under the bridges to invite the down-and-outs.) how often do the respectable churches teach and admonish their congregants to give of their plenty to those in need?

    we, who are reborn by the holy spirit, do not need pseudo-psychotherapists to tell us how to live or doctors of theology to tell us what is truth; we do not need exegesis of the fine points of scripture to distract us from following jesus’ example, acts 10:38; rather, our new nature troubles us when something is wrong. many of jesus’ parables of what the kingdom of god is like illustrate god’s compassion for the poor and the needy. even paul tells us the the purpose of working for a wage is so that we can give to the needy, eph 4:28, not to buy a mcmansion and suv. and several times paul compliments churches for giving to those with little, 2 co 8:14.

    jesus said his kingdom is not of this world. so, if we want to know the characteristics of the anti-christ, look at the kingdoms of this world: administrative hierarchies with their consequent pomp and circumstance, job titles, staff, buildings, and associated costs. compare these with the kingdom of god: a lone voice of a wild man living in the desert, john the baptisit, announcing the coming of greatest kingdom ever, a kingdom whose ruler treats his citizens as though they are his bride; that is opposite of how the rulers of this world’s kingdoms value their citizens. and later this king entering jerusalem on a donkey! gee, what pomp and circumstance.

    think of the utter the waste of money for the countless church buildings that stand empty most of the week, and the support staff to maintain them. who can argue that paying the cost of these corporate structures is a responsible use of giving to god what is god’s? the parable of the leaven, lu 13:20-21, tells us how god’s kingdom spreads: not by big operations, incorporated ministries and large crusades and revivals, but by one-on-one contact. i have forgotten most of the pastors’ names and the anonymous faces of those in pews in the churches i have attended, but not one of the very few–i can count them on two hands–people who helped me directly in my times of need.

    as i get close to 60 years old, i carry money with me all the time to give to those in need. but i have a lot to learn: most folks who look needy to me do not ask; do i just walk up to them and offer them money? and i would not think about offering my spare bedroom to one of them. (we did that once to a needy family with 3 young children and had to kick them out after 2 months. in another instance we had 2 cars and gave one to a needy family. for several years, we made bag lunches on sunday afternoons, handed them to the homeless at our city’s central park, and talked casually–we did not preach the gospel–with those who wanted.) but how much and for how long do we give of ourselves? how do we handle those we judge as irresponsible? (yea, paul teaches us to only take care of the widows who are older than 60; let the younger single mom’s remarry. but in america, the churches have ceded that responsibilty to the goverment entitlement programs. ) c’mon you pastor/teachers, how about some mentoring? it is easier said than done.

  34. WatEenZooitje

    What about Dave Wilkerson. Isn’t he spaeking out against prosperity stuff, false revivalists, NAR etc.?

  35. Teresa

    @ Lolit

    You may or may not see this comment I hope you do. I wanted to respond quicker but due to an injury at work have not been able to.

    You said;……. I think we should not quickly to judge. In the entire body of Christ, some are gifted to explain f biblical doctrine and some gifted to encourage of edify specially the hopeless . As a Christian who knows the biblical foundation of his salvation there is nothing wrong to hear a brother who is equipt by God to encourage when you are weak. I believe Joel is a Christian who knows His Father’s generosity to give what we need as long as we use it not for selfish ambition but for God’s glory. It is the goodness of God that brought to godly repentance.

    First I would like to say we are commanded in scripture to judge righteously by the word of God . God said we shall know them by their fruit. I am sure Joel is a nice man, great husband, good father but do I believe he is a true believer, NO! I will tell you why I believe that….(By the fruit of what he teaches and believes) Watch this; Here you can read the interview as well…
    There is a world of difference between edifying man flesh than biblical edification. Joel edifies man flesh, ego, pride, self-esteem. He preaches a man-centered/self-centered doctrine which is not biblical.
    Joel Osteen does not preach repentance nor will he preach against sin. I have listened to him lots and I have yet to ever hear him preach the true Gospel. Very little scripture if any, very seldom does he ever mention the name of Jesus Christ and him cruicified…………….. It is all about Your best life now………………..

    Lolit You also said…… As a Christian who knows the biblical foundation of his salvation.

    I really do not believe Joel knows the biblical foundation of his salvation. I believed if he truly belonged to the LORD; the holy Spirit would never let him preach the way he does, cause it is not biblical the way he preaches. That is my 2 cents.

  36. cowbelle

    I just went to msnbc news This is appalling, I am so angry right now. I got ahold of Amazon through email and I called them. I am boycotting Amazon untill they pull this book. Please pass this to everyone you know. Please stand against this. If you don’t get this web site let me know. It is on Msnbc news. The constitutution was never written for immoral behavior to be justified. Free speech was never intended to promote an immoral lifestyle especially attacking innocent children. They have misread and misunderstood what our nation was founded upon. This should shake everyone to the core. How long are they going to allow this perversion. Is this what we want allowed in our society so that our children and grandchildren can be preyed upon? To Crystal, please allow this to go through. Please encourage everyone to boycott amazon till they stop this book from being sold. God bless from cowbelle

  37. Ruitje

    @WatEenZootje, you are right, I have heard Wilkerson also speak against false teachers and prosperity.

  38. Bud Press

    Hi Cowbell: has advertised and promoted filth and perversion for years, and is not likely to change until people take their business elsewhere.

    Other forms of perversion lurk around every bend of’s snake-infested river–from bondage and sadomasochism, to x-rated and xxx-rated materials.

    By the way, the snake has infested Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Books-A-Million. Then, there are online and walk-in “Christian” bookstores:

    Parents, guard your children…

    Bud Press

  39. cowbelle

    Good news, update on Amazon, I just watch the news and Amazon has pulled the book. Praise the Lord. They said they got too many people threatening close their accounts with them. This is really good news that this happened so fast. There is hope. That was a quick answer to prayer. This is awesome. Thanks God bless from Cowbelle

  40. Carolyn

    highrpm – we hunt heresy, we don’t hunt perfection. Being steeped in asceticism and committing to be a full time philanthropist does not make you a better Christian, especially if THAT becomes an idol and results in elitism.

    The thing that makes us a better Christian is not adding to the simple gospel. Christ completed the work. We are saved by his grace, by his death and resurrection and if we add to that, our own system of good works, then we are taking away from the gospel. Those under a law of good works will be judged by their good works. Those under the law of the Spirit of life in Christ will NOT be judged. Now that is good news!

    James 2:
    12 Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom, 13 because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

    As for mentoring…John MacArthur has mentored me in the past. He is a mentor of Truth to many. He uses his PhD to bring us back to the simplicity of the gospel, to point to Jesus Christ as the only source of Truth. That is what he is called to.

    I judge John MacArthur on his message. Judging him on his platform trappings, lifestyle standards and ministry expenditures is not my job. I would judge him on a self indulgent and excessive lifestyle, but I tell you, I don’t see it. Not everyone is called to the streets or to live in bug infested motel rooms or to work among alcohlics and drug addicts. But some are…and if you are one of them, God bless you!

    As long as JM is fulfilling his calling to God, who are we to judge him? He speaks Truth and that’s good enough for me!

  41. Darrel

    Not too long ago I heard John Mac comment about his salary. He was complaining to an elder/deacon that the church was paying him too much and that he and his family did not need what he was given. The man answered him by saying that “we want to see what you do with what is left over”. Nice little test. Oh, by the way, he passed the test. He and his wife give to other ministries beyond what is left over.

  42. Jonathan

    @ Frank,

    Yes, we see eye-to-eye. I was just trying to make the point that being rich isn’t necessarily a sin – it’s what we do with our money that matters.

  43. LifeInTheChurch

    There is one conclusion that I can come to after seeing MacArthur in this video. That is, he must love God’s Word and the Gospel of Christ.

    In my opinion, it takes someone with real love to be offended by what Osteen and others do to the Gospel of the One we love. Doesn’t anyone else get offended by their gospel of prosperity and self-help? How can people like Osteen even use the name of Jesus? If someone were to insult your spouse, quote them out of context, twist or misuse their words to give themselves gain, wouldn’t you be offended? With the church being the bride of Christ shouldn’t we be offended when someone does that to Jesus?

    To me it appears MacArthur loves God and is offended by those who mistreat what He says and what He has done. I would expect no less from him. It is the other pastors, some of who I have personally sat under, which shrug off and are not affected at all by the current crop of perverse christian leaders, that make me fear for those who do genuinely love Jesus. Be thankful when you find a shepherd for your flock who will not allow a wolf to enter. Even more, be ever grateful when you find one who warns you of the pack of wolves which are approaching.

  44. DSkattum

    Here is a clip from Joel Osteen’s Web site:
    “The Author of our Salvation
    2,000 years ago, the most controversial figure in History, Jesus Christ, was born in a manger. Though he came into the world in a humble way, to an everyday couple, that small baby was God’s answer to humanity’s desperate need for salvation.

    Doomed by our sin, we were separated from God and cut off from the richness of His blessings. God, because of His great love for us, wrapped Himself in humanity and came to earth as a simple man – Jesus. He lived and dwelt among us and eventually sacrificed Himself, all because of His great love. The cost of our sin was His life, and He gave it that we might receive salvation through Him.

    John 3:16, one of the most famous scriptures, illustrates just this, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only son. That whoever believes in Him, will not perish but have everlasting life.”

    Jesus became the bridge between mankind and God so that we can have a relationship with the Father. He is our Savior, our healer, and our friend.

    Jesus came that we might have a more abundant life. He came to carry our weaknesses, our sickness, our pain, so that we can walk in total freedom, peace, power and purpose.

    Jesus is more than a historical figure or a great teacher who once lived. He conquered death so that we might live. We don’t have to earn His love and salvation, its’ a free gift available to all who will believe. Jesus wants to have a personal relationship with us. All we have to do is receive it by faith, and come to Him just the way we are.”

    SOUNDS PRETTY FUNDAMENTAL TO ME!!! Maybe MacArthur’s a little jealous??

    1. Chrystal Whitt Post author

      I highly doubt MacArthur is jealous of Osteen. Sickened by his doctrine, yes, jealous…. not a chance.

      DSkattum, when MacArthur appeared on Larry King Live, he made it clear that there is only one way to Heaven and no one would enter if they didn’t go that route…which is Jesus Christ. Joel Osteen said he didn’t know. You do the math.

  45. DSkattum

    Here are a couple other doctrinal positions from Osteen’s Web site:
    “We Believe

    The Bible
    We believe the entire Bible is inspired by God, without error and the authority on which we base our faith, conduct and doctrine.

    The Trinity
    We believe in one God who exists in three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to this earth as Savior of the world.

    We believe Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood for our sins. We believe that salvation is found by placing our faith in what Jesus did for us on the cross. We believe Jesus rose from the dead and is coming again.

    Water Baptism
    We believe water baptism is a symbol of the cleansing power of the blood of Christ and a testimony to our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    in the regular taking of Communion as an act of remembering what the Lord Jesus did for us on the cross.

    Growing Relationship
    We believe every believer should be in a growing relationship with Jesus by obeying God’s Word, yielding to the Holy Spirit and by being conformed to the image of Christ.”


  46. Teresa


    I have a question for you; Do you believe Mormons are saved? Does Joel have in his doctronial statement that mormons are saved? No!!!! He does not. This is what he publically said about mormons being saved…

    Chrystal point is well taken…. She said; Unfortunately, what they say in a doctrinal statement doesn’t match what they say in the pulpit and other places.

  47. Darrel

    The devils in hell believe all that is in Osteen’s “doctrinal statement” and tremble because they know that no matter how much they quote the Scriptures their fate is sealed, hell awaits, the lake of fire is hot. Although these devils accurately quote the Scriptures that does not change their final estate. They use the Scriptures to spread the lies of their father by taking things out of context, by leaving out the heart of the Gospel for a believer (we have been delivered from the power of sin-now!). You will never hear this chalatan tell his followers that there will be suffering in the life of a Christian or that we are to forsake all in order to be His disciple. Osteen’s gospel [which is no gospel at all] is only for the rich and those who want to be so. It’s America’s gospel and it is considered pig slop by the brave souls who weather persecution day by day. By those who come up out of the baptismal waters and have their head removed. By those who do not know whether they will be dead by morning. And you dare to speak in a favorable light of that minister of satan? Spread your poison elsewhere, no one is buying your garbage here.

  48. DSkattum

    Chrystal – Can you tell me which of the 6 doctrinal statements, I copied off of Osteen’s web site would make MacArthur sick??
    It’s easy to take sound bite – thoughts and ideas of public figures out of context (Just ask Phil Donahue or Joy Behar they are good at it as well) .

    1. Chrystal Whitt Post author

      As I said, DSkattum, many people have correct doctrinal statements, but teach false doctrine.

      You accused John MacArthur of being jealous of Joel Osteen. Can you verify that statement?

  49. Teresa

    @ DSkattum

    Based on your commment……… It would be wise for Joel Osteen to read his doctrinal statement from his website, so he can know what he claims he believes, before he does interviews on national TV or writes books. Joel contradicts himself, compromises the Word of God and compromises the “True Gospel”
    Contrary to what his doctrinal statement on his website states….Bottomline……Joel preaches another gospel and another Jesus….

  50. hope

    Because of Joel Osteen and his preaching, It has re kindled my child hood bible reading! I truly love to listen to his positive message! It is not what you make in money, it is what you do with what you make! I think Judge not! or be judged! is a good philosophy. Why is it that ministers, as well as politicians have to slam someone else to be the chosen one? We reach people through different types of ministry to bring the message of Christ! It is always better than no message of Christ!

    1. Chrystal Whitt Post author


      Hello and welcome. If your childhood Bible reading has been rekindled, I thank God for that. But, Joel Osteen’s teaching is not just a slight bit erroneous…It’s heretical. Joel Osteen teaches heresy, and I pray that as you continue to study God’s Word, you’ll see his error and remove yourself from him.

  51. Teresa

    You said……Because of Joel Osteen and his preaching, It has re kindled my child hood bible reading! I truly love to listen to his positive message!

    Hope, I say this with no malice in my heart. What preaching? Joel does not preach the gospel of Jesus Christ as lay out in the scriptures and he seldom ever quotes a scripture. Joel tells stories, that all. Joel and his “positive message” does nothing but puff up man and man so called self-esteem. He teaches a man-centered doctrine which is not biblical.

    I pray that God opens your eyes and heart to the truth of his word and the true gospel, just like he did Lydia in the book of Acts and the rest of us on this blog.

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