What is a Heresy Hunter?

There are a lot of charismatic followers and defenders out there who are calling solid, Bible-based, discerning Christians “heresy hunters.”  The people being targeted with this label (such people as  Ingrid Schlueter, Bud Press, Ken Silva, Mike Oppenheimer, Sandy Simpson, Justin Peters, and even little old insignificant me) are being accused of hating Jesus, God, and are looked upon as unsaved agents of Satan. 

I want this to be a discussion thread.  Please weigh in and tell me exactly what a heresy hunter is, and what it takes to qualify as such.

Let’s talk about it!

149 thoughts on “What is a Heresy Hunter?

  1. James Pratt

    I find it interesting that they call all of you heresy hunters. Perhaps revealing something about themselves that they know to be true, and trying desperately to suppress that truth. It really isn’t that difficult to figure out.

  2. Sandy Simpson, ACT

    A “heresy hunter” is any Christian who is actually obeying the Word. They follow in the tradition of the Bereans and check EVERYTHING against the Scriptures. They test everything, hold on to the good. Since all the Apostles where “heresy hunters” we can do not less.

  3. Paul

    I should think it is a badge of honour. It is the responsibility of every true saint to hunt for heresy and make sure that it has not become rooted in our own walk or the walks of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

  4. Marsha West

    “Little old insignificant me” is also being targeted. I don’t lose sleep over it, though. Our numbers are few but we’re getting the truth out there. Gideon slew an entire army of Medianites with only 300 men. If God is for us who can be against us? You hang in there, Crystal — and keep your spiritual armor on!

  5. Kay Sharpe

    Um. That would be because they ARE heresy hunters. That is what they do… they hunt alleged heresy and call it ministry. (It would perhaps be more accurate to call them “hateful hunters of truths they love to hate and lie about” but “heresy hunters” rolls off the tongue a lot easier.

    1. Chrystal Whitt Post author

      Kathi, Kathi, Kathi….

      You say “heresy hunter” as if it’s a bad thing.

      By the way, I don’t have to hunt heresy, it’s everywhere and ready for the pickin’!

      By the way again, I’d like to hear you answer Marsha’s question.

  6. Darrel

    Perhaps it is not unlike the function of the liver or the kidney in the human body. Identifying and removing the poison that circulates throughout the body. In this case the Body of Christ. A necessary function, an extremely distasteful one especially for the one acting as the liver or kidney. It is unlikely that such a “calling” would be sought out. Nor would it be considered a high place of honor in the public’s view, never on par with that of a pastor, evangelist, elder, or deacon, etc. One that would require much prayer time before the Lord so as not to become infected with the poison being exposed for the sake of the Body. It would also require much longsuffering and patience supplied by the Lord Jesus for the attacks that would have to be endured from the lost producers of the poison and even some from other members of the Body of Christ who have been lead astray into believing the lies of the poison makers.

    Discernment is a gift. One with great responsibilities.
    I Peter; II Peter; Jude

  7. Denise G.- discernthetime.com

    I’ve heard it all– “nit-picker”, “critical spirit”, “witch hunt”.. you name it. I call all who contend for the faith; “Truth Standers”! Consider why we are being accused and pointed at. Rev. 12:10 Who hates what is true? “For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed.” John 3:20
    The more unBiblical things are exposed, the more irritated the prince of the air becomes. Praise Jesus for greater is He that is within us, and Praise the Almighty Savior again for His Almighty Armor (Eph. 6) and Sword — which is piercing to the division of soul and spirit.. Heb.4:12.
    “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. “Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you…. Mat. 5: 10-12…

    ‘Sing’ in the storm.. thank you Jesus!

  8. steve f.

    Mat 7:13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
    Mat 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
    In other words, the majority is almost always wrong. Someone has to point out that “the emperor has no clothes” or we all end up looking at a rather distasteful caricature of what Christ’s church was supposed to be. Keep up the good work!

  9. Matthew Doerschuk

    As a licensed ordained minister, I to have been labeled a heresy. Calling people to repentance and reverence for God. Exposing the false doctrine and incorrect interpretation of local and national ministers. I direct people to the Holy Scripture instead of the pulpit, I encourage people to drop to their knees and cry out to the God of all creation instead of speed dialing for a solution. If I am a heresy hunter – I will unashamedly take that title as I stand before my King!

  10. Manfred

    Ken Silva sent me here. He’s one those hateful people who trumpet the Truth, and a dear brother in the Lord who stands firm on the Rock.

    I have the honor of being hated by Roman Catholics who hate the Truth and have been disowned by a dear friend of 35 years for pointing out to him that female leadership in the church is wrong and buying Christmas cards from T.D. Jakes is bad form.

    I just finished reading “The Forgotten Spurgeon” http://www.graceandtruthbooks.com/product/the-forgotten-spurgeon

    This book examines three major controversies Spurgeon was involved in, all of which relate a bit to this. How interesting that the current preacher of Metropolitan Tabernacle is in the same fight from the perspective as Spurgeon.

    It’s sad but not surprising when men who are made famous by men wander off the narrow path. Rare the man who, like Spurgeon, desired the approval of God above that of man. He would have been called a Heresy Hunter by his contemporaries, if they had known the term.

  11. Annunk

    Darkness doesn’t appreciate being exposed to light. Thus, the name “heresy hunter”…This precious little “heresy hunter” title is right up there with “Touch NOT God’s anointed!”

    When I was with Word of Faith, there was an unspoken rule that you did NOT utter one single word against a speaker or teacher. (You didn’t have to agree with what they taught, but you sure didn’t voice your objections out loud.)

    I believe the “heresy hunter” title became the easy way for teachers or certain groups to say, “’I don’t like being disagreed with’ – therefore, if I call them heresy hunter, no one will take what they are saying about me seriously. They’ll just chalk them up to being trouble makers.”

    Sandy Simpson is absolutely right. Take whatever’s being taught and line it up against the Word. Not “part” of the Word – like with Is. 53:5, but the entire Word taken IN context. When you lose the whole context of a scripture, you get heresy.

  12. Brandon

    Heresy Hunter:
    1. One who receives the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things are so (Acts 17:11).
    2. One who is always prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks them for a reason for the hope that is in them; able to do it with gentleness and respect (1 Pet 3:15).
    3. One who destroys every argument and lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, taking every thought captive to obey Christ (2 Cor 10:5).
    4. One who responds to St. Jude’s appeal for them to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3).
    5. One who is willing to stand on the Word of God, taking the risk of being hated for the cause of Christ, rebuking others sharply, that they may be sound in the faith, not devoting themselves to Jewish myths and the commands of people who turn away from the truth (Titus 1:13-14).
    6. A watchman (Ezek 33).
    7. One who tests the spirits (1 John 4:1)
    8. One who tests everything, holding fast to what is good, abstaining from every form of evil (1 Thess 5:21)
    9. One who watches out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that they have been taught, avoiding them (Rom 16:17).
    10. One who seeks unity, united not for the sake of unity in name only, but true unity with the true body of Christ, united in th same mind and the same judgment (1 Cor 1:10).
    11. One who examines and tests themselves and others to see whether they are in the faith (2 Cor 13:5).
    12. One who is determined to know nothing but Christ and Him crucified among others (1 Cor 2:2) and so when given something other than Christ, they will say, “Sir, we wish to see Jesus (John 12:21).”
    13. One who keeps a close watch on themselves and on the teaching, persisting in this so that they might save themselves and their hearers [from devotion to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons] (1 Tim 4:1,16).
    14. One who preaches the word, is ready in season and out of season, reproving, rebuking and exhorting with complete patience and teaching (2 Tim 4:2).
    15. One who is competent, equipped for every good work by the Holy Scriptures which is breathed out by God, profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness (2 Tim 3:10).
    16. One who has the ability to distinguish between spirits, empowered by the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 12:10).

  13. Dave - www.thispilgrimland.com

    People don’t want to hear the truth. I have discovered, especially in dealing with those of the charismatic flavor, that when asked for verification of their dreams and visions, that there is none to be had. People no longer know love when they see it.

  14. Brandon

    17. One who has their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil (Heb 5:14).
    18. One who is not quarrelsome, kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with gentleness, so that God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth, and that they may come to their senses and that they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will (2 Tim 2:24-26.

    Any others that I missed?

  15. Frank

    The Bible says for us to be “diligent” and “awake” on these issues.

    If I were a “charismatic leader”, I would be careful who I label and what I label them. These people are essentially afraid for light being thrown on their un-Biblical practices and beliefs.

    All of them will have to make an account for every word spoken, especially against believers.

  16. nona

    Kathi, Kathi, Kathi….
    Kay, Kay, Kay
    NAR and Johnson-ite
    MSoG and Dominion-ite
    and even a Bently-ite
    When will you stop and begin the good fight…

  17. Melchizedek

    As a heresy hunter you are in good company. Let’s all be heresy hunters, and defend the truth of the scriptures! I loved what Matthew wrote! “I direct people to the Holy Scripture instead of the pulpit”.
    I recently heard Voddie Baucham of Grace Family Baptist Church (on sermonaudio.com) say that we must proclaim the truth and speak the Word of God. We can’t demand that we are better than others in everything we proclaim. Have the Word as your measure, not yourself.
    He said that he had once been worried doing a sermon on marriage to people married over 40 years, while he was brand new in marriage. His minister told him “I guess you won’t preach about heaven either then…”
    I am personally struggling with finding time alone with God in prayer and studying the Word (full time job plus student plus husband and father of 4). I always felt very uncomfortable preaching about the importance of that when I didn’t have it right in my own life yet, and so I shared my own struggles with the congregation and preached that “WE must get better at this”. And while this is a great approach, if you share too much of your own struggle people will eventually loose confidence in you. What we need to do is do divert the attention from ourselves to the infallible Word of God.
    Judge everything to the Word of God, and we can’t fail. Rely on human emotions, human logic and human authorities.

  18. Ruitje

    I think heresy hunters is a wrong word. They are contending for the faith. But I must say that some are a little bitter in their way of ‘hunting’. They are right, but I sense only truth and less grace. For example Ingrid Schlueter. She is doing a good job, but sometimes when I listen to her she is sounding bitter and angry.

    People like Mike Ratliff and Justin Peters are showing also truth, but I hear more grace in the way they speak and write about the false teachers and prophets.

    I myself learned from Jesus’ words in Matthew 7:3-5
    “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

    We first have to let the plank be taken out of our own eyes (and see the grace of God) and then we can take the speck out of the eye of our brother.

    Paul wrote Timothy about how he should get people back on the right track with grace and gentleness.

    I want to learn to show truth and have grace and gentleness (and that is difficult sometimes).

  19. Carolyn

    God has a prescribed method for developing our faith which is line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little;
    transforming and renewing of our mind through the Word of God;
    and faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of Truth.
    Those that refuse to do it God’s way and will take a shortcut to doctrine such as hearing from angels, demons (through visions, dreams and contemplative or other creative forms of spiritual methodology) or derive their “teachings” from other people; and all who use a deceptive means to reach a desired end, will be those teaching heresy (a departure from what is in the Word).
    Those that rebuke them and expose them for their folly have been called heresy hunters.
    *This makes more sense if you read it in context but here is a verse that stands out to me.
    Isaiah 28:
    13But the word of the LORD was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.

    Interesting that today’s charismatics fall backward, are broken, snared and taken…isn’t it? If we do not learn from history, we are destined to repeat it.

  20. David T

    I can not give any better explanation of what a heresy hunter is and what it takes to qualify as such. Everyone who answered gave great answers.

    I have never been called a heresy hunter but have been called “judgmental”, “divisive”, “a hater of the things of God”, and so much more. I see it every day in person and when I share the things of Christ on Facebook.

    Stay strong in the Lord my brothers and sisters!

    Jude 3-4

    3 Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.
    4 For certain people have crept in unnoticed who long ago were designated for this condemnation, ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into sensuality and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.

  21. michael henry

    It’s a badge of honor. If people are are irritated, then it just proves even more the world hate truth, because they certainly of the world, and do not understand the word.
    Believe you me, if you had said “every time they do xyz I get 2000 followers”, I would be criticizing and correcting you also.

    I’m all for Chris’s t-shirt idea. I’d love to have a “pirate who does nothing” supporter shirt. Perhaps yours could be similar.

  22. Teresa

    I have been labelled a heresy hunter, and much more. I do like what John MarAthu said; I consider this labell a compliment.

    I will say this ; These so called believers who are under false teachers or heterical teachings, I have found scream the “LOUDIEST” to protect their false teachers and false teachings. They come up with every intimadition tactic possible to labell and stop discernment ministries from speaking biblical truth; such as “touch not mine anointed” ” do not judge” “religious spirits” and so forth.
    It was Benny Hinn on TBN, who said he was trying to find one scripture that says “kill them” referring to the heresy hunters. Then he said he like to take his holy ghost machine gun and killem!!!! Well, WE ARE NOT DEAD and you guy’s Ingid Schleuter, Chrystal, Marsha West, Sandy Simpson, Mike Oppenheimer, Justin Peters, Bud Press, Mkayla Korner, herescope, Bob Dewaay, John MarAthur, Dr. Orrel Steinkamp and many more; keep exposing false teachers and false teachings.
    I thank God for your ministries who report the biblical truth. Love you guy’s

  23. Sean

    “Heresy Hunter” = A label invented by those who promote false teaching. Failing to justify their false religions through discussion, they resort to the childish practice of name-calling.

  24. Brian McGeever

    Spot on, Annunk. The weeds of heresy grow in the garden of the Church. It’s a challenge for me, however, to 1)Respond with both grace and firmness at times and 2) Always be comfortable about where on the theology/doctrine spectrum heresy begins/ends. Having lived overseas for almost a decade as a missionary, I can say that all of us, any culture, brings to bear on it’s reading of Scripture it’s own bias. It’s simply unavoidable. So…how do I parse my beliefs for “purity” if I really am not capable of that?

  25. John

    I’ll try to do a few thoughts later on, but wanted to respond to two other commentors first.

    @Manfred (comment of Oct 16, 9:54pm). I have no issues with your views on Catholics and TD Jakes, but the question of male-only leadership is one where Christians disagree. There are many sound evangelical churches (including my own) where an egalitarian approach is taken, based on scriptural convictions. Please don’t knock people who have this viewpoint – it is within the spectrum of orthodox christian belief.

    @Annunk (comment of Oct 16, 10:16pm). I agree completely that we have to evaluate teaching against the entire Bible. But people interpret the Bible in different ways. Sometimes some parts of the Bible seem to say something different to other parts. This doesn’t mean that the Bible contradicts itself, it means that our understanding of the Bible is incomplete. And it always will be incomplete. So there is plenty of scope for disagreements, and we must be very careful with how we approach these. Perhaps it it our understanding that is wrong, not the other persons.

    More to come…

  26. cherylu

    I will always be thankful for the dreaded “heresy hunters” amongst us! When I was coming out of charismania some years ago, it was the ministry of these folks online that helped me to understand that what I was highly questioning was indeed wrong. And more then that, they helped me to see that it was part of a whole belief system that went back many years. Being able to see and understand this type of thing is invaluable to the body of Christ.

    In this day and age, the gift of discernment is so desperaely needed in the body of Christ and is too often ignored, belittled, and outright ridiculed by many in the body.

    I do agree with those that have said we need to watch our own atititudes. It can become very easy to get angry and bitter when we see all that is going on around us these days. And while there is a place for righteous anger, it is all to easy for us to spout forth an unrighteous anger, IMO.

    And for those of you that have a really hard time with this type of ministry, please remember that if folks have received the gift of discernment from the Holy Spirit, they are indeed responsible to Him to use that gift to help the rest of the body. To not use it would mean they are indeed unfaithful to their Lord and to His body.

    Any way, carry on folks as the Lord leads you and shows you His truth!

  27. Justin Edwards

    As I said in my post in directing readers here,

    “It seems anyone these days with an ounce of discernment and desire to stand for the Truth and defend the faith at all costs might fall under the label “heresy hunter”. Those ignorant of sound doctrine, those willing to compromise for the sake of unity, or those wolves donning sheep costumes crying “heresy hunter” have no qualms about labeling discerning brothers and sisters in Christ with the term (and by the way, wolves are not in the Body).

    Those of us who contend for the faith should not consider the term derogatory, rather we should wear it as a badge of honor and challenge anyone accusing us of “heresy hunting” to back up their pet teachers or pet doctrines with the Word of God. It is Scripture we must always use as our compass to determine Truth in spiritual matters. God’s Word is absolute truth and He has given us clarity of Scripture whereby we can know His will for each of us to come to saving faith, fulfill the Great Commission, pursue the holiness of God, love Him with all of our soul, mind, heart, and strength, and defend it against those who seek to ravage it and destroy its eternal truths – even unto death.”

    May we continue to contend unashamedly!

  28. Ruitje

    I thank God for believers who want the Truth to be told, and are not looking for approval from people. I warn people when I am contronted with a false teacher, some people are grateful to be warned, others say I have ‘a religious spirit’…

    I can get upset when I see people like Joshua Mills, Rick Joyner and Todd Bentley abusing scripture and leading the little lambs away from the Truth.

    The heresy hunters are Truth seekers. ‘Heresy hunter ‘ has a negative label, it looks like they are only using their time to hunt for heresy. I think we need balance: don’t use all your time to hunt for heresy, but when you are confronted with it uncover it.

  29. james

    I have never seen such a lack of discernment and a who cares attitude concerning the faith in all my life. I see cults confusing many evangelicals. Where should I start? Evangelical ministries are giving way to those who deny the Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christian radio stations/TV airing anti-Trinitarian, and Deity of Christ programs. This is a real shame. Now you have a famous Southern Gospel artist, 8 Dove awards, attacking the Deity of Christ in print, and on tape. He performs in Christian churches. Sould we who love the truth look the other way? God Forbid! The following excellent paper should be read by all Christians. http://www.fredsbibletalk.com/fb018.html

  30. WatEenZooitje

    If some people say that some christians are “heresy hunters”, “religious”, “having a critical spirit”, then they must say that of The Lord Jesus Christ too. Why? Because heresy is that people are wondering off the real truth and replace it with their own thoughts and considering that as if it is something from God. If you see what Our Lord did during His life then you can see that He was pointing out to people to get back to the real spirit of God’s given Word. However, the religious leadership back then had their own set of rules that were based on the word. But it did not live out of the Word (being loyal and obedient to God and caring about your neigbour). Their rules became even more important than the Word itself. The Lord Jesus called them “religious” because their interpretation was actually dismissing the nature of God’s Word and His relationship with His people Israel. They replaced it with stupid rules as if you would serve God when you were obeying these manmade commandments. And because it was manmade they were also easy in bending the rules if it was necessary.

    Now you see the same trend. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is repentance of SIN, denying yourself, picking up your cross, following Him, caring about your neigbour, taking life as it comes but through all of that still putting your Faith, Hope, Trust in God alone, is being replaced by something else. Now, your experience of God is important. Gold dust, heavenly portals, angelic visitations, big-bigger-biggest anointing, only prosperity, health, wealth teachings, personal prophecies without any warning or rebuke, supernatural experiences, controversial teachings etc. etc. are more important than the message of repentance of SIN. They commercialized christianity, they make themselves very special (Christian elite) and put on heavy demands on their followers (compulsary tithing, money offers etc. otherwise you will miss the anointing/favor). God’s Grace is conditional or they bend God’s Love of Grace to emphasize to man-centered hedonistic desires. So, these ultracharismatics like NAR, Word of Faith, Latter Rain, New Breed, Dominionism etc. are setting the rules as if it was from God Himself. And they really believe that when you are living to their rules, you will serve God, or they claim that it is the only way to serve God. So, questioning them is questioning God’s Authority. So, it somehow gives them a valid reason to persecute you thus, being called as a heresy hunter. But on the other hand they also bend their rules and therefore enfeeble God’s meaning with His Word. (e.g. They first consider Todd Bentley as a champion of God, one in the category of one of the original apostles. But they didn’t rebuke him, didn’t call his act of adultery sin, and restored him asap, instead of working on his character). So, it kinda set a precedent that you just can sin and that you work on restoration so that you can be back in every kind of ministry asap. So, Jesus ultimate sacrifice is actually being mocked because there is no emphasis on repentance of sin and voluntarily willing to stop doing sinful and egoistic things.

    So I wonder how these people would react if Our Lord Jesus Christ would indeed appear in one of those meetings, as it was prophecied by some of them, but instead of giving them a feeling of glory, He would give a message of repentance and judgement like in Revelation with the 7 churches. If He would appear physically, He would probably be sent off by some strong bodyguards or mocked, ridiculed by some of these people. The Lord Jesus would probably be accused as someone with a religious spirit.

    Anyway, I want to encourage you (so called heresy hunters, religious spirit people) with your work. Although you are being accused or intimidated in an aggresive way, you must know that you are on the right way. If they claim to have this high level of anointing or glory, how is it possible that they show such a low level of one of the most important fruit of the Spirit….LOVE.

    I am glad that I bumped to sites like these. Critical and honest Christians who doesn’t want to compromize with the worldly view on Christianity. Now I am a charismatic christian who can think for himself instead of others who are thinking/making decisions for me, who investigate charismatic trends with God’s Word and views, and who is open to receive/give correction. I want to thank you for all the articles, comments and contributions because it gave me a more stable view in my walk with The Lord. You are not alone. Just like in Elijah’s time, there were still some believers who didn’t bow down for Baal. And also in our time, they are still people who let the Word of God prevail before even the most popular, ‘prophetic’, most supernatural, end time revival, Kingdom now, views of present christianity.

    Shalom everyone

  31. John

    OK, here we go. A slightly provocative post from me.

    In my opinion, a heresy hunter:

    * Refuses to accept the diversity of Christian belief and practice
    * Has no theological training from an accredited/mainstream institution
    * Does not go to church
    * Picks up on isolated mistakes, frequently from the past
    * Refuses to be challenged or questioned
    * Makes invalid generalisations
    * Has no accountability
    * Speaks anonymously online
    * Has all the truth and none of the grace
    * Has a lot of pride and no humility
    * Disparages other Christians
    * Sees conspiracies everywhere
    * Follows fringe beliefs themselves

    I would suggest that all the above are wrong. It’s interesting that several of them were mentioned as things to avoid in the Fred’s Bible Talk article linked to by James.

    Two further points that are possible grounds for concern are if someone:

    * Belongs to an independent church (this often means they are ignorant as to the wider Christian tradition; it can also indicate a lack of accountability or a separatist attitude)
    * Finds guilt through association (this is sometimes this is a valid approach but needs to be treated carefully)

    A Biblical discerner, which is what I hope we strive to be, tests and discerns without falling into any of the above traps.

    The two main problems in the evangelical church today are hyper-charismaticism and the prosperity “gospel”. In case anyone is wondering, my view is that both of these are completely outside the scope of sound belief and the people who promote them are invariably deceivers. But a lot of other things are grey areas where we have to accept that a range of beliefs exist.

  32. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    I’m just a “big-mouthed, trouble-making, discord-sowing… a difficult person full of dissention, pot-stirring woman; a liar and ‘The Daughter of the Devil’ “, who doesn’t give one fiddler’s fig what any one say’s –I’m going to follow God.

    If God didn’t say it, I ain’t doin’ it, period!

    And as always, much love and God’s best. K

  33. Stan

    We don’t have to hunt for heresy, heretics hunt for us. Just stand there, we’ll get a snoot-full of their scent as they approach. Didn’t Jesus say in Matt 7 that they’ll come to us, outwardly dressed just right? Are we not also warned they will rise up from within our ranks to make disciples for themselves for dishonest gain? Wolves prowl, hoping for sleeping watchdogs who won’t bark at them to scare them off and alert the flock, like the ones God denounces in Isaiah 56:10-11. There are plenty of them. They’re the pastors who seek for their own gain in their cushy jobs. They’re the heretics unwitting allies. Why? because they’re asleep, making themselves unable to detect the approach of the enemy. Try sleeping on duty in the army, you’ll get executed. Pastors’ careless and self-serving attitude is a role model for the sheep. The whole flock ends up asleep, making it easy for the heretical hunters to get what they want at will. Woe betide anyone who wakes up during the carnage and starts barking. He will be kicked like a dog who annoys the family while they’re watching TV and told to shut up.

    Who cares if we’re kicked? Let us stay alert and sober-minded against the roaring lion who seeks whom he may devour with his lies. Let us arm ourselves to stand our ground to contend and defend. Let us be as Shammah of 2 Samuel 23:11-12 and protect the plot of lentils called the truth from the Philistine heretics. God will give us the victory, not in physically defeating the heretics themselves, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood; but in defeating the doctrines of demons which he channels.

    Let us not depart a smidgen from the apostles’ doctrine. Onward, Christian soldier! The Joy of the Lord is our strength. He teaches our hands to war, so that our arms can bend a bow of bronze. In this way, God is glorified through us, his servants, when His truth steadies us and wins back the heretics’ prey, our deceived brethren, into the fold. Yes!!


  34. John Dunning

    @john I have to admit to not being totally with you with regards to the interpretation of Scripture. The Bible as a whole is one revelation that is complete and does not contradict itself. What’s more, 2 Peter 1:20 tells us that it is not open to our own personal interpretation.

    Whilst I totally agree with you that we must be extremely careful to firstly ensure our own understanding is correct in line with the rest of the Bible, there still remains only one perspective that is true, and it is to our benefit to diligently search it out.

    The reformers formed the principle known as analogia fidei (analogy of faith) , whereby those more difficult to understand passages must be interpreted to more clear passages elsewhere in Scripture.

    In Hodge’s Systematic Theology, Charles Hodge puts it this way:

    “If the Scriptures be what they claim to be, the word of God, they are the work of one mind, and that mind divine. From this it follows that Scripture cannot contradict Scripture. God cannot teach in one place anything which is inconsistent with what He teaches in another. Hence Scripture must explain Scripture. If a passage admits of different interpretations, that only can be the true one which agrees with what the Bible teaches elsewhere on the same subject.”

    God bless,


  35. Grant

    The HH are people that Jesus dealt with a long time ago in a place far far away

    they could have been called meatheads as they let carnality be their sway

    who are the HH today some may ask

    could it me me or you or someone who wears a mask

  36. Bud Press

    Kathi Sharpe:

    Be informed that I am fully aware of the falsehoods and accusations you have spread about me and my fellow Christians. Much of what you have written is based on your pre-conditioned opinion, with not one shred of evidence to justify your claims. You have been programmed to react in a negative manner by your corrupt system of beliefs, and by the serpent who overshadows it.

    Sadly, for years you have been on a one-woman crusade to rid the world of discerning Christians. You call yourself a “Hunter” of “Heresy Hunters,” and even established a blog that specifically targets “heresy hunters” and ODMs (Online Discernment Ministries). You call us cultists, haters of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and agents of Satan.

    You have concluded that we are not Christians, but are evil-minded people who hate you and the “leaders” you adore and follow. You have campaigned to recruit others to join your worthless cause. But it hasn’t worked. It was doomed from the start. It was and is a waste of time (Matthew 16:18).

    Time and time again, your misplaced anger and hatred has returned to betray and haunt you. Indeed, you are your own worst enemy.

    Not only are you misleading the innocent and gullible, you are heaping upon yourself sin after sin by bearing false witness, bearing false reports, and encouraging others to join with the wicked to be false witnesses themselves (Exodus 20:16; Exodus 23:1; Matthew 19:18).

    It is no secret that you adore, defend, and promote idiots who deceive the masses and blaspheme God–by teaching that they are a “god” and “God,” and that Jesus took on the nature of Satan and was born again. Words cannot express how repulsive and detestable these teachings are. Those who agree do not know the real Jesus Christ. If they did they would not tolerate it for one second, and would run to the nearest EXIT.

    The Apostle Paul warns, “But it was because of the false brethren secretly brought in, who had sneaked in to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, in order to bring us into bondage. But we did not yield in subjection to them for even an hour, so that the truth of the gospel would remain with you.” (Galatians 2:4-5).

    Belief in teachings that elevate man and downplay Jesus Christ is enough buy one an express ticket to hell (Isaiah chapter 59; John 8:24; 2 John 1:9).

    Kathi Sharpe, be informed that I do not fear you or the flaming heretics, cultists, and blasphemers that you so recklessly promote. While you at one time had serious problems with heretics and were a “heresy hunter” (and proud of it), you have fallen away from the faith, listened to deceitful spirits, and given heed to doctrines of demons (1 Timothy 4:1).

    You claim to be a Christian, but you are an evil woman, who has proceeded from bad to worse. You are severely deceived and are deceiving others (2 Timothy 3:13).

    You have belched and spewed your flaming vomit throughout the internet. You have mocked Christians and prevented people from knowing the truth about the false teachers within the wicked Word of Faith and pathetic Prophetic Movement. You have stood on the shoulders of heretics and blasphemers, and have turned your back on the real Jesus of the Bible. You operate within the spirit of antichrist, and have reached the position of apostate (Jude 1:17-19; Titus 1:15-16; 2 Peter 2:1).

    “Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have appeared; from this we know that it is the last hour. They went out from us, but they were not really of us; for if they had been of us, they would have remained with us; but they went out, so that it would be shown that they all are not of us” (1 John 2:19).

    I am glad that Chrystal approved your comments, because you have given the readers a prime example of what happens when a professing Christian slides into the dark, savage world of false prophets and false teachers (Matthew 24:10; Acts 20:27-31).

    You play nicer and wiser than God game, and honor Jesus with your lips, but your heart is far from Him (Matthew 15:18; Isaiah 5:21; Job 5:13). It is a game you will lose.

    For years, many within the Word of Faith and Prophetic Movement camp have tried to shut us up. They have threatened “heresy hunters” with guns, death-threats, lies, lawyers, and intimidation tactics. They shout and spit stupid, idiotic “curses” on us and our children. They have ranted and raved, and whined and slobbered against us on TV, radio, and the internet, and in articles and books. They have accused us of “attacking God’s anointed” and used X-rated profanity to express their hatred for us and our ministries.

    But those of us who love truly love Jesus Christ and the truth of His word are like “Energizer Bunnies”–we put on the full armor of God and keep praying. We tell the truth in love and defend the faith. We expose the unfruitful works of darkness and those who promote it. And, by the grace of God, we just keep talking and writing and warning.

    I hate the Word of Faith movement, and likeminded movements it has spawned! I have witnessed the damage that Word of Faith teachings have done to precious souls for whom Jesus Christ died for. But I care deeply for those whose lives have been turned upside down by the scammers, swindlers, and tricksters that slither around with “Jesus” on their lips–but deception in their hearts.

    Kathi Sharpe, please know that despite what you have spewed over the years, I bear no hatred whatsoever for you or anyone on planet Earth, and I will continue to cherish God’s written word, share it, and defend it with passion and without apology.

    Finally, I pray that God will be merciful to you, and soften your hardened heart that you would repent. I pray that God will open your eyes and ears to the truth, and rescue you from Satan’s grip. I pray that the real Jesus Christ will rid your wicked heart of anger, hatred, and vengeance towards Christians, and fill it with the love and compassion that only He can provide.

    “Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. And of some have compassion, making a difference: And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh” (Jude 21-23).

    Related reading:

    Comments to John Burton

    Sincerely in Christ,
    Bud Press

  37. Bud Press

    Concerning “What is a Heresy Hunter,” Christians need not hunt heresy, because heresy reaches out and slaps Christians, and dares them to do something about it.

    Bud Press

  38. James

    I hate to ask the obvious: but who’s defining what is “heresy”? The answer seems to differ depending on whom you ask.

  39. John

    @ John Dunning,

    Hi there, thanks for your response. I’m glad you felt able to question me.

    However, I actually agree with you completely! I have no problem with anything you say! If I suggested otherwise, I apologise for not expressing myself clearly.

    But, and this is the big but, what you don’t really discuss is how we resolve differences when there is a disagreement over interpreting the Bible.

    As an example, let’s use the topic I raised – women in leadership. The overall message of the Bible is that men and women are equal in the sight of God. But there are a few passages which suggest that women shouldn’t teach men, and therefore can’t be church leaders. The Bible doesn’t contradict itself, so we need to investigate further. A first approach is to say that yes, men and women are equal before God, but He has given them different roles, and leadership is a man’s role. A second approach is to look at the context of the passages that seem to restrict women. There was a particular issue with women dominating men in those situations, due to the surrounding (pagan) culture, and Paul was saying that this must not be the situation in the church. It is perfectly valid to translate the underlying Greek in a way that supports this view, but centuries of male-dominated academic and church hierarchy have influenced Bible translators such that they adopt alternative translations that give the impression that women must not be in leadership.

    I take the second approach, as to me it makes the overall Biblical message more consistent. Not men and women are equal before God but have different roles, which arguably doesn’t make them equal before God, but men and women are equal before God and, other than their biological differences, are able to serve Him equally.

    The first approach puts the apparent teaching of a few verses onto the whole Bible, the second approach reads a few verses in line with the teaching of the whole Bible.

    I’d say that analogia fidei principle supports the second approach.

    But I’m not afraid to mention that in the theological world, there is a split on this subject. Some people adopt the first approach and some adopt the second approach. And these are incredibly clever people who’ve devoted their lives to the Bible and have forgotten more Greek than I’ve ever known! I should add that there are evangelicals with a high view of scripture on both sides – this is not an evangelical/liberal difference.

    Now it may be, as time goes on and knowledge increases, that eventually a consensus is reached on this subject. If so, great, but until then, what do we do? Saying we need to “diligently search it out” is of no hope, for the greatest theological minds have been unable to agree this far, and there’s no indication that there ever will be agreement.

    My view is that we simply have to accept that it is a topic over which there are differing opinions within the church. Our understanding in incomplete – we see through a glass darkly.

    So this is nothing to do with personal interpretation (as an aside, people often assume that “sola scriptura” – another reformation motto – give them the right to make personal interpretations, but this was never the intent of the reformers) and also, whilst some denominations take one approach, others will take the alternative. A consensus within one branch of the church does not mean that there is a wider consensus, and we ignore this at our peril. Truth is not defined by the 39 Articles, the Baptist Faith and Message, the Westminster Confession, etc, etc!

    And to bring this back to where we started, there is simply no way we should be using the “heresy” word when considering this, or any other area where there is more than one valid interpretation of the Bible. Yet I see plenty of cases when people do so, and it grieves me.

    [And just so there’s no doubt, hyper-charismaticism and the prosperity gospel are not valid interpretations of the Bible – they are false teachings spread by people with no integrity – both these movements are characterised by lies and deception.]

    I hope I’ve explained myself clearly this time – if anything is unclear or you think I’m talking nonsense, then please do respond again.

  40. charity

    Thank God for the heresy hunters that hold fast to the Word of God and contend for the faith at all costs. Many of us were brought out of deception by your obedience to God.

  41. Glenn E. Chatfield

    I agree with many previous responses that we don’t have to hunt for heresy – it is all around us, especially on TV and in the so-called “Christian” book stores. But by way of defining false teachings, here is how I look at them:

    1. Heresy. This is a violation of fundamental Christian doctrines which determine whether one is truly Christian.

    2. Aberrations. While not as harmful as heresy, aberrational teaching can cause great harm, either spiritually or by placing people in bondage to the bad teachings. This type of teaching can very often lead to heresy and, at least, distorts the teaching of the Christian faith.

    3. Bad teachings. While not as bad as the previous, this type of teaching can lead to the others, depending on the subject matter. A person with consistent bad teachings will have a skewed view of the faith.

    Heresy, as I understand it, violates the non-negotiables of the Christian faith, such as the Trinity, the deity of Christ, salvation by faith alone, the virgin birth of Christ, et al.

    As for women leadership in the church, while there is disagreement nowadays as to whether they should be so, I don’t believe this was always the case. I think historically you will see women excluded from leadership in the church; this doesn’t mean they are unequal before God, rather it is a role they are not permitted. Empirical evidence is that every denomination which has approved of women in leadership has gone liberal in their teachings: UMC, ELCA, Episcopal, PCUSA, UCC, etc. Women are much more emotion/experience-oriented, which is why they tend to go liberal in their teachings. While allowing women in church leadership isn’t heresy, it certainly not a good practice.

  42. Bud Press

    Hi James:

    In Christian terms, the word “heresy” is defined as a teaching that contradicts or denies an established and/or essential doctrine of the Bible.

    In the Bible, heresy is applied to:
    — a religious sect (Acts 5:17)
    — Pharisees (Acts 26:5)

    Characteristics of heresy are:
    — works of the flesh (Galatians 5:19-20)
    — damnable (2 Peter 2:1)
    — self-condemning (Titus 3:10-11)
    — contagious (2 Peter 2:2)
    –subversive (Galatians 1:7)

    False teachers are responsible for promoting heresy. The Bible describes false teachers as:
    — perverters of grace (Galatians 1:6-9)
    — lovers of money (Romans 16:17-18)
    — deniers of Jesus Christ (2 Peter 2:1)
    — truth resisters (2 Timothy 3:8)
    — lovers of fables and myths (2 Timothy 4:3-4)
    — destitute of the truth (1 Timothy 6:3-5)
    — unstable (1 Timothy 1:6-7)
    — cunningly deceptive (Ephesians 4:14)
    — full of lust (2 Peter 2:12-19)

    Heretical teachings not only deny the essential doctrines of the Bible, they lead people away from the real Jesus and the real gospel. A false “Jesus” and false “gospel” do not have the authority and power to save a lost sould destined to hell. Those who preach a false gospel are under a divine curse from God (Galatians 1:6-9).

    Here are some links to articles about heresy:


    Hope this helps,
    Bud Press

  43. Nicole

    Well, where do I begin?? I don’t have a website so I don’t “inform” like all of you. But I do send out lots of “websites” that have all your information on it. Going “AMEN” read this, please read, learn, please read, do, please read subscribe. please read and understand that I am not be condemning, I am not being angry, I am not being hateful or critical to you, but do you realize what is really going on in the churches.??????

    So I can say THANK YOU. Because it was not but a few years ago when I was sent one or two of your websites when I kept getting crushed for speaking out, asking questions to the leaders, pastors etc.etc. and being ostrisized by them and basically booted out after never getting replies from them but they in return got on blogs, or podiums and spoke against me or sent me letters saying ” you are not what we are looking for” “you don’t fit in” etc.etc.etc.

    I finally was sent websites of most all of those that are being ridiculed and talked against and I understand for I have been one too, just didn’t know it and don’t have a blog or place to post it. When I post on “others” they eventually block me because I speak the truth and the Jezebel spirit runs and twists it until their powerful “turnoff” switch on their end blocks me out and then my blogs seem to somehow get deleted.

    I do have a good testimony so I will share w/ you. My first encounters w/ all of you, by the way, HI, am glad to meet (via blog) each of you that people have spoken against ) But the first several months I read and read so much stuff and I was seeing the truth but the Lord hadn’t completely allowed the veil to be lifted off of me. In other words I still needed to lay my thoughts, life etc.etc. unto the alter of the Lord. Oh I had gone thru deliverances and truly repented, renounced, etc.etc. but my thoughts and my own flesh was still on what I had been taught. As I read I did at one time think “oh my these people are critical” but INSTEAD of going to people I went to the Lord and it took me just RESTING in HIM and WAITING UPON HIM to answer me. With in a week or two, I knew the answer. I knew that you were all speaking truth and trying to do what I have been doing. Trying to warn the church goers, the friends, (what is left) the others that are truly hurting and don’ t understand but yet they aren’t willing to just sit w/ the Lord and wait upon HIM, many just have to jump and hop to the next “feel good, positive conference, that will tell you what you want to hear and paste the Lord’s name on it and say “SAITH THE LORD” they don’t test the spirits or even ask the Lord, please Father, don’t let anything this is not of you, come near me” They don’t look w/in themselves to see if they have something that is causing them to run to every so called apostlic/prophetic ministry bash that comes to town. They have been “duped” to believe that “THEY HAVE TO ATTEND THESE THINGS, OR GO TO CHURCH , and sit in the pews and allow false teachings be taught to them and put their tithes in the golden plate.
    They don’t want to lay their sins down and repent , renounce and walk away from them.
    So , I have gotten out “a little ” of what was in me. I want to see the captives set free, and there is so much and so many that are being damaged by falseness and they will go one of two ways when the truth be told and they actually get the veil off of them, THEY will either run the other direction or they will run towards God. They will run towards someone that really cares and has been thru it or they will close the door and their hearts will get imbittered because they didn’t listen or someone they trusted didn’t tell them the truth.
    It has nothing to do w/ any of you that are sounding the truth. It is w/in the person and they just have not HEARD THE SMALL VOICE OF THE LORD and wanted HIM MORE THAN THE IDOLS THEY HOLD ON TO. or —–the Lord has them in HIS HANDS and they are being led to certain places to learn so they too, can be HERESY HUNTERS in their due time speaking HIS TRUTH and LOVE to those that have come out of the HARLOT CHURCH.
    Everyone be blessed and loved by our Father and many that have and are walking the walk and talking the talk.

  44. Stan

    The first heresy of the Bible was the serpent’s words that they would not surely die if they ate from the tree. So, there is death in heresy for those that accept them. Peter called them “damnable.”

  45. Robin

    Would it be heretical for a woman to be a heresy hunter?

    No, I’m not being a smart alack. Women like Chrystal are explaining how heretics are heretical by contrasting their practices with the scripture. Isn’t that teaching?

    So, can women be heresy hunters without violating the scripture against women teaching men? Or should only women be reading this blog?

    No, I’m not being a smart alack.

  46. John

    @ Glenn E Chatfield:

    I’m aware this point has now gone off topic but would like to respond to your comment.

    Remember that theology takes place in a social context. When racism was acceptable, many evangelical christians said that apartheid and/or slavery were justified on theological grounds. This is now totally discredited, although a tiny number do still interpret the Bible in a white supremacist fashion. The same principle is true about women – when society kept them in certain roles, church leadership (from which they were excluded) believed the Bible supported this.

    We often forget that women were excluded or marginalised in many roles until fairly recently. They weren’t able to vote (in all states) until the 19th amendment was passed in 1920. Sad but true. So I don’t think you should make too much of how the church viewed women in previous ages, as it reflected their wider position in society, which was generally very restricted. There was also a lot of hypocrisy – women could become missionaries and preach to people in far-flung countries, but couldn’t say a word back home.

    I have to take issue with your claim that women in leadership results in liberalism. Most churches that trace their origins to the holiness movement (which began almost 200 years ago) have been egalitarian. This includes the Wesleyan church and many pentecostal denominations. I would not regard them as liberal. I also know at least one Baptist association that ordains women, and again, they are anything but liberal.

    Finally, many women would find your comments in this regard deeply offensive. They remind me of the reasons that men dreamt up in previous ages as to why women were unsuited for this, or shouldn’t do that. All have been proven wrong and are now regarded as sexist.

  47. Stan

    Here is Paul Crouch’s infamous self-righteous tirade against the heresy hunters who, according to him, were interested in pulling splinters out of everybody’s eyes and dividing the Body of Christ and splitting doctrinal hairs:

  48. Beracah

    My 2 cents…the name Heresy Hunter is funny to me. Funny in a sad way that someone needs to put a label with a negative connotation to people who are doing what we are called to do by scripture. Ephesians 5:8-12 says…..”8 For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light 9 (for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth), 10 finding out what is acceptable to the Lord. 11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. 12 For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret.” And in Luke 12:1-6 says….”1 In the meantime, when an innumerable multitude of people had gathered together, so that they trampled one another, He (Jesus) began to say to His disciples first of all, “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. 2 For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known. 3 Therefore whatever you have spoken in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have spoken in the ear in inner rooms will be proclaimed on the housetops. 4 And I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. 5 But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear Him who, after He has killed, has power to cast into hell; yes, I say to you, fear Him!
    6 “Are not five sparrows sold for two copper coins? And not one of them is forgotten before God. 7 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”

    Moral of the story: Do what you’re called to do, and don’t worry about what mere people will say about you. The God we serve is much bigger than any persecution we’ll face. Keep Jesus first, further His Kingdom, live according to scripture. In other words, who cares! Let’em talk.:)

  49. Glenn E. Chatfield

    Crystal, I ask you to bear with me for this last reply to Robin and John, as I am asking for further dialog to come to my e-mail, but I think a public response is necessary. Thanks.

    @ Robin,

    The context of Scripture’s prohibition on women being in authority over men is in the assembly. There is nothing which prohibits women from forums which teach outside of the assembled saints; i.e. the church congregation.

    There are many teachings which have been justified by misuse of Scripture, and racism is one of them. Scripturally speaking, there is only one human race. Slavery was justified by misuse of Scripture; the Bible discusses slavery in a whole different type than what was practiced in the USA. Slavery isn’t prohibited, but the abuse of slaves is. Since the slavery in the US resulted in deaths of many en-route, and treatment of humans like animals, it certainly violated the law of love, and of treating people properly.

    How women were treated in society has no bearing on the Scriptural proscriptions of women being in different roles than men in the assembly. You cannot compare the two.

    We are not to use culture as our rule, rather we are to use Scripture. In 1 Tim. when Paul makes the proscription against women being in authority over men in the church, there is no appeal to culture. There is no indication that Paul is speaking to just the local church or even to just the culture of the time. At v.8, where he begins his discussion of what he wants for believers, he says, “I want men everywhere…” If his subject for men was for those “everywhere,” it only makes sense that his instructions for women also include those “everywhere.” Also, when he gives the reason for his instructions to women, he makes an appeal to creation and the creative order of man and woman, which argument transcends culture.

    Since this is off the heresy topic, if you want to continue dialog with me I will welcome you at my e-mail on my blog.

  50. Rev's. Kate & Rich M.

    I have just read all the comments and Mr. Glen Chatfield– you sound sexist. You are welcome to have your say. After this post ( I’ll have to bite my tongue!), I will not say another word in respect to Chrystal Whitt’s post.

    However, the opinion you propose is offensive to the female sex which, by the way, we women, were given (as a gift, a present, to compliment) to the man in the Garden as a help meet… a completion of Adam.

    Now, please refrain from your silly, emotional and outdated personal doctrine–when Christ died on the cross, He died for ALL (there’re just two sexes, remember) and there is no difference between you and me other than body parts and some chemical, God-given hormonal differences.

    Thank God for men, that’s what I say because there wouldn’t be any women; if there weren’t any women, there wouldn’t be any men… on and on. Get the connection?

    Thank you, John. K

  51. Teresa

    Sean says:
    October 17, 2010 at 8:42 am
    “Heresy Hunter” = A label invented by those who promote false teaching. Failing to justify their false religions through discussion, they resort to the childish practice of name-calling.

    @Sean I wanted to give your commet an AMEN!!!!!!. I do not know this for a fact but if I was a gambline woman which I am not, my bet would be this; That term “Heresy Hunter” started with none other than TBN’s Paul Crouch and Benny Hinn. Two false teachers trying to justify their false teachings and to stop people like us from speaking truth.

    Heresy is a biblical term but “Heresy hunters” is not. Just my two cents

  52. Carolyn

    All interesting comments!
    Stan…loved your analogies of snoots and watchdogs. Great stuff.
    Cherylu…I understand the comment you made perfectly:
    “it was the ministry of these folks online that helped me to understand that what I was highly questioning was indeed wrong.” Helping us connect the dots….
    Nicole, I completely relate with how, over time you were shown what others were already seeing. And I was blessed by your testimony and particularly these words:
    “the Lord has them in HIS HANDS and they are being led to certain places to learn so they too, can be HERESY HUNTERS in their due time speaking HIS TRUTH and LOVE to those that have come out of the HARLOT CHURCH.”
    God Bless you friend, and welcome to our little alien culture of heresy hunters.:-)

  53. David Green

    The terms ‘heresy hunter’ and it’s twin ‘doctrine police’ are group think sound bites that are designed to paint an instant picture in the mind of the person hearing those terms. Many of the undesirable human traits that have been rebuked by Jesus and recorded in Scripture are encapsulated within those two expressions. Namely…

    Unbelief, hypocrisy, self-righteousness, diligently searching the Scriptures but refusing the life of Jesus, ascribing the work of the Spirit to the evil one, fear, having only a whitewashed form of godliness, critical, proud, cold, without love.

    So, strange fire invades your church and these terms are quikly introduced to scare off detractors and to effectively brainwash the group. When first hearing the term ‘heresy hunter’ – around the time of Lakeland – it was in the context of someone who invested all their energy in finding doctrinal fault with any reported move of the Holy Spirit. Over time it grew into what I described above.

    There probably are people who fit the term ‘heresy hunter’ as it is intended to be defined by false teachers, but the purpose of the expression is to discredit only those who would dare to expose their lies – particularly in a medium for all to see.

  54. Jim

    Those who coined the term “heresy hunters” apparently feel the object of the hunt is a personality, theology or a movement.

    On the contrary, the object of the hunt is the glorification of God.

    Darkness flees when the lamp is lit

  55. Glenn E. Chatfield

    @Revs Kate & Rich,

    It is not “sexist” to say that women should not be in authority in the assembly. One role in the whole church which I demonstrated from Scripture that Paul denied women (remember, his argument was not from culture but from creation and creative order), and that makes me sexist!?!? I’m sorry, but that is an inane accusation for having one belief about women’s roles in the assembly.

  56. Truth Unites... and Divides

    A heresy hunter is someone who upholds and affirms the Biblical doctrine and practice of complementarianism (eg. Danvers Statement).

    Entailment: A heresy hunter is opposed to egalitarianism.

  57. Sean

    Hello Teresa,

    Thank-you for your kind comment on my comment. Also, thank-you for pointing out what I had left out. I agree with you 100% that Heresy is very serious and I should have included that fact when I made the comment in the first place. Thanks again for completing my thoughts on the subject.

  58. Sandy

    I think most heresy hunters are those have been or have had loved ones deceived by false teaching and teachers. They are grieved. They are the true “Jesus Freaks”. They likey believe that the red-letter Bible is a redundancy and take very seriously the 3rd commandment – that we must not take the name of our Lord in vain – which includes assigning to God’s name words which He did not speak and which violate His nature. Not because they rely on a “righteousness checklist”, but because they love the Saviour who IS and rely on His mercy and grace.

  59. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Brother Glenn–when I give my word to not comment, and debate, I mean it.

    May God bless you, brother.

    I like your blog site and I think you are sincere, highly intelligent and a true man of God and I look forward to reading more of your insightful comments– I love the kilt and bagpipes, by the way–I am of Irish descent and for me, I get a kick out of that.

    I know you know the wolves are out there!

    God’s best always,
    Sister Kate

  60. Ron

    Greetings from Down Under. To paraphrase Shakespeare, a heresy hunter under any other name would smell just as sweet!

    I may gently point out that there are several pentecostal and charismatic believers the world over who have not bowed at the altar of unbiblical and/or extra-biblical revelations, manifestations, etc. As several people have pointed out earlier, where there are legitimately alternative positions that Christians hold on the basis of God’s Word, I see no benefit in sniping at one another. It is those who deny the fundamentals of our faith and attempt to override the infallible Word of God who require our attention. Let those of us who are pentecostals and those who are cessationists agree to disagree on those matters, agree to stand together for the King of Kings – the soon and coming King – and concentrate our efforts on countering the false teachers who are like a festering wound in virtually all churches, pentecostal or otherwise.

  61. Teresa

    Hello Sean Thank to you also

    I know for me had God not opened my eyes and heart to receive the truth of his Word and the true gospel and had it not been for these discernment ministries such as Deception in the Church and Let us reason, and many more where would we be.
    It is sad to me that the Word of Faith group are so desperate to protect their false teachings and themselves that “Heresy Hunter” is all they could come up. The part that breaks my heart is they are deceiving themselves, as well as others.

    Paul called the Berean’s more noble for searching the scriptures daily.
    @ I believe that a true man of God would say do not take my word for it search the scriptures.
    @ A false teacher, false prophets and so forth scream ” do not judge” Do not touch God anointed” “don’t ask question” “heresy hunters” and much more.

    They do not want their extra-biblical revelation and extra-biblical teachings examined in light of scriptures. I know it is not in the bible but………………………….God told me.

    If being a Berean makes me a “heresy hunter ” then I am proud of it. I am like a hound dog; if there is deception or heresy I can smell it a mile away.

  62. John Dunning

    Regardless of the name calling and mocking that came up with the term “heresy hunter”, I think the service this type of person gives to the Body of Christ is undeniable.

    I know that personally for years there were things in the churches I had been a part of that seemed wrong to me, however I had extreme difficulty putting my finger on what that those things were. Obviously it boiled down to my own ignorance of the Word of God, however it was those who would be labelled heresy hunters by some, that drove me into the Bible to figure out what they were saying was true. It certainly wasn’t pleasant or comfortable to find out I had believed so many lies, but to be enlightened to the truth was invaluable.

    As a separate note to @john, I just wanted to say I agree with your last comment to me entirely. What I meant about the diligently seeking out the truth in such situations however, is that as we dig into the Word for answers, we always seem to be able to find a rock solid ground to stand on together in unity, whilst we continue to agree to disagree upon the overlaying subjects. Hope that makes more sense than it reads back to me?!:)

  63. Mickey Merrie

    As a reminder, no heresy or apostasy ever entered the institutional church system except by a minister’s teaching, or the allowance by said shepherd. Thus to be a “heresy hunter” one simply needs to be seated in the pews as the false teaching is brought.
    … Ah, but to be able to tell, and not fall for the heresy, one needs to be in the Word in context, and lead by the Holy Spirit, whose job, by the way is NOT a signs and wonders dog and pony show.
    ANY amount of heresy is an abomination to God!

  64. stan

    The apostles wrote against heresies such as Gnosticism (Colossians, and John’s writings); Judiazing, the belief that circumcision was required for salvation for Gentile converts. Paul denounced two heretics in 2 Tim 2, “And their message will spread like cancer. Hymenaeus and Philetus are of this sort, who have strayed concerning the truth, saying that the resurrection is already past. . .” Why did he do this? for the reason he gives next: ” and they overthrow the faith of some.” This is why the so-called Heresy hunting is important – to protect the faith of those who may be led astray.

    Not only the apostles, but many of the early church fathers wrote against the heretics. In fact, it was among their most vigorous works. They stood against the Gnostics (those who believed you needed very special knowledge to be saved); the Oneness heretics (non-trinitarians); Unitarians (belief that Jesus was only a man that received the anointing of the Christ); Montanists (those who believed in new revelation – like today’s NAR); Arianism (that Jesus was a creature); Novatian (who believed that once a believer sinned he was forever lost – no repentance possible). And there are others, of course.

    There were other doctrines considered heretical like that Mary had other children that was vehemently opposed by such “perpetual virginity” adherents as Jerome. Even though this particular “heresy hunt” was misguided, it shows how strong these shepherds were that they would “bark” when no enemy was at the door.

    Today, battles rage over things like Sola Scriptura vs. Scripture plus “sacred tradition;” or holy iconography; confession to a priest vs. private confession of sin; the efficacy of prayers to Mary or her Assumption or Immaculate Conception. It is the nature of truth to be under attack from every quarter, both from outside and inside. We must be ever vigilant to study to show ourselves approved unto God rightly handling the word of truth.

    The idea of hunting heresy is supposed to be a derogatory term meant to make any discerning person ill-at-ease for taking on the task. But, we need to know that this is a good work, not an evil one. If the heretics growl back, it is a sign we’re on the righteous path.


  65. Michael C

    I’ll make it simple. I was decieved. I led my family into a cult led by a false prophet. God opened my eyes and gave me the courage to speak out. My wife left me and my two children are still a part of that cult. I want truth and I don’t want to see any more families broken up. I don’t want to see anyones faith shipwrecked. I must stand on the truth. If that makes me a heresy hunter, than I’m guilty. The truth can stand up to scrutiny. The hay, wood and stubble will burn up.

  66. Frank

    “Heresy hunter” is nothing but a label ascribed to people practicing Biblical diligence.
    Notice the video above of Mr Crouch, the thief as he bilks old people out of millions and laughs all the way to the bank.

    To whom much is given, much is expected.

  67. Mike A

    I personally take the position that contending for the faith is different from being labeled a “Heresy Hunter”. I think many people (take Chrystal for example) are actually mis-labeled as heresy hunters when they are actually contending for the faith (of course this is assuming you agree with my definitions).

    A heresy hunter is actually IMO, someone who literally finds “heresy” in everything – almost a Pharisee. You know, the guy who says, “you asked Jesus to bless your food, but you didn’t thank Him – you’re going to hell”. I think the term was/has/will always misused and is confusing.

    My 2 cents anyway

  68. Carolyn

    @ Grant…thank you for that most profound insight! You made my day…I had about a week’s worth of fiery trials and irritations weighing heavily upon my soul, that were dispersed in about 5 minutes as the consternations of the deep burst forth into the freedoms of laughter.
    …while so many of the other comments are spectacular and have also ministered most capably, it was yours that took me to new heights.

    Speaking of fiery trials, for any of you who find yourselves in one right now, I just read a very encouraging article by someone I don’t know but who made good sense of fiery trials:
    I sent the link to a friend that I have had “fiery trial” discussions with in the past in which she has said in most threatening tones, “I’m telling you, when I meet up with my maker, I have a few questions to ask him!!!”
    Well, even if you are not going through fiery trials at the moment, you may want to put this in your “favourites” for a time when you are. We all seem to get there at various and sundry times throughout our earthly sojourn. Peace to you all!

  69. Carolyn

    @Ron – Well said, brother!
    Not to take away from anything you said because, it is a point well taken.
    Just that, as a former Pentecostal and Charismatic, those are my experiences with heresy and there are as many from other denominations with their respective crazy, hazy days of heresy; Evangelical, Reformed, Wesleyan, Methodist, Catholic, etc. Like you said, and we all know, it is creeping in everywhere…heresy is no respector of denominations.
    The thing we have to keep in mind, myself included, is the difference between the sheep and the wolves and that our passion is for DEFENDING THE TRUTH, not OUR truth.
    But first we have to know it…as someone else has instructed us, “read, read, read, read, read!” (I may have added an extra “read”…not sure)
    Amen! Glory to our soon coming King!

  70. Bud Press

    If heresy didn’t exist, there would be no heretics. If heretics didn’t exist, there would be no “heretic hawkers”. If “heretic hawkers” didn’t exist, there would be no “heretic hunters”.

    And what is a heresy hawker (HH)? One who promotes heretics and downplays discerning Christians.

    Bud Press

  71. Sean

    Hello Michael C.,

    I will pray for you.

    I have a wife and two children age 18 and 20. Thanks to the grace of God, and to the information available at discerning sites like this one, we’ve managed to avoid a lot of false ministries. However, I’m sensing that a lot of heresy is becoming increasingly subtle and is relentless in it’s determination to penetrate churches, so we must become even more vigilant against this threat.

  72. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Hey Bud–just gave a good look at your site again. You’ve got some sense of humor.

    God help me, I have a real problem with that Sylvia chick– she really rubs me the wrong way and always has. K

  73. Stan

    Those who defend the faith must not be defensive, those who contend must not be contentious. (2 Tim. 2:24)

  74. NorCal Engineer

    I am so thrilled that at least 95% of the posts on this topic are from those who “get it” and understand that it is a critical mission of the Christian body to warn people within of the snake in the bushes. Praise God we have hunters of heresy who are willing to use their time and resources to help the Body discern! There is SO much false teaching and apostasy finely sewn into the Church that without God’s perfect light, and those who help shine that light by the leading of the Holy Spirit, many of us would be blindly following these wolves down the broad path to hell.

    So many verses have been quoted above that show the validity of ministries that help the Body discern that another almost seems unnecessary, however I would like to point out 2 Corinithians 11:14-15 ..

    And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.

    Yes indeed, many people leading in the Church are angels of Satan! You don’t have to look far to see them. If we deceive ourselves into thinking that everyone who says the right “Christian” words or holds a position of power is a good representative of Christ and the Gospel, we are doomed to be led astray. The way is narrow and few find it.

    Keep up the great work and count it all joy when people call you names for the work you have been given!

  75. Bud Press

    Rev’s Kate & Rich M.:

    Thanks. Sylvia Browne has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, especially those who paid a lot of money for a false analysis.

    Bud Press

  76. Carolyn

    Get ready, get comfortable, buckle up, it’s a long one…

    Heresy hunting is not just about correct doctrine and the academics of the gospel, but it is so much more. It is about our relationship with God. It is about the reasons things are happening to us and if we become confused by heresy, then we never get past the natural man. We live our “Christianity” on the basis of superficial rationalism.

    Just take trials as a “for instance”. If we don’t know that first of all, they are a normal part of the Christian life and secondly, why they are happening to us, then we become confused and discombulated. Then we start seeking for false and counterfeit methods to overcome our trials and testings.

    If we go through these sorrows and trials without the Word of God, how can we come out on the other side of them with joy in our hearts, praising God for what he is doing and with the assurance that he does all things well? How can our faith come forth as pure gold when it is rooted in our self sufficiency rather than the character and supremacy of our God?

    Yes, if Satan can keep us from a knowledge of the reason for the joy that is set before us, then he will keep us from assurance, the evidence and the completion of God’s purpose in the trial, which is to God’s praise and glory. We will continue to complain and dodge and become angry with our trials.

    If heresy is not stopped at the gates, it will stop us from going through the gates to greater riches, to greater understanding and patience, and will stop us from becoming the overcomers that we were meant to be in Christ.

    Not stopping heresy will result in all this deranged, superstar ideology that has become the stage for so many that have followed after strange flesh, strange teachings and strange fire and have not understood the STRANGE TRIALS that are so much a part of our walk and an inevitable result of our union with Christ.

    1 Peter 4:12
[ Suffering for Being a Christian ] Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you.

    Hebrews 10:36
    For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.

    We must all be vigilant heresy hunters; otherwise, we will not be able, through our trials, to smile in the storm or rest in the Lord or find any joy in our Great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

  77. Thewaythetruththelight

    Okay, I’ll bite. Yes, there’s a lot of deception in the church and many Christians have fallen for the deception, including many people I know and love personally. I won’t cast a wide net, but I see this often with so called “heresy hunters” in that there is an abrasiveness and an attitude of haughtiness and “I’m smarter and better than thou because I didn’t drink the cool-aid”. I also detect snarkiness and disdain for Christians who are deceived by false teachers. I’m not singling any person out, but I detect this attitude in many places, including the comments I’ve read on this forum. It’s counter productive and turns people away who might be first time visitors. I know it’s frustrating trying to share truth with people who don’t want to listen, but you have to keep trying and most importantly, keep praying for them and approach this topic with love.

  78. Mickey Merrie

    Sorry, but you might not have seen the scripture about …”My sheep know my voice, and will in no way follow another…”
    The problem is so many are so worried about “offending another” that they feel they should better go along to get along…Nope!
    It is time to love what god loves…and hate what He hates. When we pray…”Your Will be done here on earth just as it is done in heaven” we better mean just that. Question? Any argurers left in heaven? No, there all cast down here…we better be seperate then don’t you think, TWTTTL?

  79. Carolyn

    No one would disagree with you that we have to keep sharing truth and praying for people, but I find it a little obvious that you have cloaked your criticism of those on this site in a “concern for the sheep”. We are also sheep, just obeying the Lord to expose error, and though we may do it, albeit imperfectly, I personally have experienced the love of Christ from so many on this site.
    I also, find it a bit odd that you pop up out of the blue, not to say something constructive, but have stooped to precisely what you have taken us to task for.
    We would love for you to share something good with us from the Word, something fresh from the Spirit, something edifying encouraging and uplifting.
    There are some among us that have worked tirelessly to expose the wolves and bring solid Biblical answers to those with questions, one of them being Bud Press who has my commendation and the respect of everyone that posts often on here.
    There are others like Sean, a caring individual who simply shines the light of Christ through his life continually. He is a strong, steady and gentle encourager.
    And I have found, since I have been on the site that those that want to learn and listen to truth will stick around. Those who have come to spin a nasty web will scurry off into their respective corners as soon as the light is shone on them…either that or Chrystal, God bless her, will pull down the web.
    I see no reason for conflict. You are welcome to our happy “heresy hunting” ground…but only if you promise to be nice.

    Yes Bill, we would WANT to be one! Funny guy!

  80. Bud Press

    Hi Thewaythetruththelight:

    Before you read any further, please read my October 17, 2010 at 2:40 pm comments to Kay Sharpe (her real name is Kathi Sharpe). Next, please read my “Comments to John Burton” at http://www.christianresearchservice.com/JohnBurton1.htm .

    Both Kathi Sharpe and John Burton have posted on this blog before. Both are members of the Word of Faith and Prophetic Movement. Both are false teachers, who lead the gullible, innocent, and unwary astray. Many Christians have tried to reason with them, but they continue to teach a false gospel, false “Jesus,” and a false spirit the Bible warns about in Galatians 1:6-9; 2 Corinthians 11:3-4; 1 John 4:1).

    While some may view my comments to Kathi Sharpe and John Burton as abrasive, haughty, snarky, and distainful, rest assured that I told the truth in love and encouraged repentance. I stand by my comments and make no apologies.

    While many portray Jesus holding a lamb, flipping a peace sign, and walking through a field of tulips singing “Kum Bah Yah,” let us not forget that Jesus was and is our greatest example of love, compassion, and truth. Every word He uttered was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. When Jesus was confronted by sinners and the false teachers of His day, at times He was loving and compassionate. Other times He came across as “abrasive, haughty, snarky,” and appeared to be full of “distain.”

    Yes, Jesus is our greatest example, but He offended virtually everyone in His day, and He still does. Here are just two examples:

    In Matthew 21:12-13, when Jesus entered the temple, no doubt the money changers thought He had finally lost it. He overturned tables, drove out the greedy crooks, and shouted righteous judgment. Jesus sent the money changers fleeing for their lives!

    In Matthew chapter 23, Jesus exposed the scribes and Pharisees for what they really were:
    — hypocrites
    — blind guides
    — fools and blind men!
    — whitewashed tombs
    — insides full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness
    — full of hypocrisy and lawlessness
    — serpents and a brood of vipers

    Again, Jesus offended virtually everyone in His day. There was no gray-area with Jesus. He didn’t sit on the fence of compromise, nor did He “agree to disagree.” He told it like it was. Yet, in the midst of what many viewed as “abrasiveness…haughtiness…snarkiness and disdain” from Jesus, He changed the hearts and lives of sinners destined for hell. And He still does.

    Finally, Ephesians 4:25-27 teaches us to lay aside falsehood, tell the truth, and that it’s okay to be angry–but do not sin while angry. Love, compassion, and truth–coupled with an acute case of righteous indignation at times–is the example that Jesus and His apostles demonstrated in the New Testament.

    Truth, whether whispered or shouted, is still truth.

    In Christian love,
    Bud Press

  81. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Thanks Bud, I’ll never pay one cent for anyone’s “prophetic” whatever.

    I really searched your site today and well, I am very pleased that you are not full of baloney–I enjoyed every thing I pulled up, it took a few hours, but what the heck, it was worth it! Refreshing.

    Okay Carolyn, not too long, have no worry–sensible, intelligent and always a pleasure to hear from you–so keep on preaching sister ’cause you make sense and there isn’t one iota of hyprocisy in your little “baby-boomer” bones… Amen. xxx K

  82. JimmieKrackKorn

    It is just like when Christ came the first time. The temple had become so corrupt that John the Baptist refuse to go there, even though he was the son of a Levite priest and should be doing Temple rituals….then Christ came.
    Let’s see you have a new Evangelical declaring his homosexuality and preaching tolerance towards that which is an abomination to God… here: http://imspeakingtruth.wordpress.com/2010/10/21/another-gay-bishop-in-metro-atlanta/
    You have Paul Sr. having a 20 year love affair with his limo driver Lonnie Ford and then paying him 400K to go away when it leaked out. This was confirmed by the way by Paul’s best friend Benny Hinn who said “Yes, it is true but Paul was drunk.” So Paul sr. is/was gay and drunk.
    Timeline: Allegations arise that Benny Hinn has been involved hopmosexually with a pastor in Africa. One week later Benny’s wife files for divorce, shortly after Benny is caught by the papparazi leaving a Rome hotel in the embrace of Paula White. But say they were on official Vatican business…(showing Benny’s true affinity for RCC) the vatican said they had no business here. Benny said we were just enjoying a glass of wine….so alcohol is favored by both of the TBN superstars. You have Paul jr. slapped with a restraining order by ex-porn star and Christian Mystic Melissa Scott for carrying around a photo of her..let’s just say “prior to becoming a Christian Mystic”…you have Ted Haggard head of the Evangelical Association over 20,000 churches…preaching against the sin of homosexuality and offering gay recovery at his church getting caught with a male prostitute and a bag of meth…he admitted to using both. You have Daddy/Bishop Long seeking out and hand picking young men to join his ultra select private club complete with lavish, lavish gifts in exchange for…you guessed it homosexual sex. ( that hasn;t been proven? I live 10 miles away from Bishop’s club here in Dekalb county, and have ample access to more then enough information) You have Todd Bentley’s wife Jessa talking to the dead heretic Oral Roberts, Benny talking to and recieving an annointing from the dead Kathryn Kuhlman, you have Jesse Deplaintis talking to his Dead mother and saying God told him he could. ..at Jentezen Franklins Church- Free Chapel in Ga. on Sept 24 2006 at the 11 Am service entitled Concepts of Worship. Yeah Necromancy is a “concept” all right….
    You have Glenn Beck BEWITCHING so-called Christians into following a cult member who believes God is one of many spirit babies who had Celestrial sex with one of his many (they are Mormon) wives and produced two spirit babies by the name of first Lucifer and SECOND Jesus. And The American church is FLOCKING out to Washington to follow Glenn. WHEN Glenn said on Sept 13th that Jesus only talked about Love…Ghandi put it into action! Oh right! American Sovreignty is more important that our relationship with God. I almost forgot. You have Bapstist leaders such as Dr. Richard Lee from First Reedemer here in Ga, shaking his head and nodding in agreement with Glenn on his show that ALL Mormons and Baptists and Catholics and Evangelicals are the same and worship the same God. You have Richard Land head of the Southern Baptist Convention slobbering all over Glenn Beck and stating that Mormonism is the 4th Abrahamic Faith….you have leaders such as Dr. James Dobson along with political leaders meeting with Dominionists and NAR leaders such as Dutch Sheets and Mike and Cindy Jacobs…. standing at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial which is the American version of the Seat of Satan, the Alter of Zeus as mentioned in Revelation 2 in the Letter to the church of Pergamon…at daybreak on the High Witchcraft/Occult Sabbath of Beltrane to pray over America….Heresy Hunters? To call someone a hunter is to imply that they MUST hunt. These folks just parade this stuff right under our noses.
    THEWAYANDTHETRUTHANDTHELIGHT stop hiding behind a guise of holier then thou humble loving Christianity and realize we are COMMISIONED to Expose the fruitless deeds of darkness…and the reason that so many are SUCKED into this end-time decpetion is because the love of the truth is NOT in THEM (not discerning ministries) and THEY (actively) seek after doctrines of demons to scratch thier itchy ears. IF they would pray for discernment and READ THE BIBLE they would know the difference between a fake and the truth.

  83. David

    I believe a “heresy hunter” is the term used by professing “christians” who have no love for The Lord, but in their hearts love money, the pleasures of the flesh, and the world. Those who accuse Chrystal, Bud Press, and the contributors to this blog of being “heresy hunters” for trying to tell them the errors of their ways and lead them into the light were spoken of by the Apostle Paul:

    “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” II Tmothy 3:1-5 KJV

    Well, I can’t even remember how I found this, but obviously the Lord led me to expose on the the latest and biggest Heresies at the moment. Did you know that the rapture will happen next year, and the world will end? Take a look at all thse videos on YouTube making this absurd claim:

    Strange how all us “heresy hunters” seem to believe this scripture spoken by Our Lord and Saviour Himself:

    “But of that day and hour knoweth no [man], no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” Matthew 24:36 KJV and also Mark 13:32

  84. Rev's. Kate & Rich M.

    Hi Jimmie KK- Love you–my head is spinning with your response. You’ve got to present your opinion, especially on a blog site, in a better way: watch your tone, etc., or it may come across as over-done and I assure you, not many will listen to a rambling kind of sound.

    You are super smart–please get to the point and deliver it, and brother, that’s what we need… get to the point with as little words, unless you are writing an essay, or a book…and don’t you dare “yell” at me.

    Sorry if I sound cranky!

    Much love, and you know that,
    Kate xxx ooo

  85. Carolyn

    JimmyKrackKorn – speaking of outrageous commentaries, you have some competition from an article by John Bloom posted (thanks to!) Sandy Simpson on DITC…here’s the link:
    And here’s a comical excerpt:
    If you look at the superstars of the past 20 years—Bakker, Swaggart, Tilton—they’re all of a type: WASPy extroverts with good looks in a sort of dime store gigolo way. (Even Jim Bakker had that lost-puppy look that’s so attractive to lonely widows, and older women living alone are the number one demographic group when it comes to sending money to television ministries.) Hinn, on the other hand, is short, slight, Semitic, round-faced, and often sports a haircut that looks like a scoop of Rocky Road ice cream that’s been knocked off the top of the cone. He reminds you of a discount Persian rug merchant, not a spiritual leader.
    As someone who was taken in by this con artist, I found this bit of satirical comedy delightfully refreshing. I do wish that every follower of Benny Hinn would read this and see the insanity of following such a pompous peddler of empty propaganda.

  86. Carolyn

    In fact! I wish Benny Hinn would read it and get a good look at himself and his own very long history of the promotion of silly error, prophetic madness and his ostentatious, melodramatic, false and fraudulent ministry. I wish that he would view himself through the lens of the Spirit of Truth and would cleanse the inside of the cup and forget about salvaging his own reputation and a pretentious life of self serving materialism. I’m done. Hope you’re listening Benny!

  87. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Jimmie KK–I was really cranky, I am sorry and I hate getting like that, forgive me.

    My brain goes into Blurville after a while; your comment made sense, was funny and I should have acknowledged the time you took to share your view.

    David– so the Rapture’s a comin’ next year as per YouTube– ok, well, I’ll see ya there then! K

  88. Nicole


    I won’t argue w/ you about your message because the “ending ” of it was appropriate. We should all pray (as led by the Lord) for these people. But for a comontary to post from another that states “what they think’ a person looks like is a different story. STICK TO THE FACTS. This can be a lesson for all of us -to not fall into that/those traps.

    I am not a lover of Benny Hinn and though I sat and viewed several years of his antics I didn’t “look” at his features. I looked unto the Lord. Seeking HIS TRUTH. Those things written,(like what you quoted) to me are fleshy and are digs. Our eyes are to stay focused on the Lord. Many people were / are seduced in his and other Word of Faith organizations but MANY are also seeking the Lord and asking FOR HIS HEALING, not one of “man’s” . I was healed -(have it documented by doctors) but it didn’t happen there— but I ALSO cannot say that there ARE NOT some that could have been healed while there and if they were -we pray that it was of the Lord.

    So, I believe that one really, really has to watch what they “agree w/” and read and laugh at because their looks have nothing to do w/ the sad state of affairs and duping that is going on.

    Like I said, we can comment on their materialism, etc.etc. to their actual teachings(false) and seductions (Jezebel spirits and other spirits) but let’s cut out the opinions and comical insults.

    Just something I know I am practicing and it is a good habit to overcome and break.


  89. cowbelle

    Hello everyone, my hubby is still struggling with infection, going through many trials and struggles, we trust Him to see us through this.
    Jimmys last post I wanted to comment on, I googled about Mr. Crouch Sr. and could not find anywhere, where he had a 20 year affair with mr. ford, however there was a incident of accusations of a tryst that he was accused of and settled out of court. http://community.livejournal.com/agreatmoveofgod/263.html and there are news articles about this. The problem with most of what was stated is that these are accusations and there is no proof accept for what they have stated themselves in their teachings.
    It would be wise and prudent to back up all of what you posted with news articles, and proof, because you could get in trouble and be accused of slander. Please check and only post what is to be truth.
    This is something that is very important, always state what you know is truth, look up and research this to be so. It is our motive here and I believe with other groups to expose the falsehoods not to attack or hurt them but that they will repent and acknowledge their sin, or wrong doing. The hardest thing in all of this is countless people who have been lied to, duped, swindeled, deceived, robbed, extorted, and in many cases molested. This is what we pray and cry over and over again for change to come. I also have been labeled the hh, and accused of touching the lords annointed. Paul never tried to Lord over people, 1Pe 5:2 Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind;
    1Pe 5:3 Neither as being lords over God’s heritage, but being ensamples to the flock.
    The leaders were to be examples not control over, Lord over, or manipulate over.
    Our hearts cry out for Holiness, Truth, Rightiousness in those who preach the Gospel. If they couldn’t live right, Paul wouldn’t have written that it could be done. 1Ti 3:2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;
    1Ti 3:3 Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;
    1Ti 3:4 One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity;
    1Ti 3:5 (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)
    1Ti 3:6 Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.
    1Ti 3:7 Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without; lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.
    1Ti 3:8 Likewise must the deacons be grave, not doubletongued, not given to much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre;
    1Ti 3:9 Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience I know these scriptures have been posted here before but I pray that these leaders get ahold of this, and get on their knees before the Lord.
    I am just a granny who is posting, but I love the Lord Jesus Christ with my whole heart, and I know he is faithful and truth and will help us and strengthen us. I need him every hour, every minute, and every second. God bless you from cowbelle

  90. JimmieKrackKorn

    Unfortunately the problem with the church today and with the American Christian is we have allowed the world and the athiests to dictate what a Christian is and what a Christian should act like. In two words, it is BE NICE. (sorry if I offend anyone with a capital letter. I’m not screaming although that is what watchmen do…I’m merely emphazing the point.)
    I am currently reading a book written in 1693 by a Reverand named Cotton Mathers. He was the main preacher involved in the persecution and execution of witches in Salem Mass. The language of preachers of this day is interesting. Because it is totally unlike today’s messages…it was devoid of all the Universalism and Reconciliation, and social correctness that the atheiests have created, then demanded we adhere to through shouting and screaming, even at the threat of being called, MEAN…We are scared as the pastoral leadership even in our own churches to properly describe and call out ungodliness, and satanic activity. Jonathon Edwards, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” should be mandatory reading for all in a day when Christians dare not say anything that might hint at getting evn remotely close to the boundaries set by atheists…and vote-hungry liberal politicians.
    I recently listened to a wonderful podcast.. Derek Gilberts, ‘View From the Bunker’ as he interviewed Chris Pinto about out “founding Fathers” and the athiesm, freemasonry, and occultism that abounded with especially George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. (Glenn Beck’s buddies, David Barton cuts and pastes to create a Christian image of these guys.) Ben was a straight up occultist and member of the Hellfire club as well as recieving marching orders from the Grand Orient Lodge in London (later to become an off shoot of Alliester Crowley’s O.T.O.). What Chris said that interested me was the preachers of that day….where not at all comfortable with the leanings and dabblings of these founding fathers. They preached about it on Sunday from the pulpits.
    Thomas Paine hated God and reveled in atheism. Again my point is that many true bible believing preachers stood up against even those ‘leaders involvement with Freemasonry, the occult, and secret societies such as the satanic Hellfire club. They took offense to Washington’s endless infidility, and sexual tryst…in which he even once sent a Captain out on a fake goose chase so he could have go with the man’s wife!

    I am sorry if my style of exposing the fruitless deeds of heretics, liars, sex addicts, drunks, drug abusers, homosexuals, gluttons, ravenous wolves, necromaniacs, new agers, Freemasons, Knights of Malta’s, occultists, TV whores, materialistic lovers of sheer golden opulance and wealth, robbers of widows and orphans, twisters of scriptures (Rev Kate is your head ok? I’m not finish yet) child molestors, witches, Babylon lovers, demon-filled stars of television and stage (pulpit) who lead millions away from God and as Jesus warned us WILL lead many to Hell….is not easy and sweet and loving and kind enough for you.
    There is nothing that Benny Hinn (and endless ilk) would want more… then for us to be gentile and sweet and only say kind things so he can continue to molest (spiritually at least) God’s children.
    The problem with the church and even some of the posts I have read on this site..there are a number of those with itchy ears that would rather we not speak about Benny Hinn and Paul Crouch because these guys give them what they seek. False doctrine to scratch thier itchy ears. There are others who adhere to a soft spoken gentile approach of not naming names and in fact never really warn others of the muscle-ripped wild, rabid enormous wolves…. drooling and staring into your church’s nursery. Or your teenagers bedroom, or your grandmothers cozy living room.
    There are many who fancy themselves watchmen but have allowed themselves to be nuetered by the world’s/atheist definition of what a Christian is…which is….. NICE. Many leaders believe you spell Christian…. D.O.O.R.M.A.T.
    This approach is pervasive in ministry. Nice sells. Don’t ever offend anyone ever. I am not saying we shouldn’t be loving kind and caring Christians. Jesus commands us to. It is easy to dictate socially acceptable blog behavior to others, while whispering to your husband about “what she is wearing again this Sunday.”
    I will tell you this and leave it…Jesus would be ostracized by MANY (last cap I swear) by the Christian “leadership” today (appointed and self-appointed) for the way He talked to some. The names He called some. Stating they are of Satan. Exposing them as how they were… adultrous, thieves, of their father Satan, lovers of money, ….. instead of like todays pastors and sweeping all unpleasantness under the rug and hoping it goes away …. So, I.. the happy, super, Holy preacher will never have to address anything evil. Or find creative ways of describing a soot covered pan without calling The Kettle… Black.
    Maybe Evil doesn’t really exist. Maybe The Shack is right and no one goes to Hell…let’s just all be nice. And God will let all go to heaven . Maybe Jesus lied about Last Day False Prophets and heretics leading people to Hell….and I’ll just be nice to those heretics as they drag people into the fire and not snatch them out. (It’s as easy as Jude 1:23) Because that wouldn’t be nice.
    The holier than thou, nice, shiny happy approach to discernment and delivery ministry is exactly what Satan and his servants who appear as ministers of righteousness, want. Don’t raise your voice, and be nice…said Satan.
    Remember, “Touch not God’s anointed.”

    ps dig deeper.. cowbelle.

  91. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Hi Cowbelle–may our Lord give you strength and heal your husband.
    God’s best to you both. K

  92. Carolyn

    @Nicole – nicely said. I respect your advice. I’ll keep my ice-cream humor to myself and just the cold, hard facts, max!:-)
    Thanx, Carolyn

  93. Carolyn

    @Grandma Cowbelle – I agree with you (my! I seem very agreeable today don’t I) But here’s (what is becoming) my daily blog on heresy hunting:
    It’s NOT about our vitriolic castigations of the heretics of our day. It’s NOT about settling for the counterfeits that Satan has erected for the distractions of Christ’s people.
    It IS about leaning Truth with a sensible mind and keeping the orderliness in the ordinariness of day to day Christianity. It’s about experiencing the joy of the Lord as our strength from the Scripture vs the joy of holy laughter and the yipping of dogs that makes a mockery of all that is sane and decent. It’s about the freedom to love out of a heart that has been set free from guilt and condemnation of the law and energized by the Spirit of Love by his truly marvelous grace!!
    Love, from Grandma Carolyn

  94. Thewaythetruththelight

    Bud Press, thanks for your response. I read your website often and I find a lot of good information there, particularly with regards to Benny Hinn and Rick Warren. I think your ministry is very balance and informative, and slaughter the sheep and christian research service are the only “HH” websites that I’ve bookmarked. My original posts, I wasn’t referring to you and I apologize if you thought I was. I knew my comments wouldn’t be well received by some and perhaps misunderstood by others, but I wrote it out of frustration. For the record, I’m a long time reader and lurker, but rarely post comments.

    God bless.

  95. Carolyn

    I think someone had this conversation when I first came on the site. We are all different personalities with different ministry strengths. JK’s is the black and white, tell it like it is, which I have an appreciation for…because that is sort of what I lean toward…but I also don’t take for granted the soft and sensitive. We need both…what it comes down to, is that it is neither: either/ or.
    Everyone wants everyone else to be just like them, but it is not possible…so can we settle for a little temperance by all…none of us are perfect(except me, of course) and we can all do with a little tweaking, as long as it is done as nicely as Nicole did it with me today.
    love you guys…I mean it!

  96. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    I understand, Jim KK , my head’s ok, a little tired these days, thanks, but very on the money–what’re you saying? Tell me, because if I seem “off”, I’d like to know, really, I mean that.

    I just know, when I see your comments, they just go on and on and it’s too much to for me to read… there are no paragraphs and the thoughts just run into each other, then I just fall off…zzzzz…. and I’m pretty darned sure it becomes difficult reading for many others. Get to the point… or write a book… I will buy it!

    I’m getting cranky again, sorry. Well, it is getting to be nitey-nite, too.

    God’s best,

  97. Stan

    @Jimmiekrackkorn. First, you have a very readable and interesting writing style by which you make good points, especially on the softness of ministers (hirelings) to denounce error and sin.

    Thomas Paine’s Atheism is a Christian version of an Urban Legend. He believed in a Creator God but who can only be known by study of nature, making him a Deist. He wrote, for example in “Of The Religion of Deism Compared With
    the Christian Religion:” The truth of the first article is proved by God Himself, and is universal; for the creation is of itself demonstration of the existence of a Creator.

    It’s just that he despised the bible, vigorously rejecting the notion of any divinely revealed truth by prophets. He held Christianity as well as Judaism and Islam in utter contempt. He believed he was defending God’s honor by rejecting written works of revelation since he held that accepting the Bible, for example, suppressed honest inquiry into the nature of God: The God of truth is not the God of fable; when, therefore, any book is introduced into the world as the Word of God, and made a groundwork for religion, it ought to be scrutinized more than other books to see if it bear evidence of being what it is called. Our reverence to God demands that we do this, lest we ascribe to God what is not His, and our duty to ourselves demands it lest we take fable for fact, and rest our hope of salvation on a false foundation. (from The Age of Reason)


  98. Ruitje

    At about 21.40 someone is stating that major international leaders will come and will be repenting of the religious spirits and traditional spirits and ask Bentley to forgive them…

    I sense a lot of lies and pride in this video.

  99. David

    Firstly, Cowbelle my prayers are with you and your family, and I trust your husband will get over that infection.

    Rev Kate & Rich M, I had my good friend and flatmate just about fall out of his seat in laughter after thanking The Lord that I wasn’t going in the rapture next year, and that I could stay behind and do His Work. That was while I prayed over our dinner. That’s how silly and absurd that claim is – not to mention unscriptural.

    However, we must remember what Jesus told us regarding his coming, and how all this heresy perfectly fulfills His words:

    “But as the days of Noe [were], so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Matthew 24:37 – 39 KJV and Luke 17: 26 & 27 KJV

    All these false teachers, prophets and evangelists have people that follow them and basically keep them in business. The people who follow them don’t *want* the truth, they want to be told that they’re going to Heaven even though the lives they lead are completely contrary to the Word of God. For an athiest to acknowledge God is also to acknowledge Sin – and the consequences of living a sinful life. This is what The Lord found regarding the state of mankind in the days of Noah:

    “And GOD saw that the wickedness of man [was] great in the earth, and [that] every imagination of the thoughts of his heart [was] only evil continually.” Genesis 6:5 KJV

    So while we pray for the Lord to shine His light to these false teachers and their followers, they first must *want* to be free of their wickness and they must *want* to forsake their evil lives and the evil things that they are doing. They must *repent* before God can touch their hearts. Only then can the Lord deal with them, for He is a Holy God.

  100. Cowbelle

    Hi everyone,
    I hope you understand that I don’t support false teachers, in anyway shape or form. I do not watch them on tv. I do not have itchy ears, nor have I requested for anyone not to name names. I was saying that we must quote accurately what these false leaders are saying. I am totally against false teachers, as I love my Savior Jesus Christ more than anything. He knows my heart.
    If you will read what I posted before I was questioning the statement made that Paul Crouch had a 20 year affair with Lonnie Ford. I had read in the news that he was accused of this but not 20 years. Can anyone check into this? It is important to be accurate with information especially accusations. We must be accurate with our information as we truly want to do what is right.
    I am not trained in this area, I am just a Grandma that is greatly concerned over these wolves in sheeps clothing. Perhaps I should not post but should let my husband post as he has studied this more than I.
    I must give an account for my actions someday even what I post on a computer, so I try really hard to speak the truth and apologise when I am in error.
    Thank you for understanding, I hope this clears this up. God bless from Granny Cowbelle

  101. Bud Press

    Hi Thewaythetruththelight:

    At times it is difficult to convey what we mean in writing. We know what WE mean, but sometimes others take our words the wrong way. For me, it has been a learning process. No doubt that my words have offended people, but it is done for all the right reasons.

    I have learned that when people get offended, they start thinking about what offended them. The more they think the better. They may become angry and frustrated, but at least they are thinking–beyond the mindset they have been programmed to accept.

    Cultic and heretical leaders do not want their followers to think on their own. When those who follow false teachers start thinking, the wheels of freedom begin to turn, and many escape into the true freedom that Jesus provides.

    Thus, one aspect of our ministry is to cause people to think–outside the bubble that surrounds and enslaves them. And, if we do it for all the right reasons, then God will bless our efforts.

    Please know that I wasn’t offended by your comments. You shared your concerns. I agree that there are people who go to the extremes, possibly due to their own anger and frustration, but I do not fellowship with them, because much of what they do is for all the wrong reasons.

    Food for thought: If you and a friend were walking down a long, dark path, and you knew the path ended in a dangerous drop-off, would you play the game of non-offenditus and let him walk, or would you warn your friend before he stumbled and fell to his death?

    Judging from your above comments, I believe you would warn your friend, even to the point of offending him, which may involve raising your voice to get his attention, and grabbing him and pulling him away from the drop-off. He may be angry with you, curse at you, and treat you like yesterday’s trash, but you loved him enough to speak up and tell the truth. Hopefully, and in time, he will thank you for saving his life.

    The people I/we encounter on a daily basis are walking down that long, dark path, which leads to destruction. When God places us in their path, we cannot, we must not allow the sinful disease of non-offenditus to enter in and stop us from reaching out to them–in love–and warn them of impending danger.

    As Christians, we are called to reach out to the deceived and rock the boat, make the comfortable uncomfortable, and tell it like it is. If they get offended, too bad! At times, truth is offensive, but truth exposes lies and awakens the deceived.

    Finally, there is the sin of omission and the sin of commission. The sin of omission may be defined as avoiding or purposely leaving out the truth when an opportunity to tell the truth presents itself. The sin of commission may be defined as knowing the truth, but lying or willfully doing the opposite.

    Thewaythetruththelight, I hope this is the beginning of a lasting friendship. I appreciate your kindness and humility.

    In Christian love,
    Bud Press

  102. Carolyn

    JK – to you personally, I am apologizing for what appeared to be me siding with Cowbelle against you. That was not the case. I don’t know what I was agreeing with…but it wasn’t that. So, please take no notice of me…I am neither “fer nor agin” anybody as the old hillbilly would say….I am fer the Truth. That’s what we are all bloggin about!

  103. Cowbelle

    I found the original article in the LA Times. I couldn’t find in there that this sin went on for 20 years. From what it states in there that this was a one night thing or perhaps several times but nowhere does it state that this sin went on for 20 years. http://articles.latimes.com/2004/sep/12/local/me-lonnie12. Since, Mr. Crouch settled out of court and denys this, only God knows what really happened. ” The Let Us Reason web site has a whole lot of information on TBN that is accurate and informative at least as far as I know it is”. I have been going to that web site for a long time because this author is very careful what he quotes and posts. It has helped me sort through alot of false teachings and discern that is truth and false. I appreciate you all thanks from Cowbelle

  104. Cowbelle

    Okay one more thought, please be patient, I was just thinking of our precious brother in Christ,, Justin Peters. I really appreciate how he does this, most of you have seen his videos. He takes their actual words, their videos and exposes the errors. He is methodical, and honest in his approach, and I believe his motive is right.
    We must do this with a right spirit and motive, and personally I think it would be better for me to read and not post much, and leave it to those who understand this better. I don’t know if you can understand but I am at a place right now where I tremble before the Lord that I might post something that grieves him. It is like Lord help me to post the right thing. Thanks you guys, Love from Cowbelle

  105. Stan

    RE: the Morningstar video and the gathering of well-wishers and prophesiers over Bentley:

    So now we call the proud blessed, For those who do wickedness are raised up; They even tempt God and go free.'” (Mal. 3:15 -NKJV)


  106. Cowbelle

    hi again, was reading the comments, you know there are those who are blatent in what they are doing, and bentley is one of them. those leaders are enabling his behavior. He should never have been allowed to preach in the first place, his own acts blatenly show about him. He himself admitted to the things that has been presented about him. And meanwhile his real wife and children are without a husband and father, while she struggles to raise them. If there was a genuine repentance he wouldn’t have married this girl but would have went to live hear his children and at least got a job and started supporting them. There should be high standards in the ministry but there is so much compromise.
    One comment to add about TBN to equalize what I wrote earlier, it was very confusing to us and that is why we quit watching it many years ago, why they let obvious false teachers on the program. After a while we just couldn’t accept it. We quit watching about 10 years ago. I am so thankful for those who came along side us to show us the falsehoods, especially the florida thing. I do pray for this site to be a blessing to many as they are seeking to learn the true of the Lord from the falsehoods and wolves in sheeps clothing. God bless you from Cowbelle

  107. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Guys– now I understand why I have been so cranky and tired lately: I just finished my book and have been up all flippin’ night into the wee hours, 3, 4. 5:00 AM and that’s just not me– I like going to bed at a decent hour and being healthy; eating good food, sunshine and having fun, which I missed this whole summer and I have a vitamin D deficirency– and am suffering for it– but I caught some upper-respiratory bug thing which has worn me out and given me a really bad cough and feeliing like I’m dying tonight–which I can’t handle; I’m the proverbial, never let anything “get” me… I do not get ill!

    So, bear with me, if you would be so kind– and this is not a plug for my book, please do not think that.

    Okay, we’ll talk soon–and hopefully I’ll be myself. I love you all, and just say a little prayer for silly sister Kate… thanks, K xxx

  108. Teresa

    @ Cowbelle
    I found this newpaper article concerning Paul Crouch and Lonnie Ford. I want to link it for you to read, interesting. http://www.trinityfi.org/press/latimes03.html

    No wonder Paul Crouch says he want to kill the heresy hunters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He does not want anyone to know the truth. Just my two cents!

  109. Teresa

    One might think with all the scandals in the Word of Faith Movement and and New Apostolic Reformation, it would be enough for one to flee or as David Wilkerson puts it “Run for your life” sadly people are getting what they want and what they want to hear “Itching Ears”
    When I began to sense that something was seriously wrong with the church that I came out of and the WOF/NAR movements. The HOLY SPIRIT would not day or night leave me alone until I did my homework (research) to find out what was going on in these movement. I asked the LORD What is this stuff? “Doctrines of Balaam” is what the LORD told me to check out.
    Little by little God began to open my eyes, my ears and my heart to his word and the true Gospel. I really dug in the Word of God only to find out that the “doctrines of Jesus Christ” was not what these people teach nor do they preach the true gospel. “Right and almost right” We must know the difference.

    All the heretical teachings about Jesus, all the adulterous affairs, all the cover ups, fleecing of the flock, those wolves scattering the flock, all the extra-biblical revelations, they dethrone God and enthrone themselves, all their failed false prophecies should be enough to flee, but many stay and listen. Not to mention the root of where this stuff came from; The Roots and the fruit” No matter how you slice this fruit, at the core; it is a “man centered doctrine” ROTTEN plain and simple.

    As true believer’s we must discern “Right from almost Right” study the Word of God and flee from these kinds of jokers.

  110. Committed Christian

    We can just say, ‘I do not hunt for heresy, it finds me. And I cannot help but point it out’. With all the false teaching in the Church today, it is hard to avoid being “encountered by heresy”, whether it be in a sermon someone preached, a book someone wrote that quotes questionable “Bible teachers”, hearing about it through someone else!

  111. Eli

    @Teresa. I know how you feel. I left my church a year and a half ago, after being there 10 years. I didn’t see the errors until I started coming here. At first I was like, “naa can’t be”, but then slowly little by little, the Lord showed me the truth. Then when my church leadership ditched wednesday night bible study, for Beth Moore, it was the last straw.

  112. Teresa

    @ Eli
    Praise God for his grace and mercy and long suffering for us. I do give God all the glory for opening our eyes, ears and hearts to receive his truth and the true gospel.
    We all must guard against having a critical spirit and speak with love and truth. Being “Salt and light” to others and pray for God to open more eyes to the truth. God bless you Eli.

  113. Cowbelle

    Thanks Teresa,Eli, Committed Christian, I appreciate your posts, and I agree with them. We also quit going to a baptist church one of the reasons was because they were doing Beth Moore. I didn’t know much about her but found out there is false teachings in her studys. Why not stick with the Bible? Another thing is worship and the songs. There is also a false worship that is not lifting up Christ.
    @Teresa, you nailed it, it becomes man centered instead of God centered. We visited one church, I may have shared this in here before and I heard these words in my spirit. Selfish Ambition. We looked it up in the Word and it was there. Needless to say we didn’t go back to that church. Php 1:16 The [former ones] indeed proclaim Christ out of selfish ambition [or, self-interest], not sincerely [or, of pure motives], supposing to be causing me to be experiencing distress in my bonds, (ALT) from E Sword. Free e-Sword.com bible downloads
    That sure sounds like what we are experiancing. Now we are visiting another baptist church, they seems to be more focused on Christ. But there doesn’t seem to be alot of prayer nor prayer rooms, no request for intercessary prayer. My heart is to see prayer meetings, real prayer not these things we saw from Lakeland with the gold dust, gold fillings, and barking like dogs. The true Presance of God is going to bring truth, conviction, true repentance, healings as in families being restored. Coke says it is the real thing, well I don’t know about that but I won’t settle for anything less than the real presance of Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Real Thing. He is the Spirit of Truth.
    Don’t want those phoney balonies. Amen Love from Cowbelle

  114. Ruitje

    @Chrystal, I place this comment here and hope you see it and can use it, because I think here is a perfect example of how the prophetic movement is showing it’s real face again (and Word of Faith).

    Read this article from Elijahlist, from Cindy Trimm.


    She is talking about ‘The law of attraction’ but that is what The Secret (occult new age!) is all about! She uses that sentence in her article: ‘The law of attraction’! So now they are speaking openly about their source: satan.

    We as ‘Bereans’ knew that all the time that Word of Faith is pure heresy, but now they just openly show their real face to everyone.

    Trimm writes: In Genesis 11, the people thought to themselves that they could build a tower to Heaven, and because they saw this tower in their minds they were able to build it. God stopped them by causing confusion and making it impossible for them to communicate, because the tower became an idol to them. However, this story still tells of the power of our thoughts: “Nothing they have imagined they can do will be impossible for them” (Genesis 11:6 AMP).
    Man begins with a concept in his mind, something he believes he is able to accomplish; he joins his will and intellect to his imagination, and then the power of expectation sees it through. Every great achievement begins as a thought in the imagination of a person. Every thought is birthed in the spirit. Achievement, therefore, is a spiritual process.

    Well if she knew what was really going on there in Genesis 11, she wouldn’t use this as an example. What really was going on was that men wanted to be like God, wanted to climb up to heaven (just like satan wanted, Isaiah 14). But by using this part from Genesis 11 Trimm shows us that she is not a real christian and believer. She is a wolf in sheepsclothing.

    And the Word of Faith heresy (and Law of Attraction) wants the same: climb up to heaven and be like God and be able to have the same power as God to create and use ‘words of faith’ as a tool in the wrong way.

  115. Cowbelle

    Ruitje, wow, you are absolutely right, this is shocking, I can’t believe they are even allowed to teach this junk. I didn’t go to the article, what you posted was enough for me. I totally agree with you. This is like a mind manipulation, the way this person is putting this. this is craziness.
    God bless from Cowbelle

  116. Carolyn

    Ruitje – been thinking about giving Cindy Trimm a run for her money on her idea “you become what you think”. I had a little Canadian Pine Beetle knawing away in my brain the last week causing havoc and had to research as to how to get rid of the thing. As a matter of fact, you just thump the right side of your head and the thing comes flying out our left ear. Can you imagine; how simple is that? I’m sure my new book will be a best seller.
    @Kate – As for your problem, the research for headaches is: take two aspirins, get some sleep and you’ll feel better in the morning.
    @ Cowbelle: I am a bit muddled by such miry conflicts such as Lonnie/Paul – the big picture is that Paul’s whole teaching is based on false foundations. The greed and the immorality are the natural by-products of all false teaching. And we see plenty of it.
    Now back to those Canadian Pine Beetles….

  117. sandyvanasch

    I am a “heresy hunter” and proud of it! I try to expose false teachers and teaching on my blog site. As Christians, its our responsibilty to expose the false teachings and take a stand for solid biblical doctrine. Please see Jude.

    Take Care and God Bless,
    http://wheresgodinallofthis.wordpress.com Where’s God In All Of This? on Word Press

  118. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Hi guys! Carolyn, what pine beetles–for real? Creepy. Thanks for the advice.

    Law of attraction? Well, I understand, I think, that if I think in my heart, so will I be… so, what I’m going to do is think and meditate on God’s word and therefore I will be as God has said I am… His child and servant and slave; the slave part still gets me, but He knows me best, so He’s working on perfecting me and with much kicking and screaming on my part!

    I have to trust His prefect will, which is hard because I just want to do what I want to do.

    Great post, Ms. Cowbelle. K

  119. Cowbelle

    Hi to my fellow standers for truth. I found an excellant article, concerning this false move. http://www.letusreason.org/Pent30.htm. He really proves this false move for what it is. We pray that many will have their eyes open and turn away from falsehood to real truth of Gods Word. God bless from Cowbelle. PS that would be a good nickname, and even indian name. StandsforTruth. By Gods Grace and Mercy we pray to stay faithful to him. Amen.

  120. David

    Seeing as many of the comments on the subject of “heresy hunters” relate to the truth of the Scriptures, I found this website and online resource which I believe will be a help and bessing to everyone here. It’s got every English translation as a parallel (I can never spell that right) Bible, along with a cooentary and cross references. You can do a word search for the particular scripture or passage you’re looking for. Of course it brings up every possible verse that matches your search criteria. I believe this is a blessing to everyone here on this blog, and to all true Christians seeking the truth of the Word of God:


    That’s it! Such a simple URL and easy to remember. God bless whoever is in charge of that website and maintaining it.

  121. Cowbelle

    Hi Kate and Rich, guess what I found an awesome scripture, you don’t have to worry about the slave part anymore. Joh 15:12 This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.
    Joh 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
    Joh 15:14 Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.
    Joh 15:15 Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.
    He says he is calling us friends. Awesome, His commands are not grievious, His yoke is easy and his burden light. He is the deliverer, burden bearer, the Light that shines in the darkness, our Wonderful Savior. He is able to keep us from falling. He wants us, He accepts us and he will help us. God bless from Cowbelle

  122. Rene

    Does the title really matter? Honestly – does it really matter?

    Insulting or as a compliment – all in the eye of the beholder.

    Point out the others sin – but ignore my own log in the eye? Ignore the others wrongs thus allow others to fall in? My focus is more on myself with the hope that when someone asks a guestion I have the right answers.

    Bottom line is that we all best be hunting/seeking after God.


  123. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    My dearest Cowbelle–thanks for the great word, I needed that one badly–been feeling down and sometimes when I’m overworked and tired, I become very discouraged, thankyou again, Sister. K

  124. Carolyn

    @Kate – do you remember this old wartime radio favourite?
    “K-K-K-Katie, Beautiful Katie,
    You’re the only G-G-G-Girl that I adore
    And when the M-Moon shines, Over the Kowshed,
    I’ll be waiting at the K-K-K-Kitchen door.”
    Now if you answered yes to that…then that would put you in the older babyboomers
    My mother used to sing that to me because her mother used to sing it to her…and obviously, I did NOT sing it to my daughter…she would have thought I was off my rocker.
    Anyhow, you take care o’ your wee sel’ Kate. Don’t burn the candle at both ends. And get yourself to the ice cream store…you deserve a Krispee Kate snack. Hope you are feelin better.

    @Cowbelle, I am reading the link to letusreason on revivals of the past. For me, it is a walk down memory lane. The kind of historical moments when you remember where you were, who you were talking to and what you were feeling. Like when people were returning from John Arnott’s Toronto blessing still jerking and spazzing and wanting to pass the “anointing” on. How I escaped all that insanity still puzzles me since I was so deeply rooted in mysticism since I was a tiny tot. And today, I rejoice that the mystical Jesus is chaff in the wind, blown away by the breath of the real, Biblical Jesus and his Word of Truth.

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