Get a Prayer Cloth Soaked with Oil from Joshua Mills’ Feet

I know, I know…two Joshua Mills posts in a row….but I can’t help it!  When I saw this next tidbit, I just couldn’t pass it up!

Joshua Mills doesn’t make it hard to expose him.  Let’s face it, he goes from ridiculous to absurd.  Keeping that in mind…I’m not sure what to call this.  Remember when he said he ate gold leaves from the tree of life?  Remember his tall tale about the fish that was wearing sunglasses?  Remember the time his wife said that when she gave birth to their son, he was covered in gold dust?  Well, this probably beats those.

If you’ll visit this link, you will be able to get a “Glory Impartation Cloth” which is soaked with oil that flowed —————-  from Joshua Mills’ FEET! 

I promise I’m not making this up.  Go look.  I mean it!  Please, go look!

Mills says that while he was preaching, oil began to flow from his hands and feet.  So much of it began to flow that they began capturing it on a cloth.  They cut that cloth in strips, and because it contains the oil from his feet, it is uber-anointed!  And guess what???  He wants to send one to YOU so that “new miracles can begin to happen in your life!”

Here’s a picture of the supposed oil that is flowing from Mills’ feet.

Here is what Mills says on his website:

Just last week the supernatural fragrant oil began to flow from my feet in abundance as we began to worship the Lord.  It began coming with the fragrance of roses – this smell is symbolic for the fragrance of Christ, He is the Rose of Sharon.  We placed cloth material under my feet so that the oil and fragrance would flow into the fabric.  We have gathered the oil in this way so that it can be used as a point of contact, just like the fabric that was taken from the Apostle Paul in order that extraordinary miracles would begin to be released! 

If you get one of these cloths, here’s what Mills claims you can expect:

  • Your Family To Be Saved!
  • Your Finances To Flourish!
  • Your Body To Be Healed!
  • Your Addictions To Be Broken!

And all of that from his feet!  If you get one of these cloths, Mills says there is a supernatural transferal of anointing that accompanies these cloths.  He says:

I want to send you one of these glory cloths that has been saturated with this supernatural oil that flows from heaven!  I believe that there is a supernatural transferance of anointing that will happen as you receive this special cloth for your needs.  I also want to give you an opportunity to sow into this realm of God’s manifest glory.  (emphasis theirs)


Oil that flows from heaven by way of Joshua Mills’ feet?  Not remotely!

Mills goes on to say:

For every generous financial seed of any amount that is sown into the glory this month, we will be sending you a free “glory cloth” that has been saturated with the supernatural fragrant oil that has flowed miraculously during times of worship. We will also be sending you “31 Promises For A Month Of Blessing” – you can read, declare and prophesy these promises over your life and begin to see them come to pass.

Ah…and there it is.  The bottom line.  Isn’t there always a bottom line?  To get the “glory cloth” that is SOAKED WITH OIL FROM HIS FEET, Mills says you have to sow a GENEROUS financial seed of ANY amount …………………………………..and then you’ll get the cloth for free.

*blank stare*              *crickets chirping* 

There’s something wrong with that proposition.  There’s something wrong with this whole scheme.

Folks, Joshua Mills is not only a heretic, he’s a huckster of the highest rank.  A snake oil salesman who will sell “heavenly oil” from his own feet in order to make a buck!  Don’t be taken in by him. 

29 thoughts on “Get a Prayer Cloth Soaked with Oil from Joshua Mills’ Feet

  1. Chaya

    He’s a slimy snake-oil salesman, aka, swindler. The whole scam is quite disgusting.

    1 Corinthians 6:9-11
    Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor SWINDLERS will inherit the kingdom of God.

  2. Grant

    He needs to hook up with peter popoff where these items are sent out in some of his junk mail and advise people to burn the cloths at midnite and say a confession 3 times and then sprinkle the ashes over their checkbook

    That’s biblical isn’t it

  3. David Green

    Mr Mills has blended Acts 19:11-12 with 2Cor 9:6-15 (anointed hankies with generous sowing) in an attempt to circumnavigate Acts 8:9-25 (simony). Those who give to him are fulfilling Prov 22:16 and will reap the same spiritual poverty that has bankrupted Mr Mills. Lest, of course, all concerned repent.

  4. Ruitje

    It is unbelievable that people believe this crap from Mills. But this is a generation that is seeking after signs and wonders. They can’t believe without seeing, but they want to see things happen or things they can experience.

    I was thinking lately about the way satan can decieve people. He can do counterfeit miracles, give signs and wonders, he is appears like an ‘angel of light’. The sorcerers from the Pharao could also do miracles (their rod’s changed into snakes)… (Exodus 7:11, 12).

    And satan can give you nice feelings and experiences.

    Many charismatics are focused on feelings/experiences and signs and wonders. And that’s why they can be deceived so easely.

    But satan can not speak the Truth (he is the fathers of lies), and he can not obey (he is a rebel).

    * Revelation 14:12
    The saints will endure because they keep the commandments of God and keep the faith of Jesus (the Truth). When christians let these things go, when they do not obey and not have the Truth and the faith of the real Jesus Christ, they can fall away because satan can give them the feelings and experiences they are seeking for, the signs and wonders and even show them ‘angels’.

  5. Ruitje

    Finance is the new keyword in the charismatic world. God wants to bless your finances… and there even is a financial angel and a banking angel…

    Mamon is they new god of people like Mills, Joyner, Bentley.

  6. WatEenZooitje

    Hmm, suppose that this so called, highly anointed feet oil were sincerely from God, why is Joshua then asking for money? So, you will get anything from God (healing, blessings, breakthrough, anointing, angelic visitations, trips to heaven, sermons etc.) as long as you pay for it. I want to ask this question to all these über-charismatic people? Where would you be now if you had to PAY with hard cash, for Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, grace and mercy. So, you can only be saved and Jesus would only sacrifice His Life on the cross for you as long as you pay first…. That would be an elitist gospel right or do you disagree?

  7. Mike Larsen

    Good morning, boys and girls. The word for the day is “HYPERHIDROSIS.” Can you say “hyperhidrosis”? I knew you could.

    Pass the vomit bag.


    1. Chrystal Post author


      Either that, or he’s soaking his feet in oil before hand. The only other options are 1.) he’s really secreting oil from his pores, or 2.) it’s just sweat.

      I mean, if you go with option 1, then that means he’s really sweating oil, and I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. I’ll never believe he secreting oil from his body that smells like the rose of sharon.

      If you go with option 2….. eew!

  8. Ron Larson

    On a lighter note…is the “Teeth Whitening” Miracle offer still available? Or did time run out on that offer?

  9. Annunk

    I have mixed feelings on this one.

    What Joshua is doing is disgusting. He’s putting himself up on the SAME level as God. (Get oil coming out of MY body and you’ll be blessed!) …and it reminds me of some Catholics showing stigmata…

    But back in the 80’s I went to John Osteen’s church, “Lakewood”, in Houston and took a boy’s T-shirt down front so hands could be laid on it, anoint it with oil and it be prayed over. I did this because of a young boy I knew from NJ. He had been diagnosed with a fast running cancer. According to his MD’s, he wasn’t going to live much longer. Well after all this had been done with this shirt at Lakewood, I sent it to ‘Johnny’ via my Mom, with a note explaining exactly what had been done.

    Johnny ‘John’ is today a physician himself. He cannot have children due to chemo taking its toll on his body, but he is alive and well – and serving the Lord.

    I’m way past Word of Faith which Lakewood was, and Joel Osteen’s church is. I am amazed however, at how believers in Christ can swallow all the “show” and say, “This is of God” when it’s not.

  10. IWTT

    Where’s his shoes, check his shoes, I bet there is an insert soaked with oil in them. But then I can’t tell if his socks are wet or dry.

  11. IWTT

    Actually, there are no sebaceous glands (oil producing) on the bottom of feet or palms of hands so he cannot be producing oil in the natural.

    This is either a false supernatural sign/wonder or he is pulling a fast one on the masses in someway…. The verse used for Paul and the cloths that were “anointed’ were for a time that is specific to that moment. Too prove the authority and miracles being produced in Jesus name through the REAL Apostles, not the NAR ones…. etc.

  12. Robert L

    ” Mills says you have to sow a GENEROUS financial seed of ANY amount …………………………………..and then you’ll get the cloth for free ” Crickets chirping, blank stare……….I gotta say, that provided me with the laugh for the day. How much more obvious can it get than that, and the money keeps on rolling in ! ( Recession, what recession ? )

    Com’on now, its a terrific scam, by a professional scammer, thats making him lots of money. The question is, why is the scam working, when its so obvious its a crock ? Because people WANT TO BELIEVE this stuff ! He packages his wares in such a way that it appeals to gullible folks, and blesses it all with the sign of the cross. If God’s in it, it must be good ! ( right ? ) Why do I need a prayer cloth to get miracles in my life ? Because God doesn’t hear me when I pray anymore ! This will be a fast track to the throne room, and a quick way out of my financial dilema ! Whoopie, my problems are over !

    I wonder what the average donation is, seeing how this oil comes straight from heaven ?

  13. lyn

    John MacArthur nails it {as usual} concerning these charlatans, this is from his sermon, ‘how God uses suffering’…

    Verse 6 he says, “If I do wish to boast I shall not be foolish, for I shall be speaking the truth.” Am I going to be a fool like them and lie? If I do speak I’m going to tell you the truth and the truth is I did go to heaven, that is the truth, I’m not denying it. That would be false humility. I’m not going to stand here and be falsely humble like some fool. I will speak the truth but I restrain myself. And here’s why…the end of verse 6, here’s the key…”So that no one may credit me with more…here it is, folks…than he sees in me or hears from me.” Boy, that is so critical…so critical. His enemies have claimed to have visions. His enemies have claimed to have revelations. And Paul just says, “I will not build my apostolic defense on that stuff, it is not repeatable, it is not reproducible, it is not explicable, it is not verifiable, it is not helpful. And anybody and everybody can claim to have all kinds of visions and who is going to know? If I have to base my defense on an unarticulated, unexplainable, unrepeatable, unverifiable, spiritual experience, I’m in bad trouble. I’m no better than all the charlatans and all the fakes who do that all the time.”

    For him to establish his apostleship on something that nobody could know really happened would be to open the door to every deceiver to do the same, claiming similar mystical experiences and authority therefore to speak for God. So Paul just placed no value on that at all. Boy, that is really important to hear, isn’t it? It’s not the proof of anything. It’s not the proof of anything. Furthermore, Paul doesn’t say it made me closer to God. He doesn’t say it made me more spiritual, to go to heaven and come back, or it made me more knowledgeable of theology. He doesn’t say it made me more godly. He says what it tends to do is make me more…what?…more proud.

    So, end of verse 6, here it is, “I don’t want you to credit me with anything other than what you see in me and hear from me.” Boy, I’m telling you, folks, there is the acid test. You say you’re a spokesman for God, you say you’re a man of God, you say you represent God, you say you come with the authority of God, don’t tell me about your visions, let me see your life and hear your words. That’s the criteria. Nothing ambiguous about that. That’s verifiable. What can be seen in his life and heard in his words was the proof of who he was. When these supposed men of God, these supposed prophets and seers of our day come along and tell us all about their visions, the right response is fine, there’s no way to verify any of that, let me follow you around and watch your life and let me hear you speak, let me hear the words that comes from your lips and let me measure them against the Word of the living God. That’s the issue.

    Visions…not helpful. Spiritual experiences that are unrepeatable and unverifiable…not helpful. And they’re not worth the least simple righteous act and word. So Paul is trying to show them who he is by his life …

    You see, modern false teachers, they want people to believe they’re spiritual and they want people to believe they come from God and they speak for God and they have divine authority and they teach the truth because they have had visions and revelations and because they’re prosperous and powerful and popular and draw big crowds. Let me tell you, be suspicious of those people. Real spiritual power and real spiritual authority and genuine spiritual integrity looks ordinary, looks weak, looks unimpressive but when you look closely, what you see and hear is the evidence of genuine spirituality. Be suspicious of the people on parade. The real spiritual power comes in very ordinary packages and you scratch your head and say…I don’t know how God works through him, he’s so ordinary.” { }

    Can I get an AMEN?!?!


  14. Brother K

    Oh, for pity’s sake! Mills ought to update his act; gold dust, gold flakes, pre-cut precious gems and “flowing oil” are so 1970’s Indian Mysticism (see Sai Baba). What’s next?…changing granite into rock candy? Oh, and the next time ‘holy oil’ starts to flow, Mills might want to try VIDEO rather than stills (available on most cell phones these days) or stop soaking his socks in bath oil before putting them on. Most hotels frown upon staining the rug in such a fashion.

    Look guys, I know he’s an atheist & all, but James Randi and his friends have been pulling apart these very tricks for over thirty years now, sometimes at the risk of life & limb when doing it in India. Just as there is no shortage of ‘Sham Wows’ like Mills & Bentley, there’s no shortage of trained stage magicians willing to say, “Don’t let these guys fool you. This is how they do it…” before replicating the trick.

    Also, I apologize if this comes off as snarky. You are doing GREAT work here Chrystal and I appreciate your efforts very much. But (as you point out) some of these ‘miracles’ are so very transparent that I (like you, I’m guessing) would like to see our brothers and sisters swat this nonsense down like a pesky mosquito, and with half the thought as they do. There’s a time for “correcting with love” and a time for, “Oh, don’t be daft…”

  15. IWTT

    unarticulated, unexplainable, unrepeatable, unverifiable, spiritual experience

    I have these when ever I eat pepperoni pizza!!! lol

  16. jude newman

    I wonder does Joshua Mills believe himself. He is so utterly ridiculous he would have to really believe these things are happening to bring them into the open. I would love to know

  17. J:X

    i love the association to Sai Baba. I had never heard of him until this post and now I’m glad I know about him because he is so ridiculous.

  18. Cop

    Sweaty feet?!?!? Is he talking about the ALL powerful God of the universe who created us all, and the only way he can effectively bless the world is though the sweaty feet of this fool (with a little help from cash in his bank account of course) ???


    If I run around the block, and claimed the lord has blessed my forehead with life healing sweat….ERRR OIL. Maybe I could pay off my mortgage.

  19. Sergio

    I personally believe that sweaty feet and oily skin are by products of the fall…😉

  20. Carolyn

    Amen Lyn and Ruitje…good posts.
    As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
    I agree with many of you that a lot of what we see is the work of scam artists and marketeering, but not all are Peter Popoffs. And whether it is illusion or delusion, its hard to say with the occult. Paul didn’t know if his experience was in the body or out of the body.
    Because I have run with the wolves, I am a little less skeptical about occult powers. What I do know, is that so called Christians are using the occult (hidden powers) as much as witches and warlocks, and that we are to “reprove the works of darkness and have nothing to do with them.”
    Ephesians 5
    8For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light 9(for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) 10and find out what pleases the Lord. 11Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

  21. Barry

    Am I mistaken or have most in the body of Christ gone spiritually retarded?I was just wondering.I haven’t been on line 4 awhile but I can c that things have not changed,it’s business as usual.Wow! it has come down 2 this, know wonder the world laughs at the church,they c it 4 what it is a 3 ring circus travelling from city 2 city and town 2 town.Yet I know and beleive there r true followers of Christ everywhere and we must hold fast 2 the truth,the inheritance that God in Christ Jesus has given 2 us.Satan is clever and he knows that we fall prey 2 the touch,feel and smell thing,he got Adam and Eve with that trick and has been doin it ever since.He’s got the whole world eating out of the palm of his hand by this method and many christians as well.Got news for all those touchy feely folks,God’s not into pampering yer flesh and makin ya go oingo boingo,he’s interested in spirit and truth,nuff said.

  22. redeemedhippiesplace

    Oh my gosh! Who can believe this stuff and WHY would they? I thought I had seen everything with josh mills. I had not heard much about him lately, but whattayaknow, he’s still up to his tricks. This man is a trickster and huckster in the worst way. His wife had gold dust off their brand new baby?! Yeah right. She is as much a liar as he is! Thanks for putting this up! Maybe some people will see it and wake up!

  23. Barry Boyd

    All of this stuff is delusional and I am sure has 2 do with the strong delusion that God would send upon the earth that people including christians would beleive lies instead of beleiving and trusting the word of God.Perhaps some will awake but that would only come as a result of God’s mercy,I fear that even presented with God’s mercy the multitudes who r now deceived by this stuff would want 2 continue in it I am saddned and appaled at what I see christians beleiving and accepting as if from God when it is not from God at all.I dont know what else 2 say,how must God feel when he sees all of it?

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