They Want to Take Over the World!

I could be long-winded in this post, but I won’t.  So, here’s the long and short of it – the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), with its false apostles and doctrines of demons, wants to take over the world. 

Faytene Kryskow, a false prophetess, is head, shoulders, knees, and toes involved with the NAR/prophetic movement, and heavily promotes Dominionism, and Dominionists want to rule the world.  For those who have any doubt about that, listen to her shoot interview in this video.  It was posted last year on June 29, 2009 as an advertisement for the 2009 Dunamis Conference, which was held July 9 – 11, 2009.  So, yeah…it’s an old video.  That’s not the point.  The reason I’m posting it is because she says God is going to raise up “a new breed of Christians that understand that it is truly our job not to just exist, but to take over the world.”  (emphasis mine)

This is just more evidence and fact gathering that will hopefully help you discern the agenda of the NAR.  The want to take over the world!   Dominionists like Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, Patricia King, to name a few, have this same agenda.  The motivation is not just false doctrine for material gain, it gets much more sinister.  Connect the dots. 


35 thoughts on “They Want to Take Over the World!

  1. David North

    That’s a broad brush you are painting with and it is simply a banner of a new movement of people who disagree with the theology of Dominionists.

    A lot of Christians hope that they might be used by God to change the world by rising to the fore of society and politics, etc. just as many Jews thought Jesus would bring in a material, political, military kingdom that would displace the God-less Roman empire.

    Many were sincere and zealous but simply ignorant of the truth. Others were rabble rousers and people of ambition who would have been happy to “use” Jesus to see their agendas fulfilled.

    Today some leaders of their own little movements have taken up this banner of “rule the world” and used it to promote their own pesonal agendas. The NAR has certainly used and waved this flag to validate their own ideas but this doesn’t mean that every Christian who hopes and prays for Christians to rise to prominence and impact society has an evil motive or is part of a vast conspiracy.

    Just as their were people in Jesus’s day who hoped to see Jesus bring their ideas to pass and wanted Him to be with them, there are people of the opposing camp of Dominionists who gladly grab the “anti-Dominionist” banner and use it to authenticate their own agenda.

    There is a fine line in judging between people who pray for their government and hope to see God use Christians to change it and the world and from those who are religiously active to make this happen.

    How about we drop the “Dominionist” label and simply address the specific practices–alone–without the frenzy-whipping rhetoric and “conspiracy!” battel cry? This is the same thing a lot of crackpots out there in Christianland are doing already.

    We are brothers and sisters and while we are to judge one another’s deeds for their face value, we aren’t called to pas judgment on one another.

    1. Chrystal Post author

      David North,

      Drop the Dominionist label? Are you serious?!?!

      I never said that Christians who care about the moral fabric of their society were Dominionists. Nor did I EVER say that every Christian who had the hope of impacting society were Dominionists. They’re mislead, but they’re not Dominionists. Let me put this in a manner you might understand…I’M TALKING ABOUT THE ACTUAL DOMINIONIST CAMP! You’re confusing concerned Christians who care about their society with Dominionists…and Dominionism is a whole different ball of wax!

      So, no, I won’t drop the “Dominionist” label. And, if I had a nickel for every time someone told me to “judge not,” I’d be rich by now.

  2. James Moody

    Unless we acre currently living in Revelation 20:10 or a Carman song, I don’t see Satan ‘biting the dust’ any time soon, which is why we must stay vigilant against hucksters like these.

  3. Carolyn

    It’s not what we label them…it’s what they label themselves. They want Dominion plain and simple.
    Not long ago I was confronted with a up and coming cult it Taiwan that is being led by David Dai…he feels that he and his family have been called to “lead the people” into….surprise, surprise……a Dominionistic political/religious strategy to win the world.
    I think that the pervasiveness of Dominionism is what surprises me the most. But recently I read a paper by Sarah Leslie that took me three days to read but well worth the effort. She documents the 3 sects of Dominionism and answers the question of how these 3 have arisen separately, but now upon convergence, they have become one of the most powerful agendas operating on the earth. A Satanic deception of Apocalyptic dimensions. Here is the link if anyone is interested.
    In so many ways, we have been staring Dominionism in the face and not comprehending it.

  4. WatEenZooitje

    I’ve got a question for all the Dominionist Supporters: “Do you really want to have a heaven on THIS earth?”. If I’m right, correct me if I am wrong, dominionists believe that if they win this world for Jesus Christ, only then He is able to return. Or they=dominionists believe that Christians have to take vital positions in society (7 mountains) so that this earth can be ruled by God’s rules. Well, suppose that this will come to pass, then imho this earth is still not heaven because of SIN. How can they say that a world full of Sin can be a heaven? Secondly, did Jesus not say that His Kingdom is NOT of this world? At third, how is it that the most prominent supporters of dominionism are calling SIN mistakes and are not calling to repent (Rick Joyner, Todd Bentley). Why are the simple things of the Bible not emphasized and instead of that, people need to have experiences to experience God. But if you live according to God’s Word, which is not easy at all, then you are experience God already isn’t it? So why, supporters of dominionism, why all these hard and complicated ways? It is a good thing to have your relationship with Jesus shine in the environment your at. But I doubt that Jesus wants us to force our relationship or christianity on others. With that we are totally different as Islam where they allow the sword to bring others to follow Muhammed.

  5. Robert L.

    ” God is raising up a totally new breed of Christian ”

    Hmmm….now let me chew on that for a while. Why would God have to raise up a new breed of people? Because up til now, things just haven’t been working out for Him. He’s been quite dissatisfied with the work he’s been doing in His peoples lives, especially when it comes down to impacting the world. It just isn’t working. Plan B. Some new revelation is coming down the pike, in the form of fresh impartion, prophecy, words of knowledge, and some ‘bam’ – fresh fire filling. To be followed by miracles, signs & wonders, testimonies of financial breakthru’s, and how to take back what the devil stole from us. Problem is, ITS ALL A LIE, and once the devil has chewed you up and spit you out, and burned you out, you might finally come to terms with the fact that the simplicity of Gods word that was true yesterday is still true today : We impact people with the person of Jesus !

    Don’t be led astray. The Bible teaches that God “has spoken to us in His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the world” (Hebrews 1:2). The tense of “has spoken” indicates a full and final revelation.

  6. Carolyn

    Just one more thought….when something becomes so organized, it is an organism. It can no longer be thought of as a single cell.
    David North….any relation to Gary North? Just joking…my attempt to defer tension from a tense subject.

  7. Ken Silva

    David North,

    “There is a fine line in judging between people who pray for their government and hope to see God use Christians to change it and the world and from those who are religiously active to make this happen.”

    The one thing both groups, which you outline above, have in common is forgetting the actual mission of the Church – preaching the Gospel of repentance for the forgivness of sins in Jesus’ Name.

    While we are to pray for our government, making “change” in the world is a by-product of preaching the Gospel; for the Christian is his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them (Eph. 2:10).

    Best we do that and let God make any change He wishes through them. Nice post Chrystal.

  8. J:X

    I just Had this convo with a friend last night. I used to believe the 7 mountains were the key to saving this nation. Thank God I came back to Him and the truth. You cannot and will not be able to legislate morality and theology from the top down. It would then be a theocracy. Perfect example: Islam. I’ll pass on that. The peole must change only through Christ, not a change based on people being told that they are now in an area or on a mountain that is controlled by Christians. How absurd. And I fell for it. I may live in America but I’m in a monarchy: The Kingdom of Jesus.

  9. Robert L

    WatEenZooitje makes some good points.

    Here is something I found on the big world wide web that sums some of their theology up succinctly with regards to wealth transfer, a belief held widely by proponents of WOF :

    ” Wealth Transfer Theology is just another attempt by false teachers to apostasize
    the church. 2 things, all of these NAR teachers live and travel in luxury and demand
    followers live by faith, yet they require a huge registration fees to attend their false
    teaching conferences and are constantly begging for more money. They release
    false prophetic decrees ( lies), from time to time to keep feeding blind followers
    enough garbage to keep them fumbling and stumbling around in the dark. They
    come up with a Word or a catch phrase that they claim is God’s edict for the body
    of Christ. Everyone of these false teachers has had gold dust or feathers or
    something fall out of the air and call it God, what a jacked up mess we have
    allowed ourselves to become. What gets me is that there are so many Christians
    that don’t have an ounce of discernment or knowledge of God’s Word and that is exactly why these babblers are allowed to continue in their lies and heresy.”


    ” The New Apostolic Reformation is a fast-growing, evangelical movement that
    promotes modern-day apostles and prophets with great authority, supernatural
    powers, and the ability to give new doctrinal revelation. Advocates of this
    movement believe that all people, nations, and demonic principalities must submit
    to these apostles and prophets, who will lead God’s end-times army in establishing His kingdom on earth. This once-fringe movement has entered many charismatic
    churches (which are the fastest-growing churches in nearly every region of the
    world, according to church growth experts, like David B. Barrett), and the
    movement is being promoted by prominent evangelical leaders, like C. Peter
    Wagner and Jack Hayford. Amazingly, many Christians aren’t aware that this movement exists. Even many Christians who attend apostolic-prophetic churches are unaware of the movement’s aberrant teachings, which are often introduced through the ―back door‖ of churches that claim to have standard evangelical statements of faith. But the truth is that ―New Apostolic Reformation‖ is from the pits of hell! “

  10. David North

    I think there is a lack of understanding of my intent here.

    I myself am one of those people who has warned others about things such as this. I also am not against directly rebutting intentional and pointed Dominionist teaching. there actual Domnionist out there: theologically dogmatic ministers with specific claims and agendas and proclamations that twist scripture and addressing their theology head on is quite fine. but their theology doesn’t equal “everyone who might be influenced by it”.

    There are innocent believers who while they consent to many Dominionist philosophies would not come out “Dominionists” if you sat down and really talked with them. Many others would quickly acknowledge that they could see error in some of the core credos of Dominionism if they were simply presented to them calmly and scripturally.

    When you use the fact that there are Dominionists to justify calling all Christians who have the mere appearance of agreeing with some of their tenets as “them” and “they” and begin making accusations with delight and pride and no restraint –because, after all, “they” are so wrong–then you no longer are speaking for Christ.

    You can offer a counter-apologetic to Dominionism with no problem as a Christian…but when you take it as a flag and license to blanket accuse swaths of people you are taking a liberty I don’t think is appropriate as believers in Christ.

    This is no different than the “impeach Obama” rhetoric that is rampant amongst many believers. There is nothing wrong with wanting to impeach Obama if you radically disagree with his politics (and I am no fan of them). But when you tack a spiritual legitimization to it and present it as, “God wants Obama impeached”–then you are making a bigger judgment than mere politics. Same here.

    There is a joy and delight and subtle appeal in being part of a mob–a sense of power and entitlement…that’s why people are in them. The anti-Dominionist things I keep seeing posted all over the internet are more and more starting to smell like “mob” rather than sincere warning.

    Jesus is the point of all this. Not, “how wrong they all are”. I’m also not a cuddly care bear Christian that thinks, “We all should get along”–I have been spit on and threatened physically for speaking up within church about things that were blatantly wrong.

    If Dominionism is impacting you personally–if it is influencing people in your life and church in an obvious way–then you should speak. But speaking on the internet is not “the answer” and there are many who simply want to join the cause celeb and be heard in a pubic venue and recognized for their “spirituality”.

    My point is just Jesus should be the pre-eminent point of whatever theology you address and it should end pointing to Him. not to “them”.

    1. Chrystal Post author

      David North,

      All the more reason Dominionism should be covered; those who are caught in it unawares need to know what it is so they can be reasoned with Scripturally and hopefully, steered carefully away from it.

  11. Carolyn

    And so why is it relevant for us to know about Dominionism and to treat it as a false gospel? Why can’t we all just be friends?
    Jesus said that a tree is known by its fruit. The fruit of Dominionism is deadly because the source of the fruit is none other than Satan. Dominionism is a cult from the root up. It is a usurper of Christ and his kingdom and is instigated by the great usurper himself.
    Jesus said, “if a tree is bad, its fruit will be bad.” If we eat of the fruit of Dominionism we will die. It is poisonous. I don’t care how many PhDs Gary North and the Reconstructionist’s and Dominionist’s originators have behind their name…they are mockers of true Christian teachings and scoffers of the promise of his coming.
    And we should know the difference between real Christianity and Dominionism Theology because? Because it is surfacing as a giant, organized cult among us. It has no intentions of tolerating our beliefs and we should have no tolerance of it’s beliefs. Can we ignore this cult? Will Christ tolerate our compromising apathy? No. Dominionism is Babylon to the core. We have a choice to make.
    I’m with Chrystal who posted this piece. I believe the gospel as it was first delivered to us. We are the true church…bought with Christ’s blood, led by His Spirit and on our way to a Kingdom not of this World.
    Dominionism is a false, worldly Kingdom which the Dominionists are trying to set up. And it is not just an isolated few churches here and there. There is a very real spiritual entity behind this organization. Because I recognize it as Babylon…I will obey the Master’s voice…Come out of her my people so that you will not share in the maddening wine of her adulteries. Come out and be separate and touch no unclean thing.
    I don’t know how Dominionism will get there, but I know where it is headed…toward the same fate as Babylon, the Great. It’s a train on a track that gathers speed as it goes downhill. There will be a train wreck!
    I don’t fear Dominionism. But I will fear Him who has the power of life and death. I will fear Him who makes a distinction between service to a false religion and the true gospel. There’s no room for compromise and tolerance if we are to be true to our King. And he has a great promise for us of his coming.
    John 14
    1″Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God[a]; trust also in me. 2In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. 3And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.

  12. David North

    “All the more reason Dominionism should be covered; those who are caught in it unawares need to know what it is so they can be reasoned with Scripturally and hopefully, steered carefully away from it.”

    I completely agree. People should know and it should be pointed at.

    If you want to have a conversation where people who already all agree with this talk on then continue. If you want to win someone who is over “there” then you need to choose your words carefully to reach them, not the pep rally.

    [i[]Patience can persuade a prince, and soft speech can break bones. Proverbs 25:15 [/i]

  13. Carolyn

    David North
    Are the wolves the only ones who are allowed to be heard in “the public venue of the internet”? I am perplexed by your thinking. I get that we shouldn’t try and be sensationalists, but that has nothing to do with warning others about the wolves. If we wait for the victims of wolves to come to our churches in order to find an expose on the wiley tactics of the wolves, we are going to wait a long time. Meanwhile the wolves have their say and people like Todd Bentley and Hinn are spouting their propaganda on a daily basis.
    If we don’t know what a wolf looks like, we might just make friends with him. The wolf comes not but to kill and steal and destroy. Jesus own words.
    I for one am thankful that discernment ministers didn’t wait for me to come to their church in order to educate me on the fundamentals of wolf hunting.

  14. Carolyn

    I’m sorry to keep talking here, but I do have a little experience with Dominionists. About 20 years ago we had Dominionist friends (fellow homeschoolers). More evenings than I can count we sat around a fire while Mr. Dominionist expounded his Dominionist ideas. His wife would fall asleep early into the evening, head back on the lawn chair, the occasional snore breaking the quiet starry night and my husband would tune out the world shortly after. So I was the captive audience as he droned on into the night with me getting the odd word in. As I refuted some of his ideas biblically, I felt like a lone coyote howling into the moon. That’s why it was sooooooo good when I was able to connect with others on the net – Online Discernment Ministries who felt the same and could understand from a Biblical point of view their error; who could point out their history, their connections, their deviations from the word. Not that I said a lot back then…just listened.
    Oh yes, I have had experience with Dominionism and it was good to have someone who could help me connect the dots. Being in charismatic circles at the time as well, my pastors and elders certainly weren’t in a position to point out the error of Dominionism. So God reached down to answer my questions through his discernment people who were obediently feeding his sheep online. God bless you all!

  15. Mike Larsen

    David North,

    I can see where you are coming from and there is wisdom in what you’ve said but I also see a couple things that I would take issue with. You said:

    “If Dominionism is impacting you personally–if it is influencing people in your life and church in an obvious way–then you should speak. But speaking on the internet is not “the answer” and there are many who simply want to join the cause celeb and be heard in a pubic venue and recognized for their “spirituality”.

    My issue with this is that if I take this philosophy to it’s logical conclusion, I’d never have much opportunity to stand up for the truth about a good many things because they may not impact me “directly.” Should we not stand up against abortion? Genocide? False prophets? False teachings? Open and habitual sin in our churches? False doctrines of devils? I think we should because it’s a scriptural mandate and that mandate says nothing about doing this only if it impacts us. We need to be pointing this stuff out and exposing it. If your neighbor’s house was on fire but it wasn’t threatening your home, would you go warn him and his family or just let the place burn because it isn’t impacting you?

    That being said, you said very wisely that we must be careful not to let things become a “mob mentality” movement but I would also say that here at SOTS and many other ODMs that this mentality is not the prevailing bent. Sure, there are some who have that mentality but we musn’t throw away the baby with the bathwater.

    Also, you mentioned a counter-apologetic to Dominionism! AMEN to that! And that must be done whether we are personally impacted or not. It’s about exposing false doctrine. May I just remind you of a passage in Titus:

    Tit 1:9 Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers.
    Tit 1:10 For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision:
    Tit 1:11 Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake.

    It says their mouths must be stopped. Their doctrines and heresies must be countered and refuted so that others aren’t deceived. We must sound the alarm. Many people happen upon ODM sites and learn the truth of things they thought otherwise proper and doctrinally sound. MANY here just on SOTS can attest to how their lives were basically saved because of learning the truth about these so-called “new breeds” and “new things” that God was supposedly pouring out.

    The Internet does have a lot of evil but I submit to you, sir, that this work is NOT in vain. The biggest lack in the church today is discernment. Just consider all of the sheeple that attend a Joel Osteen service every Sunday: 40,000 each week. Yes, FORTY THOUSAND undiscerning people who don’t see the damnable heresies coming from Mr. Osteen’s “pulpit.” He is nothing more than a motivational speaker whose words have ZERO power where the Gospel is concerned because he doesn’t preach the Gospel. He doesn’t think it’s his “place” to preach about sin. Just look up his interview with Larry King and you’ll see his mealy-mouthed doctrine of demons that leads people to Hell. How can so many “Christians” sit under his teaching week after week, year after year, and think he has a clue about salvation? How many “Christians” can do that unless they have ZERO discernment?

    Sorry to ramble on but this is a passion of mine; to get people to use discernment by getting into the Word and learning of, and loving, the Genuine Article of Jesus Christ and the doctrines of the apostles. The Truth shall set us free but many people would rather have their ears tickled. The Truth doesn’t need a “new breed.” It just needs people in love with Jesus Christ who will study to show themselves approved unto God and seeking the whole counsel of God; not something plastic and “new.”

    Thanks for your thoughts, David! And just in closing I’d add that I agree with your point when you mentioned sitting down with people in those “camps” and finding out that they really don’t call themselves “Dominionists.” And because that is true, we should be doing all we can to reach them with the TRUTH because following false doctrines and false teachers is a VERY dangerous place to be!

    Grace and peace,


  16. David North

    Pardon typos: new keyboard, dark room, no sleep…I am much more articulate than I type ; )

  17. annunk

    Just wondering as to whether dominionism gives its devotees permission to “conquer the wealth of the ‘ungodly’”… I’m absolutely certain that Joel’s Army does.. And for some of us, with kids ernestly following the IHOP flow, we’re not too happy about that teaching since WE are considered “ungodly” when we disagree with Mike Bickle and IHOP..

    And we do. We absolutely disagree with 99% of whatever comes out of Mike Bickle’s mouth. It’s Jesus, Mike. Not Jesus+ but just Jesus. Once you’ve got Jesus, you don’t NEED to have dominion over this world. You’ve got Him.

  18. David Green

    Hi Chrystal – did you know that there is an ad box at the top of this post that links to a Scientology website? I ask because over at another WordPress site (benedictionblogson) they had problems with hackers who created a mirror site. On the false site there was a similar box that linked to some people who had nothing to do with the original site. Lots of advertisements were popping up also.

    I cannot view the archives section of this site on my mobile phone as that box superimposes itself over it. When I go to click on ‘archives’ I go directly to (when on this post). If I go on the prayer cloth post and try to click on ‘archives’, I go to – some sort of elim church.


  19. David Green

    Hello Chrystal – yes, those advertisements are showing on my mobile phone. Perhaps the mobile version does it automatically and you have to request they be disabled. I’ll go and check other Christian WordPress sites via mobile phone and get back to you.

  20. David Green

    Just checked – etpw, m’kayla’s korner, redeemedhippiesplace have all got the same kind of ad box showing when you click on a post. In their case they are ads for UCG – an offspring of Armstrongism? Your site, as I mentioned previously, has been lumbered with an ad for Scientology, linking to their main site.

  21. Chrystal Post author

    David, I just checked this site with my iPod, and still don’t see it. Not the same, I know, but I’m thinking it is exclusive to the provider of your mobile web browsing service.

  22. David Green

    I think you are right, Chrystal. When comming out of charismania a couple of years ago, I only had internet access by mobile phone (the medium God used to open my eyes through online apologetics and discernment ministries).

    Back then, there were no adverts or dodgy links to cults – had I seen such a thing I would have wrongly believed that it was with the blessing of the site and would have written them off, never to return.

    It is a shame that these stains have found a legal place on every WordPress Christian site (when viewed on mobile phone). Because of some automated ‘service’ by Vodafone – assuming that is what it is – I could see folk turning away before they get a chance to see the truth.

    If it is down to the isp’s then the problem might not be confined to phones as 3G laptops and dongles – commonly Vodafone, 3, o2, tmobile etc – are widespread. I’ll check your site on my 3G laptop tonight to see if that is the case.

  23. David Green

    Nothing on my laptop – it’s confined to either mobile phones or Vodafone. I know that I couldn’t view WordPress sites on my phone from around nine months ago – they could only be accessed by activating Javascript (whatever that is!). Maybe the fact that my phone is Google branded has something to do with it – they also want to take over the world and can’t help interfering with everybody’s online business.

    Never mind, at least you have a heads-up if anybody should enquire (or make smokescreen remarks) as to the presence of links and adverts to suspect groups.

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