When Faith is Shattered

It happens all too often – someone comes into contact with aberrant theology, and when it proves too leaky a vessel to hold any truth, their faith is shattered.

There are some who say that if people put their faith in the wrong thing, it isn’t real faith to begin with.  There’s much, much Biblical truth to that.  Sadly, there are some out there who put faith in people like Todd Bentley and Patricia King, and the leaders who enable them, and find their faith in God and the Bible completely shattered.

In the testimony below, I will only post a couple of excerpts, but please take time to read the whole thing.  It’s a very easy and interesting read.  Keep in mind that while Todd Bentley and others are attempting to “build the Kingdom” their own way, this is the ruin they leave behind.

Updated to add:  Please pray for this gentleman.  Please pray that he will allow the Holy Spirit to guide him into all truth and that he would be granted repentance for following false teaching and see the false prophets for who they really are – wolves in sheep’s clothing.

We continued in churches where ‘the spirit’ was moving, eventually settling in Global Harvest Centre, the home church of Todd Bentley (www.freshfireusa.com), a famous fringe prophet and faith healer.  At that time, our second son got sick with Group B Strep, just ten days after he was born.  He is fine now, healing quite well after his ordeal.  Over the next couple of months, I took my parental leave from the mill that I worked at. I sat under Todd Bentley’s teaching; soaking and waiting on God, hoping for an encounter.  I never had one, but I ended up working for the church, steeping in as a new graphic designer.  The church had recently undergone a  new name change, as well as a new vision, under the authority of Todd.  They needed someone to put a new face on the church.  Over the next several years, I came to see some things about church that I never knew before.  Politics and meetings.  I have never been to so many meetings.  The leaders were always in meetings.  I was shafted on several occasions because they had meetings to attend.  The business of church made them too busy for me.  I understood that they had duties to attend too, but it seemed like if you weren’t in the inner circle then you didn’t matter.

About a years and a half into my term there, Todd Bentley had a crash in England.  The story was that he suffered a breakdown and didn’t want to continue on with what he was doing anymore.  The leaders stated that he was going to take a break and get re-focused.  The word behind the closed doors was that he wanted to have an affair with someone on his staff and that person was paid off to be quiet about it.  But I won’t speculate about it.

Todd, of course, made his comeback; bigger and badder than ever.  But things were starting to change.  Especially the way he was taking his offerings.  They usually took about thirty minutes to perform and included sermons on giving to receive as well as testimonies to back up the claims.  And of course, the money came rolling in.  By this time, I had begun my objection observations of the meetings.  Working in the environment made it easier to focus on my tasks without getting involved in the hype.  I started seeing things in a new light.

Then came Lakeland.

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11 thoughts on “When Faith is Shattered

  1. Beverley

    Boy of boy another christian that has been smacked down. Well I hope he does not take as long as I took to heal and sulk. There are so many of them out there … but I have hope for him because he sounds like he wants to find out, really find out what was/went wrong. I just hope he does not blame the true God for all that rubbish.

    In His Grip

  2. Lynne

    How my heart ached for this young man as I read this testimony. But I would like to make mention that the experience suffered by this young man really proves the validity of the Bible because this was foretold and warned about in the scriptures. Many are asking the question, “Will the real Jesus please stand up?” I would suggest that he read a book entitled “Strange Fire” by Travers and Jewel Van Der Merwe as well as “A Different Gospel” by D R McConnell. These may help by exposing the error of these movements and will as well help to heal his faith. There are many false prophets and teachers and very few true teachers of the true faith. How do we discern the difference? Is Christ and Him crucified being preached? Is Christ the center or is man and his success the center of the teaching? Who is being exalted and what is being exalted? Is there a spirit of elitism being propogated? Is there a constant desire for “new revelation?” Is conviction present when one preaches to turn from sin unto righteousness? The church needs to return to the message of the Cross without which no man can be saved! We are truly in a season of hungry, dissatisfied, disillusioned, unhappy, unfulfilled people who are ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth and there are plenty of false prophets and teachers who are preaching a message that tickles the ears and making merchandise of the people of God. We must remember God hates every false way. Sometimes we may wonder why God seems to withhold judgment on these teachers. I believe the Bible tells us why: first – He is longsuffering not willing that any should perish; secondly – and most probably – leads us back to Deut 13:3 and Jeremiah 17:9-10 it is a test to know whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul (and I would comment that if one sees the error and gets out this in itself proves his love for God and that the individual is being blessed by God and is being led by Him into truth) and thirdly – false prophets are an allowed chastisement i.e. judgment on those who really do not love the Word of God (Jeremiah 5:28-31 and many more passages in Jeremiah). False prophets have always been a problem and an issue in Israel of old and in the church today and the reality of it is that it will only increase as we progress in these last days. This is why it is vitally important to test everything we hear with the Word of God. This young man needs to understand that he has heard the crock crow – satan has desired to sift him as wheat – but Jesus has prayed that his faith fail not! May God grant him and all those like him rest and spiritual healing. He is not alone.

  3. Carolyn

    Just thinking about the contrast that Jesus drew between the wolves and shepherds. The wolves are there for a good meal, to satisfy their appetites and to use the sheep to the full extent of their disposal. They are there, in other words, to waste the sheep. The true shepherd, on the other hand is there to meet the needs of the sheep…to guard, guide and to live for the best interests of the sheep. That’s how we can tell the difference. When we see a wolf (they are the ones with two bones stuck between their teeth, their eyebrows all askew and dead carcasses strewn around the perimeter)…we are to run for our lives! We have to follow the voice of the Good Shepherd back to the main flock, to safety.

  4. Robert L

    Just a thought,

    To qualify as a ‘ sheep ‘ , one has to have known the true Master. To be a lost sheep, would mean that you once knew Him, but got pulled away in another direction, or lost your sure footing – perhaps like the Galatians, having accepted the Gospel, but later mixing the pure word with legalism and vain tradition. Does Todd Bentley, one of many wolves no doubt, in fact preach to ” sheep ” ? I got to ask myself this: Are the thousands who flock to these circuses dumb sheep, lost sheep, bored sheep, baby sheep or do they mostly comprise the LOST ? I know a lot of dumb sheep and baby sheep, but they dont all go to todd Bentley weekend get-to-gethers.
    John 10:27 says, ” My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me ” These people are not hearing from Jesus, neither do these charlatans represent Him.
    Quite often I hear from many people on this blog that Bentleys followers, et al., deserve exactly what they get for getting involved in this hype and nonsense, deserving no pity. But what if they mostly represent the LOST, believing this is the real deal ? They warrant our prayer and compassion. These people are not on the narrow path, but on a broad one that joins hands with every other false religion and every other claim that offers salvation.

  5. Rocco T

    I have a few questions on this guys story.

    First off, he seems like him and his family gravitated towards false teachers all the time. The problem I have with this is, You and you alone are responsible for knowing your Bible. When each of us stands in front of the Lord. We cannot blame anybody else for our lives. The blame will fall to us. We cannot say we didn’t follow Jesus because Todd Bentley steered me wrong.

    He first admits that he made bad financial moves and then blames the church for allowing it to happen? His whole story is about self pity, blaming others for where he is right now. I have no doubt that these teachers led him down a wrong road. But again, It his decisions that led him there. Was God guiding him to those churches or was it his own decisions? Obviously God is not going to allow a person who TRULY wants the truth to be taken in by false teachers.

    Either God is a liar or he is not being honest with his story. He also says at the end, that he is “Truly Happy now, No guilt, No Shame” God says that he is the only source of true Happiness. So either God is lying or he is lying. You simply cannot be “Truly Happy” without God being the center of your life. And there is no way that God is the center of his life, all the while making statements like

    “I switch off as I enter the building. Most of what they say just doesn’t sit well with me. ”

    “It’s just that every time someone mentions God or Jesus I get a weird feeling in my head; knowing that I can’t trust that answer.”

    This man does not know the God of the Bible, so I suggest we pray for him not because he followed false teachers but because it doesn’t sound like he ever knew the Lord in the first place and this is giving him a reason not to follow Jesus now.

    Rocco T

  6. ANDY P

    Yes, I do believe that most of Bentley’s ‘followers’ represent the LOST. I saw a video of some people at a Bentley rally. Outside of the rally, there were faithful Christians there presenting the TRUE gospel to those who were waiting to see Bentley.

    Rather than listening intently, or being supportive, etc., Bentley’s followers for the most part SHOUTED DOWN the presentation of the true gospel and made fun of it. These folks, being unregenerate, wanted no part of the TRUE gospel, but rather it was irritating and unpleasant to them.

    This leads me to believe that many, if not most, who go chasing after this kind of stuff are not saved.

  7. Eli

    Rocco, you said some of the same things that were going around in my head too. It doesn’t appear that this guy’s ship-wrecked faith can be totally blamed on Bentley. Bentley may have been “the last straw”, but was indeed not the starting point.

  8. Carolyn

    There are a mixture of sheep…some do read the Bible though, so I would name these “confused” sheep.

    These people have built almost their entire Christianity on false doctrine because they have been indoctrinated by Charismania since they were children. They have known no other environment. They represent the foolish builders in Jesus parable in Matthew 7.

    The Wise and Foolish Builders

    24″Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. 26But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”

    When the winds come and blow all the sand away, they are devestated because what they thought was real Christianity is gone. It is a sense of loss that no one could understand unless you’ve been there. Sort of like someone living through a twister coming through your town and the feeling of everything changing forever for you in one moment. I’ve never had my literal house fall, but I have had my belief system collapse. I think Job’s situation defines it perfectly. He could not speak for days. And Jesus also defined it perfectly. Those who listen to his words have their beliefs built on a solid foundation. Those who build on an unstable foundation suffer a great crash. In my case, my faith in the Word of God was all that was left standing. After my crash, I rebuilt my life on the foundation of the Word and began to realize just how sandy my soil had been. So praise God for the winds that come. They separate the real from the false. And like Job, we will say, “My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.” Job 42:5

  9. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    This blog reaches many around the world. How blessed are we to know one another and speak our minds and reveal our thoughts.

    Have a great 4th of July– freedom comes only through our Lord Jesus Christ.

    God’s richest and best to all… and God bless America. K

  10. David Green

    Carolyn – excellent post. I too thank God that he sent a violent and destructive wind a couple of years back. Sadly, I was the only one (to my knowledge) who saw it and by His grace was able to get my young family out. It is infinitely better to suffer painful injuries as the wood, hay and gold (yes, worthless gold) flies about than it is to be handed over to a powerful delusion.

    When the dust settles in that man’s life I pray that God will blow it all away and show him what a solid foundation looks like. Only then, when he gazes upon Jesus, will he understand that what he went through was a testimony to God’s wisdom and kindness.

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