Patricia King and a New Pair of Shoes!

Patricia King is no stranger to spinning hypercharismatic absurdities.  I’m sorry; I’m sure she’s a nice lady, but she says some of the most ridiculous things sometimes.

In this video, Patricia speaks a so-called “word of knowledge.”  In this word, she is supposedly speaking to someone in the television audience.  She says a spirit of wisdom will overcome “someone” and they will go to a shoemaker and get a new pair of shoes.  The person she’s speaking to has bad feet from years of wearing ill-fitting shoes.  My question… instead of sending this poor person to a shoemaker, why not speak or declare healing over them?  She does to everyone else.

Contradictions, contradictions!

You want to know what’s really sad?  With King’s viewership spanning around the globe, someone out there will undoubtedly have bad feet and will go to a shoemaker and spend their money because of this word she has given.  How much heartache and cash they would be spared if they would only put as much faith in God’s Word as they do the voice of a false prophetess.

10 thoughts on “Patricia King and a New Pair of Shoes!

  1. Mike A

    If PK were really a believer and disciple of Christ, she would spend less time telling people to buy shoes and more time posting bible studies. But I shudder to think what her bible studies may be comprised of.

  2. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    Where do you get this stuff, Chrystal–hysterical. She’s talking to me, I tell ya. K

  3. vintagegirl

    OK. I just have to say it. Sometimes I think the people who listen to these “prophets” deserve to be lied to.

    1. Chrystal Post author

      vintagegirl… you would be correct. It’s a part of God’s judgment. If people don’t want to know the truth, He will send strong delusion that they believe the lie.

  4. Mike Larsen

    I have a word of knowledge coming through too…..wait….wait…..almost got it…..wait….yup; it’s getting clearer now. Ok. I got it all now. The word of knowledge is that Patricia needs to do away with the Phylis Diller hairdo and also get out of the ministry of lies and repent. And then she needs to go public and let all the people that she’s deceived know that she was wrong. She led them astray. Ya, that’s it. And if you want the rest of the vision, send $19.95 to me care of…..

  5. Lady D

    Response to Jo Bowyer: ROF & LOL!!!!! Your comment made my day-I needed to laugh, thanks~

  6. dar

    P.King calls herself a prophetess, she doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. To Prophesy is something God wants all Christians to desire it actually means to speak the truth of the word into someones life, it’s not some kind of hummm, hummm, ideas conjured up in ones own mind any 2 year old could do that, no, it’s a Spiritual gift that we should seek after to speak the word of God into someones life. Cor. 14

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