Rick Joyner, Todd Bentley, and the New Apostolic Reformation

The heretical New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) has been gaining steam, and the movers and shakers want to take over the world through their seven mountain, or seven spheres, of influence.  When we watch people like Rick Joyner in action, we may be tempted to believe he is just a false teacher on the fringes of hypercharismatic lunacy.  You would be wrong if you think that.  He has an agenda.  (For more information on the New Apostolic Reformation, click here and here.)

Rick Joyner has done more than infect people with unbibical mysticism, he has also somehow convinced lawmakers that he is credible and, shall we say, normal.  Check this out:  he formed the Oak Initiative, whose goal is to “unite, mobilize, equip, and activate Christians to be the salt and light they are called to be by engaging in the great issues of our time from a sound biblical worldview.”  While that sounds noble, it’s really insidious.  If you’ll remember, the folks in the NAR are dominionists, and dominionists believe that God lost the title-deed to earth in the garden of Eden to Satan, and the church must rise up, take it back, and put the enemies of God under their feet.  They believe they can do this by conquering the seven mountain of influence.  These mountains are:

  1. The home
  2. The church
  3. Schools
  4. Government and politics
  5. The media
  6. Arts, entertainment, and sports
  7. Commerce, science, and technology

They believe that until they conquer this earth, Jesus cannot come back.  He’s held in Heaven until they do.

Joyner has already began his dalliances with the government.  He has been helpful in getting a health care bill, H.R. 3590, passed – which is now American law.  He rubs elbows with Congresswoman Michele Bauchman (R-Minnesota), and Sarah Palin.  He attends meetings in Washington, D.C.  But, should Rick Joyner really be someone lawmakers need to reliably depend upon as a credible ally?

Let’s take a closer look at Rick Joyner.  We need look back no further than a couple of years ago.

Rick Joyner at Lakeland

If you’ll think back to June 23, 2008, Rick Joyner attended the Lakeland Revival with others from the NAR to commission, or align, Todd Bentley with C. Peter Wagner and bring him under the so-called apostolic covering of the NAR.  In the above video (at the 6:35 mark), Rick Joyner steps up to the mic to prophesy over Bentley.  What he says is: 

“Todd, your ministry is very appropriately named ‘Fresh Fire,’ and uh, you’ve certainly been bringing fresh fire and even when you were going through the dark night of the soul, I thought you had more fire on you than, than uh,  many… I’ll just say.  But, uh, you know, the worse state we could ever fall into is lukewarmness, and God has sent you as an antidote for that lukewarm spirit.  And, uh, the fire has been birthed here, it’s been released here, you’ve unstopped a well, you have other wells to unstop in other cities, in other places.  This is just the beginning, and, uh, there is longevity too.  There is increase, but there is also longevity coming.  There are many wells, but they’re also oil wells, and they catch on fire when you unstop them.” (emphasis mine)

Compared to others, Joyner’s prophecy was rather short, but what he had to say was very telling.  He prophesied longevity for Bentley.  If he had been a true prophet of God you would expect Bentley to stick around a while afterward, right?  Rick Joyner uttered that prophecy on June 23, 2008… Todd Bentley announced on July 21, 2008 that he was leaving the Lakeland Revival…and when he left, he did so in disgrace.  It had been revealed that Bentley was getting drunk after the meeting’s services, and he was having an adulterous affair with his mistress, Jessa Hasbrook, who he divorced his wife to marry.  When he left Lakeland, he did so in the company of his mistress.

This presented a big problem for Joyner, who had prophesied Bentley’s longevity.  If Bentley crashed and burned, Joyner would be proven a false prophet.  It became imperative that Joyner get Bentley back, restored, and ministering again to save his prophetic credibility, if nothing else.  Soon after, Joyner reached out to Bentley with an effort to restore him and get him back in the saddle.  Despite a sharp public outcry and strong Biblical proof that Bentley was disqualified to fill the role of minister because of his adultery, Joyner ignored Scripture and fought hard to get him restored to ministry.  Why?  His public reputation was more important than Biblical truth.  He couldn’t be known as a false prophet now, could he?  He had a very personal stake in Bentley’s restoration.

As Joyner strives to be accepted in the mainstream, let’s not forget who this man truly is.  While Rick Joyner and the rest of the NAR are chomping at the bit to conquer the seven mountains of society, he also brings with him people like Todd Bentley.  Do you want these people having pull in the government of your country?

If you just shrug and turn away, watch the following videos first.  I can only pray they change your mind.

Rick Joyner’s Church


Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey

MorningStar Madness (I posted this yesterday, but it goes well with this post)

Rick Joyner Manipulation

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15 thoughts on “Rick Joyner, Todd Bentley, and the New Apostolic Reformation

  1. One of Gods true Warriors

    I have been coming to your website for awhile , and love reading your posts, because they are spot on in what they say. These false teachers,leaders, prophets etc know they are working for satan in reality to lead the christian church straight into the arms of the antichrist reign. Sadly though christians have listened to the devils lies via these men and women, instead of reading their bible and going to God for his truth. Christians by their very actions and beliefs are in fact working hand in hand with satan to help him rule the world, sadly believing they are working for God and bringing him Glory. They mustn’t read their bibles and especially mustn’t read Revelation too well if they can believe this satanic crap from these deceivers.
    For no where does it say the world will be christianized before our Lord comes back. In fact it says it will be under satan and the antichrists control, and Our Lord comes back to bring judgement to a very sinful world and to overthrow the antichrist and satan. Christians by believing that God lost control of the world to satan back in the garden of Eden , and by believing they have to christianize the world in order for our Lord to come back are showing the same sinful pride and arrogance that lead mankind to sin in the first place. For God has never lost control of his world.
    Satan can only do what God allows and God only allows it for his plans and his Glory . For satan by his very actions in our world has and is fullfilling every prophecy and proving our God to be God and the bible to be the infallible word of God.
    God doesnt need us humans for anything , he is able to bring about his plans without us . and its nothing but pride for us humans to believe differently. He allows us to be part of his world and to work with him out of love, not because he has lost control and incapable of getting it back. By adding false doctrines and by taking away the true doctrines of the bible, all these false leaders,preachers etc are doing are storing up Gods wrath against them . They will receive the plagues that Revelation talks about at the end . And the gullible christians who follow them and accept their false doctrines as truth are doing the same. For our God is not mocked . Thats exactly what these false teachers etc are doing , mocking our Holy Righteous God. It wont be too long now , and they will start to see,feel and hear his wrath and judgement on their sinful souls. Satan is laughin at them and with them for what they are doing and saying and he is well pleased. But the Lord of all and the King of Kings sure aint.

  2. WatEenZooitje

    It is so very hard to see these developments within Christianity. And it is so sickening. The NAR and all what they believe in is NOT from God. It is so anti-christ, that lucifer is rejoicing about these people. Look at them: They are preaching about supernatural things (angels, heavenly portals and visits, transferable anointing, spiritual warfare to bring revival etc.) but they don’t speak about REPENTANCE and DENYING YOURSELF and LIVING A LIFE ACCORDING TO GOD’S WORD. If they did, they would never allow Todd Bentley to come back in ministry that soon. They would not even allow him to marry his mistress if he still wants to be in ministry. But instead, they are helping him to be reinstated and they compare him with King David. With the so called restoration process and videos, they never called Todd’s adultery as SIN but only as a mistake.

    Next to that Rick Joyner is fascinated by the Malta Knights. Some say he is a knight of Malta himself. Well, Orders of Knights that are dated from the Middle Ages have mostly a free mason basis. So, how can freemasonary ever be Christian? One of the goals of freemasonary is total global domination in which there is no place for people who believe in The Holy God of Israel and His Words. So, it allows them to exterminate biblebased God fearing Christians and Jews. Because lucifer wants to annihilate everything and everyone who have a sincere relationship with El Shaddai.

    Rick Joyner also stated about a civil war among christians. He calls them the Blue and the Grey. The Blue are the people who are thinking like Rick Joyner and the Nar. They also subscribe their goals, their beliefs and their authority. Withing this frame there is no space for God Fearing Bible Based Christians. Testing things like the real Apostle Paul have ordered us to do are not allowed. They are God’s Anointed so they may not be touched nor questioned. So, if christians are questioning the utter disgraceful acts within Morningstar or other events/conferences, they are from a lower christian class who are thinking too much. Their mind is an obstacle for God’s real power to manifest within them. So, they are called the Grey, as the color of the mind. So, when this ‘civil war’ would have taken place, a lot of biblebased Christians would have been persecuted. And how can he recruite a sort of army. Well to tempt young people to obey Rick Joyner and his company of villains by charismatic people like Todd Bentley. If Todd Bentley can raise an army, than the NAR have enough troops to persecute sincere God Fearing people.

    Rick Joyner and the NAR people are claiming that Jesus can only return to earth when the whole world is totally christianized. How does he thinks to do it. By waging war against muslims, hindus, Jews, Biblebased Christians, buddhist, atheist etc.?? Is it a physical war or a spiritual war? They think in extremes concerning this. Their spiritual warfare dogma is so over the top. A Nar associate called Ana Mendez went to the Himalayas to climb the mountains and to wage war againt the goddess of heaven to enforce global revival and some openings within the 7 spheres of influence. Well, I haven’t seen any revival yet but the times for Biblebased Christians are getting worse. Rick Joyner and NAR have probably totally overlooked that Jesus Messiah have said that His Kingdom is NOT of this world. So, how on earth can RJ and the NAR ever think about this idea that through them (NAR beliefs and global NAR domination) Jesus can come back. That is pride and arrogance that only lucifer can exceed.

    It is so dangerous these schemes of NAR. It can also be a real threat. Suppose that Sarah Palin would be president of the USA. Then she can have the power to use her possibilities to increase NAR influence within laws and foreign policy even if this means total war.

    It is already so sad that the NAR have their tentacles all around the world. The prosperity gospel and shake rattle and roll gospel are getting more attached outside the USA even in third world countries. This watered down, humanistic, me myself and I gospel is not even close to the message John the Baptist and Jesus Messiah have ever preached. It is so sad that they have already polluted good christian organizations like Youth With A Mission with their new age, humanistic dogmas. A heartbreaking thing is also that a lot of people, who are following NAR based organizations are sincere, God loving people, yet unknown to the hidden agenda of the NAR. I hope that God will open up their hearts and eyes just like He did with me.

    In all, Rick Joyner and the NAR are a very dangerous group who are claiming to do it in Christ’s Name but in reality, they are looking after their own reputation and pride. But we will see how God will deal with them. It is more a matter to pray for our loved ones who are so deep within NAR that they cannot stand any sound doctrine. Oh Lord God, have mercy on us and them.

  3. Steve Meikle

    Quite right. They are grossly ingnorant of sin if they think that the world wil repent before the coming of christ.

    They are also TOTALLY ignorant if they think that people can be forced into the Kingdom. I have known for over 20 years that dominionism is of the devil

    I know the verses they have twisted to say that God lost control of the world, namely that satan is the god of this world. Yes, Satan is a squatter here, men prefer him to God, but God is still the owner and sovereign

    Likewise when they quote Jesus saying “You are gods”. I know the passage, but they never knew the meaning of it if they think it means they are to be little Gods. Out of context and naive literalism is i think the logical core of their heresies

    It shows their total lack of scholarly discipline in weighing these kind of verses carefully and putting them with others on the subject. In fact when I once told one of these lunatics, this back in the 80’s, that the earth is the lord and the fullness thereof, he flatly denied it to my face!

    even worse than their total loack of any scholarly dscipline is the total lack of conscience whereby they would see the conclusion of their thinking and balk at it, noticing that something must be wrong. As you can see they never did

    Incidentally, what got me OUT of the Word of Faith movement in 1983 was a direct revelation from God.

    He got my attention by showing me in perfect peace the two things i feared most of all, namely His holiness and my sin. The perfect peace is the clincher here. It did not remove my despair but laid the groundwork for it to be repented of, and the peace alng with the rest of it was proof it was the Holy Spirit

    when I realised that sin was what I saw, the implications of this told me i had been deceived, for it was only by his grace that he was seeking me when i was not seeking him.

    Clearly WoF is getting worse. I thank God he got me out back then. If he had not i may be dead by now

  4. Steve Meikle

    my previous post was about some general theology, so i decioded to actualy take a look at the video.

    please pardoin my asking. I have not been following Bently since I heard of him as he is clearly a false prophet and religious crazy.

    What has he done whereby he is no longer in ministry? Sex sin with a woman? or some sex sin even worse? or something else?

    and of course joyner’s excuse making is pure idolatry. this is a hall mark of idolators, to make excuses for those they approve of

    1. Chrystal Post author

      Todd Bentley was having an affair at Lakeland, and left the “revival” with his mistress. He has since divorced his wife to marry her.

  5. Sandy

    I found this very helpful when trying to sort through all the “Kingdom” teaching that’s going around these days…

    From George Eldon Ladd’s, The Presence of the Future (Eerdmans), p. 193.
    · The Kingdom can draw near to men (Matt. 3:2; 4:17; Mark 1:15; etc.); it can come (Matt. 6:10; Luke 17:20; etc.), arrive (Matt. 12:28), appear (Luke 19:11), be active (Matt. 11:12).
    · God can give the Kingdom to men (Matt. 21:43; Luke 12:32), but men do not give the Kingdom to one another.
    · Further, God can take the Kingdom away from men (Matt. 21:43), but men do not take it away from one another, although they can prevent others from entering it.
    · Men can enter the Kingdom (Matt. 5:20; 7:21; Mark 9:47; 10:23; etc.), but they are never said to erect it or to build it.
    · Men can receive the Kingdom (Mark 10:15; Luke 18:17), inherit it (Matt. 25:34), and possess it (Matt. 5:4), but they are never said to establish it.
    · Men can reject the Kingdom, i.e., refuse to receive it (Luke 10:11) or enter it (Matt. 23:13), but they cannot destroy it.
    · They can look for it (Luke 23:51), pray for its coming (Matt. 6:10), and seek it (Matt. 6:33; Luke 12:31), but they cannot bring it.
    · Men may be in the Kingdom (Matt. 5:19; 8:11; Luke 13:29; etc.), but we are not told that the Kingdom grows.
    · Men can do things for the sake of the Kingdom (Matt. 19:12; Luke 18:29), but they are not said to act upon the Kingdom itself.
    · Men can preach the Kingdom (Matt. 10:7; Luke 10:9), but only God can give it to men (Luke 12:32).

  6. Eli

    Not to mention he was getting drunk every night too.

    it makes me wonder something. Does Joyner *know* he’s lying and spreading false doctrine, or does *he* believe the Dominionist doctrine truly is from God? I have to wonder.

  7. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    When did the I Am that I Am, Creator, Almighty God lose control? Hmmm. K

  8. sleep_run_art

    I couldn’t be bothered reading this whole post, but saw the ‘seven spheres of influence’ and skipped to read them.

    I don’t follow the NAR’s train of thought that Jesus won’t come back until all those seven spheres a ‘conquered’, but I do believe that as Christians we are called to operate in those spheres and be salt and light in them.

  9. Ruitje

    When Bentley had to leave Lakeland in 2008 and I saw that Rick Joyner was going to ‘restore’ him, I knew he would be back. And now Bentley is back, supported by Rick Joyner, his ‘manager’. And they all show their true face now. But the ones who are blind will follow these guys, even if they teach the most stupid things. Bentley and Joyner are also into prosperity now.

    Two years ago I realized that many false teaching and groups that seemed to have no connection at all, are now coming together and have the same source: satan. And they will mingle with the new age (they already are). Bentley had an article on his website where he speaks of ‘God awareness’, sounds much like the Christ-awareness in the new age…

    It is like a web of a spider. All the lines that are at the edge of the web are far from eachother, but they come together in the centre (I hope you all know what I mean, I am Dutch so I am looking for the right words to explain). So are all those false teachings that seemed to have no connecting, coming together and they will show their real face. People who are hooked in the web will be killed by the spider.

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