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Justin Peters joined host Ingrid Schlueter on Crosstalk today to discuss the false teaching known as Word of Faith.  Below is a description and link where you can listen to that.

Justin Peters is with Justin Peters Ministries. He is a former Word/Faith adherent who has a seminar presentation called, “A Call for Discernment: A Biblical Critique of the Word/Faith Movement”.

If you’ve ever heard of concepts like positive confession or the idea that you are a little god, you may have been listening to one of the numerous Word/Faith teachers.

According to Justin, the theology of the Word/Faith Movement is actually rooted in the metaphysical cults such as Christian Science, Gnosticism, and The New Age. It sometimes goes by other monikers such as “health and wealth,” “name it and claim it,” or the “prosperity gospel.” Its proponents include Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen, Jesse Duplantis and Joyce Meyer.

Get educated and informed on the basic aspects of this false teaching along with others like the New Apostolic Reformation Movement on this edition of Crosstalk.  (Source)

Click here to listen to the program.

6 thoughts on “Justin Peters On Crosstalk America

  1. stephenmz

    Gospel, Hell, Salvation? You hardly here theses messages anymore, it’s all about what you can get in the world…money, great living and a high paying job, thats all it is now. The Gospel has been forsaken and forgotten.

  2. thereformedtraveler

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention – I know it will be a great help to many. Jo Bowyer

  3. Jimmie Krack Korn

    This is a great message and should be shared with all those trapped in the cult of WOF. The problem is, they can not see that they are in a cult because they are blinded. WOF uses its own language and terms that are exclusive to the movement. WOF chastises anyone who questions anything they say. WOF threatens with curses and prays negatively against those who they deem not followers. WOF “prays out”, ask to leave, removes from membership, anyone who questions the “anointed” leaders. The WOF leaders get filthy rich from the followers giving them money, while the followers struggle without. The WOF movement stretches and bends, twists and manipulates scriptures to fill the every desire of the leaders and keep the followers lost and biblically ignorant. Which is why most WOF mega churches offer ZERO bible studies, discussions, courses…..but many “good works” programs.
    This message by Justin Peters does a good job of exposing the WOF movement for what it is…a money-making scam cult. But we as believers need to pray and expose (Ephesians 5:11) to all family and friends involved in WOF how unscriptural it really is.

  4. Mike A

    My experience with WOF believers is that they do not want to know the truth. They claim they do, but it goes against everything they have been taught. When you are not told ans shown to read your bible, this happens. When you only preach shallow messages and don’t really dig into doctrine, this is what happens. Man I was so close to falling for all of this stuff. The 2 ministers who really helped me to want to dig into the bible were/are Pastor Chuck Smith and Dr. John MacArthur. I used to really fall into the trap that if a sermon made me feel good it was a good sermon. Now I love to hear the bible taught….and it is what I do as well. I am thankful for those who prayed I would “see the light” and really seek god.

  5. Robert L.

    When I belonged to Word of Faith church, they did in fact have ” Bible ” studies, although, as you can see, I used parenthesis around the word Bible. It was in the flavor of Kenneth Hagin Bible study courses, or Kenneth Copeland’s courses. You’ve got to understand, they have built an empire around their tainted teachings and warped understanding of the gospel.

    Heres a great little read by John Edwards, a WOF pastor who left the cult and gives us an eye opening account of his experience :


  6. Robert L.

    An interesting question sent to a former WOF pastor:

    Hi John

    Hope you’re business is prospering ( even as your soul prospers ). That little opening salutation reminds me of a verse in scripture that they like to take out of context too.

    Was involved in WOF for about 8 years, until I saw the light. Its 10 years later and sadly I see the long tentacles of WOF teachings reaching into about every church of every ecumenical background. Here is a question only you would know the answer to. When you were a WOF preacher, deeply entrenched in promoting its false theology, and before you were at that place where you questioned its legitimacy, had you died suddenly, do you think you would be in heaven today?
    ( What a strange question you might ask. That very scenario happened to a large and growing WOF church in Woodstock Ontario. The pastor was about 55 yrs. old, died straightaway of a cardiac arrest while shovelling snow this past winter.)

    Hello Robert!

    Nice to meet ya. You know, that has happened to several Rhema grads. I used to be perplexed as to why so many of us died so often when we had all of the answers.
    To answer your question, yes, I had no doubts that I would have not seen the Lord. I was saved, and I used to pray little prayers all the time that If I was wrong, would the Lord forgive me…..and I would ask Him to open my eyes if I was wrong. He finally did haha! Good question and thought. Might do a blog about it………. John

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