Be Not Deceived

VinnieActs2030 has posted a video on his You Tube channel that is worth watching.  If you have a YouTube account, I highly recommend suscribing to his channel.  His videos are informative and wonderful at exposing the false teachers who pollute the air waves.

Watch the money hungry preachers robbing and deceiving people in the name of Jesus.  Please watch the video to the end because the video is concluded by a powerful message once given by the late Dr. Walter Martin.

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9 thoughts on “Be Not Deceived

  1. Xander

    I think it would be more effective to alert people of deception if he wouldn’t take bits and pieces of multiple broadcasts and edit them in ways that make it look like he is pushing innuendo of misdeeds.

    1. Chrystal Post author

      Xander, those men and women have been exposed countless times as false teachers who are deceiving and misleading the flock. The world and the web are full of their lies, as well as those who have exposed them. Quote for quote has been given with thorough footnoted bibliograpies. Scripture upon Scripture has been given to show these people are wolves, but people still refuse to see it. Vinnie’s video is a collage of their false teaching… he didn’t say it, he didn’t inspire it…he gathered them together in one place, and for that I’m thankful.

      Now, we can show it to you, but we can’t force you to accept it.

  2. Jimmie Krack Korn

    The deal is this. Those involved in the WOF cult, can not see that it is a cult. I know these people. I was one, and spent 4 years in a major TBN preacher church. I prayed for discernment mainly so… through God I could advance my knowledge of His prophetic Word. But lo and behold as I prayed for discernment my eyes were opened in an other way. I started to see how fake the so called “anointings” were. How they benefitted ONLY and I mean ONLY the preacher himself. PERIOD. He got all the money, he could say whatever he wanted to say without anyone dare questioning him, because of this so called “anointing.” I saw that the majority of the people there were seeking signs and wonders and “lapped” up the phoney displays of fleshly manifestations counterfieting as the holy ghost. God would and will NEVER be present in an arena so filled with unscriptural things. Tongues outloud without an interpretor. Encouraged by the preachers. Stating that God OWES you money since you gave a little “seed.” Stating that we are in fact little Gods. All lies.
    When I tried to share what the Lord has showed me to my friends in the church, they scoffed and pray for me and said I was “touching God’s anointed.” I was asked to leave the church revoke my membership for stating that the pastor believes that tongues are teachable and mandatory for salvation. More lies. WOF is a cult, yet those in it can not see it.

  3. Rocco T


    Thank you for pointed his videos out. They are excellent tools to show what to stay away from out there. These false teachers will have not have a word to say when they stand before the Lord on Judgement day.

    I will be watching for more videos of his to come out

    Great post


  4. Rev's Kate & Rich M.

    God help us! As I’ve said before, many of us in the Body of Christ are so desperate…
    Thanks, Vinnie–and if there is anyone who is questioning the validity of the video’s content, for your own sakes, do your own investigation: seek, knock… well, you know the scriptures, study to show yourselves approved. It’s time for us to step up to the plate and become mature and whole in God’s word; enough pussy-footin’ around and following every wind of doctrine, it doesn’t work! K

  5. vintagegirl

    This video was so powerful, so frightening… and a reminder that we cannot be asleep but must be aware and do everything we can to snatch those from the fire!

  6. nina churchill

    Hi I live in the uk and this clip is showing these false teachers up for who they are,I can say from experience as I was deceived along with my family for 15yrs I was partners with the copelands and B hinn all I ever did was watch god tv I had no hunger for the word of God,until the Lord saved me 3yrs ago he used way of the master min (Ray comfort) to open my eyes to sin and I realized I was so ignorant of the gospel and the Lord in his grace used sites like this one to show me I was under so much deception in my purpose driven mega church which we left three yrs ago now.all I can say is pray ask the Lord if you are being deceived read the word if you are sincere he will show you the truth and the truth will set you free. God bless

  7. annunk

    A lot of people who don’t know the Word and/or who don’t check these teachings against scripture, are either poor or sadly, greedy. YES, Christians aren’t perfect and some actually can be greedy.
    (What do you find yourself thinking you’d do when you watch Deal or No Deal?)

    Even though it’s in there, Christians forget that The LOVE of money is the root of all evil…

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